Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Doll Clothing & 18 inch Doll Shoes Brings Back Memories

Lately I’m in a pensive mood and I miss my two sisters whose living now abroad. Sisters are different from brothers because they understand my mood swings, they can go to the mall with me without boredom, and they can have chit-chat with me the whole afternoon and talk about clothes, shoes, bags and many other girl things. They’ve been here last holidays and few months back but I still yearn for their companies. I’m really happy when they’re here, makes me feel I’m not the only person responsible for many things because I’m not the eldest. I remember those school days when we’re still all together in one house and one place. Of course my elder sister was busy with her things as she’s a lot older than us but my youngest sister was the one that I played the most.

It’s usually dolls that we played back then when we’re still small girls. Toys then were simpler, no online games, no PSPs and other high tech gadget’s games just pure fun play of dolls, jack stones, ball games and board games. I can’t forget those summer days when we’re so engrossed in preparing clothes for our dolls. We were excitedly dressing up our dolls for fashion show and we’re making sure that my doll will win in the show. Of course clothes and accessories were handmade only by my Mom and Auntie but we’re so happy with what we have then.

Now as I browse online for doll clothing I was amazed at the wide variety of beautiful dresses, sports clothes, skirts, socks, accessories and other clothing. It was so easy to dress your doll now with those pretty clothes and accessories. And when you’re finished with the clothes you’ll have to find some 18 inch doll shoes to complete the attire. It was like in the old days when we’ll find appropriate shoes for the dress worn by our dolls. Since we’re in the modern days there are clogs, canvas mules, sneakers, tennis shoes and many others. It’s like going back to those old childhood days and now I feel better reminiscing my memorable years with my family and siblings. Guess I’ll just call my niece to pick some items from there. I would want her to have some of those nice things for her doll.

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