Beware: 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City

The phone rings…. I answered the phone and I heard a male voice asking if he can speak to my niece (he stated the complete name) . Thinking it was a very important call from her University, I immediately called my niece.Minutes later, my niece who looks puzzled at that time relayed to me about who called and what they have talked about.

She told me that a certain RUSTAN MANALAD from the US Biotechnology firm located at the 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City was looking for 2-3 young professionals to help manage their business (sounds doubtful already!!).

She was asked to exchanged cellphone nos. (she gave different no.), wear business attire and go to that address in Pasig on a certain date so that they can talk about the business in details. My niece was asking more questions but the caller told it was only a 3min call.

Right after that, I told her I sense that there is something fishy here bec. since other details are not given. She was kinda baffled because the caller knows her number, her high school details and other stuff.

We immediately researched the said company but nothing appeared so we are assured that it doesn’t exist. We then researched for the 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City and oh gosh there are lots results that appeared. It was actually the address of a different company. Poor thing they are using that address.

We read that they were asked to sell something or do some pyramiding schemes. Crap, good thing is that my niece didn’t go there plus we’ll never allow her to go there.


  1. annalyn says:

    u might want to see this site to verify the company. sometimes it’s really scarry to just believe what u have heard or read from unknown source. verify first and be careful.

    • Thanks for the comment Annalyn but with my niece’s experience the guy who called never said it was NU skin co. He gave a different company that never exist (we googled the co. and no results found) and he using nu skin’s address and that is shady already.

    • besinessminded says:

      its not about the lie issue but the company is after for you to be curious enough to the company and be responsible to your actions. anyway if you want to be rich , yes its true everybody wants that. of coarse you need to work hard on it.. do not blame the people who can give you the opportunity.. greater opportunity not just by you but also with your family..don’t be judgmental.. nu skin is a very reliable company that everybody can benefit from it,, your hard works result good enough not to offer you good life but the whole family…

  2. honey pepita says:

    gee.. good thing I researched. that’s why the girl that I talked to didn’t even mention a company name. she just gave me the address to go to. I was supposed to go there earlier today. And I even asked for me to have a rescheduled appointment. thanks. πŸ™‚

  3. hi, i was invited earlier today..but i was asked to go to 16th flr. of the same details was given aside from it will be a part timejob where i would need to go under qualifying process first. do you guys think it is the sane thing?

  4. I met one nice lady when I was at Megamall and she approached me.She asked where I worked and told her I recently resigned from my job. She told me to go to 15th floor Octagon Building as there was a job opening and I asked what the company was and she said that it was a multinational company. She never mentioned the name of the company but I felt something was not right. I searched on the internet and found out what 15th floor Octagon Bldg was offering for YUPs. After reading all the comments I felt glad I did not go to Octagon Bldg.
    Thank God for the internet! To all young professionals out there please be vigilant!

  5. NuSkin is in China, I just joined NuSkin China yesterday. It seems like a solid program and I am starting to love NuSkin China.
    .-= NuSkin China´s last blog ..Nuskin China Are you absolutely sure this is the best opportunity for you? =-.

  6. Rain Summers says:

    I was not born yesterday! Thank God there is such thing as Internet.

    In my case, it was a bitch who called… company name? Global Business Solutions! There are more than 10,000 companies that are named after this bloody company name so I search for the address… 15th Floor Octagon Building…

    Please be ware of this… if you don’t want to ruin your future

    • Same here…Glorious Internet…I was already hesitant when I talked to the girl name Stephanie yesterday. I was speaking in English and she was answering back in Tagalog(she doesn’t have a good diction even in Tagalog, You know, she works in HR in a multinational company and she can’t converse fluently in English, come’on!) She was speaking so fast, her info was not alligned. She wants me to be there at 1st floor, Octagon Bldg., (Diba lobby yun ng bldg?) Anyhow, she said they needed urgently marketing executive and be there in business attire. There are two schedules 3pm and 6pm. She texted me again to come. I told here I changed my mind and please don’t bother me anymore.

  7. a guy called me. his name is marlon ilagan he used this number 09189125782 to call me earlier today. he said he is part of a US company who needs someone who can help them to train and prepare their employees. he said, he is the senior executive officer and that he needs a junior executive officer… im not sure if its a fake… but it sure did mess up my mind…

  8. this number called me 09228975690..he said that price water house coopers , an international auditing firm is in need of part timer auditor..i was scheduled this coming saturday .. what can u say about that? should i go there?

  9. biohazard says:

    There is this lady calling tirelessly for several times i was told that they need professionals for their business her name was Necie Velasquez (anyone familiar with her name) and also she said that she had executives to interview me.. Im being puzzled by how come she didnt even ask for a resume if they need professional im schedule to be interviewd today this afternoon.

    Thank God I tried to look to the address of this building and found out that this is a fraud.


  10. beware to this no. 09391588048, his name is nestor. he knows a lot of me.. I know that there is a group who search to the net about my personal information. I decided to delete all the details and my info to my face book and friendster account.

  11. I have an appointment tomorrow and good thing i searched hard on this company. They told me the company’s name is Phyto Pharmaceutical Company based in the US. I searched on the WWW and there was no listing of the said company. I felt confused thinking that someone must be playing games on me but i wasn’t sure. Maybe it is a new company, i said to myself.

    I really don’t want to go there without any knowledge about the company, so i searched thoroughly. I was also thinking about visiting the place this afternoon to make sure that i wont be late tomorrow. So i referred to the address that the lady gave me and it didn’t match anything. She said Robinsons savings bank building and mentioned about amethyst and San antonio. I searched on google map and found out it was octagon bldg. Maybe, just maybe she didn’t want to mention octagon bldg because she knew i can easily get access to these posts.

    The woman was a sweet/ bitchy talker. She was good about manipulating me but didn’t even answer any of my questions straight. Before she hung up on me she told me “Since you are from ___ school, I’m not expecting you to cancel on your appointment on the day itself.” What the fucK! I was being pressured a bit to find out that she was a scammer. DARN!!

    Thank you guys! I was relieved from this riddle.

    This is the number 09329878229, she introduced herself as Salve. She also mentioned that i look for Mr. Daniel Laogon.

  12. This is in reply to Eduard’s message posted 3/10/2010, the Philippine member firm of the PricewaterhouseCoopers global network is not looking for part-time auditors. The number you provided is not used by the Human Resources Department of this firm. Visit to get correct information about this firm’s vacancies.

  13. hi ive just received a phone call from a certain kevin ocoma he told me that he is looking for young professionals to do a part time job in there company there company is project based. he then asked me if im working i told the name of the company im working with then he told me to go there office bring id

    • OMg! i received the same call from a so called Kevin Okoma, telling me same thing. Thank God i searched the net for more info. How the hell did he get that Information about me.

      • elli0701 says:

        OH EM, Kevin Okoma phoned me a while ago.. is this really a scam? he knows my number and asked me few questions, i thought hes from some call center company he told me that they have some par times and full time jobs available.. and he even said meet him at the ground floor of tektite…he also didnt ask to bring resumes and stuf.. only an id..can u please tell me is he up to???

        • read the other comments … parang its a Multi-level marketing (MLM) company daw ito, na you have to buy their kit then ise-sell mo,,

  14. I just got a call from a woman named Nikki. Gave me the same line she gave Cat. β€œSince you are from ___ school, I’m not expecting you to cancel on your appointment on the day itself.” that one and that she expects me to be on time and i sound very professional on the phone.

    i find this funny because i was in that same building, on the same floor about a month ago. she said the name of the company is Bio photonic international. That floor is owed by Nu Skin Philippines. The biophotonic scanner is a product. it was introduced to us when i went over to that building. Nu Skin is owned by Pharmanex. Although, i find it weird that no resume is asked for.

    When you get there, you will be shown a presentation of what their products are. it really is interesting if you are willing to take a risk in purchasing something from them then selling the product. its not a guaranteed income as you actually have to work hard to sell the product.

    although it would be good if they give the name of the company itself and not the product. just cancelled my appointment as i already know what they are going to ask of me. not really interested in those things

  15. A lady called me yesterday and told me that I was reffered by University of the ____ where I graduated.
    I have an initial appointment tomorrow 1:30 pm.
    I was instructed to wear office attire ,bring ID and go to 15th flr Octagon Building and find the project director to discuss the salary,schedule,etc.
    Im hired without any assessment and resume??????Something is wrong…
    I asked the name of the company but the girl did not answer any of my queries.Now im relly confused but after reading all your comments I’m relieved.
    thank’s guy for the info.I will not go there anymore.
    Beware young professionals.

    • me too.. i received a call from lady named “MIMI CUENCA” same thing she said to me “β€œYou are from ___ school, you are reffered to NUS interprises you are qualified so you dont need to bring resume just be on you’re formal attire and bring valid I.D.” gave me an appointment wed. @3pm (i’m not available that day so she gave me another day thurs.3pm same im not available, i said friday is my rest day, she said she will cancel her apointments that day just to meet me at 3pm the place is OCTAGON BUILDING NEAR SM MEGA MALL or to be exact “likod ng sm mega mall” and she’s expecting me not to be late) i was about to go there later, good thing i decided to search the company and read this comments. OH MY GEE!!! i’m not gonna go there. such a waste of time.

      • Edgar Panganiban says:

        Hi.. The same thing just happened to me, but instead of an unknown person calling me, it was a friend named Kevin (not his real name). For weeks, he’s been trying to call me but I keep missing it because, I don’t bring my cp whenever I go out… When I finally got to talk to him he was like “Hey Edgar, since we came from the same school, I think you should be open minded with this kind of talk. We have a project which was featured in discovery channel and we need people like you with the same level of intelligence as of mine however, it’s hard to tell it on the phone so you need to come here and I’ll tell you about the details.” So he told me that the office is near mega mall… Since he is a friend, I trust him so I gave a yes and he replied that he already talked with his executive and we are scheduled for an appointment two weeks from now….

        When I was on the way, that was the only time Kevin gave me the complete address (15th floor blah blah).. When I was there, I saw Nu Skin and met the executive and asked me questions like “How do you measure success?” and the whatnot s. Kevin left early because, he needs to run an errand thus, leaving me with his executive. The executive, before the seminar, made me list down some people who can work with me, so I did Until…… During the seminar, I noted that the company ensures approx. 30K once our training is completed. They even added glittering generalities such as, “A 4th year college student from ADMU became executive and in 2 years already earns 2.2M.” However, there is a catch.. Before you get in there, you need to pay 13K+.. Then I thought, something is fishy here.. After the video presentation, the executive now calls the ones in my list and I pretended to be excited and jumpy about this ‘great opportunity’… I lied to my friend that I wanted in this.

        I am a student but I won’t be swayed by this.. I don’t care if me and Kevin lose our friendship because, my conscience can’t bear this kind of business… If you disagree with me, I want for you to try and convince to pay the 13K to get in this business..

  16. Athena Gu says:

    ..there was such same call i received from a guy just recently..he asked for a brief 3min talk bec. he was in a hurry..offering a part time job..just 8-10 hours ___? he did not mentioned or elaborated 8-10 hours what? was it a day?or every week?
    i was quite confused though coz’ i was told to come to their office at 15th floor, Robinson bank, san miguel ave. ortigas..i’m not familiar with the place bec. im not from name of company mentioned.. he told me to bring an I.D, and on office/business attire..i should not be late..bec. its an american company..of course..i its quite overwhelming though to think that without applying or submitting a resume, i was scheduled already for an interview..and if i qualify, the compensation would be high..

    really ’twas tempting..until i’ve decided to check it out on the internet then “shoot!”..

    i found these comments..jeez..tsk tsk such a caller!

  17. Athena Gu says:


    ..according to the caller he got my profile on my previous IELTS exam..he knows my full name..and i have a “slot”..maybe job slot??..nice shot..he even used IELTS as a bait..and he almost got me..

    he talks fast and in a loud voice that i cannot comprehend well with what he was saying..hmm think ’twas one of their strategy.. and “in a hurry” “3min call only” so that the receiver will not be able to ask questions..

    the call ended with me wondering..what was that all about.. all i know was that the salary is quite an amount.. deceiver!

