Be Real

No one is perfect anyway!!

Just be real and do whatever you feel is right and just. Don’t strive to be someone you are not. As long as you are true to yourself and to others and you are not stepping on somebody’s toes, you’re good and real.  Perfect will be boring!

7 Deadly Words

7 deadly words

There are times that I always say that I CAN”T do a particular thing or task without even trying. I need to change that thinking because I can be belittling myself when I do that but we are only humans and sometimes know our capabilities.

Stress Less

stress less
Here are some things that I really need to do often to live a stress less life. I’ve been dancing and working out at my house maybe 2-3x a week and it makes me feel a little loose and light. The sweat can release many toxins so it’s good. Bed time for me is around 10:30 – 11 pm but I still watch TV inside my room and I guess I dose around 12-12am already. Ahhh.. I need some hugs especially when I feel achy and feeling low.

Do What You Love

Very true!

I remember doing something I really hate and the end results are disaster. It was few years ago when my mom wanted to have another business that she wanted me manage. We already have a video tape rentals shop back then but during that time it was on the rocks so mom was thinking of another sideline. She wanted us to have party favors/ balloon services but I hate the idea but she insisted. I remember making balloons and whine while doing it. My heart was not on the business so it really failed.

If you’re also working in a company and doing works that is not what you wanted, chances are you’ll get bored and finally resign from that job. It’s really hard to do something that you don’t like or when someone imposes it because the outcome is not good. Therefore, we need to do what we love and enjoy for we’ll be contented and satisfied.

Keep Calm, Make Art

keep calm make art

Almost everyday, our lives can be busy. If you’re a professional that works in the office or a busy person working full time in the house, we all need time to rest and take on a hubby. There are others that collect stamps, postcards etc, while others spend their leisure time reading a book or watching movie. Others would go into sports while others love crafts and arts and that includes me.

Every time, I am stressed or simply have nothing to do, I just open my photoshop to start making a digi-scrapbooking layout or design some graphics. It can divert my attention to my creativity. I was once addicted to crocheting, crafts (making topiaries etc.), collecting stamps/ decorative soaps, cross-stitching and digital photography. I have to say that art makes me relax and feel calm as well.