Marina Krim, New York City mom, Shaken as Nanny accused of stabbing kids to death

A friend of my tweeted about this story and wow, I was shocked and had goosebumps when I read about this news. Marina Krim, a New York City mom came home from her daughter Nessi’s swimming lesson and was shocked to see that her 2 children was stabbed to death by their nanny. OMG!

The nanny named Yoselyn Ortega, who is a Dominican Republic national stabbed Marina and Kevin’s children: Leo 2yrs old and Lucia 6 while. The nanny was also injured and lay beside the children and police believed that it is a suicide attempt. The incident remains a mystery but for sure investigation will be done to know the real reason why the nanny made this Marina and Kevin’s children.

My heart goes to the parents of the 2 children and I just hope no similar incident will happen again for it’s a nightmare for parents to know that their children’s caregiver will do that horrible thing.


  1. OMG! we should be very careful in choosing Nannys, better yet, send them first to Psychiatric clinic to be evaluated/assessed to know their inclinations and ideation before employing them. Whats the use of Working away from home and earning much if you just left the kids to someone stranger to you, right?

  2. thank you for sharing this, i do have goosebumps, this is why i would rather quit my job and be the one to takes care of my kid for this instances, we can’t really tell who are people that believes and afraid of God. I’m heartbroken for this loss and i’m sure parents are devastated of the incident.

  3. This is very scary news.
    I dont want to leave my children with my nanny for long periods of time now.

  4. well.. that is why we should always get nannies that we know and trust.. it is really hard now nowadays to left our children in the hands of those we do not know..

  5. read about it at mommytopaz blog. a heart wrenching tragedy. may God keep the Krim family wrapped in His arms.

  6. Crazy insane nanny…another reason why it is so difficult to trust strangers to take care of somebody’s kids

  7. holy molly! this is really insane. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about dealing with nannies.

  8. Oh my! She’s a heartless nanny for doing that! 🙁

    For sure the parents feel terribly sad right now! :'(

    I hope they find out what’s the reason behind this.

  9. so sad, heart breaking news and the kids are too young, they are so innocent, can’t even depend themselves. 🙁 i just hope that the police will find the truth behind this. my prayers goes to Krim family.

  10. One of the huge reasons why we should be very hands-on with our children. And always look for their safety.

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