Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He Doesn't Eat Much

My nephew who is already 11 years old is really a picky eater.

Rice with soup, Hotdog, Lumpiang Shanghai, Rice with soup, Rice with soup, Rice with soup and Rice with soup is only the food that he knows!! How can he ever build muscle when that is the only food that he wants. He is like a baby where you still need to mash the potato for him so he can eat even just a little vegetable.

He is often scolded but that is what he wants to eat. I guess her mom must have spoiled him and not trained him to eat other meat like chicken and pork when he was just little. I'm not sure if it's only in his mind that he doesn't like to eat other foods because he will immediately say that it is not delicious even if he didn't tasted it.

Actually he was hospitalized few times because he got sick so often for his body lacks energy and nutrients. I hope he'll change his eating habits now that he'll be in highschool come school opening on June.

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