  18. Smarter than they though says:

    I also received a call just today and her name was Salve Labastida.. she knew where I worked and the university i came from..

    i am extremely dubious about people offering easy money and showing you that you’re special and you were granted a position without me even applying there..

    she said the address is 15th floor robinson savings bank amethyst drive, corner san antonio ortigas.. she asked me to bring a valid ID, be in office attire and to be professional and not cancel the meeting..

    after reading this post I texted her and told her I know this is the company of Nu Skin and that I wasnt interested and want to cancel the meeting.

    They stopped contacting me then.. Scary though is that they know all about you.. I guess its from my resume posts at some of the jobseeker websites I use..

    Remember, you have to work for everything and money and opportunity doesnt grow on trees.. have faith in God but always be vigilant of scammers and fraudulent offers..

  19. To the Blogger and everyone else:

    I got a very similar phone call today. It was from Nikki / Niki/ Nicky Bumatay 0915-617XXXX. I had the very same talk from her. She told me that a friend of mine (he confirmed) referred me and they were looking for people who can manage their business and I can do this on part time basis.

    She invited me to come to their office so she can discuss more information about the business at:

    15/F Octagon Building
    San Miguel Avenue
    Ortigas, Pasig

    She made me choose a schedule between the 2:

    1.) Tue/9am
    2.) Sat/1:30pm

    and I should come in Business Attire and bring a valid ID.

    She caught me off guard and I was still half asleep, after mentioning the name of my friend — I said Yes to her invitation talk. After coming to my senses, I googled the company and found many results.

    Some results say that it’s a scam, I did some extensive research and found out it’s not really a scam. It’s a product.

    NuSkin, or as they call it NSE Philippines or Synergy One Global or Pharmanex is located at the 15th floor, Octagon bldg, Ortigas center, Pasig City.

    According to my friend, and Mr Google, They conduct business by MLM or Multi Level Marketing.
    also called network marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, and pyramid selling.

    The products and company are usually marketed directly to consumers and potential business partners by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.

    The products/services are real/legit but I don’t like how they do the business.

    I called her back and respectfully backed out from my appointment. She asked me if I can give her some people to replace me, I told her I’d have to check with them.

    Some people here are real, and so is the business.
    What if you were in their footsteps and you found yourself in the internet listed as a scammer?

    Or something like an anonymous blogger like this:

    The online scam is very rampant because of the growing online community.

    Try to do more research first before posting something like this. It’s not funny if you’re applying for a clearance and the investigator will find your name on the internet listed as a scammer or people who commit fraud.

  20. For Curious people like who thinking How the deal goes in there, here’s Additional Information.
    Here’s a quote from one of the people who actually attended the business talk:

    “ako, last week ***, umattend ako dun sa Makati office nila ng “seminar.” Actually, I like their products (lifepak) kelangan ko kc yun e… Yeah, it is MLM, wala ako 12,600 agad agad, saka hindi ako masyado mahilig dun sa recruit recruit…, hehe…

    If it is scam, may be?! dont have authority to say that, hehe… (once na yun family ko nalako sa first quadrant e) siguro kung marami ka talagang kilala na my pera, at mahilig magbenta, ***** yayaman ka tlaga **… hehe…

    Working na me, at the same time enrolled to a post-graduate course. ano pa time ko dun sa pag recruit recruit sa mga tao, *** rin mababawi yun 12600 kun sakali, hehe

    What is not good? the way the distributors telling to their prospects, i.e, lying first. Pero sabi strategy daw yun!!! tsk… tsk…

    coz, pumunta me dun kasama ng kaibigan ko nag invite sakin, na *** alam ano yun pupuntahan ko, pag dating ko nlng dun sa floor ng Pharmanex saka ko nalaman, paglabas ko ng elevator sa phamanex, alam ko na agad, networking”

  21. This Sallve Labastida called me offering a part time position for a certain multinational company, I asked what company and she said Pharmanex, we have scheduled a meeting on saturday 1:30pm, but Im still puzzled who really they are, so I just went on the conversation,after we talked, I searched immediately in the internet the pharmanex, and directed to NU Skin website (,I looked for NU Skin address and it was diffrent from what was given to me by the caller, but then I searched also for the addressed given to me 15flr Robinsons Saving Bank Amethyst rd, no exact company resulted. Then I found this blog and i was glad I found out this infos… the number called is 09155326241. And now.. I texted her cancelling the meeting, just to be sure she wont bother me if I wont appear in our supposed meeting.

  22. Lol, I know this floor too, it’s Nu Skin, it’s even larger than ABS-CBN Co, San Miguel corp, Ayala corp and even in any international companies combined. Check out the New York Stock Exchange website and look NYSE, it’s their code.

  23. grabe ako din tinawagan! same story! ingat kayo dito! kevin canlapan (09162842779)

  24. 3:40pm…I’m sleeping when my phone rings! I woke up and I saw an unregistered number calling..09162842775…., i answered the phone…A girl introduced herself saying she’s ROAN GALVEZ from Synergy Global…and she’s looking for me, of course. She even knew the school where I graduated. She said that their company is out-branching somewhere in Manila (I forgot the exact place, i think in Ortigas also) and they need 1-2 professional/s who can handle their new branch. Of course, I felt happy to hear that. She asked if i’m working already and i said that i’m just a volunteer nurse in one of the govt hospitals in our province. She scheduled me for an interview, she asked me to choose between mon and wed and i chose wed, then she set for the time, it was 3pm. she even said that she will cancel her schedule that time just to give way for my interview. She gave the address, 15th flr, Octagon Building, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. I even asked what is the nature of their company, I asked if it is a clinic/hospital ( cause I’m a newly registered nurse) and she said it’s not. She just said that their company is branching out and they need person/s who can handle their branch. She didn’t mention what things to bring, what attire should i wear. She just said she’s looking forward for an interview with me. The call ended that lasted for 4min 32 secs. Immediately, I turned on the computer and searched for their company. I saw different Synergy Global links. Mostly can be located abroad. I was shocked that time coz it was an international company. I felt proud! but then their local address doesn’t match in the address given to me. From the net it’s from Q.C, then I doubted. I searched extensively, shocked! i found out a link saying it’s a scam…I read some of the comments and my excitement level turned down while increasing my disappointment level. I realized that I was one of those young professionals who almost grab the opportunity of being FAKED/FRAUD!..then i told my story to my sister in law and she warned her brother who is a young professional also…thank GOD i searched the net first!…

  25. Hahaha its like one of those fictional evil pharma companies that hires people secretly to be their henchmen and then rule the world or something like that. Oh yeah I also got a call too.

    anyway most likely its another recruiting scheme for their sorry “Multi-Level” Marketing. It’s probably not a scam but I don’t like these kinds of business models.

    Remember Amway?

  26. somobody called me today with a name of Dianne Garcia, and she said that my name was listed as a recommendation from their company. She said that I should be in business attire on Friday at 3pm, she knows that I’m a nurse and the company’s name is US Biophotonics International.

    My question is, the address that they gave is from SM Megamall, I should ride FX with Tektite route, near Linden Suite Hotel, they are on the 15th floor of the white bldg. Is it the same with Octagon Bldg? but based from what I read from this blog, the approach of the caller is similar to mine.

    Thanks for posting this!

  27. Ive got the same phone call and had this gut feeling about it but i still went through. i do admit that the way they recruit people are unethical, not saying about the company, and being very vague about the job offer…. the products and MLM biz plan are legit. “GREAT COMPANY,
    GREaT PRODUCTS, WRONG PEOPLE” i got this quote from another site forgot who the author is(sorry dude).
    still interested in this kind of business coz of the opportunity.

    BUt now im 2nd guessing about this company, given the negative feedbacks so…i need help here… anyone?

  28. i was called also with this….hinahanap ko s internet ung company n sinasabi pero wala akong mhanap same address 15th floor sa white buildin…sbi ng kuya ko tingnan ko muna sa internet bgo ako pumunta…alm din nya n nursing graduate ako and a registerd nurse…when i read this ntakot n ako…. tnx for this….!

  29. haay nku i was also called by “victoria jones” daw about an hour ago.. saying same stuff! she knows my name and profession too, sb ko too good to be true nmn ung deal nla…15-18k daw for a part time job! so i decided to search for the given address at buti nlng i found out this link.. thanks God tlga! wag kau mgpapaloko guys here’s the # she used 0933670095.
    .-= yana´s last blog ..Cured =-.

  30. just now i received a call from “KYLE PLATERO”. He was asking me if I was interested with the job offer earning 15k-35k a month. He asked me if i was currently employed and i said yes here in Makati. He even invited me for an interview on Saturday and he’ll expect me. i’m just a bit confused because he knows my name…?!?? weird.. here’s the number of the caller.. 0916880875

    .-= Marj´s last blog ..Cured =-.

  31. (CHE) same thing, DIANA GARCIA called me last monday, telling me that i’ve been chosen to be a part of their multi international JOB offering (HEALTH care PROJECT), she gave me the exact details on how to go to that building, (RIDE fx(tekpipe_SIGNBOARD), LINDEN suite HOTEL, TALL white BUILDING, GROUND FLOOR BDO and ROBINSONS bank, go to 15th floor and look for her(MS. DIANA GARCIA) wear BUSINESS attire and BRING a valid I.D… I felt excited that time, i even called my GIRLFriend to tell her the good news, i also ask her to come with me, to try if she can apply too… yesterday at around 4 in the afternoon, i received a txt from her reminding me that now is our appointment at 6.30 pm at the BELVEDERE TOWER, i txted her telling that my appointment with her is on the sat 1.3o pm, and then i asked her what is the name of the company, she did’nt reply, instead she call me and says that it’s a multi-national company, US BIOPHOTONICS INTERNATIONAL, and i also asked her of what job they are offering for me, she said its a HEALTH care PROJECT…. I txted her a few minutes ago asking if the belvedere tower is the same as the TALL white building she told me… i asked her that bec. I’m familiar with BELVEDERE tower, THAT is where (MY BENEFITS CLUB) (COMPANY WHO MARKET POWER SAVER- “a GOOD company”).. she told me that it’s not the same building, and she said that i’m scheduled later at 6.30 pm, i told her not, it’s on sat. at 1.3o, she said “i’m sorry was’nt on my desk right now. and “SEE you then on saturday at 1.30 pm.. thou it sounds confusing, i’m prepared for that appointment with her on sat., while on the computer, i tried to find the US BIOPHOTONiC INTERNATIONAL, but i can’t find it. instead i am redirected to a FREE MAGAZINE etc., then i saw the “BEWARE” stuff on my search on google, then redirected here.. i’ve red all the BLOGs.. and same story as i’d have… THANKS to this SITE… i really can’t tell if it’s a scam or what, but with all of that same experiences we’ve had, i can say IT’S not a GOOD marketing IDEA to tell those YOUNG professionals that they’ve been chosen to be a part of a company… I’m a REGISTERED NURSE too, and i know how hard it is to find a JOB… THANKs to THIS BLOG… I even save my TIME, and I THINK my LIFE TOO… thanks… two thumbs UP! -FROM BULACAN

  32. Juddith says:

    Oh my GOSH! This guy/gay named KYLE PLATERO also called me last thursday telling me that their company is in need of 3 executives blah blah blah and well yeah, like the others who have commented on this post, he told me to mark on my planner the date that he would schedule me for a meeting and that i should wear an office attire and should bring an ID which is kind of baffling because he never mentioned that i should bring a resume or something. I declined his first offer to meet today because i have a seminar and then he said that he could meet me up on Monday, 3pm or 6:30pm only. WHAT THE HECK?? Good thing I googled he’s name first and VOILA – this blogpost appeared. That guy/gay is a good talker alright. BEWARE PEOPLE!

    PS: I’ll cancel my appointment to him AT ONCE! Thanks guys!

