Monday, December 13, 2010

Balikbayan Boxes Coming Soon

Teeheee.. my sister just told me that she's waiting for the boxes to be full and she'll send it to us already. Actually, she's going to send not just 1 box but 5 boxes full of goodies from Riyadh and of course we are just too excited. They intended not to send it during this Christmas season since shipping will be too heavy as many will try to send boxes from overseas.

I know there'll be lots of stuff inside the boxes just like what we got last year that we all can share and eventhough I didn't shop during the Black Friday just like my other friends did, it feels like I also shopped for I'm also waiting for boxes full of goodies soon.

We didn't ask my sister to send us stuff but she's so generous and it's already innate to her to share her blessings. Now, I can't wait for January or February to come hehe..

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