Handyman in the House

It’s sad to think that dad is not here with us anymore and we all missed him even if he’s up in heaven now for more than 20 years. Losing the strength and wall of the family is pretty hard because all the responsibilities are passed on to my mom. At least when dad left we’re all grown up and already finished studying and that makes easier for mom. I salute her so much and up to now my mom has become our mom and dad rolled into one. Strong woman if I can say and I’d like to emulate her if I can but she’s a rare gem.

Ahh .. thankfully, my older brother is responsible enough and has taken over some of the things that dad usually do. He’s a great help especially in home emergencies like changing of light bulbs, fixing and changing of ball bearings, electric or wood stuff and lot more. Bro is also our driver, who is ready to lend a hand when we need a ride.

Common Misspelled Words

I admit, I am guilty of misspelling some words when I blog especially when the words has double “s” or “r”. Thankfully, word doc has auto correct feature. Words with “ie – ei” and th – ht can be confusing as well.

Here are some common misspelled words:

• absence   • address  • advice  • all right  • arctic
• beginning• believe• bicycle• broccoli• bureau
• calendar• camaraderie• ceiling• cemetery• changeable
• conscientious• conscious• decease• deceive• definite
• descent• desperate• device• disastrous• ecstasy
• embarrass• exercise• fascinate• February• fiery
• fluorescent• foreign• government• grateful• guarantee
• harass• height• humorous• independent• jealous
• jewelry• judgment• ketchup • knowledge
• leisure• library• license• maintenance• mathematics• mediocre
• millennium• miniature• miscellaneous
• mischievous• misspell• mysterious• necessary
• neighbor• nuclear• occasion• occurrence
• odyssey• piece• pigeon• playwright
• precede• prejudice• privilege• pumpkin
• raspberry• receive• rhythm• sacrilegious
• science• scissors• separate• sincerely
• special• thorough• through• truly• until
• Wednesday• weird• you’re


Explore Your Options to get the Best Deal on Life Insurance

Investing in life insurance is about peace of mind and maintaining a healthy family life. The problem with the insurance is that many people are not sure about the best options for their particular situation. Life insurance is usually broken down into two main categories: term-life and whole-life. Depending on personal goals, finding the best deal will vary.

Term-Life Policies

Term-Life policies refer to the insurance options that are only available for a set amount of time, or the term. The term can range from five years to 20 years or more, depending on the selected company and policy.

In many cases, term-life policies will have a lower monthly cost and allow consumers to take out a higher coverage option than a whole-life policy. Due to the nature of the policy, it will be necessary to renew the coverage or find a new policy after the term expires.

Term-life policies are often used by young families with small children. Parents worry about the possibility of an accident resulting in a financial burden that might cause challenges for the surviving spouse. The policy provides peace of mind, but does have the downside of a limited amount of time.

Whole-Life Policies

As the name implies, a whole-life policy will never expire or require a renewal. As long as the premium is paid each month, the policy applies. It is a guarantee of funds after death and the possibility of an annuity during retirement, even if health changes.

While whole-life policies have the benefit of a guarantee, it is also more expensive than a term-life policy. As a result, it might not be an affordable option for young professionals and families.

The whole-life policies can provide peace of mind that a family is able to move on financially after a death occurs. The benefit of a lifetime policy means that the family will never need to worry about losing coverage due to the expiration of a term, which reduces the potential challenges of finding new coverage later.

Comparing Companies

The easiest way to get ffordable life insurance is by comparing different companies. Taking time to read through different coverage options, the policies and the benefits available through the company will make it easier to decide on the best company for the needs of a family.

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No Helmet, No Travel Policy

It’s always good to be safe all the time that’s why in our town and many other cities they have implemented the “No Helmet, No Travel” policy for a long time now. It’s one way to prevent more fatalities brought about by not wearing helmet when accident occurs. In our area, from time to time there are police or MMDA personnel that check every rider if they don’t have a helmet they will be apprehended.

With that policy ongoing, my brother who happens to be commuting almost daily with his motorbike, he’ll always see to it that he has his helmet on before leaving the house. Not only it will save him from being caught by the police but also will save him from fatal accident. There’s an increase of sales of helmets like Bell Moto 9 and other full faced or just ordinary helmets and sellers are benefiting from it.

On the other hand, wearing a helmet is not a full-proof that you’ll not get hurt or die when you ride your motorbike. When you’re driving on the road there’s always a risk of accident.

Hello July!

Oh wow, we’re already at the second half of the year and the next thing we know it’s going to be Christmas once again! The 1st half of the year is fairly good to me, the only thing that I’m worried about is that my expenses has gone up but thankfully I can still manage all of my bills.

I’m praying that July will and the rest of the month will be a good one also. In fact, I started July with a well deserved vacation with my family overseas. Six days in The Lion City is a great bonding time for all of us and wish we all can stay longer and spend more time with my siblings but we all need to go back home because of our work and studies for my niece.

My older bro also needs to attend to the renewal of our van and fix its aircon unit. I hope it’s not expensive just like the curt trailer hitches that my cousin had for his trailer.

July, please be good, ok!