  33. Gem Martinez says:

    I am not a proponent of deception. I disagree with the way some Nu Skin distributors are doing the business (as I’ve read in this thread). I am not a Nu Skin distributor yet but after attending a few times their presentation in the US and after trying some of their products, I really got interested.

    It is just unfortunate that most of you who posted comments here have been deceived in one way or the other by a distributor who is desperately looking for business partner. It, definitely, is a bad way of doing it. I don’t even think Nu Skin in the US is aware of this way.

    However, with the knowledge I know about the company and their products so far, I felt compelled to write my comments just so you see the other good side of it. Nu Skin is a publicly listed company in the US. The people I met in the US who are actively doing the business are credible people mostly in medical field – chiropractor, opthalmologist, optometrist, OB-Gyne, family physician, etc. Why are they in the business? That is because Nu Skin is a credible company, debt-free and has a record of steady growth.

    Can you really make money in Nu Skin? I believe so. I have met people who are now enjoying residual income after working at it for I think 5 years. Not bad, huh? Will I try doing the business? Most likely. At this point, I am in the process of scanning my market for it.

    If you cannot trust the people doing it in the Philippines but you are interested in finding out how you can make good money in it, I suggest you ask the credible people in the US. I suggest you go to this site:

    There’s a name of credible person there that you can contact or email for questions.

    Also, before you judge the company, I strongly suggest that you visit their official website:

    Hope this helps. Cheers!


  34. Isko Ng Bayan says:

    Thanks to this blog/site I was saved from wasting my time on something I am totally not interested on- MLM/Networking!!!

    Same story as most people here already posted πŸ™‚

    – Received a call this morning offering a job and scheduling me for an interview.

    – Caller said he is Mr. Michael Tanghal (0926-6144675). He knew what university I graduated from and claimed he got my contact info there.

    – Asked what kind of work/industry I’m in at the moment and if I am open to other job opportunities. Said yes just to get on with the conversation.

    – Mentioned the company he is from, US BIOPHOTONICS. The usual “buhat ng banko”- multinational company, based in US, very good financial compensation etc.

    – Guy was trying to schedule me an appointment: Mentioned their location: 15th floor of Teleperformance Bldg. (but not in anyway connected with Teleperformance), behind Linden Suites. He said if I’m there I can just ask the guard on duty for him etc. etc. etc. In the end, i just said NO. πŸ™‚

    – He asked me if I can refer anyone who can fill my “spot”, I said no one.

    – End of call.

    The only thing that peeves me is how and where they get my information/contact number (and other people’s for that matter)??!!!!

    Their company, products may be legit but the way they operate is what irritates people!!

    Beware to those who treasure their time but to those who doesn’t have a job then you might want to give this a second look. πŸ™‚

    Just my 2 cents. Good day to all and God Bless!

  35. I was invited last July 8, (I think)..

    The lady who called me and my friend was GRACE LAXAMANA. She told us that they urgently needed us, for the left slot of the team of their company. She even knew our names, and the school we’re studying at. She said too many good things (pambobola), to convince us. She even assured that we will be going on the next day. (Kinabukasan agad! OMG! Kailangan, nakaCorporate attire pa…)

    Good thing, we urgently searched in the net the said location, and boom! we read a lot of blogs (mostly from students)

    So, BEWARE OF CALLERS na biglang tumatawag “FOR HIRING, JOB INTERVIEW, OR ANY OTHER JOB OPPORTUNITY” especially kung hindi ka naman nagApply tapos, bobola-bolahin ka pa.. πŸ˜‰

  36. in all fairness sa mga tumatawag, they have the time to pool the names and contact details of potential “managers.” this girl (I won’t name her. God bless her na lang) called me last night. said she was with an American multinational company. asked me where I was studying, what year I was in, what I was majoring in, how I was doing in school (nanay nanay?). said a friend of mine referred her to me. said they were looking for managers who’ll work part-time for their “project” here in the Philippines. no details. just the address: 15/F, Octagon Tower, Ortigas Center. told me I should be in business attire, I shouldn’t cancel my appointment lest I be called unprofessional, and that I should just go and look for her once I get there (our appointment was supposedly for today, at 1:30pm. her senior executive or something cleared his/her schedule just to accommodate my interview. how gracious.) our I sent a follow-up SMS asking her for her name and at least some general details of what I was getting into. she replied saying I should reserve my questions for the interview, which was supposed to happen today. all the grown-ups here in the house were saying “ay yan yung mga nagbebenta-benta ng kung anu-ano.” apparently, going by the comments I’ve read here, they were right.

    I’m a 17yo sophomore Broadcast major from the nation’s Premier University. my profs are giving me hell, even in my sleep. sana mamili naman sila (yung mga tao sa 15/F ng Octagon Tower) ng irerecruit.

  37. For me theres nothing wrong about the business. In a business kc na malaki eh hindi pinag-uusapan yan over the Phone. Anong magiging sense kung lahat na lang ng tanong nyo eh sagutin nila. Walang mangyayai sa usapan ninyo kung sa Phone na lang. Bakit ba kayo pinapupunta, dahil sa business. aNO ANG SINSAgot nyo kapag tinanong kayo kung open kayo? OO db? Kung No yung sagot nyo eh hindi na sila magaaksaya pa ng oras senyo. Kung hindi kayo nagconfirm eh hindi na sila tatawag para magfollow up senyo. Professional sila in a way na pinapahalagan yung mga commitment nila. Pero kayo eh napakaunprofessional na hindi na lang basta basta pupunta without informing them. Pinapagunahan nyo ng takot ang isang bagay na hindi nyo pa nkikita.

    Ang inooffer nila eh opportunity. Hindi ito para sa knila, Para senyo itong inooffer nila. Wag kayo magpakatanga sa mga desisyon ninyo at mga hinuha na wala namng katibayan. be honest to them kung ayaw nyo pumunta o hindi. Mahirap maghintay sa wala db?

    Kung matalino kayo eh titingnan nyo kung ano b tlga yung info na gusto nya ipakita. Nasa sa inyo namn ang desisyon eh. Pag may nakita kayong mali at hindi tama eh tsaka kayo magcomment ng hindi maganda or else pede namn kyo magreklamo kung may mali sa knila.

    Ang mga taong hindi umaasenso eh yung mga taong takot makita ang bawat oportunidad.

  38. I also got the same call this morning..We had almost the same conversation as with you guys (the venue and their strategy)..I asked for the company’s name and she mentioned that it was Synergy Philippines..

    As I was reading all your posts, I am starting to believe that it was really a scam..But reading Mark & Gem’s comments, I think, they’re right..
    Maybe it was NOT A SCAM..It was just a NETWORK MARKETING, direct selling, referral marketing, and/or pyramid selling.

    For the callers/employees of the said company, maybe, the way that some of you guys do your business strategies are not quite appropriate..You should properly introduce yourselves, your company’s background and also the kind of business that you’re doing..Maybe that way, you can find people who are really interested with your business..

    For those people who already experienced this, just like most of us here and also to those who might receive the same call in the future. It is really up to you guys..Use your own judgment..
    If you are interested to join their company, make sure that you are aware of the kind of their job..networking is not an easy job and this will need your sales and marketing skills and strategies..It may also includes some think really hard before you decide..
    But if you are not into Sales and marketing, then don’t think twice. Don’t go there. Just like me, I don’t know how to make a “sales talk” and I don’t have connections with “rich people” who can buy my products if ever i will join them..So, I have decided to cancel my appointment with them today..:)

    Just don’t give your full trust easily to someone you don’t know..
    Think as many as you can before you decide..:)
    And ofcourse, pray hard;)

  39. As I’m making further researches regarding this, I had found this link..I think you should also read this..:)

  40. Charlene Dayem says:

    Hi I was called today and thanks for the use of internet too, I read these comments and suddenly I saw it was a scam. But at first call, I just had a second doubt because of the caller named jilyn Gylon forgot the SOP of a caller w/c is to ask basic information to the one his/her calling and to of course explain where she got my information. At the second call, she explains that she got a recommendation from our school. Good thing I didn’t call to my school and ask if they really recommend their students. I forgot to take note of the company named and I was thinking to search for the address at internet and maybe the company will appear and when I saw these many comments….wow I was laughing and my sister read it too and we were laughing together.

    I had lot of comments to you Jilyn Gylon, you only ask me to bring valid ID and no more. That’s a big question to us of course and God, graduates today are not as dumb as you are.

    You must read my message which means I won’t come tomorrow, 3:00 PM.

    Be good.

  41. good thing nag research muna ako. nakareceive din ako ng call today….same address. gosh ill text her to cancel my appointment! i am not interested in MLM!


    1.NuSkin’s Naughty* Numbers** What few NuSkin recruiters know (and none who do know will sayβ€”or admit) about their β€œopportunity of a lifetime”

    2.Nu Skin Enterprises: An important case study for FTC officials on past efforts to implement business opportunity disclosure
    (REPORT OF VIOLATIONS of the FTC Order for Nu Skin to stop misrepresenting earnings of distributors – and the need for FTC action to redress damages and to prevent further world wide consumer losses)

    THESE ARE BY: JON M. TAYLOR, PH.D., President, Consumer Awareness Institute, and Advisor, Pyramid
    Scheme Alert – Petition first submitted September 4, 2000″


    I-quote ko lang yung ibang lines sa PDFs na yan:
    “However, even the data supplied by NuSkin is misleading, in that important extensions and interpretations are lacking and crucial information is cleverly disguised.”

  43. Someone called me earlier this evening in the name of Paul Dumalig. He wanted to meet me this Friday at 6:30PM.
    Heres his number 09178225397.
    Shet 20th Floor Octagon.. wala naman atang Floor. buti na lang nagssearch ako. Sabi na nga Fraud to ehh.
    Thanks to all.
    Ingat ingat tayo.

  44. Hi,

    I was also called yesterday, Aug 30, by a Sir Claud from NSE Synergy Global telling me to come to 15F Octagon Building Ortigas this Friday at 3pm.

    Good thing I browsed the internet for the company details.

  45. Same story… Vincent Agoc – 09158352243.


    “u.s. biotech”,

    “15F No.41 teleporformance building san miguel ave ortigas”

    “white building with BDO & robinsons.”

    Liers go to hell πŸ™‚

  46. i’ve already experienced that. and i’ve been to that place already but it wasn’t that scary at all. it was like a seminar and they’re like recruiting people to be trained to sell products but you have to give a certain amount of money. it’s a little bit true, yun nga lang, maglalabas ka pa rin ng money which is not really nice for job seekers. btw, i was only 17 at that time so they’re really wanting some people who look “innocent”. hehe

    the company , by the way, is Pharmanex. and the speakers are really outspoken, educated and very confident. as part of the audience, i was really amazed and kind of convinced, but i don’t have the money either. haha. so sorry for them.

  47. New Update:

    Fear another person names “Ms. Leus”.

    Same Building: 15Flr Teleperformance etc,
    Time: 3:00PM
    Attire: Business
    Requirements: 1 Valid ID (No Resume)
    Cellphone # : 0915-514-1877

    Remarks: Good thing I didn’t know the place and researched this building. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to see all your warnings.

    Truth be told, I did give them the benefit of the doubt after reading all your comments, and asked them their Company Name and Nature of Business. The Company Name was NS-something, the nature of business would be found out once I’m in the meeting.

    Beware all!

    PS: They are still using the same script as they did since 2007. O_o’

  48. Oh my .. Thank God for the internet . mmm . Because I’m already scheduled for an appointment tomorrow with Jilyn Gylon .

    While reading your comments , I was shocked about the 15/F of that Octagon bldg. They don’t even told me about the building or it where it was located but Ms. gylon just told me that it was on Pasig City . She even told me that I need to ride on a FX near SM megamall (supermarket). And I should tell the driver that I’ll be on Teleperformance building near BDO . mmm . funny ?
    I’m not so familiar with that place . And I feel so weird when I got that call because too many questions that she didn’t even tried to answer but she knew every information that I’ve got .

