Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WS: Fly High Dora

June-14-Day165_2PROJECT 365: With Dora

Fly High Dora

After hearing the mass this morning, my niece Reign saw this DORA balloon that she wants. I was pulling her hand so that she will to buy bec. it's expensive P60.00. Her mom and i told her that we will buy her jollibee instead but she didn't like the idea.

So she got what she wanted, a Dora balloon that for sure will burst in no time LOL.


  1. Ma try nga mag comment dito :)

  2. Ang laki ng Dora balloon... May Pooh kayang ganyan na love ng aking anak? Happy week Te Jen...

  3. laki no? uy not sure kung may Pooh meron spongebob at hello kitty.. happy weekend din at thanks sa pag comment

  4. hello Ate Jen!! OK naman site mo :D

    Magugustuhan to ni martha!!!

  5. just like her tita ano? joke lang! sana may ganyan din nung bata pa tayo, siguro ako i'll go for spongebob :-)

  6. oo nga Bes.. cute nung spongebob di ba fave ni Gen yon?