Thursday, October 21, 2010


So lately, I was complaining about my back problems and my varicose veins due to long periods of sitting. My work requires me to sit down for hours and hours but I see to it that I’m standing up, stretching a bit or walking outside with my dog to stop the monotony. I’ve also been adjusting my computer chair and the level of my laptop but it’s still the same. My back is slouched and my legs are still cramping.

Not sure what to do, I’m thinking of getting a new table or a chair maybe with the hopes of fixing the problem. I have to check out the discount office furniture shop on weekend to see if there’s a table that I can buy as replacement. Right now, my laptop is on top of a telephone directory when I’m typing. Probably, my posture and the way my workstation is set up is wrong and not following the ergonomic principle. Hmmm.. I have to find a solution or I’ll end up with a severe backache.

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