    So, fresh graduates , just like me , should be aware of this scam action that their doing !

  49. Registered nurse says:


    I am a nurse by profession and i also went through that process. I was amazed by this company’s presentation. (nakakapanghinayang yung mga taong nagconfirmed na pupunta pero di naman pumunta because of this blog, they had just missed their opportunity) At first, I had doubts too pero naisip ko, bakit hindi ko tingnan muna bago ako maniwala sa mga blogs na naka post dito. To see is to believe diba?

    Now, im proud to say na happy ako sa company kahit na wala pa masyadong income akong narerecieve, u know y? kasi, kilala ko sarili ko. I know i will be successful no matter what it takes (in a good way). di ko kailangan negative feedbacks about the company. I believe in my self. Kung nagawa ng mga self made millionaires to…. bakit hindi ako?

    Ikaw? ano ba goals mo sa buhay? pangungunahan ka na lang ba lagi ng takot?

    Yun lang po πŸ™‚ God bless!

    • good for you.. sa iban ayaw nila pumunta eh. kanya kanyang decision lang yan… I’m not encouraging anyone not to go.. sabi ko be aware at ni -relay ko ang napagusapan don sa phone call at saka di interested niece ko to go dahil she’s not even looking for a job dahil she’s studying pa naman.

  50. Mike Ballo 09052922258 naman tumawag sakin ngaun fri sept.18,2010 same story 41 corner extention road san miguel avenue ortigas center binigyan pa ako ng landmark beside linden hotel all white building robinson bank and bdo on the ground floor “biophotonics international” ung company salamat sa comment buti na lang at nagsearch ako

  51. This is actually a legitimate company that sells excellent skin-care and health products that no one in the market is offering. The distributors (the ones who are making all these calls) are independent of Nu Skin/Pharmanex and employ their own marketing and recruitment strategies. These distributors sometimes form their own small companies as an income tax strategy and this is the name they usually use when recruiting new member/business partners. I have been doing the business for only 2 weeks and I have managed to sell more than P300,000 worth of products. Although it may not be for everybody, especially fresh grads, it could mean a considerable income for anyone who is willing to do the business.

  52. Being in the middle. Some people want to earn more some people are comfortable with what they have. We have our own will to come or not when invited.

    For me personally, I build relationships and help others! Not through such dead on INVITING. I could share a lot of things you will be surprised and maybe thankful once you know.

    Thanks and God bless to ALL

  53. koishiikun says:

    wow! just got the call! went to the internet and found this. Miguel naman ang tumawag. Very fishy, same story about the white bldg, business attire. But he told me mag meet daw sa ground floor. During the call I asked several times the nature of the business but I couldn’t get a clear answer, plus the address is very weird.. look for a white blgd? really?! haha~

  54. i just a call like 10mins ago asking me to go to this place. actually they never mentioned the name of the bldg, just told me to go to the white building besides linden building with the BDO on the ground floor. and again, i must go directly to the 15th floor wearing office attires.

    i got excited at first since that was my first “job interview” but talking to the caller, (Ms. Rubis) got me puzzled. she just mentioned the company name once, it was like LS or NS incorporated, never mentioned what it was or what it does. just told me that they were looking for young professionals, related to health something, to handle their business (hmmm). and many questions that i asked wasn’t answered, she just said that things will be explained on saturday (my supposed to be appointed) which made things even more doubtful.

    what made them believable was the fact that they know my complete name and the school where i am currently studying and that my course is medicine inclined.

    that’s why it is always best to research about the company name first before actually going to the place blinded with what you are about to enter.

  55. wow…thank you to the information

  56. i was called this morning, and set for a meeting on Friday 3pm.questions are all in my mind..why?because she gave me the address not complete like she said san miguel branch at 15 flr onlyortigas center…then she asked me if i know the Linden Suites kse near ng daw…Wel, i keep asking on my friend if she knows about this.. but she doesn’t know yet…that’s why i am trying to search it in the internet..huh…kakaiba tlga..sound professional pa namn sya…Thanks God for the internet…

  57. my oh my. I just got this kind of call yesterday while I was having my siesta.. since caught off guard, I hardly understood what the girl was saying. I kept asking her about the company’s profile but I just got weird answers.

    maybe its not bad at all. some say they are legit. good for them if they are.

    but I’m just not into these kinds of business.

  58. Kathrine Mendoza says:

    I received a phonecall just this afternoon, he said it was just a 3min phonecall~ His name is Gerard Co or Kho. Then he’s offering something~ didn’t quite understand. He mentioned my school which is weird, and he knows my full name. He told me to participate in his projects. I’m still bothered about it so I searched for the name of their company~ PHX INTERNATIONAL! 09175399277 this is his phonenumber! So please beware! I’m still in college, good thing I found this site!!!

  59. ito po ba un exact address na binibigay:

    Octagon Tower #41 San Miguel Ave. corner Exchange Road Ortigas Pasig City

  60. Hi, my officemate just got a call… same story… she told me that she actually confirmed. She was scheduled today at 630 but she was having doubts so I told her to search for it in the net… then she stumbled into a lot of blog about the said place 15th Floor Teleperformance Bldg, Ortigas. We are not against NUSkin or the company itself… we are against the way they are deceiving people just to attend their seminars. NUSkin is a very reputable company, i agree… so why do they have to deceive people? Why don’t just they tell the truth? Though a lot of people are discouraged to go on networking business, I’m sure that there are also out there interested. So those at NUSkin Philippines should just stop their bad way of recruiting people.

  61. Leonard C says:

    If you want straight answers on what the heck is at the 15th floor of Octagon, or what Nu Skin is, or how network marketing works, click these links:




  62. Ako din.. tinawagan ako last thursday (Oct. 21)… a certain ANNE VILLEGAS(09228151765)… She told me that she is a Senior Executive from a MULTINATIONAL COMPANY daw… she’s in a bit hurry… sabi niya I should come on Saturday (oct. 23, 2010) for a pre-qualification. una ibang address ang binigay niya.. 12th Floor Metrobank Bldg. San Miguel Ave., Pasig City… at 1:30pm.. strict daw cla sa time… ang sabi ko, “What should I bring?” ang sabi lang niya, “1 valid ID lang”.. tapos be there in corporate attire… ” Don’t be late” pa ang habol niya… wag ko din daw kalimutang i-note sa planner ko… alam din niya ang school na pinanggalingan ko (kung san ako graduate)…. tapos, kaninang umaga (Oct. 23, 2010) eto ang txt niya… FROM: ANNE VILLEGAS (09176654072)… PLEASE PROCEED IN OUR HEAD OFFICE FOR THIS AFTERNOON’S PRE QUALIFICATION. ADDRESS IS 15TH FLOOR OCTAGON CENTER, SAN MIGUEL AVENUE, ORTIGAS. KINDLY ACKNOWLEDGE THIS SMS.

    I didnt acknowledge her sms kasi mejo nakakaramdam ako ng kakaiba… and besides, may work naman ako na maaus so di ako taeng tae na humanap ng work pa na mejo weird ang dating…

    >>>good thing pala naisipan kong isearch ang address na un.. madami na pala clang natawagan na tulad natin na young professionals… tau pala ang target nila.. tsk tsk tsk… BEWARE!!!!

  63. PHX/PHS Scam says:

    Wow! Ganyan din nangyari sa akin, twice!!! One was PHX or PHS International, called me 2 times and asked me to go to that place and be in corporate attire. Gerard Kho yung name at may alam pang “We value your appointment”! Then nung tinanong ko sila, printers daw business nila, which is weird. Then nung oct. 20, May girl na multinational company rin daw ang pinagtratabahuan, telling the same stuff. They both know my full name and school. My friends are also getting similar calls. Beware!


    same thing, called me last week lang siguro. really recent lang nangyari. paolo cruz daw siya. knew my name and school. knew a bit about my course too. same address, same white bldg. same thing about the corporate attire. same time actually. he seemed really professional (by the way he spoke), talked really fast as if he had several other phone calls to make, spoke in straight english, etc. what made me doubt the company’s legibility can be summarized in around 6 points:

    1. the caller never answered my question about the company and what the company actually does. probably only mentioned the name once. he only used the name of other big companies (specifically unilever and p&g). what kind of “big international”company would introduce itself as a comparison of other companies??? 😐

    2. i also asked the caller if i would be sent at least an email regarding whatever he was telling me or at least an official invite so that i can at least refer to it (i wasnt really able to catch everything that he said because it was kinda choppy). he told me that they DO NOT WANT to disseminate information regarding new projects. WTF. it’s really unprofessional for some “big” company to be inviting people to work for them through phone calls alone. there should at least be some sort of mail or hardcopy informing me about at least the company’s project objectives and description

    3. i searched the net. i can only find phoenix international, phoenix suns (lol), phoenix solutions, and a lot of other phoenix shizz. well i would have believed that phx int’l must be phoenix international. however, the caller didnt mention phx int’l as phoenix international when i asked for the FULL NAME. right. the caller should know the full name but he only told me it was phx int’l. so i assumed it was simply phx int’l. since he called the company a “big international company,” then they should at least be on the internet. but err. couldn’t find it. stumbled upon this blog instead. lol.

    4. the caller texted me to send him an sms when im near the building. WTF. this one totally scared me. X___X sounds more like a trap to me. totally scared the crap out of me. totally not something a big company should be doing to applicants. -___-

    5. aside from the not-so-professional phone-call-only invitations, the caller also sent me a message at night. that’s right, after office hours. uh hello?? even a high school student would know that you’re not supposed to bother clients, employees, etc. outside of office hours. well perhaps unless you guys are working closely in a team and that it’s something extremely important. considering that phx is a “big multinational” company, the employees should have been accustomed to not calling or texting regarding work outside office hours. that is if there really is such a thing as “office hours” to them. uh to me, this is very, very informal, especially for a “big” multinational company

    6. the caller mentioned that the company got recommendations and my contact information from my school. so, i called my school. i asked if they had connections with a certain phx international. guess what, they said no. lol. the placement office representative also told me that the school would require my consent that information be sent to the company, if the school wanted to recommend me to that company. so the question remains. WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GET MY INFORMATION? well, my facebook number’s fake even if it’s in private. still possibly on facebook (school, name, age, etc). but wtf. how they even had the guts to taint my school’s reputation, saying that my school sent my information to them without my consent 😐

    based on previous comments, i guess there really might be a legitimate company. that is, if the other comments, specifically those comments claiming that there really is a legitimate company, are reliable. well most likely, in another name (nu skin, i presume?). whatever. assuming that nu skin or whatever really does exists, why the heck would they have to lie? or make up names like phx, biophotonics, us biotechnology, etc.? WAT. 😐 surely, they all refer to the same company. and the way they recruit people is VERY, VERY, VERY inappropriate.

    there is also the possibility that the comments claiming that there really is a legitimate company are just made up by perhaps the callers themselves. i mean, the blog allows the option of commenting anonymously. highly possible. in addition, those callers might have just made up their names.

    hehehe. umm though it sounds as if im telling the world of this scam (well that’s what i think it is), im not trying to discourage anyone. just sharing a few thoughts. uh. and dont hate me for sharing my thoughts.

    one last thought to share: assuming that there really is a legitimate company behind those phone call invites, it’s highly possible that some sort of bad people underground whatever groups try to imitate the way the company recruits. so uh. people, please be careful!
    lotsa bad people in this dirty world. DX

    so.. yeah. i’ve been blabbing for a while now. take care, people!

  65. jr.killer says:

    That 15th floor sucks…I ask one of their agent a few question, and guest what he answered me? “Better if you right down you question first and informed about it and i’ll answer your question the next time we met.” Then i ask him how long he has been in that business, then he answered me “2 years and 2 months and I’m earning more than 1 million in 1 year”…I would like to tell him that “your earning million and yet your not familiar with your company?How could you earn that much money if you don’t know our products well”…The question i ask is very simple…What awards did NuSkin or Pharmanex got?

