Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A W-A-H-M now

I’m so happy for my bestfriend RACE who happens to be a blogger like me. She recently quits her job for many years now to take care of her family more. She has 3 growing kids, 2 of which are girls and becoming teens and they needed more attention than usual. You know these days, kids need lots of supervision. Aside from that she is not happy with her job anymore so instead of working with a heavy heart she decided to become a WAHM, work at home that is.

She loves being at home and a blogger as well as she also earn a little that helps with household expenses. In fact, she is manning some workers because of the ongoing bathroom renovation and I am guessing that she will put tile flooring both on the CR and at the bathroom. I am happy and excited for her that she was able to have a little renovation at their house.

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