Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thanking FB

Thank goodness I finally joined FB about 2 months ago, I thought that joining was just nothing but I was wrong. I was reconnected with my relatives most especially who are residing in the US, my highschool classmates, college friends and other online friends. The only thing that made me signed up is when I saw pictures of my cousins in the US from my SIL's update and I thought why not keep in touch with them once again after so many years.

A college bff of mine sent a message to me the other day saying that she bumped into a former classmate of ours in LA and she learned that she is a practicing doctor, wow that is a great news. Who knows, we might have a classmate who is a Texas Maritime lawyer, a pilot or even a captain. Those are not impossible, I reckon.

I've also come to know some details of my former HS batchmates who are doing good with their careers and families. Sometimes it's good to peek in their lives most especially those that I have not seen since we've graduated.

Ok, I'm off to check on my latest FB updates hehe..

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