Photohunt: Sydney Street Entertainers

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Last year I was able to take photos of some street entertainers in Sydney (near Circular Quey) providing entertainment when you give them coins. They will just stand there for hours and will only move once you put coins in their cans.

Join as Photohunt.

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Fave Snack: Kamote Chips

PROJ. 365: Kamote Chips
Care for some Kamote Chips? Yumm.. this is one of my favorite for snack especially if there is lots of sugar in it. I know it’s loaded with sugar and carbohydrates but how can you resist such a yum food? I love it especially when I paired it with ice cold COKE. Sugar Overload!! Come on let’s have a snack!

My Fave Guess Watch

Litratong Pinoy entry

I love watches!! I think I have 6 of them that I use everday but some are used for special occasion. One of my favorite watch is this GUESS watch, it was bought and given by my brother in law when we are in vacationing in Hamilton Island.. How sweettt.. right?

My broken 50mm

Ok.. my 50mm a week ago and I am actually so sad about it. I accidentally dropped the bag where it was located. Anyway, I went at Canon Store in Megamall hoping that it will get fixed. The in house technician told me that it suffered a hard fall and he can’t fix it.. WHHHHATTTT??? he told me to bring it at the service center in Mandaluyong..
Anyway, I am already at the Canon store so I took some shots there while the saleslady took a pic of me using the Canon 50d that they have and I liked it.
Canon's EOSjen_canon6