    If you are recruited by someone try to ask them a smart question,do not just joined them because of the figures they shown to you…Be careful with your recruiter…

  66. Thomasian Nurse says:

    I have just received a call from the lady at the same address. She had even scheduled an appointment with me on Friday, 3 PM.

    She was speaking too fast, vaguely mentioning the name of the company. I wanted to ask her what the project is about, but she won’t let me speak.

    Thank God I browsed the Internet for more details. Might warn my other classmates just in case they receive the same call.

  67. hi guys! same experience po! kahapon lang. and ngaun dpat ang meeting namin ng 3pm. tumawag na xa sakin dati ms.Arcilla ang name but hnd kami nkpgusap ng maayos kasi nsa jip ako and maingay tmwag nlng xa ulit, tpos ayun nga pnappnta din ako jan tinuruan pko pnu pmunta if from megamall.. 15th floor, bring 1 valid i.d and office attire. wag daw malelate, american time pa daw. so ako at first naexcite kasi bakit alam nila name ko, number ko and san ako nagaaral tpos nghhnap dw cla ng trainor ewan koba, tinanong pa kung ok dw ba grades ko. gnyan2 she sounds really professional so after the call, tinawagan ko kuya ko, tinanong ko ano ba yun, nagtataka ako wala naman akong inaapplyan na company kasi nag aaral pako ayun sabi ng kuya ko networking dw yun wag ako pmunta. and ayun hndi ako pmunta tapos kaka text nya lang ult ngaun, sabi “Dear, asan ka na?:)” haha. 09063083609. yan number nya. sabi nya health technology company daw cla etc.

  68. It’s not what you think it is. It’s not even a “SCAM”. If you guys are open minded you will definitely know and understand what really is going on out there. You think “poorly”… That’w why some people don’t get rich because they do think like a poor people. It’s not a “fraud”. If you are in a business side of the world. You are definitely suit for this.

  69. THANK YOU! you just saved me from wasting my afternoon.
    in fairness, these guys are pretty good that they came up with this kind of scam.

  70. This certain gay KYLE PLATERO called me just last November 5, inviting me to attend the brainstorming/business meeting at Village Inn in Cabantuan City. He first called my friend who was a TV reporter for TV Patrol then my friend referred me to him.

    This GAY is obviously eloquent and had the nerve to fool me even if I said that I’m an editor for an International Publishing house. That should ring the bell that I am no simpleton for his MO. Maybe he’s that desperate!

    He gave me the same MO as everybody else here. He’s a PROJECT DIRECTOR looking for 3 people to help him out with the “Healthcare Business” and together, we will be the PIONEERS. Can you imagine that!?

    PLEASE PEOPLE. They may use different names and numbers but the MO is still the same. If you want to earn real money, apply for a job. Unless you are a magnanimously bright professional, a company won’t come to you just to offer you a high-paying job.

  71. @ DON:

    You are somewhat right. Businessmen get rich by selling and doing some sort of pyramiding thing. But that is absolutely different from misleading the people.

    Just like what THOMASIAN NURSE said, the caller/suspect talks so fast that those who are not so adept in the English language may think, this is so legit after all. But it’s not.

    The caller won’t even let me speak. Lucky him ’cause I have an asthma attack for several days now that speaking over the phone kills me.

    Okay…I’ll give the credit to Hasslenut for the info; the “whistle blower”. She insists I acknowledge her. πŸ™‚

  72. I received a call today saying the same things that most of the people commented here. She said she got my number from my school and they were looking for student leaders. I got excited and I believed it because I am really a student leader and it’s an opportunity for me to enhance my skills. But then I began to wonder. Sino ba naman ang matinong tatawag ng 8:00 pm to think na she’s from an international company. She told me that I should wear a corporate attire, and I should not be late because they’re following the American time. After the call, I texted her asking for more details about their program and a proof na hindi SCAM ito.. But then no reply and no email received from her. I also research for the company that she said but I found nothing. I started to search for the address, good thing I found this site. Thank you for this information.

  73. Grabe! Im a fresh grad and so I was really waiting for some phone calls ksi gsto ko ng mgkawork tlga. someone called me up awhile ago, Ann Villegas daw. gnung gnun din ung mga snbi, sbi pa metrobank buillding. eh iniisip ko kung san un dun ksi wla akong napapansin. Goddddd. Buti nlang my mga taong concerned na nagpost nto. Thanks a lot guys! =)

  74. thank you for these information, same happened to me earlier… around 1:30 pm…

    I can’t clearly hear her voice because of the noise around my place.

    Since i doesn’t have any job right now, i thought it will be an opportunity for me.
    Unregistered number (09052497557) called me about a job as a nurse (looking for a qualified nurse). She knows my school, saying you were from ___ school ayt? It will be a 2 minutes call. She found my resume somewhere I didn’t hear what she said.

    And i do have an appointment,

    monday or tuesday 3pm. letting me choose between the two. then giving me the directions,

    From SM Megamall Supermarket
    I will ride an FX to Robinson Tektite?
    Then Octagon TowerWhite building
    Banco de Oro Lobby

    15th floor and I will look for Ms. Nikki Bondoc

    she even let me repeat all those directions.

    I asked what’s the name of the company, she said NS incorporated and she’s very polite.

    Reminding me that I should wear

    Business attire/ Smart casual because there company is very strict when it comes to dress code

    Bring my Valid ID

    I will go thru pre qualifications, blah blah blah!
    And i shouldn’t expect hiring me after…

    She almost got me, I got curious if i really did send a resume to this company. that’s why i did the searching and found out about these scam.

    Thank you guys for warning me….

    Now i need to cancel it… tsk tsk! She even told me “Godbless” in the end of our conversation. That’s why it gives me good impression about it. T_T

  75. i got a call last Tuesday night 11.09.10. from marisiel dela cruz 09282513225 it was quite loud on the background and in a hurry voice that I couldn’t understand her well. what i heard though was they’re “us based company” didnt mention the company name, and i was referred by april lazaro (my friends sister) , she asked me if where i’m connected right now and I told her what is my current job, I even asked if I can bring a job seeking friend along she said that it is exclusive so i’m surprised what makes me so qualified, i asked what to bring she said just a valid ID,i wonder no resume or any credential. Then i said ok ill be free on fri (which is today) and she asked if i could come @ 6:30 and i agreed she said to me since im working with i mentioned company she expect me not to cancel. she gave me 20th floor octagon bldg san miguel ave ortigas as there address. end of the call. after 2 days she gave a ring again to confirm if im coming, i said yes until now since i’m not sure where exactly is octagon i googled it then there is this blog saying that is scum..i texted my friends sis by the way to verify and she said i should come..i guess ill just give it a try.. ill just continue my story..

  76. sakin din. kanina lang may tumawag. her name is Ms. Arcilla. she knows my name and the school i graduated from. pati sa isa kong clasmate tumawag din sya. kya kla nman legible ung HEalth Care Technology Company niya. her mobile number is 09063083609. same sa inyo. magulo din ung pag-uusap nmain. nuti na lang nag-search muna ko. thank u guys πŸ™‚

  77. meron din tumawag sa akin, kanikanina lang. name’s gerard kho. he talked very fast, and was making an appointment for me this monday. he knows my school and my course. dammet. and he seemed convincing. he said he got my info from an alumni. dammet.

    buti na lang i stumbled upon this. i researched his number. thank you!!!

    thanks mr. gerard you made my afternoon interesting.

  78. oh my God, good thing my mother told me to search it online since i do not have any idea about “the company” and after reading those entries sure change my mind..though i was not told to what floor am i supposed to go, the fact that it was the same building, the same technique (referred by me school, to come in business attire, be there by 3pm) i was assuming it was the same guys.

    so beware guys esp fresh grads like me

  79. oh god! same thing here, just now. thank you so much for posting this. i’m not going to that scheduled interview. no way! it doesn’t even sound like a job for a graphic artist.

  80. salamat sa info na toh…kagulat yung result nung sinearch ko yung lugar which is 15 fl octagon bldg…the company was unclear,they claimed they got my number from my graduate school which i know my school wouldn’t give away…


    A girl named JOY ARCILLA called me last November 15, 2010 at 8:41pm to be exact telling me to come to their Company Address which is located at 15th Floor #41 Teleperformance Building., San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Pasig City or 15th Floor Octagon Building., San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Pasig City. She also gave me a landmark which is at the back of Hypermarket in SM Megamall. Like you guys, she scheduled me for an interview, she asked me to choose between Tuesday and Wednesday and I chose Wednesday (Today), then she set for the time, it was 3:00pm sharp. She told me also to bring a valid ID, wear a business attire and be professional not to cancel our meeting and be on time. I asked what’s the name of their company and she kinda hesitated but told me anyway that the name of their company is HEALTH TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. Actually, everytime I got a call from a certain company, I usually check their website first. So, I googled the name of the company but there we’re no exact results and opted to type the complete address instead. And I’m totally shock finding a lot of results that the company is a SCAM. Thank God for the Internet! So, I just sent a message for Ms. JOY ARCILLA telling her that I’ve googled about their company and I’m not interested anymore that I would like to cancel our appointment. And I’m not surprised if she won’t text me back. Anyway, just so you know, here’s her number 09063083609.

  82. whats in the 15th floor really? i actually got 2 calls from this group of people and they are pretty annoying to as if theyre so busy..
    anyways has anything been done to this company?people? i was actually wanting to bring my bodyguard to go to this address just in case i thought they might kidnap me or something hahaha.. sherwin masbate, and anna malacad called me using cellphone numbers how unproffesional

  83. Thanks for this site. Tulad nyo guys I had the same story. May the Lord God Bless to those people who are behind this scam (wag na sana nilang gawin pa sa iba, whatever they did would most likely brought curiosity sa lahat at sa mga nangangailangan talagang i-grab ang opportunity, kung scam man ito sana wag na nilang pagpatuloy). Piece of advice lang, kung kailangan talaga nila ng employee/staff/etc they should post a job hiring on their site. Who are these people? Beware nalang po, this is the number of whosoever contacted me (0923-9590901), she wants me to meet with Christine XXXX.

  84. OMG! I just received a call from “Mr. Consignado” stating that their company is exapanding here in the Philippines, the company name is US Healthcare Inc. located at 41 Octagon Center Cor. Exchange Rd. San Miguel Avenue Ortigas, 15th floor. He told me if I’m interested to join their company and if I have 3 mins to listen to him and give me instructions for the meet up. He offered me a time and a day tomorrow, Friday Nov. 19, 2010 at 3 pm or Saturday. He also told me that if I’m interested about the details of the job I should meet up with him.

    I asked him where he got my number, he said it was a referral. He also knew what school I graduated– that kind of puzzled me for a while but I agreed to meet him tomorrow @ 3pm he said to me that I should wear a business attire and to bring 1 valid ID and to be on time.

    But right after I hang up the phone, my mind was not at peace I’m asking myself so many things about this company then I tried to googled the address he gave me and to my surprise a lot of results like these were shown. Thank God for this info and to you guys as well. I won’t be wasting my time and money to go there. i will share with you the number as well 09062002905

  85. salamat po sa info. as in kaka-tawag lang sa’kin ng lalaki (Myk Ballo ang name). pinapa-punta ako…
    hinahanap ko po kasi yung name ng company then nakita ko ‘to.. salamat talaga!

  86. Very well said everyone.
    A lady just called me earlier.
    Beware everyone! Not all breads has it’s same ingredients. It may look good or yummy but, definitely being keen will give you the best critical thinking. πŸ˜‰

    Here’s the lady’s number:
    0906 308 3609

  87. same hir kakatawag lng sakin a while ago isang lalaking pangalan eh Myk Ballo, he knew who i am and where i graduated, cgro dahil sa resume ko n nkapost sa net.. well after reading this i cancelled the so called appointment at the 15 flr. where i definitely would waste time kc ndi nmn ako mahilig sa ganyan recruitment stuff.. so thanks to the net..

    well here’s the number that he used to call me:

  88. wow. good thing my dad didn’t allow me to go out today. i was about to leave the house when he asked me the name of the company… and its location..

    i received a call yesterday from MS. JOY ARCILLA… same info was given:

    health technology company

    41 teleperformance bldg san miguel ave ortigas pasig city

    friday 3pm

    behind SM megamall bldg B, besides Omm-citra bldg

    was given that short ethic sermon too

    same number – 09063083609

    and description – a lady in a hurry and too careful not to mention the name of the company she’s in.. unless she is asked about it..

    call was made during the day and the SMS is sent after office hours

    what bothers me is that she knows my full name, the course that i took and my mobile number….

    how do they do that?

