Friday, August 14, 2009

My Very 1st CC

The phone rings and someone from my bank was looking for me. I got a bit curious and I thought that someone might be withdrawing money from my account. I only got appeased when the bank employee told me that it was not about that and my account is safe. She is actually telling me that they will be sending my credit card already. I said credit card? I told her that I did not apply for one and they will still be sending me a CC because they told me that I handle my finances or savings very well at their bank. What a nice compliment and or I was thinking it was just one of their marketing tactics.

Anyway, she told me I got the privilege of having CC eventhough I didn’t apply and that they will not be asking for any income tax or other supporting papers unlike what they’ve been asking on some applicants. Oh that’s great, I blurted out and one makes it even more interesting is that they already waived the 1st year of my membership.

My credit card arrived last week as promised and I was excited because it was my very 1st time to have one. I hope I can use it only when I needed it or else a debt collection agent will take legal action and will be calling me endless and I would hate that. Maybe, the safest is that I will not use my credit card bec. I am not use to having credits at all.

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