Crazy About iPhones: Apple’s iPhone 4 the Suitable Choice for You

Apple iPhone 4 when launched in 2010 saw a drastic pull in the market. Huge number of purchasers made a point to purchase the iPhone 4 at the launch day and this made the shop owners go crazy. They never expected this overwhelming response to the launch. The iPhone is manufactured in US and sold relatively with mortal retailers and some authorised online sites.  The best way of describing the iPhone 4 is “beyond a doubt, the most precise thing and one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever made”. This description was given by Jobs while launching the iPhone 4 in the market.

Why public insist on choosing iPhone 4?

The unique design of iPhone 4 has made it a purchase worth item. It is 24% thinner than the 3GS iPhones. There are two cameras installed, one in the front and one camera in the back with LED flash. There are various antennas installed on the phone one for Bluetooth, one for Wi-Fi and GPS and another one for GSM. The display of the iPhone 4 has been very appealing. It has a good resolution of 960 x 640 which shows greater resolution then said resolution. The processor that is inbuilt in the iPhone 4 is A4 chip which has a very good power management. The total hours of performance for the iPhone 4 are up to 300 hrs. which is divided as 5-7 hours talk time 10-20 hours for Wi-Fi and web browsing purpose, 20-60 hours for video, music and movie playback. This phone is very environment friendly, as it is arsenic and mercury free.  The camera installed in the iPhone is of 5 megapixels and has zooming up to 5 times and it records 720 HD videos.

Lastly, when it comes to price, the cost of 16 GB iPhone 4 is $199, $299 for 32 GB, and in India it starts from Rs. 27,000 and above.

Reasons why iPhone 4 is choice of today’s teenagers:

Apple iPhone 4 has not only attracted the general public but it has been creating a pull for the teenagers also. They have very specific reasons for the purchase of the iPhone 4. Price is on the top of list when teenagers decide to purchase this phone. As the price for 8GB iPhone 4 is only $99 which is affordable by the youngsters. Once you have gone through the 4S phones, then iPhone 4 has been similar in design but yet better in performance and speed. So if not 4S then iPhone 4 can obviously be your best choice. Faster speed in case of transfers downloads and uploads of files and applications on the iPhone 4. It has a file transfer speed of 14.4mbps. Another reason for the iPhone 4 purchase could be the contract of purchase with AT&T and other subscribers. This helps the choice obvious for the same subscriber users. Clicking photos is the fad among the teenagers, thus the camera is another reason for iPhone 4 purchase. The iPhone 4 works and performs well with many of the best apple features and applications like iCloud, which help teenagers to remain connected with their laptops for different files.

So, when there is so much to do and explore with iPhone 4, it is really hard to ignore it. Also, when going for iPhone 4, it is really important to get it insured so as to cover the risk factor. Getting your new phone insured from a reputed brand is always a wise idea. Visit and get your new iPhone 4 insured and use your gadget without any worries.

The Art of Listening to Digital Audio Books

With the advent of the Internet, reading books have come a long way. One can easily read books without having to carry around bulky books anywhere you go because books can now be downloaded in the form of audio books. You can listen to your favorite books in your Ipod and other mp3 players.

You don’t need to go out of your house just to buy CD or books for audio books can be downloaded right in your own home. You can download audio books mp3 faster and a lot easier on website offering free audio books. You can have the liberty to choose what topics that you want to have in your audio library. Wide range of audio books can include bestsellers, novels, children’s tales, classic, myth, mystery, horror/suspense, romance, religious and whole lot more.

Since audio books are downloaded, you can always carry and listen to them using your fave audio gadget anywhere you go with no hassle at all so it’s very convenient. With the convenience audio books are giving, there’s no doubt that it has become popular in the recent years.

Connecting Everyone All in One Place

These, many people have been using the Internet to do almost anything. From the simple reading of e-mails to online banking, the Internet has become part of our lives already. Every morning, while I’m having my warm mug of chocolate or my fave ginger tea, I always read my mails on my phone and that became a habit already. Later on, I’ll transfer to my desktop to continue checking my mails and my social networking site accounts. I’ll do all of them before I start to work.

It’s also amazing to see long lost friends and relatives and re-connect with them through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’m sure you have already tried searching for a friend, former classmates or relatives on Facebook just like what I did before. I have found some while others seem to be out of reach.

With all the social networking accounts that we have, I guess some people have a hard time jumping from one site to another to check all them. I just found that, can connect all our social networks, blogging sites and online email accounts all in one place. It’s also a good place to find other people that you wanted to have a connection again. Furthermore, you can also see people who’ve been searching for you as well.

I guess with all the innovation on the way people connect and find each other, more people will be re-connected and much faster and easier now.

When your Computer Gives Up on You


Have you experienced when you are in a hurry to do something on your computer when all of a sudden it slows down, restarts on its own, can’t save your work or just totally messed up? Arghhh.. it can be frustrating! I experienced that when I was still using assembled Pentium 4 pc few years back. Funny thing is, I was so annoyed and frustrated because I can’t open multiple applications at the same time because its memory is just way too slow. Viruses often attack my computer too because I don’t have a good antivirus at that time too.

Thankfully, after saving I was able to buy myself an HP desktop and a Dell laptop that I used alternately. It’s been many years now since I bought then and it has never given me any major headache. I wish to have an iMac but major savings is needed hehe. I can also open multiple programs/applications and even numerous tabs on my internet tabs without hassle.

With the new computers that I have, I learned how to be careful when downloading stuff so that no visrus or malware can enter my computer. I also learned  how to clean hard drive by deleting unwanted programs and files that can also slow down my computer. I also learned how to reformat computers just by watching a tutorial in Youtube and with that skill that I learned I don;t need to call our technician to do the reformatting of our net cafe computers.

I just wished that all of my computers will serve me more years because I’ve been taking care of them with lotsa love.

Of Batteries and Charges

I’m not really quite sure if I need to drain all the way the battery of my iPhone and my digital camera before charging them. I’ve searched online and found conflicting results so I just drain them before charging eventhough I have a bad experience with my laptop battery before. I drain the battery and charge it afterwards but too bad, I left it still on the socket and I guess I might have over charged it that’s why it only lasted for a year.

There are also lots of batteries like ls 14250 that are designed for longer use at up to 20 years. Ahhh.. wished I have used one of these lithium batteries before that I might have saved money also.