Home is Where the Heart is

We often hear this saying and it is always true. Our home will always be the place where we can be who we are, where we can get so much love with our loved ones and receive warm hugs and kisses. Our haven is the place where we can relax after a hard days work from the office. A simple relaxation can involve soaking in a warm bath while reading or sipping wine or just simply listening to music.

Music in our homes can play an important role in our lives as it can set any mood depending on the tune that we hear. If you can carry a tune, using vocal microphone to belt out a song can be a relaxing one too. You can groove to the dance music, cry or become sentimental when you hear a sappy sound. No matter what music you want to hear nothing beats listening to your home where you can relax and enjoy.

Kids and Music

These days, there’s no doubt that kids want explore new things that surround them. It’s always been healthy and productive for them if they choose to be active and curious all the time as their minds are being occupied with new things to learn. Making them busy by letting them play, write, draw, engage in sport, sing or play instruments cam help them a lot in improving their intelligence, self confidence and more.

It’s always nice to see kids play the instrument since not all kids also like music and can play. Parents should encourage and support them in this kind of filed. Sending them to music classes can greatly help the kids to hone their skills and express themselves. You can also get them guitars piano or any musical instrument that they have interest in. If musical instruments and accessories are needed, online is a good choice to find some supplies. Find alvarez at Musician’s Friend and you’ll see load of guitars to choose from.

Encourage kids and even adult to hone their musical talent and who knows they might excel in this field.

Interest in Musical Instrument

Kids always wanted to explore new things and in their environment. It’s actually healthy for them to learn and experience new things in their lives as it is where they can gain more knowledge that can help them. Not all kids also like music and to play an instrument so it’s kinda refreshing and exciting to see if a kid is interested in it.

If parents noticed that they are showing interest in playing the guitar, piano, drums or any musical instruments, I reckon it is best for the parents to encourage and support them. Who knows they might excel in that field and even made them as a career in the future. Sending them to music classes can greatly help the kids to hone their skills and express themselves. You can also get them guitars piano or any musical instrument that they have interest in.

Never force your kids to learn something that they are not passionate about for they will not excel on that field if they lack interest.

Sound Trippin’: Songbird by Kenny G

If I think of a great flutist and saxophonist, KENNY G. will be the first person in my mind. Why not? He’s been playing saxophone and flute with so much passion and soul that his listeners will be in awe and mesmerized. His music is classic and can be heard up until now on different places. He started playing when he was just 17 and started his professional career in the 80’s. He has released so many solo albums and with other artists.

If you’re aiming to become Kenny G, never give up on your dreams, study and practice hard. Always remember that if you love music, you need to have passion and dedication over it.

Kids and Musical Instruments

I have never mastered any musical instruments that is why I just those people that can play well. I have tried piano when I was a kid but never got to a point where my parents enrolled me to a musical school. About few years ago, I was fascinated with guitars especially when I saw women playing as I find it so cool. Since my two brothers and one nephew know how to play, I asked them to teach me but I failed. The strings are just hurting my little fingers and I actually didn’t like it. Too bad, I gave up without trying so hard and not being patient enough. I reckon playing a musical instrument is not for me too so I’ll just leave it to others.

It’s often a delight to see kids who are passionate about music and playing musical instruments. I guess parents need not force on them what to like for kids will not be happy with they will be doing in the long run. Let them discover what they like to play and just support them. A son of my friend loves to play drums and with his desire, they bought himĀ  top electric drum set and even enrolled him in a class.I heard that he is loving every minute that he is hitting the drum. I will not wonder if one day, my friend’s son will have a career in music for he is very passionate and consistent in what he likes.