Friday, February 18, 2011

Born Artist

Let me boast for a while here, please. I can say that our family has an inclination towards art. In fact, 2 of my older brothers are visuals artist who also won national painting and photography contests. There's no wonder that their kids also follow their footsteps. Some loves photography, graphic/web designing and the youngest of the pack loves to draw and doodle.

I always see my 7 yr-old niece drawing something on paper. She loves to draw people and recently fashion clothes like dresses and gowns. We've been telling her that who knows maybe one day she'll be a famous designer of her own or designing urban clothing both men and women. I hope that she'll keep her interests until she grows up for we'll be so proud of her.

Just tonight, I gave her some papers where she can draw when she's at our house after dinner. She quickly drew some gowns and of course I praised her works and tell her to draw some more. I even showed her some photos online where she can get some inspirations and she loved that idea.

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