A Mother’s Love

My bestfriend since highschool days is a dedicated mom to her 3 children. She will do anything to protect, train, support them on the things that they want to do as long as it is for their own good. A mom, wife and a career woman is not an easy job. Imagine juggling all those roles everyday for the rest of her life is a noble thing.

I see her kids grow and my friend is supportive in their studies and even on their extra curricular activities like playing musical instruments. Her son is even spoiled (in a good way) when it comes to music. She lets him play musical instrument and will do anything even if it means that she will buy used martin guitars online to support her son’s hobby.

As long as they will do good in school, their hobby and other interests will be supported by their mom. I just admire her for being with her children when they need her and it only shows that a mother’s love is priceless.

When Kids Should not Meddle During Adult Arguments

Just the other weekend, a family drama surfaces. It’s just one of  those days when people become crazy, over sensitive and lose their temper. My aunt and my older brother got an argument that happened once again. My bro is not the usual confrontational kind of guy by means of speaking or yelling but his own way is to throw things. It’s his way to release  and show his anger when is is really pissed of. I’m not really on the scene when that happened but according to my SIL and some family members, the argument started because my aunt is asking my bro to clean the mess that he left on the garage. I guess my bro is already fed up with the constant nagging and repeated talking of my aunt that is why he lost his tempter. Mom overheard the commotion and he came to the scene and asked both to be calm. Argument sprouted again between my aunt and my mom (both are sisters) and that is not good.

Hearing the yelling, my nephew came and told them to stop yelling and arguing at each other that made mom and other adults to tell him to shut up and he  must not join the adult arguments. Ahh.. family issues and drama happens to any family. Our family is not perfect and I think there’s no perfect family anyway.

When family drama arises, sometimes I just want to keep mum and don’t want to meddle with their arguments so that issue will not become big anymore. I’m just wishing that kids should learn how to honor and respect elders and they should not interfere with the adult conversation.

Super Moms


I had some time to blog hop the other day and I can’t help myself to be in admiration to all the moms that I came across. I have a lot of friends that are moms already and just thinking all the sacrifices that they have done for the family makes me realize that being a mother or a parent is a 24/7 job and needs a complete commitment. I also admire working moms both wahm or those that work outside their homes because they can juggle their work and family obligations.

A friend of mine is working 9-5 and when she gets at home, she still need to take care of the kids and do household works. Aside from that, she still needs to work on her online jobs that can take her working till midnight. She’s been sacrificing a lot just to give good and comfortable life to her family. With that, I salute you all great moms out there.

Strengthen Family Ties

I grew up with a strong family ties and I’m so happy about it. I guess we all aim to have a happy family where there is love, respect and support for each other. Sure there are times when there is misunderstanding or arguments but those are really normal for every family. Each member should be open for reconciliation because at the end of the day you’re still a family that will help each other in times of trouble.

As a family, you need to learn how to bond with each other. Here are some few things to strengthen family ties.
1. Spend more quality time with each other. Read books together, sing, laugh and talk to each other.
2. Create memories. Make a project together. Draw, make clay pots or anything that can keep you all bonded.
3. Eat together at the same time so you can catch up on each other’s activities.
4. Watch movies, shop etc.
5. Travel as a family and you’ll see the beauty of the place more and you’ll create more beautiful happy memories.

We should also learn to forgive each other’s misgivings. Teach your kids good values so when they grow up they will do the right things that you teach them.

Driving on her Own

I’m just so happy and thrilled to know that my niece is driving already. She’s already 17 and turning 18 this July and her parents bought her a car. Of course, she had driving lessons first for it’s very strict in Australia before she can even get her learners or new driver’s license she still needs to take the exams. Right now, I think she’s a P-plater and she can drive on her own though there are times when her parents need to be with when she drives for more support, advice and instructions. I guess you know how 1st-time drivers are on the road.

Now that she has her own car, I hope she’ll be more responsible in taking care of it and of course she needs to be careful while on the road. Owning a car comes with a responsibility and I’m sure her parents also got her car insurance for her protection. Actually, getting a car insurance is quite fast these days. You can even a quote in less than 2 mins if you’re in the US using AutoInsuranceNC.org website.  

With her ability to drive now, her parents will be spared from sending and fetching her to and from her dance rehearsals and part-time work. I just hope she’ll not break the trust that her parents gave her.