Thursday, August 6, 2009

For The Love of Food

Wow, I just had a late snack and now I am fully stuffed. I had spaghetti and coke and this combination is already a heavy meal. I even told my mom not to cook dinner for me anymore because I don’t think I can still eat and that only shows how stuff I am right now. I have had one of these days when I somewhat over eat that often results in dyspepsia. Too bad my stomach is not big enough to accommodate lots of food.

I wish I am like my online friend Tere who enjoys dining out with her husband. She said that they eat as often as they can when their budget allows them to try out new foods and new restaurants. They are really food adventurers dining from one resto to another in buffet style. I got to chat to her one time and she lets me know how much she loves pizza and baby back ribs, which I love too! Ahhh… for sure they will be thrilled to eat and dine at restaurants in San Diego with ocean view for they have Italian cuisine as well. I know they can eat heartily and as long as they desire.

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