New Year’s Eve in NYC’s Times Square

If I’m not mistaken, right at this moment, a lot of people have already been thinking about the holiday this year. After Halloween, there’s no doubt that everyone will be eager to start their preparation for Christmas and New Year’s Eve occasions. In fact, it’s the most wonderful time of the year so we all have the reason to celebrate, splurge, shop, eat a lot and just be merry.

Looking for a place to spend your New Year’s Eve with a blast? Why not head to New York City for a fun-filled and crazy way of ending the year? NYC has become a popular place to watch the countdown on New Year’s Eve. The Times Square Ball Drop has become synonymous to NYC for millions of people across the US gather to witness the gorgeous lights, the revelry and experience the bustling energy at Times Square. The crowd’s high energy and exuberance will make the event more exciting as everyone will be waiting for the clock to strike at 12 midnight and finally the ball drop comes to halt. The event will not stop after that, as there will be a lot of dancing, partying, drinking and more fun.

Just to let you know there are packages that you can book for your vacation in NYC. The times square new years eve packages have a lot to offer from your accommodation to Midtown Manhattan hotels to free admissions to various museum and observation deck.

If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous and wanted to stay longer to experience other places, a New York City New Year’s Eve cruise, Holiday Lights Motorcoach Sightseeing Tour and even walking tour of Rockefeller center and 5th avenue are waiting for you. Booking early is proven beneficial for you can get good view, deals, or seats.

Tips for a Fun Family Vacation

An out of the country trip with the entire family is something to look forward to and details should be planned ahead of time. While it may be a little challenge to travel with toddlers and young kids, there are ways on how to make it a fun one without having to stress out over small things. On the other hand, traveling with teenagers would mean getting ready for an adventure as they’d like to try out new things and explore places without hesitation.

So how can you prepare for a memorable trip?

1. Know what to pack. Make sure that your luggage contains items that you’ll need for the trip. In determining what type of clothes and footwear to pack, make sure to know a little something about your destination. If you are about to travel to a tropical country with relatively warm weather all year round, there’s no need for a coat or heavy sweater. Instead grab a few shirts made from light materials.

2. Plan your trip’s itinerary based on the interests of each family member. It will be nice to go on a trek as a family, but is it something that everyone will enjoy? Ask your kids on what they are expecting from this trip and if there’s any specific place that they might want to visit. Make a list of the likes and interests of everyone, thais can help you map out places to check out and activities to try during the trip.

3. Do not spoil the fun. There’s always something new to learn and experience once on a trip. The differences in might lead you to try on a local food, wear their traditional dress or learn to speak a little of their language. All these things are fun and enjoyable if you are up for an adventure. If your family’s up to trying it out, do not spoil the fun spirit and join in with them.

A checklist of the things to bring along with other important details will be a great help in making sure that the trip will be hassle free. Remember that if you are going out of the country, make sure to check the visa requirements and submit all the necessary documents ahead of time.

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Mia is a content writer for As a budget traveler herself, she aims to provide information and travel tips for individuals and families that are planning to embark on a wonderful trip.

Netbooks Come in Handy

About 2 weeks ago, my family and I went on a 6-day vacation in Singapore. It was a great opportunity for us to bond together because it was also a mini-reunion since my other siblings came from different country where they are residing already. We have lots of good memories together and those are priceless. We almost covered all the tourist spots in Singapore but still our 6 days are not enough. During those days, I’m so fortunate that I don’t have pending works that’s why I was able to enjoy our vacation.

My BIL brought along his netbook so he can download photos from his DSLR camera and posts our pictures via facebook while I just use my iPhone to post on my FB and twitter accounts. Bringing a netbook is much more easier because it’s much lighter compared to other laptops. They are perfect when you travel. Just in case you are contemplating of getting a netbook click here for best netbooks for your perusal.

Another Balikbayan

I got a message at my Facebook account from my uncle who is in CA right now and he is advising me to tell my older brother to pick them up at the airport come 1st week of September. Yey, he is going back home again with my aunt for a vacation and I’m not sure yet how long they will be staying once again. Mom and bro will be fetching them at the airport using our van and they’ll go straight to the province. It would also be nice if we have an RV especially if we’re going to the province for a visit, but just thinking about the rv repair and it’s maintenance, then I guess it would be impossible for us to acquire one.

Anyway, tt seems that my uncle and aunt  are going back and forth from the US to PI most of the times now that they are already retired. I will not wonder if in the future they will also retire and go back home here in their native land as they are saying that life in the US is kinda hard already and staying here will be a good choice. Hmmm.. I’m waiting for the chocolates and some other pasalubongs (gifts) hehe..

Traveling Around the World

It’s my routine already to open my e-mail, twitter and facebook account every morning before I go to work. Sometimes it’ll take me an hour or 2 (or even more) to finish those tasks. I was so happy to see lots of photos and updates from my facebook account each day and it makes me connected with my friends, family and relatives.

A shoutout of my cousin caught my attention because she mentioned that she already had visited 96 countries in 3 years, 80 of which after she recovered from stage III cancer. I was so happy for her for she’s on her toes once again. The latest photos that she shared was from New Zealand the other day and now she’s in Bali. I bet she’s having a blast with all her travel.

Meeting new people, experiencing new culture, going to tourists spots, eating new food and hearing language are just some of the exciting things about traveling. I commend her (my cousin) for being so brave traveling alone, not to mention the language barrier sometimes is too hard. With all the countries she has been, I wonder if it came to a point where she needs  translation services so she can communicate much easier. You know, there are countries that not all of their native people can speak English, the universal language so mostly communication will be tough.

Meanwhile, I’m excited to know where’s the next destination of my cousin. Ahhh.. I envy her, How’d I wish I have lotsa money and can travel around the world too.