Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

After experiencing the havoc of Typhoon Ondoy, I have many things that I am thankful for and here are they;
1. We are still alive and no one was hurt in our family
2. Our Toyota Tamaraw vehicle, eventhough it was stuck and would not start up was still lucky to have not been submerged in the water unlike those people whose cars was being swiped away by the raging floods. It is so sad that some cars will not be used anymore, where the engines, seats, their led tail lights and almost the whole vehicle was a total wreck.
4. The floods in our area subsides after few hours.
5. Our electric power was restored in the house after being cut off for only 5 mins.
6. Our properties were not damaged.

There are more to thank for but the greatest is that we are so alive and we Thank you Lord for that.

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