Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unfortunate Fate

It was only about 3 weeks ago when we learned about my second cousin’s fate. We were stunned to know that my cousin’s son was detained in jail for several days for an offense he has committed. One night when he was driving home aboard his tricycle when a man suddenly crossed the street and unfortunately he hits him. He rushed the man to the hospital and later on died. It was found out that the man who crossed the street was drunk and my cousin’s son got shocked when he just appeared right before his very eyes that he has lost control of the vehicle that resulted to the accident.

He was sued by the family of the victim and was jailed. He paid a bail so he was able to come out also after assuring that he’ll pay for the all the funeral expenses and the transfer of the body. Accident like this is something that we all not want to happen in our lives. I guess we all just need to be more careful on the road.

There are many accidents and crimes happening everywhere. Some are solved while others remain a mystery. It’s also unfortunate for those people who are accused wrongly and have been serving their times in jail. In many cases, a good lawyer can save the lives of the innocent people falsely accused of the crime they didn’t commit and bring the real perpetrator to jail. In San Diego, Kerry Steigerwalt, aSan Diego Personal Defense Lawyer has been known criminal defense attorney that helps people with their legal cases and has been in practice since 1984. Just in case you need some legal help about robbery, homicide, sex offenses, assault, drug crimes etc. you can contact him.

Anyway, I just wish that my cousin’s son has learned his lesson to be more careful on the road when driving.

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