Typhoon Ondoy’s 3rd Anniversary

September 26, 2009, how can we Pinoys forget Typhoon Ondoy? For many of us, it’s a day where many lives have never been the same again.

Actually, we are not that much affected because the floods where just on our garage but only an inch away it will enter our house already. I’ll never forget the experience of walking with my niece on thigh-high floods where tree logs are rushing while we are trying to reach our home. We’re suppose to go to our internet shop but floods went up so quickly that we need to go back. Our vehicle can’t pass anymore so we decided to walk.  The water just went up crazy!

Anyway, many have died and properties lost. I’m praying that no more typhoon or even habagat in that magnitude will ever happen again.!!

Symphony in the Rain

Ahhhh.. it rained hard last night brought about by the ‘Ambo’, the 1st typhoon here in the country this year. I woke around 12 midnight due to the sound of the rain, gusty wind and the symphony of toads around. They are singing endlessly trying to catch a mate during this rainy season. What a nice sound to hear but it’s getting annoying later on. With that I guess I went back to sleep at 2 pm already.

This morning is the same, I can hear them loudly and it reminds me also of the music I heard when I was at the mall on weekend. It’s was soothing and beautiful.  I passed by a music store, trying to find Elixir guitar strings for my nephew who is playing the guitar and thankfully I got some for he asked me to buy it for him. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be hearing a lot of symphony of frogs since rainy season has just started.

Weather Can Be Crazy

Thankfully, the weather is getting a bit cooler everyday. There’s even a fog the other day that made a lot of us surprised but it was believed it was only a smog so people are advised not to be exposed to it all the time.

In some parts of the world, it’s winter already and I have to say that they need to bundle up so much as the weather can be brutally cold. For riders, they can use heated motorcycle clothing while on the road. At home, they can also use heaters and warm blankets to make them warm. Brrr..

Though it’s cold in the mornings here, we expect hot and humid days ahead that can make a lot of people mostly kids sick. So be sure to load yourself with vitamins C and eat healthy!

Crazy Weather, Crazy Me

I woke up late this morning but I thought it was still early in the morning for it’s a bit cool and still dark. It was already 8:30 am but it’s gloomy outside. I was suppose to go out to the nearest mall to buy shoes, blouse and some cigars for my sis and BIL that they asked me to send them overseas but I feel so lazy today that I decided not to go. It feels like my hormones are tumbling up and down inside me making me crazy since yesterday.  Oh I hate this feeling.

The gloomy and cool weather made me think of Christmas already. I guess I need to get my sweaters in the closet for I believe that cold weather will stay until January.

Survive a Storm Shelters

How many times have we heard people have been killed by a powerful storms and tornado in some parts of the US and the world? Not only lives have perished but houses, properties and even their business. It’s such a heartbreaking scene to see the massive destruction that a powerful tornadoes can do to all of us.

Tornadoes can be very violent and I reckon if you’re in an area where storms and tornadoes frequent and you don’t want to relocate, I suggest you do invest in having a storm shelter like this for it can save you and your family when tornadoes hit. image