Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blogging Keeps Me Company

I have been blogging since January 7th of 2005 and here is my VERY 1ST POST that I made on my very 1st blog that is hosted my bravejournal and it is still live. At first I am not too comfortable in sharing my thoughts but later on it already became my venue to share all of my thoughts, experiences and about anything.

Through my blog I gained lots of friends as well aside from keeping me company when I needed a "friend". I guess with all the years that I have been typing and hitting that publish button then I reckon I must have been really enjoying it.

I feel like blogging is really into my system now, a day or a week without posting makes me miss it. I know you have felt that at some point too. Oh well... I'll be blogging for more so watch out for my thoughts and ponderings. Have a great day everyone!

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