Odd Job: Professional Cuddler

I have seen a lot of unusual or odd jobs like smelling armpits to test deodorants done by some people but this Professional Cuddler job is unique and can bizarre as well!

Meet Jackie Samuel, a 29-year old professional cuddler who can earn $260 a day by cuddling strangers. She can snuggle 30 men in a week and that includes men whose wives passed away, war veterans, problematic in relationships or just need to have someone to be snuggled. Her $60 an hour charge can make her survive the day-to-day living , for her studies and for her son. She even established the The Snuggery, snuggling service in Rochester, New York.

A lot of people find her job odd or bizarre and some even called her a prostitute.  Ahhh.. there are really strange people in the world. Would you hire a professional cuddler just in case you feel lonely or don’t have someone to hug or snuggle you?

professional cuddler2

professional cuddler

Marina Krim, New York City mom, Shaken as Nanny accused of stabbing kids to death

A friend of my tweeted about this story and wow, I was shocked and had goosebumps when I read about this news. Marina Krim, a New York City mom came home from her daughter Nessi’s swimming lesson and was shocked to see that her 2 children was stabbed to death by their nanny. OMG!

The nanny named Yoselyn Ortega, who is a Dominican Republic national stabbed Marina and Kevin’s children: Leo 2yrs old and Lucia 6 while. The nanny was also injured and lay beside the children and police believed that it is a suicide attempt. The incident remains a mystery but for sure investigation will be done to know the real reason why the nanny made this Marina and Kevin’s children.

My heart goes to the parents of the 2 children and I just hope no similar incident will happen again for it’s a nightmare for parents to know that their children’s caregiver will do that horrible thing.

13-Year Old Filipino Kid Wins International Children’s Peace Prize 2012

Our country, Philippines was so proud of Cris “Kesz” Valdez for he won the prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize 2012 on Sept. 20, 2012. Only at 13 years old, Kesz is determined to educate children who are living on the streets about personal hygiene and he even takes care of their wounds. He has given them inspiration and hope. I am sure that when he grows older, he’d continue to do good deed on his community.Good job Kesz !

Know more about his story here:

This is his acceptance speech:

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Philippines is blessed with beautiful beaches but unfortunately, people is the one making it dirty by throwing or leaving garbage in the area. We need to be responsible enough to take care of our waste not just in beach or tourist spots area but within our homes too.

Now, that we experienced flooding in many areas because storms and even monsoon rains, we need to think twice when we throw our garbage just anywhere because it will practically come back to us in no time.

This is a campaign by :

Footprints Project (philippinebeaches.org) where they envisions the Philippines with a healthy, sustainable and successful tourism enjoyed, promoted, and guarded by a people who are environmentally conscious, friendly, and responsible.

The Mad Man that Shocked the World


Image: screenshot from yahoo news

These are the photos of James Eagan Holmes, 24, the suspect in the Colorado shooting rampage when he 1st publicly appeared in court. How can anyone in his right mind shoot people in the cinema who are just watching the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises to have fun? He is clearly a mass murderer and psychotic with the behavior he has shown.

He has killed12 people and other 59 or so are hurt and still in the hospital. This is a very chilling incident that happened in Colorado USA and I just pray for the victims. I hope justice will be served and he be put into jail for like or if not in a death chamber. No individual should suffer on the things that he did.