Thursday, September 16, 2010

Survivor Phils. Celebrity Showdown

I've been watching Survivor Phils. Celebrity Showdown since it started and I must say that they are having a hard time in the island. The worst part in the island is that the mosquitoes are biting them and it's always raining. Oh well that's whole point of the game where you need to survive in the island without good shelter, food and other stuff. You have to work, play and think hard to survive. It's not just physical but mind game as well. You need to outwit and be in alliance with co-players.

Last night, the challenge for immunity was very hard and with 26 kilos of sand on Elma's shoulders she quits after about 45 mins. standing in the raining and carrying that heavy stuff. Their team lost so that means that they don't have immunity and will not have food for the night while the other tribes had some pork and rice for dinner.

With little or no food in the island, I guess that's the best weight loss pills that they can have. Those that have weak tolerance for hunger and cold are already crying but still surviving and hoping to win the 3-million peso prize.

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