Saturday, April 17, 2010

Care to Share Easy Dinner Ideas?

Dinner time is almost here once again and right now, I still don’t know what to cook for my family. I still have the left over food from lunch time but I don’t feel like eating it once again tonight. I guess you can relate with my small problem right now, there are times when you are just so baffled on what to serve for your family most especially if you have kids. It’s never too easy to think and prepare meals on the daily basis and as much as you wanted to come up with delicious recipes each time, you may fall short.

I’ve been scouring the net for possible quick and Easy Dinner Ideas that I can add to my small collection of recipes right now. What I’m looking for is for a dish to be simple, delicious and still healthy. I’m not into complicated dishes right now since I can be very busy with my work most of the times. My family is not into much of the processed foods or fast foods, they are just fattening and of course not that healthy.

My mom also is not into meat these days because of her high blood pressure and cholesterol, as much as possible; I need to cook healthy foods for her. Veggies and fish are the best for her.

While browsing online, fortunately I saw recipes that only require about 30 mins. of cooking time and I guess I have to try them in my future cooking. I also need to try some new dishes and will see if it’s worth cooking again and again. Being stuck with same dishes over and over again for many years can be sickening, our taste buds already know what it tastes that why there are times we end up not eating or not liking it at all. It’s also disheartening when your family tells you that “oh no, not again!” when they saw the same dish

Ok..I’m going to raid my fridge now and see what will I cook later.

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