Anastasiya “Fukkacumi” Shpagina: Real-life Anime Girl

Wow I was in awe when I read about this at Yahoo News! Anastasiya Shpagina, 19 year old hairstylist from Ukraine has transformed herself into a real-life anime girl by wearing anime costumes and putting creative makeup. She even named herself now “Fukkacumi” to sound more like Japanese. She is even dubbed along with her friend who resembles like real-life Barbie as “HUMAN DOLLS”. Amazing!

Sure, we can see people wearing costumes as part of Cosplay or costume play but Anastasiya Shpagina is different because she lives with this kind of lifestyle everyday. It’ll take her about 2 hours putting all the intricate makeup on her face to look like a Japanese anime. Ahhh.. so weird but she’s good dressing up and doing her own makeup. She’s only 90 lbs , even wanted to have a smaller waist and wanted to have an eye surgery.

For me, nothing is wrong if she puts lots of makeup or wear clothes to look like an anime, but if she goes to the extreme of making this look permanent through surgery and body modification then that is really weird and over the top already. I hope she will not regret it in future.

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Anastasiya Fukkacumi Shpagina Real life Anime GirlAnastasiya Shpagina Reallife Anime Girl

Anastasiya Fukkacumi Shpagina
wow, they look like real dolls already!

I’m 31% Burned Out

You Are 31% Burned Out
You are a little burned out these days.
You are mostly energized and happy, but you occasionally wear yourself down.
Think about taking a personal day every so often.
You work hard, and you deserve to give yourself a little break!

I took this lil’ quiz at blog things and it shows that I’m only 31% burned out these days, which I think is good. I don’t burned out myself too much because I know I’ll get sick if I’ll do that. If I do work hard or extend my working hours at night, I’ll see to it that I’ll wake up late so I can recuperate. As much as possible I need to have 7-8 hrs. of sleep to feel energized the whole day.

What’s the point of working to hard and killing yourself when in the end you’ll end up sick.

Procrastinate Less


Ok, I have the tendency to procrastinate at time that I end up being rushed. I need to learn to procrastinate less so I can be more productive.

Multi Tasking

I guess multi tasking is one of the many strengths of women. I’ve been doing multi tasking right this moment while I’m making blog posts. In between, I’m cooking meal for lunch, instructing our laundry woman what to do, peeking at my artscow account, tweeting and even window shopping for discount jewelry online. Good thing is that I turned off the TV or else there’s too much going on hehe.

I just need to do all of these to do many things at the same time but there are some instances where I need to just concentrate and focus my mind on a particular task.


I was arranging my dresser last weekend and was happy to see my small watch collection. It all started when my cousins in LA sent me fossil or guess watches as a gift way back in 2005. I still have those watches and been keeping and using it for years. Knowing the brand and their durability, I’m not surprise that it’s still working up to now.

My BIL also gave me watch as a token of appreciation and from there my love for watches has grown. There’s never an instance when I’m not attracted to watches every time I passed by watch stores and funny thing is that, I always look at people’s watches every now and then. hehe. An online friend is also selling watches and you’re right I bought some from her already.

From Fossil, Guess, to DKNY brand, my love for watches is not stopping. I recently purchased an Armani watch and I can’t wait for it to arrive on November, just right in time for my birthday. I’m trying to buy different styles of watches from simple everyday watch, leather, to elegant watch with Swarovski Crystal beads in it for variety. I know I can’t buy luxurious watches like Rolex but with the watches I have, I’m a happy watch-aholic.

I was thinking of buying a watch box similar to the box that my online friend once shared on her flickr account. I googled the jewelry box and it was a bit pricey at $60-70 so I was trying to find a local manufacturer that might have an affordable price than that. A wooden box with glass on top and 12 compartment would be perfect and I just hope a can get a great deal for Php 1,500- 2,000 for that box. I have to find one at the mall when I’ll go out soon.