Friday, March 5, 2010

Lost Lots of Fluids and Electrolytes

Oh dear, here comes my stomach trouble once again. I was working online this morning when my stomach suddenly hurts and I knew right then that it'll be another bad day for me. I found myself inside the comfort room most of the times, I was gasping for air and I'm starting to get weak. I've experience this before so I know it's gonna take a while again. It's cramping and oh dear how'd I wish I can lay down inside the CR but fortunately I still have energy.

Funny thing is that I also thought of going to the hospital and dying lol, so morbid isn't it but during that time I never thought of disability insurance or anything. I was so weak already and profusely sweating cold. I skipped my lunch but later on I asked our helper to buy me Mc Chicken, fries and sundae hehe and Gatorade to replenish the lost electrolytes in my body. I also rest for a while and right now,  I can feel a bit pain but I'm good now.

I'm praying that this will not happen again cuz it is just PAINFUL !!

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