Woman Reunites with Nurse who Helped her as Infant

When I watched this video of Amanda Scarpinati and Sue Berger, I can’t help but be emotional.  Amanda is a badly-burned baby when a nurse (Berger) cared for her all the time in the hospital. A heartwarming photo taken in 1977 shows a nurse cradling Amanda in an Albany, New York, hospital. Amanda grew up with some insecurities brought about by her burns but that surgery erased that. Amanda sought comfort looking at their old photo and wished they’ll meet someday.  In this video, the reality reunion happened in 2015.

Creative Geniuses

I always admire people who are very creative and have so many ideas in their heads. Sometimes those ideas can immediately be implemented in their works through arts & crafts, photography, visual art, print and advertising ads and more. Have you found yourself pausing for a moment while admiring an ad that you see while you are walking on the street, reading a newspaper or watching on TV? Little that you know but there’s too much effort and hard work put into that ad before it was even printed or shown.

If you run a business, advertising is an integral part of the success of your company and working with companies like Grok can make your advertising more effective and often shows good results.

America’s Next Top Models

There are times that I had the chance to watch the America’s Next Top Model over at ETC channel 21. Not sure if that is a new episode or re-run but I enjoyed watching it. All the models are too skinny, as if they’ve taken lipozene to get that body. I wonder if they are still eating hehehe.

The show is a great venue for newbie models to hone their skills. One of my fave judge is the handsome photographer Nigel Barker as he’s always giving good and frank advice to the models so they can do good the next time they face the camera and pose. Tyra Banks on the other hand, became an inspiration to all the contestants. Her tips and tricks about modeling are graciously shared to the models while giving her constructive criticisms on the performance of the model.

It’s great to see how the models evolve and grow while they are on the show and the experiences that they got from the show can be a good credit on their credentials.

Charice and Taylor Swift Continue to Shine

Love Story, is one of the songs that I love, which is sung by Taylor Swift. This talented young lady has won lots of awards and even became Billboard’s Top Country Artist and Hot Country Songwriter of 2008. This year, she made it to the top place as one Billboard’s List of “21 under 21: Music’s Hottest Minors” while Charice is on the 4th place. Her concert tours are undeniably selling and tickets are selling like hotcakes. She has lots of concert tours this month so be sure to get Taylor Swift tickets if you’re a fan.

Charice, on the other hand is slowly making waves in the music industry in the US. Having been to Oprah, Ellen and other shows, it made her even more popular. Her single Pyramid has made it to the top 100 in the US billboard and what makes it more exciting is that she’s the only Asian to have done that. I’ve been silently following her career eventhough I don’t watch her shows. I’m watching her videos (concerts, interviews etc. on Youtube) and this girl is surely talented. Sometimes I have goosebumps when I’m listening to her songs and while seeing all the people that are watching on her shows.

Her guest appearance on the hit TV series GLEE clearly indicates that people behind this show know that she has great talent and can sing side by side with other good singers/actors on the show. Charice has many shows, appearances and guesting from left to right and I hope she’ll continue to be humble so that her stars will shine even more.

Online Games Have Gained Popularity Across the Globe

According to a study on consumer spending from Newzoo, a research firm determined that the total budget of U.S. gamers (aged eight and above) is a staggering $25.3 billion. Newzoo reported that the remaining 54 percent of the budget goes to new game retail. The data was provided by Gamasutra, a company that specializes in online games.

The research firm also determined that 46 percent of that budget goes to the used game trade, virtual currency, digital distribution, and other virtual economic needs. The firm conducted a study of 13,000 online gamers and determined that the U.S. claims 183.5 million gamers. The study was done in conjunction with TNS, as part of the 2009 Gamers Survey. TNS is a leader in global market research.

Globally, console games consume over half of the money spent on video games. However, Germany, which has a very strong PC market, is an exception. Newzoo’s survey also reported that U.S online gamers spent a whopping $15 million on home and handheld software. PC games followed with $4.15 billion spent total. Game portals claimed $2.78 billion, mobile devices $1.1 billion, and MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Onliners) $2.12 million. MMO games support literally hundreds of thousands of players at the same time.

For most, MMO games are played across the Internet by necessity. However, newer game consoles like PSP, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 can access the Internet and can therefore run MMO games. In addition, some mobile devices and smartphones can also access MMO games.

Traditional, new retail games have gained popularity in European markets. For example, in Belgium, packaged retail games account for approximately 59 percent of online gamers’ budgets. In Germany, retail games account for 62, the UK claims 64 percent, the Netherlands accounts for 69 percent, and France claims 78 percent.