Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting His Net Cafe Back

I guess you’ve already know about the recent calamities that has hit our country in the last 2 weeks. We are slowly moving on but help are still needed especially those families that literally have nothing in their hands. While some have managed to bring some few pieces of clothing while they run to safe ground during the Ondoy flood there are many who only are left with the cloths that they are wearing.

Worst is that all their appliances were submerged in thick muddy flood waters and it is awful to know that. I even know someone whose Internet café computers, networking cables and routers bec. of the flood. He wasn't able to save them as water rises quickly. Now he’s been trying to restore some of the cpus but with the looks of it most of them will not work anymore.

I know it’ll be hard for him to invest on new net station once more but the good thing is that there are refurbished computers and refurbished cisco network products that he can look into. In this way, he can save more and can continue his affected business.

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