Friday, October 12, 2012

Common Misspelled Words

I admit, I am guilty of misspelling some words when I blog especially when the words has double "s" or "r". Thankfully, word doc has auto correct feature. Words with "ie - ei" and th - ht can be confusing as well.

Here are some common misspelled words:

• absence   • address  • advice  • all right  • arctic
• beginning• believe• bicycle• broccoli• bureau
• calendar• camaraderie• ceiling• cemetery• changeable
• conscientious• conscious• decease• deceive• definite
• descent• desperate• device• disastrous• ecstasy
• embarrass• exercise• fascinate• February• fiery
• fluorescent• foreign• government• grateful• guarantee
• harass• height• humorous• independent• jealous
• jewelry• judgment• ketchup • knowledge
• leisure• library• license• maintenance• mathematics• mediocre
• millennium• miniature• miscellaneous
• mischievous• misspell• mysterious• necessary
• neighbor• nuclear• occasion• occurrence
• odyssey• piece• pigeon• playwright
• precede• prejudice• privilege• pumpkin
• raspberry• receive• rhythm• sacrilegious
• science• scissors• separate• sincerely
• special• thorough• through• truly• until
• Wednesday• weird• you're



  1. Scissors is my doom! Hehe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. dahil hi-tech na ngayon, may spell-check and you can even google words, parang nakakahiya na ma-wrong spelling noh? heheh

  3. tama! buti may spell checker na

  4. ako naman sa occasion namamali.. argghh

  5. My dad's advice on the IE/EI confusion, remember the name ALICE.

    If it's L, then IE. If it's C, it should be EI. e.g. believe, receive, etc.

    So pano yung leisure? Hahaha. FAIL.

  6. Thank god for auto correct hahaha!

  7. Broccoli naman sa akin, at marami pa buti na lang may spell check na nga!

  8. ok yung tip ni dad mo ah .. siguro exception na ung leisure hehe

  9. Yes, thank goodness for spell check. Ako madalas sa mga double letters namamali. What I usually do is I write both spellings then titignan ko alin mas ok tignan... that is kung paper and pen. :)

  10. I'm not gonna be embarrassed to say that I tend to misspell the word embarrass :)

    Just thought I'd add that the words mentioned above are spelled using American English. We have to keep in mind that British English also has a different way of spelling words, e.g. judgement, colour, centre, cheque, neighbour, analyse, licence, etc.