Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Back!

..yey!!! My internet connection that is !!

I've been netless for almost 2 weeks here at the house after Storm Basyang and I thought the antenna must have snapped after the strong winds passed us. Saw that there's no power at my net adaptor when I tried to connect to the net :(. Mom complained at Smart's office 2x after my effort in calling them at their hotline fails.

Been ringing their hotline since this morning but still I can't get through. Luckily the technician called this afternoon saying that they're going to fix my net. I hurriedly went home to assist them and boom only few mins. I got my net again after they changed the adaptor.

Now, I have more reasons to be online and to stay up late once again. No more sleepover at my shop anymore. Ihope!

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