  89. Thanks for this,,, I don’t have to waste my time actually going there… Being lectured about their reputable company and then being convinced to sell their products.. This is a business opportunity? Really? If it is… then it should start with transparency right? Why do you have to deceive people who might have more important things to do.. Get a real job!!!!

    The name of the girl who contacted me is Katrina, sent SMS message using this number 0915-4851603 and called me with this number 0999-4654025. The company name used was US Biotechnology Company and that I was referred by IBM, a company I never worked for in the past.

    They would end their conversation with this… “You sound very professional over the phone so I expect you to be professional and attend our meeting.”

    MESSAGE to those who were scammed and those who were almost fooled…

    The law of karma is perfect.. Everyone gets what they deserve…

  90. tnx a lot….
    ahaha…. same name MIKE BALLO same address no. 41 corner extention road san miguel avenue ortigas center binigyan pa ako ng landmark beside linden hotel all white building robinson bank and bdo on the ground floor.

    cell no.09052922258

    muntik na….

  91. Good thing I researched. I don’t have anything against Nu Skin because we use it before and I love the tinted moisturizer but selling it is not for me. Thanks!

    I asked for the job description and Mike Ballo did not elaborate with it. He said he will talk about it in the office.

    OK thanks again!

  92. Hahaha..kala q nkajackpot n q trabaho, kc ngha2nap tlga q ng work..I’m a Reg. Nurse and i was surprised n mern 2mwag sken. Sya daw c Ms. Sam De Vera..galing nyang mgsalita,nkkpgtaka alm nya name q..And same s mga recent comments, nrequire nya n mgformal attire at mgdalA ng valid on time p nga sbi nya..
    kala q nkjackpot n q ng work, nghi2re dw cla 4 d xmpre, Yes nman lgi answer q..
    den saktong ngload aq 4 d broadband connection, surf agd aq s google,i type buong address.. 15th flr. Teleperformance Bldg. Ortigas, Pasig City.
    S.M Mega Mall dw un,sge gave a landmark, BDO dw..
    Marami dw tao dun kc nga mern dw event s umga, kya deretsyo lng dw aq..

    >> di q lam kung bkt mern mga taong gnito..C God n bhala sa kanila..Mdmi tao nghi2rap tas mern pang mga ganitong pakulo..
    Sna matauhan xa o cla one pagcchan nla kung bkt gnwa nla ang gnun..

    BEWARE nga tlga.. I can say n LUCKY aq kc nlman q n loko lng un..panu n lng ung iba..

    Thank you for dis site..dis really helps..

  93. Little Researcher says:

    Hi! thnx for the info.. I also received a phone call a while ago, SAME STORY! I was a DLSU fresh grad and already have a job. YES, he knows my name but sounded not that PROFESSIONAL to me. I’m not professional either but he made a mistake! HE DID NOT GET MY INFO FROM OUR UNIVERSITY as he was saying. I concluded that for a reason that he confirmed my major as Communication which is NOT! I think he was just looking in our YEARBOOK where I asked for a reprint in our university because I did NOT major COMMUNICATION! Still, I don’t know if this is a scam or not, and I’m not against to this but their way of getting an employee/staff is very intriguing . Also, they don’t even have a website! FYI, most applicants today DO BACKGROUND CHECK! and BTW, thnx ADMIN for sharing. God Bless!

  94. lam nio guys same story din yung skin katatawag lang skin kahapon november 25 pinapili p nga ako ng date kung today o tomorrow buti na lang naisipan ko na isearch yung lugar tpos nkita ko tong blog nto.. tnx sa inio dhil dito d nko pupunta.

  95. i just receive a call this afternoon at around 3:30pm, it lasted for just under 5 mins.

    same script:

    bring id,

    be in corporate attire

    the location is at the octagon center san miguel avenue ortigas pasig city

    the caller’s name is KEVIN OCOMA

    his number is 09167290404

    looking for junior executives

    he said that the company’s name is NSIE, if im not mistake

    it came from a health industry daw

    and he also knows my details (school, name)

    when i ask him to just to text me the infos like the address, etc… he said he can’t bec he is rushing to a meeting





    • Same story man!……still i dont know how they got our information

      • At nangyayari parin pala ito until now. A guy named Kevin Ocoma called my cell last Friday. He’s been calling me for months na asking if I have a kahit a short time lang to entertain what he has to say. So, lage kong dinedeadma. Then Thursday (7/11/2013), he called again. I entertained him na. He’s looking nga daw for people na baka interesado mag Freelance. So asked him san niya nakuha yung contact details ko, he said that I have been referred daw by one of my kabatchmates in Mapua. Nung tinanong ko yung name, I was shocked na hindi naman first degree nor second degree of friends yung kabatch ko na iyon. So, of all people na pwede niyang i-refer di ba? Anyway, messaged that ka-batch at wala naman siyang idea sa pinagsasabi. (Nag-explain pa ako.)

        Same scenario: That I should be in Business Attire, Ortigas blah blah.

        Anyway, so i tried googling nga the name of the caller, the place, the position, and voila. Hi guys!

  96. whew. i got a call this morning from Mr. Raymond (didn’t mentioned his surname), 09157123228, saying that it would only be a quick call for he will be attending his meeting in two minutes. He mentioned that they were actually looking for young professionals like me, a graduate of my field and he got my contact details from the institute where i graduated. He mentioned the name of the company once and he said he was inviting me for a meeting so we could discuss the details about this project he is offering me which is guaranteed not to interfere with my studies or current job. He, then gave me the address and my appointment schedule which is on monday coz i would be busy for the whole week (i said i can’t go this week coz ill be studying whole day for the remaining days before my licensure exam yet he’s asking until what time would the studying be, or what time in the evening would i be free which actually irritated me like didn’t he even understood when i told him i’ll be busy? anyway..). So he told me to come on monday at 3pm wearing business attire and look for him at a building behind SM Megamall. 15th floor OMM Citra building, San Miguel, Ortigas.. tall white building? something something.. (i hardly understand the address he was like saying it at random order). He told me to come on time, and he would not like me to come late or have my appointment cancelled for they are an american company, strict with their schedules or something like that and as a graduate of my institute i should be the one to know well about it. Since i wasn’t able to recall the name of the company, i decided to look it up online and i found this blog instead. I’ve consulted some friends and they told me that if I am having doubts then I better not go. Since there are no clear details about the said project or whatever. Personally, I am not really into this kind of business. Not now.

  97. I got a call yesterday from ANN VILLEGAS, mobile number.

    She talked really fast. Remember, one common tactic of scammers is TALKING FAST to give you very little time to react.

    She asked me if I’d like to do part-time work as I am already employed (which she knew beforehand, btw). She said they’re looking for highly trainable professionals to manage distributorship and asked me to proceed to 12th Floor Metrobank Building on Saturday (today), BUT SHE NEVER mentioned the company’s name.

    In all legitimate job interview requests that I’ve had, the COMPANY NAME ALWAYS GETS MENTIONED FIRST. Same thing with me, I introduce myself and mention my company’s name first whenever I make calls to our clients.

    AND, where the hell is Metrobank Building in Ortigas? I’ve worked in Ortigas for a few years, live near there, and go there quite often to hang out, so I’m pretty sure there is NO Metrobank Building with 12 or more floors.

    ANN VILLEGAS just texted a few minutes ago now telling me to proceed to 15th Floor, Octagon Building, Ortigas Center. Very clever, but she isn’t fooling anyone.

    Btw, she also knew the university where I graduated from and told me that most of their other professionals are from my school. I DOUBT IT.

    Spread the word about these people. They ought to be stopped.

  98. I’m a computer specialist in the Philippines’ premier university, the University of the Philippines Diliman and I also took training in the Philippine Military Academy specializing in the intelligence service.
    Now, to verify the integrity of this company. May I ask the land line of your office? I will verify it through your land line.
    If this comment is deleted in this page, then no doubt that all the comments posted here are bogus, meaning, it was done probably by just a single person.
    Are we clear with this?

  99. MIND POWER says:

    Someone called me a minute a go, same story with you guys and then told me to have an interview tomorrow and sabi niya pwede din sa friday 3pm, I told her sa friday nalang kasi ang province namin about 8 hrs drive away from their office, good thing there is internet talga
    kasi I texted her kung anung name ng company, address nila and anung building sila para sure yung pupuntahan ko. She texted me the directions and mentioning white tall building and then I browse the net and luckily I found this site, thank you po, I am planning to go to Pasig this week end sana for that sick interview. Sabi nila be in a business attire and bring resume na daw and told me to be punctual sa time. Wow they are really good in telling lies. I hope na sana wala na silang maloko, I’m thinking about sa mga wala net sa bahay, or hindi na nakapagresearch sa net to get info about the company. I have a feeling that they get all the necessary information sa FACEBOOK,TWITTER and etc.
    NOTE: If you didn’t apply in any company then you get a call from someone and ask you for an interview think twice better research the company to get some details.
    Thank you.

  100. I got the same experience.

    The girl named Keith Lagudgod (i wish the spelling is right) called me up a while ago about an expansion of their company and their looking for recommended and competent individuals to work for them. The girl said that I was recommended by my friend whom she said is an associate of hers in the company.
    The call was so weird because first, she said that she is the SENIOR EXECUTIVE of the company, so it got me thinking, why would an executive and not a human resource officer call me up? Second, the address is already fishy, #41 San Miguel Ave. Teleporformance Bldg. cor. exchange road, ortigas center. I thought that I was invited to apply in a call center so i’ve researched on the address and came to this site. Too bad for them.
    The woman even told me that I sounded professional and I’m not that kind of person who cancels in the last minute (Kinonsensya pa’ko.. tsk) I’m just sad that my friend is working for them,but I’m glad I came to this site. Thanks so much.

  101. I have the same story, actually a few mnutes ago when she called. the name is ellen napud for NS Incorporated. she said she’s one of the senior executives of the company. thanks for the info. i’m supposed to have a meeting with her this coming saturday. the funny thing is, she said i was recommended by my best friend, and that i came also from la salle (my best friend graduated there). so i have to correct her because i didn’t come from that university. thanks for the info guys. ?

  102. maari po bang malaman kung anu b tlga ang prob sa company na iyon..kc kht aq tnwgan and nkasched aq 4 interview bukas…wla aq nbasa d2 kundi bad comments n hindi nmn maintdihan smantalang kht isa s ngcomment ay hindi nmn ata pumunta…

  103. Guys, visit this site:

    NU Skin is listed by FORBES as top 5 most trustworthy company.

  104. OMG!
    A guy called me MARC .. and what joey told is exactly that person told me..

    “about an expansion of their company and their looking for recommended and competent individuals to work for them.”

    Thank good i googled this stuff. Because I’m really curious he did not tell every details.

    I was about to go later today. 3pm. Strictly Formal no jeans. be punctual in time. bring resume..

    He only said the address was OCTAGON BUILDING, SAN MIGUEL AVE. ORTIGAS. I’m familiar to that place so I said “saan banda” then (i can’t remember clearly, but he said something to do with TELEPERFORMANCE bldg)

    The guy sounded so professional. They are good in lies.

