Are You Ready for Christmas this Year?

It may sound a little bit early to think about the gifts, food and all other details for Christmas but for me, Christmas shopping has already started. I’m frivolous to shop for more this coming days as I am not yet done shopping. I still need to list down more names and think about what gifts are perfect for them. It can be a little difficult to know what they like but I’m positive that they will like all the gifts that they will receive from me because it’s a blessing, right?

For some of my girlfriends I already thought of giving some nice bracelets or necklaces. Since beading and colorful bracelets are in trend these days because of the arm candies together with over-sized watches I thought, I’d make them personalized bracelets. I already found the best bead wholesalers that has all the supplies that I need. I’m into beading before so making bracelets is not new to me. I just need to have a good eye in matching different kinds of beads or crystals so I can make nice ones. However, if I’m pressed for time making them, I also know where to buy bracelets and accessories at a whole sale price.

Ahh.. I can’t wait for Christmas. It’s the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and along with that, giving and sharing our blessings to others are more enjoyable and meaningful a thousand folds.

During Christmas, kids all over the world are the happiest of all because they always know that Christmas is also synonymous to gifts. Opening their gifts at Christmas Eve and during Christmas day brings them a lot of joy that they all deserve. I just wish that all kids and family will be together this Christmas and those that are suffering and don’t have the means to celebrate will be blessed.

Family Birthday Celebrants

This month, many of my relatives celebrated their birthdays.
February 2 – 52nd birthday of my SIL
February 3-  52nd birthday of my oldest brother
February 13- 50th birthday of my older sister
February 21- 7th birthday of my niece

Wow, we have so many birthday celebrants and more to come on March. It’s always a tradition to have a spaghetti or any kind of noodles to eat for it was believed it was for long life. Even if they will be no party as long as we’ll have a small get together lunch or dinner is good enough.

Gifts are always welcome even if it just small like one of those birthday frames as long as it is given by heart and that all matters.

Gifts Galore

Kids were so excited to open the gifts they got from Santa on Christmas morning but it was our family tradition to open our exchange gifts after dinner time on Christmas day. Kids (but also adults) could not contain their excited to see what’s inside the wrapped gifts. My youngest niece would even find the gifts with her name written on it and then guard it She so funny! She would also try to guess what is the gift and would giggle with so much delight.

Christmas is a time for giving and even though there are times that money is hard, giving just a small present to each of us is already big enough. We don’t need too much expensive or glamorous gifts for what matters most is that you share and remember your loved one during Christmas day.

We’re looking forward for the next Christmas and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy opening them once again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!

Thankful Tuesday

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas together with your loved ones. Our family spent it together and there’s so much to be thankful for
1. Christmas Eve mass with the family eventhough we are not complete
2. Christmas Eve dinner with simple foods on out table. We just had spaghetti, fried chicken, crispy pork pata, cake, salad and fruits.
3. Christmas day spent with relatives
4. Kids receiving gifts from Santa
5. Kids got lots of gifts from us and their godparents
6. Christmas day lunch and dinner with friends and family
7. Opening of gifts of Christmas day
8. Greetings from a lot of friends via text, facebook etc.

I’m wishing you all a great year ahead!!

Have a Wonderful Christmas!


Hey all, 2 more days and it’s Christmas already. Are you done with your Christmas shopping and wrapping of gifts? If not, hurry up and do so. Though our country is experiecing yet another big disaster because of what typhoon SENDONG has done, that doesn’t stop us from celebrating Christmas. I’ll just be praying that all the provinces greatly affected by the disaster will stand on their feet back again.

May we also know the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not all about gifts and new toys/dresses etc. but it’s more about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, spirit of giving and sharing, love and fun. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!