What Would You? : Eldery Harrassed on the Street

Just in case you didn’t know, I love watching Reality TV shows like The Amazing Race etc. Another show that I like watching is “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” shown in the US. Even though it’s not airing here in Pinas, I’m more than happy to watch almost all the episodes in YouTube.

What Would You Do? is an American television news magazine  hosted or headed by John Quiñones over at ABC. The show is about getting people’s reaction on a particular scenario that that show has set up. There are actors/actresses that will take part and they mostly stage a scenario about injustice or abuse to people/animal. There are hidden cameras around and it can test or it can reveal a person’s trait, reaction or character to a particular scenario.

If you haven’t watched any of their episodes, try to watch even just one and you’ll see how people react in a given “staged scenario.” Just loved this show!

Here’s one episode where elders are harassed on the streets.

The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition is now currently airing over at ABS-CBN 2 on weekdays. I was able to watch the premiere episode and some other episodes if I got the chance to open my TV at night. The show was hosted by Sharon Cuneta (whom at first, I was thinking why did the producer got her in the 1st place because she’s also “fat” hehe) Anyway, the game master is the hunk Derek Ramsay while Chinggay Andrada and Jim Saret are the trainers for the contestants.

The contestants where all big (of course) and the heaviest on the group was Eboy Bautista who is heavy at 481 (also one of the biggest in The Biggest Loser show). I can see that they’ve been doing all their best to do all the grueling challenges that their trainers are asking them to do. Aside from the physical trials, all contestants also have personal or family issues to deal with. I believe that one point in their lives they have ask themselves if does lipofuze work? or if they can really lose weight the natural way.

Right now, they’ve been been trying to do their best to finish the challenges even if they have injury and it seems to impossible for them to do it. Whoever will pass all that and made the biggest difference on their weight at the end of the show will win P1 million, a brand new condominium from DMCI HOMES and a Vespa Scooter.

So far, I have no fave contestant yet because it’s too early to tell.

America’s Next Top Models

There are times that I had the chance to watch the America’s Next Top Model over at ETC channel 21. Not sure if that is a new episode or re-run but I enjoyed watching it. All the models are too skinny, as if they’ve taken lipozene to get that body. I wonder if they are still eating hehehe.

The show is a great venue for newbie models to hone their skills. One of my fave judge is the handsome photographer Nigel Barker as he’s always giving good and frank advice to the models so they can do good the next time they face the camera and pose. Tyra Banks on the other hand, became an inspiration to all the contestants. Her tips and tricks about modeling are graciously shared to the models while giving her constructive criticisms on the performance of the model.

It’s great to see how the models evolve and grow while they are on the show and the experiences that they got from the show can be a good credit on their credentials.

Survivor Phils. Celebrity Showdown

I’ve been watching Survivor Phils. Celebrity Showdown since it started and I must say that they are having a hard time in the island. The worst part in the island is that the mosquitoes are biting them and it’s always raining. Oh well that’s whole point of the game where you need to survive in the island without good shelter, food and other stuff. You have to work, play and think hard to survive. It’s not just physical but mind game as well. You need to outwit and be in alliance with co-players.

Last night, the challenge for immunity was very hard and with 26 kilos of sand on Elma’s shoulders she quits after about 45 mins. standing in the raining and carrying that heavy stuff. Their team lost so that means that they don’t have immunity and will not have food for the night while the other tribes had some pork and rice for dinner.

With little or no food in the island, I guess that’s the best weight loss pills that they can have. Those that have weak tolerance for hunger and cold are already crying but still surviving and hoping to win the 3-million peso prize.

Ang PINAKA: Accident-Prone Vehicles

QTV 11’s ANG PINAKA show listed the Ang PINAKA: Accident-Prone Vehicles based on MMDA from Jan. – Dec. 2009
10. UNKNOWN VEHICLE – horse-drawn (like kalesa), push cart, caravan
6. BUS
5. VAN
2. CAR