Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Been a Long Day

I started my day feeling achy due to my monthly visitor and I don't have any mefenamic acid on stock so I wasn't able to drink any. I just took the pain but I feel so bitchy, irritable and uncomfortable. I know many women are going through these where our hormones are jumbling every month. I didn't go to my net cafe today bec. I feel so lazy, thanks to my SIL and mom who opened it for me.

I still work despite what I'm feeling but taking breaks once in a while. It helps that my sweet and playful dog is here so I was able to unwind during my breaks. I also gave her a bath after lunch and walked her outside in the afternoon.

I cooked our lunch and dinner for today and I have to thank my niece who is on vacation for she is  the one who cuts the veggies and meat for me and washed the dishes. It cuts my house chores since she's here. I also took advantage of my scrapping mojo that is flowing since last weekend. I was able to make 2 simple layouts that I;ll share at my digi-scrapping blog.

Now that my day is about to end, I can feel my varicose veins hurting (yay, sign of old!), I know I will not need any sleeping pills to put me in deep slumber bec.  I'm already tired and for sure when my body touched my bed, in few minutes I'll be in dream land.

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