Saturday, April 24, 2010

Badminton Tournament of Sort

Oh dear my lazy mode struck this week due to my monthly visitor and I hate it bec. I missed the fun with my former highschool friends. They invited me to join them to play badminton yesterday after office hours but it looks like that my butt is kinda stuck on my chair and my feet nailed on the ground hehe.

I saw their photos on Facebook and of course I was kinda jealous to see them having fun. They are actually sweating it out and I don;t think they'll need any best weight loss supplements available bec. just by playing badminton will keep them fit.

I think there will be a badminton scheduled every Friday and we are more than welcome to join.  It's not professional tournament though but just a game to have some fun. I hope I can join the fun one time so I can have a little exercise as well.

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