Thursday, April 8, 2010

Customizing Vehicles

A good friend of my brother visited him the other day and from time to time I was able to eavesdrop some of their conversations that they had. They’re talking about their family, business and of course cars (what else is new with the boys anyway.) It seems that his friend is encouraging my bro to have our van modified or customized since he knew that my bro already modified his motorbike. I guess my bro is reluctant in doing it on our van since it requires money and that is not on our priority at this time.

Well, I know guys love to talk about their cars and I understand that. I’m not also wondering why there are some guys who collects cars and who’d really shell out great some of money for customization like putting custom wheels, dashboard kits and even those hot and eye-catching lambo doors. Guys are always resourceful and will always find a place like CarID where they can get car accessories and more.

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