What Would You? : Eldery Harrassed on the Street

Just in case you didn’t know, I love watching Reality TV shows like The Amazing Race etc. Another show that I like watching is “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” shown in the US. Even though it’s not airing here in Pinas, I’m more than happy to watch almost all the episodes in YouTube.

What Would You Do? is an American television news magazine  hosted or headed by John Quiñones over at ABC. The show is about getting people’s reaction on a particular scenario that that show has set up. There are actors/actresses that will take part and they mostly stage a scenario about injustice or abuse to people/animal. There are hidden cameras around and it can test or it can reveal a person’s trait, reaction or character to a particular scenario.

If you haven’t watched any of their episodes, try to watch even just one and you’ll see how people react in a given “staged scenario.” Just loved this show!

Here’s one episode where elders are harassed on the streets.

Shocking CCTV Footage of Child Abuse in a Nursery by a Teacher

Wow, another child abuse caught on tape and this one is the shocking CCTV footage of child abuse in a nursery by a teacher in China to a 4 year old child!

This was on the new lately and if you watched the video, I know for sure you’ll be fuming mad at this teacher who helplessly maltreated this poor child. You’ll see that the teacher carried the girl on his arms and throws her on the floor, kicked her and tossed her again! The teacher is doing that yet no one seems to stop her (there are other teachers around).

It appears that the child has  learning difficulties, is now left severely brain damaged because of what the teacher has done! The poor child also has undergone operations but now she cannot walk already!

My gosh, thankfully the teacher is prosecuted already!

Warning: the video can be so disturbing!

Marina Krim, New York City mom, Shaken as Nanny accused of stabbing kids to death

A friend of my tweeted about this story and wow, I was shocked and had goosebumps when I read about this news. Marina Krim, a New York City mom came home from her daughter Nessi’s swimming lesson and was shocked to see that her 2 children was stabbed to death by their nanny. OMG!

The nanny named Yoselyn Ortega, who is a Dominican Republic national stabbed Marina and Kevin’s children: Leo 2yrs old and Lucia 6 while. The nanny was also injured and lay beside the children and police believed that it is a suicide attempt. The incident remains a mystery but for sure investigation will be done to know the real reason why the nanny made this Marina and Kevin’s children.

My heart goes to the parents of the 2 children and I just hope no similar incident will happen again for it’s a nightmare for parents to know that their children’s caregiver will do that horrible thing.

Sound Trippin’: Songbird by Kenny G

If I think of a great flutist and saxophonist, KENNY G. will be the first person in my mind. Why not? He’s been playing saxophone and flute with so much passion and soul that his listeners will be in awe and mesmerized. His music is classic and can be heard up until now on different places. He started playing when he was just 17 and started his professional career in the 80’s. He has released so many solo albums and with other artists.

If you’re aiming to become Kenny G, never give up on your dreams, study and practice hard. Always remember that if you love music, you need to have passion and dedication over it.

The Perils of Texting While Driving

Lately, I always noticed that my brother will ask someone to answer or read his messages on his phone while he was driving. He already got that habit because I was once told him not to text nor answer the phone when he is on the road for it is very dangerous. Driving + Texting = Accident most of the times for your attention will be divided on keeping alert on the road and clicking all those letters on your phone.

My sis NEVER answers her phone while she was driving especially when her kids are with her and I commend her for doing that. She’ll never put her family at risk just for the sake of answering the phone. Almost everyone already knows that when she can’t answer the phone it is probably because she is driving.

Not everyone follow the “no texting while driving” habit though like you can see in this video. tsk tsk..