Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Creative In Me

I have always loved arts and crafts for as long as I can remember it and I guess it runs in our family. My dad in his younger and single years used to do paintings of scenery. In fact, we have one of his painting of Mt. Mayon in Albay still kept as a souvenir. If I am not mistaken it was drawn way back in the 60's or 70's, I have to check on this one.

I remember I have always enjoyed doing crafts like crochet, tatting and embroidery way back in elementary and highschool. I also made crafts like, door hangers, door wreaths for myself and as gifts as well. Buying local natural items even brought me to Divisoria where I can buy them at low price because it was wholesale. It was fun but later on, I had to give up making such because I found another new hobby.

In the 90's, Cross-Stitching faved its way to hands of hobby lovers. I found myself stitching in 1995 till the wee hours of the night. It was rewarding to see all my stitched works framed and hanged up on the wall. If I will have time I will shared some photos here. I did stitched till 2001.

I later found DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING as my hobby now and I have made and have printed some of my works. I am also into DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY which I enjoyed as well.

How about you what is/are your hobby/hobbies?

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