Tuesday, March 3, 2009

After 25 Long Years....

I was so busy at my shop the other day when I noticed that someone is entering the door. I looked at a glance and I was so shocked to see my highschool friend Lourdes open the glass door. All I blurted was her name so loudly because I could not believe my eyes that I saw her.

Imagine after 25 long years, she came and visited me. We were friends way back in 4th year highschool and after graduation we have not seen each other. There are few instances when we were able to get in touch through text msg. but that was only lately. I was really shocked that she visited me and to think that she still remembers my store.

Anyway, we talked for hours trying to update us with what happened to our lives. Funny thing is that we are bought still single and that made us laugh so hard. It's been great to see her again and she promised me to come back again sometime.

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