Refreshing Our Minds

Our life is full of experiences, trials, problems, happiness, sadness that sometimes we feel that we are burden by it. Those that are working a 9-5 work at the office then it turn will be a wife/husband and mother/ father to their family once they got home can be stressful. I have a friend who juggles her office career and home life every day.

We all know that problems and excessive stress in our lives can make us sick literally. Doing things all the time can be boring as well so we need to know how to freshen our minds. Pausing from work from time-to-time can be helpful. Stretching can be beneficial as well. Listening to music can be very helpful. You can listen to calming music if you want to rest.. pop in dance music if you want to groove or play your fave musical instrument if you have time. It’s never to late to learn any musical instrument as well like trying out a gibson es 137 electric guitar to bring out the rocker in you.

You can take on a hobby like writing, croeheting, photography and more. Whatever you feel like doing just to keep you relax will do good.

Keep Calm, Make Art

keep calm make art

Almost everyday, our lives can be busy. If you’re a professional that works in the office or a busy person working full time in the house, we all need time to rest and take on a hubby. There are others that collect stamps, postcards etc, while others spend their leisure time reading a book or watching movie. Others would go into sports while others love crafts and arts and that includes me.

Every time, I am stressed or simply have nothing to do, I just open my photoshop to start making a digi-scrapbooking layout or design some graphics. It can divert my attention to my creativity. I was once addicted to crocheting, crafts (making topiaries etc.), collecting stamps/ decorative soaps, cross-stitching and digital photography. I have to say that art makes me relax and feel calm as well.

We Can Express Ourselves Through Hobbies

I guess most of us already has a hobby that we love doing if we have spare time. Getting into a hobby can relieve us from stress and can make our minds more creative as well. Personally, I have quite few hobbies , I started arts and craft, in the 80’s, cross-stitching and crocheting in the 90’s, and recently I’m into digital photography and digital scrapbooking. I enjoyed all of them because it is where I can express myself. Hobbies are relaxing and gives us a different euphoria every time we finished a project or has done something nice.

My brothers are into visual art (painting and photography) and like me, they can express their creative side through that. There are actually so many hobbies that we can get into just know your passion. Some guys are into building model kits and even buy moebius models online. Others collect items, into car racing and more.

What about you, what is your hobby?

A New Addition to the Family

My usual routine in the morning before going to work is to read my personal/work mails and browse my Facebook account. I was surprised to see a photo of my niece holding a very cute dog whom at that time has no name yet. It was a cavoodle dog, mix breed of King Charles Spaniel and mini poodle. He was only 6 weeks old and her mom bought it at the dog shop.

They named it Prince and now, he is the new addition to my sister’s family. I know he’ll be spoiled and I learned that he’s been sleeping at my sister’s bed at the moment as it was too cold in their place right now. Wintertime is coming so putting him on his bed alone will only make him cry. Ahhh.. poor doggie. I hope they’ll love and take care of that dog like what I’m doing with my own baby dog Sophie. I’m sure they’ll become pet lovers now that Prince is in their home.

Initially, my sister doesn’t want to get a dog because her son is allergic to animal’s fur but she changed her mind. With their new spacious house, Prince will have a big space to run around. I was even more surprised when I learned that my brother-in-law was crazy about the dog and his project of buying a billiard table and other billiards supplies for his recreation area is put on hold bec. he found Prince to be a good companion.

Born Artist

Let me boast for a while here, please. I can say that our family has an inclination towards art. In fact, 2 of my older brothers are visuals artist who also won national painting and photography contests. There’s no wonder that their kids also follow their footsteps. Some loves photography, graphic/web designing and the youngest of the pack loves to draw and doodle.

I always see my 7 yr-old niece drawing something on paper. She loves to draw people and recently fashion clothes like dresses and gowns. We’ve been telling her that who knows maybe one day she’ll be a famous designer of her own or designing urban clothing both men and women. I hope that she’ll keep her interests until she grows up for we’ll be so proud of her.

Just tonight, I gave her some papers where she can draw when she’s at our house after dinner. She quickly drew some gowns and of course I praised her works and tell her to draw some more. I even showed her some photos online where she can get some inspirations and she loved that idea.