  105. omg!! all of this stories that i have read was the same thing that happened to me…buti nlng my cousin told me to search for it in the net first! it was around 6pm when my celphone rings then a guy named KEVIN OCOMA told me that there is job available for me..he even told me that a lot of students from my university is working there and that he expect me not to cancel the meeting for it is unprofessional…he even mentioned a high class call center here in the phil. that he used as the company that he was In..The things that he told me would make you feel that it is an opportunity for you…I had a feeling that somethings wrong bec. he just ask me to bring a valid id without a resume or anything..before we hung up he mentioned the address of the said high class call center then on the date that we talked about the address he sent me was this..that thing made me realize that this is all a joke.. he also told me that he would cancel a meeting just for me…i was so bothered because he knows my complete name and my school…Thank God i read this first before i got there..

    so to all new young professionals out there my advice would be to check it out first… before going to things like this…

  106. HAHAHAHA! thank god i’ve searched for the address. I knew it!


  107. same here, few minutes ago… a guy call named Mr. Raymond (09157123228)they are looking for young professionals preferably Rn’s for their Health Care Project. They need 2-3 qualified employees. I’m shocked because he knows my name and he also know where i graduated.

    He scheduled me for interview tomorrow at 3pm in 15th floor Linden Suites in front of San Miguel Corp. (back of SM Megamall). He says come in Business Attire and Bring one Valid ID.

    He also indicate to come on time because they follow american time. He told me to become professional not to cancel/ reschedule appointments.

    Thanks to internet and for this site. kinda weird or its a Scam. . . thanks for the info

  108. I actually just got a phone call from same guy KYLE P asking me if I can come to that same exact address. Well, honestly I got so into it since I am badly looking for a job right now. But I got a little confused when he said that i’ll only bring an ID and a pen, wearing a business attire.. I even asked my boyfriend how come he never asked me to bring a resume. So this night, before I got into bed, I search for his name and this site appears.

    Well, I don’t find it bad that people from the networking site like him seeks or looks for some people to recruit. One thing that I don’t like about it is that they’re using a name of a company, like Teleperformance or any other company name.. why don’t they just go directly to the real purpose of the call. So they will not be wasting their time and hopes that people will agree and go to that place they’re talking about.

    People nowadays are not stupid.

  109. Gosh, I, too, got a call later this afternoon. Her name is Krissel Ramos. Same story as you guys told.

    Good thing I got on-line to know something about what she’s talking about..hayzz..I’m so disappointed with this kind of people.

  110. BEKE16: DIANA G called me last monday, telling me that i’ve been chosen to be a part of their multi international JOB offering (HEALTH care PROJECT), she gave me the exact details on how to go to that building, (RIDE fx(tekpipe_SIGNBOARD), LINDEN suite HOTEL, TALL white BUILDING, GROUND FLOOR BDO and ROBINSONS bank, go to 15th floor and look for her(MS. DIANA G) wear BUSINESS attire and BRING a valid I.D —>

    i received the same call just this afternoon. im scheduled to meet her on monday Jan.10. I was excited to meet up with her but having read all your stories about it being a scam i think i would cancel my meeting with her now.

    thank you for this blog site.

  111. caselogic15 says:


    Caller: Sherwin M
    Address: 20th floor, Octagon Building, San Miguel Ave. Ortigas.
    Position Available: Junior Executive (freelance project)

    good thing i googled her name and found this thread. Pity for that company…

  112. same story here,thanks to the power of net surfing..i actually canceled some important appointments just for this said “interview” no details given and just the same text of wearing business attire,bring valid ID and the venue: Teleperformance bldg beside Linden suites in San Miguel, Ortigas Ave…the texter even mistook my name for a guy’s name that made the matters even more doubtful..tsk..tsk..thanks for all the post

  113. last night 730 pm, a guy called my mobile phone, i let my husband answer it thinking it was another agency. then the guy called again just a few minutes ago, he even asked my name. if he really is in a recruitment firm he would know my name. he told me they are looking for a healthcare workers to join their team bound for US and so he told me to come tomorrow at octagon plaza san miguel ave ortigas, he even told me to come in business attire!luckily i opened the net to search for a company in that octagon plaza and then i saw these comments! thanks so much! God knows what to do with people who are honest

  114. Beware also:
    Caller: Martin Santos
    Cell#: 09175654904
    Assigned schedule for interview: Jan19-3pm

    Sabi ko na nga ba! been in Octagon bldg before di ko lng tanda ung floor#, but I was invited by my college batchmates and found out it was a seminar of NuSkin business carry lng only that di saken cnabi ng friend ko na un pala un, until I got this call from unknown source, he said he was looking to fill training management position due to their expansion for a US Multinational Company, I asked for the name of the company and said its NSC, Inc. I searched the internet and found out company is a software solutions, I felt disappointed kc its not in line with my course, business major ako tapos pang I.T. ung company,so I started thinking why would they hire someone who’s business major for training management ng IT company..hayss..WTF! Di ba nila alam pu2yatin nila ko pg nagkataon, my work ako ng nyt! Yoko man magcomment ng masama kaso di nakakatuwa strategy nio, malinaw na panloloko un! STRATEGY bang matatawag ang magcnungaling at manloko sa mga nghahanap ng trabaho! nakakapanginig kau ng laman!

  115. ’til today ngsearch ako, using the name of the company and bldg address, and found these blogs.. Salamat sa Teknolohiya.. God only knows kung anu nararapat n parusa sa mga cheaters! yumaman man kau sa lupa, pulubi naman kau morally..

  116. guys.. a guy named Kevin Ocoma called me and said exactly the same thing.. but without any floor # given. He used a Company name “NSIE” just like one of the previous commnets.. Good thing I checked the net, I saw this SCam thing.. thanks guys.. Now I’m relieved. Funny that I’m planning on different companies and I’m excited unlike to this NSIE,Octagon center I felt a bit weird during and after the call.. Goodluck and GodBless. .Thanx

  117. 15th floor belongs to Teleperformance, hahaha quite a strategy but i guess they saw ur infos through facebook…

  118. To those defending this company, can you explain to me why they don’t tell the people they contact what their company name is, how they got our number and what the job description they are offering is?

    Think wisely people.

  119. i too called this man named martin..his no.09175654904, inviting me to his office for 15f octagon building, san miguel ave, ortigas..and im asking his company but no reply…

  120. same story!!! beware..

  121. guyss, tama kau… ako nung isang araw lng ako tnawagan tpos nd complete yung details… kahina hinala pati white building daw tpos name ng company NS corp. US multinational company. Nagsearched ako sa internet wla naman palang ganon…

  122. Aw it really sucks I almost got suckered into this to. The company was NSIE, for the 15th Floor of the Teleperformance Building, San Miguel Ave corner Exchange Road, Ortigas, Pasig City.

    What’s worse is that the person who called me REALLY was someone I knew back from college (in one of the top three schools in Manila, no less). Like I totally called her to confirm it when I started getting suspicious after reading all of the blogs out there on this thread. Real genius over here I only did an online search around 2 hours before we were supposed to meet..

    Well in my defense she was very evasive and kept telling me it was a “part-time job”, for an import-distribution company, and the project was on an “ongoing basis”. Her Senior Executive would set up a meeting for either 3pm or 6.30pm.

    When I asked her (very bluntly, cause I’m really not nice) if it was for Sales or for Marketing, or for…a Network Marketing thing, she said “not really, it’s more of an imports-distribution thing.”

    And when I’d pressed her for more details previously she’d just keep saying that she’s not allowed to say anything. Sigh. With no job title even.

    Uh-oh. Well I really hope she KNOWS WHAT SHE’S DOING.

    Honestly the only way to earn an honest buck these days while waiting for school application results to come in is tutoring.

  123. teklang amoy says:


    Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, Inc. is headquartered at 15/F Octagon Center, 41 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City, with tel. no. +632-689-0300, Distributor Hotline +632-689-0333, website, and e-mail address
    Our Walk-in Centers are located at:

    Ortigas Walk-in Center
    15/F Octagon Center, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City
    Tel. No. +632.698.0300

    Makati Walk-in Center
    26/F Trafalgar Plaza, H.V. dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati
    Tel. Nos. +632.811.8248 to 49

    Alabang Walk-in Center
    2nd Floor, Building B, BC Group Center, Filinvest Avenue,
    Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1781
    Tel. No.+632.403.4005

    Cebu Walk-in Center
    Unit 207-208, The QC Pavilion,
    Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City
    Tel. No. +6332.234.1990

    Pampanga Walk-in Center
    Unit 6, Ground Floor,
    Ascorp Bldg., MacArthur Hi-way,
    St. Dominic Corinthian Subd., Bgy. Dolores,
    San Fernando, Pampanga
    Tel. No. +6332.234.1990

    Iloilo-Bacolod Walk-in Center
    2/F John A. Tan Bldg., Valeria St.
    Iloilo City 5000
    Tel. No. +633.336.8436 to 37


    For more information about Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, Inc., please contact Jolie Gopez-Santos at (632) 689-0312 or Rose Castillon at (632) 689-0324.

  124. this is not a scam… it’s a legitimate company that had been talk shitted by their loosing competitors….

  125. guys, the truth is you just have to open your mind in everything, hndi kyo pnpilit pmnta sa nuskin ok, they’re just giving you the opportunity to have financial freedom, if you believe in negative blogs about nuskin its not their loss, its yours, you should even thank them for giving you such a wonderful opportunity, its funny how people judge a company by blogs, did you even see the real thing??? i guess not, so its your fault, and they dont really care about you because the company gave them financial freedom, habang ikaw nag judge kna hndi mo pa natgnan tlga ang company, nkktawa kyo, im not a part of the company but i know someone who is, and i can see wat nuskin did to them.

  126. got also a call from a man named kevin even kept me repeating all the adresses and even his name thanks for the reviews i had a feeling this would be another marketing hoax

    beware of this i had to cancel an appointment because of this

  127. Oh my goodness, I just got a call for the same address from a woman stating that she got my contact details from a third party source. I can’t believe that their still at it, I mean it’s already 2011.

    The company was NUS International..I could not find any substantial details about it over the internet, which by the way I should since this is a “US based” company working in the RP.

  128. I really would like to say something about this thing… I really love the internet and it really help us in many many ways… unfortunately, not everything we see in the internet is true. Blogs are made by people who loves writing and flickr or multipy for photographers… I was once doubtful with stuffs i receive in my email and it really was great having the internet to discover scams – saving me from wasting my time and money. But like I said… Blogs are blogs made by people who are traumatized by their experiences, or deceived by people who was bad or unintentionally lead to do stuffs they don’t have clear picture of what they do… BUT blogs are not done by respectable, reliable sources. With all honesty, I went there and checked it out. It wasn’t that bad. What was interesting for me was that, it was crowded and was full of people clueless with what business was instored for them there… it’s NU SKIN..! and it IS a MULTINATIONAL BUSINESS very well-known in the United States, Japan, Canada and more… how did I know this… I researched… I even stayed to meet this person who saw me standing in one corner and he entertained me to listen to this talk… It is Nu Skin and it is MLM. No wonder why it was such a controversy. Filipinos hates MLM… no Wonder why these people calls you and not telling what business awaits for you there…. But like Avon, Tupperware, Herbalife… These are also Direct Selling businesses that we know that are not scams… Nu Skin is well known by my relatives in the US and it is also under the structure of MLM over there like Amway… I just want to stress out that MLM is a good business IF YOU ARE GOOD IN MATH, OPEN-MINDED and VERY SMART to SCAM…!!! reading it in the internet is not smelling… hehehe! anyways… It was fun being there but I didnt sign up because I needed to meet somebody up north for a business appointment. I do buy and sell of cars kasi and I only went there because of the curiosity what was at the 15th floor of Octagon.

    here are the videos in youtube explaining the MLM and the products they sell… check it out.

    –and after researching I discovered that NuSkin is on it’s 25th year in the industry of anti-aging. not bad.

    Again, check it out… there’s nothing wrong to see and discover your fear to be wrong.

