Ang Pinaka Grabeng Environmental Hotspot in the Philippines

Today’s list at QTV 11’s Show is about Ang Pinaka Grabeng Environmental Hotspot in the Philippines.

10. Mt. Malindang
9. Laguna de Bay
8. San Vicente Taytay-Roxas Forest in Palawan
7. Central Panay Mt. Ranges (Aklan – Antique- Ilo-ilo- Capiz)
6. Northwest Panay Peninsula Forest
5. Mt. Isarog
4. Taal Lake
3. Mt. Kitanglad
2. Mt. Apo
1. Sierra Madre

Ang PINAKA: Accident-Prone Vehicles

QTV 11’s ANG PINAKA show listed the Ang PINAKA: Accident-Prone Vehicles based on MMDA from Jan. – Dec. 2009
10. UNKNOWN VEHICLE – horse-drawn (like kalesa), push cart, caravan
6. BUS
5. VAN
2. CAR


Ang Pinaka Popular Pinoy Expressions part 2

So I had time to watch ANG PINAKA tonight and here’s the Ang Pinaka Popular Pinoy Expressions part 2 list.

10. WISEL – means nothing or none
9. KEMBOT – which can mean Let’s Go
8. CHARCHAR – not real or not serious
7. DI AKO NA BRIEF – hindi nasabihan or hindi na inform
6. KALURKI OR KALURKEY- same as Kaloka
5. KABOG -means bongga
4. BOOKING – reservation ex. Naku hindi ako pwede sumama now, may booking ako kasi eh.
3. EFFORT- putting way to energy on something ex. Uy nag eeffort sya sa pananamit
2. HAGGARD – haggard(ness)
1. MAY NAG TXT! – alam na natin kung sino nagpasikat nito hehe

Ang PINAKA: Notorious na Kriminal- Notorious Criminal in the Philippines

ANG PINAKA: TV show over at QTV 11 listed yet another interesting theme for this week and it’s about Ang PINAKA: Notorious na Kriminal (Philippines) – Notorious Criminal in the Philippines based on PNP”s Most Wanted List
10. Eduardo “Boy” Iraneduardoiran aka BOY MUSLIM – killer of opposition Evelio Javier
9. Cezar de Guzman aka Kabesa – hired killer of Mayor Resuello of San Carlos City
8. Ustadz Haber Malik-murderer, MNLF member
7. Corey Dickpus- coreydickpus_gif

6.  Rolando and

5.  Harold Lumbres Fajardo  (brothers)-
notorious kidnap for ransom group members – Reward Php 1,0000.00
4. Jose Ma. “Bong” Sarmiento Panlilio- robbery homicide – Reward: Php 5 millionjose ma sarmiento panlilio
3. Alim Solaiman Pangalian – Reward PHP 5  million

2. Ameril Umbra Kato ameril umbra kato Reward: Php 10 million
1. Al Hadz Abdullah Macapaar – Commander Bravo : Reward Php 10 million

Any information regarding these criminals you can report to the authorities.

THE PNP 24-HOUR HOTLINES: (02) 722-2353 / (02) 722-9587

Ang Pinaka: Kahiya-Hiyang Ugaling Pinoy ( Annoying Negative Pinoy Traits)

It’s Sunday once again and again ANG PINAKA show at QTV 11 listed another topic . Tonight they have listed the Ang Pinaka: Kahiya-Hiyang Ugaling Pinoy ( Annoying Negative Traits Pinoy Traits).

10. Gossiping / Chismis
9. Lack of Discipline – Walang Disiplina
8. Ningas Cogon (Kugon) – persuasive at the start but don’t have the capacity to finish what he has started
7. Racism/ Regionalism
6. Colonial Mentality
5. Ihi, Dura, and Sutsot- this is so shameful, urinating, spitting on public places yuck!
4. Short-term Memory – easily forgive and forget
3. Filipino Time – most of the time always late on meetings etc.
2. Laziness – Manana Habit – putting off things procrastination
1. Crab Mentality – bringing each other down