Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WW: Insect Hunting

PROJECT 365: PROJECT 365: Insect Hunting

What a gloomy day.. looks like it's going to rain. Saw my brother up on our garage's roof catching some insects. Why?

Like I told you before his son is taking macro shot of insects for his thesis in his photography class in UST. Don't you worry some of the insects are sent back to nature after being photographed.

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  1. hope he got some really good macro shots.

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  2. aww i thought he is picking up mangoes! i bet he is chasing butterflies. :)

    happy WW, t Jen!

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  3. What a kind father, helping his son's project :)
    Happy WW

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  4. that's what i call super dad! galeng talaga ni kuya onak! nice capture bes!


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