A Mother’s Love

My bestfriend since highschool days is a dedicated mom to her 3 children. She will do anything to protect, train, support them on the things that they want to do as long as it is for their own good. A mom, wife and a career woman is not an easy job. Imagine juggling all those roles everyday for the rest of her life is a noble thing.

I see her kids grow and my friend is supportive in their studies and even on their extra curricular activities like playing musical instruments. Her son is even spoiled (in a good way) when it comes to music. She lets him play musical instrument and will do anything even if it means that she will buy used martin guitars online to support her son’s hobby.

As long as they will do good in school, their hobby and other interests will be supported by their mom. I just admire her for being with her children when they need her and it only shows that a mother’s love is priceless.

Finally… my blog is back!

Oh yes! After so many months of being offline .. this blog is back and hopefully it will stay for long.

A friend of mine is hosting this blog for years now but decided she no longer can accommodate my blog so she had to give it up. Being busy and all, I wasn’t able to take care of this blog for so long that it was offline for long period of time. I don;t want to give up this blog yet so I decided to  renew the domain and look for someone to host it again and thankfully, Ruby was there to help me.

Now… I am back! eventhough the post from 2013-2015 was gone.. huhuhu… maybe may backup file was no good.

Limiting Online Times

Oh dear, I’m so.. so.. so.. guilty of this! In the morning and after having my breakfast and that is usually around 8:00am already, I pick up my phone and immediately check my Instagram (not my mail) account. That usually take me around 15-30 mins. depending on how many comments I have to reply on certain photos that I’ve posted.

After checking my phone, I’ll switch to my desktop to check my email, facebook and other online accounts and also of course my work accounts. It will take about an hour or more. Then I’ll prepare the things that I will cook for lunch and I go back online.

Around 11 am, I will cook and in between I will go online until evening doing works, browsing, online window-shopping and also some digi scrapping if I have the mojo for that. Practically, online works keeps me busy and occupies my time that I noticed that I’m not taking my dog out for walk in more than a week already.. bad bad bad!

I read an article about prioritizing things and minimizing online times as much as possible. I can say that I miss getting out but when I think of going out it means shelling out money and that I don’t want to do at the moment.. yay!

Anyway, I will try to limit my online times but how can I do that if my work requires me to be online 24/7? Oh I guess I need another vacation where I don’t need to bring my work.

When Life Becomes a Routine

Have you found yourself got bored because you feel like your life is a routine already? Are you doing the same thing each day?

You get up each morning, sometimes you even drag yourself out of your bed because you have a 9-5 job, you got stuck in a traffic then when you reach the office late  your “monster” boss is waiting for you and gave you tons of work. After work you go home and that routine can happen to you all the time each week.

For those who work at home, you have your own time to work but rarely go out to socialize. All work and no “play”.

SAHM/WAHM – Being a mom is a 24/7 job and I’m sure it’s also tough when you’re a work-at-home mom who juggles work and family life at the same.

Life can be a routine  and like many of you, I also get bored with what I’m doing sometimes so I break that routine by doing other stuff like trying on a new hobby, shopping, talking to friends/relatives, play with my dog, watch a movie or whatever.

Random Thoughts on Weekend

I woke up with an aching left waist that is radiating from waist down and to my left shoulders or arm. It’s not that painful though but it feels like heavy and I’m uncomfortable. I’ll just put some liniment on it and hope it will be gone tonight. I’m also a little bit worried about some family issues but I know it will be solved. Like they say we need to have a lot of faith and God will take care of it. I’m just a little worried just like everyone in the family, we’re always over reacting to some things that we don’t have so much control over it. We sweat small stuff too and I know its not healthy and good. Anyway, I know it will be solved anyway.

I run some errands this morning and it’s also good for me for I get to spend some time outside the house. Bought some medicines and hahaha.. 2 blouses at a store as I just can’t resist the colors and style of the blouses. Went home, walked Sophie and cooked our lunch. Sometimes my life can be so boring and routine so I wish that I can go out a lot of time or maybe take another vacation.

My cousin and her husband from the US are coming before the month ends and I’ll be their tour guide for 3 days. I hope I can be very helpful to them. She booked a tour at Tagaytay and there will be horseback riding. I’m sure it will be fun! Ahhh I just can’t wait so I can relax at well.