Monday, October 12, 2009

The Car Allowance Program for You and Your Employees

What makes an employee stay with his employer for a long time? I always believe that if the employers are taking care of the employees the best way possible, they will have a long term relationship to look forward to. One of the perks that a businessman can give his staff is vehicle reimbursement program or more commonly called Car allowance program for those employees who are constantly on the road, using a personal vehicle, for official business. There is this company who calls itself Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc (CRS) which does consultancy job for companies that might need help on customizing programs for individual employees. Rates do vary depending on insurance, tax and gas prices at the areas that each employee goes to everyday.

With this in mind, creating a database for reimbursement purposes becomes a laborious task for the business owner. This is where CRS comes in the picture and everything becomes easier for the client. With the system CRS offers, a business entity will save on costs because there will be no need to issue company-owned vehicles. Instead, the employee will just be equitably and fairly reimbursed of costs, as computed by the CRS program, for the use of his personal car.

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