  129. actually ang problema rito ay ang open mindedness ng mga tao. at this day and age open mindedness is critical. dapat nga yun ang pinapalabas sa tv eh nde ung mga typical na love triangle na yan.

    so far i’ve been there, seen it, done it and learned from it. i’m one of those open minded people who took the risk to participate. and to my experience wala akong pinagsisisihan. marami akong life lessons na natutunan sa floor na yan.

    to those people who judge at the β€˜swing of their swords’ kindly be careful. because our minds are like parachutes, if their not open, we eventually fall and die.

  130. the post above was taken from this blog of someone with positive feedback about 15th floor. please check it out… thanks!

  131. Thanks guys! for the info.

    I got a caller name KEvin OCOMA he introduced that they need junior excutive. nagulat naman ako.. kala ko naman kung sino tumawag sa akin and the first place wala naman po inaaplayan. they i ask him kung saan nakuha phone ko..sabi nya third party.. then sabi ko anong company NSIE daw.. hindi naman nya sinabi kung anong floor.. sabi nya sa akin dala daw ako ng valid id.. then dapat daw naka office or corporate attire. at kug makatawag pa parang wala man lang kapolite polite.. at parang hinanabol kala mo may utang ka tinatakbuhan… so i try to search on net the said company then i found this blog.. plan ko pa naman sana pumunta pero thanks guys for enlighten me . and beside its really suspicious kasi nga 3 mins.. my oras n pala ang interview.. and beside nagtaka lng ako how come alam nya name ko… eto yong number na pinantawag sa akin 09167290404. sana wala na sila mabiktima. sana matigil na ang ganitong kalakaran. at sana naman wag yong kapwa pinoy nila ang biktimahin hindi maganda.

  132. i just got the same call early this afternoon. the guy said the same details and my brother advised me to research about the company. the guy on the line said they’re from US BIOTECHNOLOGY and they needed people for the company. He asked me if im available tomorrow at 6:30pm or 3pm on wedenesday. I said maybe tomorrow at 6:30pm. He said, “professional ka naman siguro so i guess pupunta ka ha”. He sounded like he was really in a hurry and he can’t answer my other questions. he said he’ll just text me the details. He asked me to bring a valid ID, come in office attire and the address was 15th flr octagon bldg, san miguel ave. ortigas. i even texted the number (09267021419) that he used and asked if what the job is about. looked it up on the internet and to my surprise, found this thread with the same issue.

    im just being extra careful, you cannot trust everybody these days.

  133. NU SKIN GUY says:










  134. omg! until this time may ganito parin palang scam! muntik nako magoyo and thanks God kasi nagresearch muna ko about the location of that company bago ako pumunta!!this time ang info nmn na binibigay nila ay about this AGE LOC company,same building pero walng floor na indicated…Girl ang caller and her name is JEAN EMBAY super scary kasi alam nya yung name ko…and pinapapili pa nya ko kung sa ayala or alabang ang gusto kong location tsk tsk…



  136. May tumawag din sa akin kanina same add din ung binigay may interview ako bukas at 6:30 victoria rodriguez. Weird lng kasi alam niya ung name ko at kung saan ako galing na school and number ko. Punta ako bukas check ko.

  137. I just got a call from certain Jay-Anne from NUS International, said they were looking for young professionals to work for a U.S. based company who’s going to launch there new products here in the Philippines. She said that NUS is like a head-hunter and that they are affiliated with this “U.S. based company”. I asked her if it is a call center, she answered “no”. I tried to at least get the name of the company which they are affiliated to but she said she can’t disclose it. So, I asked for the address(#41 Teleperformance Bldg. San Miguel ave. ) and gave her my availability thinking that she was offering me a good job. I even called up my friends to invite them because we are really on job hunting these days. Good thing I thought of researching first about NUS and that’s why I landed here on this site. What made me doubtful about that call I received from NUS were first: Jay- Anne didn’t proactively give her name on set of the call which doesn’t happen if a call center or any company invite you for a job application. So it was me who asked for her name that’s why I learned that i was talking to a certain Jay-Anne. Second, she was talking too fast and seemed like driving or was out of the office when she made the call. I had to let her repeat their company’s name because her signal was going in and out. And third, she asked me to confirm on the said date I was scheduled for the “meet-up” because she said she didn’t know yet to what floor they will be doing the “hiring” or whatever you call it! Now I learned that this type of calls are actually coming from the marketing arm of NU SKIN here in the Phils. I am familiar with it, because when I was younger I was able to use their products (soap actually) since I have an aunt in JAPAN who also used to be an avid user of NU SKIN soap. This is not actually a scam but to those people who are behind these calls, to tell you frankly, you are not doing the right thing in recruiting sales agents. You are giving them the impression that you are scamming them. The least you can do is to be honest in your invitation. No need to be evasive if you will be asked about the details. I have high regards for NU SKIN. Like what I’ve said, I was able to use the soap and I could say it was really good. I always see NU SKIN as a very prestigious company with high standard products. Please don’t ruin that impression. Maybe you can change your strategy. I myself would love to help increase the sales of NU SKIN products and make it known for every Filipino.

  138. grabe dami tlga mga ganyang mga modus. ingat ingat

  139. Katrina Perez says:

    A guy named Brian James called me awhile ago. With the mobile number 09157807863. Beware. To Blah Girl, Thank you very much! This post has been very helpful.

  140. just got a call from a certain kyle (09156880875) – project director of churky-churky…

    luckily i do have a net within reach and have some time to check his name and i found this page..

    thanks guys for spreading this topic.. yes.. everyone should know of his propaganda..

    again, thanks!

  141. I have the same story, actually a few mnutes ago when she called. The name is Ms.Garcia, she said she’s one of the COO of the company. I’m supposed to have a meeting with her next Thursday. The girl sounded so professional. Thanks for the info.

  142. WOW!, I was shocked after reading your comments. I was previously invited and asked (as it is required) to shell out 21,500 for a kit.

    But I don’t think the company is a scam. They are just not doing business the way most of us expect. πŸ™‚

  143. i just got a call also! like 5 minutes ago. this is scary. how do these people get our contact info?! they even know my school, full name and of course cellphone. this is very weird! thanks for the heads up!

  144. dami manloloko…grrrhhh………….! ako din natawagan…!

  145. Guys thanks sa mga comment kahit ako din naghinala bute may internet dto na tumulong sakin got a call from a while ago…

    I am not saying na panget ang networking pero all we ask is HONESTY… alam nyo un???

    given na walang harm na mangyayari sainyo dun???
    pero andun padin tau sa ponit na NANGLOLOKO kayo ng tao by giving vague and sometimes false information…

    hinde nyo alam madami na ding “stupid” ang pumunta dun at nag cancel ng mga appointments sa ibang tao dahil napapniwala nyo sila na you are looking for them to fill in for a position…

    hahahaha but at the end of the day… wala kaung ma ooffer na job for their specific fields of work!

    GOd Bless GUys walang manloloko kung walang magpapaloko or we can say na
    before going to an appointment na hinde kau familiar make sure to surf the internet and look for a blog na yun ang topic you will be relieved na nakastumble kau sa isang information na sobrang useful….

    Like this thanks ms. Blah!

  146. kakatawag lng sakin kanina abigail anus ang name 3 pm on friday ang sced na binigay nya sobra akong kinakabahan kaya nagresearch ako…sa number pa naman ng mother ko 2mawag grabee…hindi naman ako young pro ehh!!!maid lng naman ehhh!!!!

  147. Mark Lester says:

    someone called me recently..the guy said he is from a company named Synergy one and needs me for an interview on this address…of course, i dont plan on going there cause it sounds fishy..and now I googled it and voila..i saw this i know what they really need..thanks to everyone here…BEWARE of this address..15th flr Octagon center bldg, San Miguel Ave, Pasig City..

  148. Mark Lester says:

    I think their getting people’s info on job search websites…

  149. TUMAWAG SA AKIN..TILL NOW PATULOY PARIN ATA.. now im having 2nd thoughts if ill go to that place..

  150. kung di ito totoo, wala nman sigurong mag cocomment ng ganito ka rami..hmmm…

  151. ako naman, im supposed to go to 16th flr, octagon bldg at NSE Philippines today for a job that ‘would not interfere with my current job and will give significant additional income.’ i confirmed when i got the call last tuesday.

    buti na lang, google was very helpful and i was lead to all these info.

    Nu Skin pala siya. In fairness, two of my friends are Nu Skin dealers and ok naman ang products nila. I was able to try some of their products and in fairness, these two friends are significantly earning — so para siyang Avon or Sara Lee lang din naman. Pero ang difference, medyo magshe-shell out ka ng thousands of pesos as investment.

    It’s just that di kasi ako talaga seller in nature so I texted her back and I said I am cancelling my appointment. I told in my text that I researched the company and I found out it’s Nu Skin and that I’m not fit for the job.

    Nakakaloka lang how they deceive people, tapos sasabihan ka pa ng ‘You sound professional so you’ll be there.’ E sila nga yung alang professionalism sa ginagawa nila.

    Then I just got this text lang: ‘yes its Nuskin. Ikaw naman, kinondemn muna sarili mu your not fit! Y dont u give urself a chance to see this first. since its not commital. baka ito pa magpabago sa buhay mu.’

    Funny. Pero deadma na lang.:)

  152. Thank God for internet indeed, just got the call 1 hour ago.. and she scheduled me for an interview tomorrow morning.. I asked what the job is all about and if she can e-mail me more details, but she said she can’t disclose the details due to some confidentiality bond with their clients and she can only talk to me about it personally,,she said she will meet me at Starbucks but I asked about their office and she said she cant meet me there because it opens at 10am on Saturdays,,she also said that they hired a head hunter that got my name for this “project”,,

    After the call, I tried looking for her name and the company profile, and found nothing,, so I texted her again for the company name,, she texted me back LeadGlobal Inc, and the company is a blue chip company listed in NYSE, so i asked if its NU Skin / Pharmanex and she called me back,, she told me honestly it is NUSkin,, she then explained that there is a new product etc.etc., and I can be a part of the Sales or Marketing team,, I respectfully declined the interview and told her I have been to one of Nuskin’s seminars before through a friend and like before I am still not into the business,,

    I personally think there is nothing wrong with the company, I believe it is legit but the way they get people is a bit wrong since they do not give out details that make people think and expect,especially in this hard times people will jump into any job opportunity they can get, but some people are just not into sales / networking,, so it is a waste of time when you come there and find it as not exactly as what you are expecting,,

    So there, just sharing I hope this helps,,

  153. Same here someone called me din na ganyan… He gave his name, but didnt give his company name and exact address. He just texted me directions of how to get there. Its a White building with BDO in the ground floor, near Linden Suites daw and beside OMM Citra Building. So when i search the exact location in google map, i saw Teleperformance Octagon Building. Then i searched sa net about this building and found out that it is where Nu Skin is. Well the truth is, i really don’t have anything against the company and its members. I just hope that they be straight forward and tell people about the company’s nature, its name and exact location so that it won’t cause any confusion or doubts.

  154. A guy (forgot his name) called me up just minutes ago. 3pm perhaps? Cell number: (+63916) 619-13-20

    He’s from NSIE. I asked him this twice. He kept blabbing about it, American Company and all. I had doubts already. He even knew my whole name and the university where I am currently in. Asked my course in the university, I gave out a fake one. Since my doubts were still present.

    I wanted to shut the phone down. But it’d be so rude. I still had doubts about this. He was also asking for my class schedule since he wanted to talk to me about the company and all. I told him I was fully booked. He asked me if I was free on weekends. Meeting would be 3pm or 0630pm; which time is more preferable to me? I still told him I was fully booked. He asked me how about wednesdays? I still told him the same thing, I’m fully booked and made some lame excuse that finals is coming up, so that’s why I’m so busy.

    He told me that he’d call me again so he could meet me and talk to be about the NSIE Company. Still not convinced and not believing such.

    Good thing, after I put the phone down, I researched, and that’s how I got stumbled here. I stumbled first on Wiki, then this.
    (The NSIE info I got from Wiki:

    Thanks for all those who commented here. Let’s help others not to get scammed too.

    At least I know what to do when he calls again.
    What I don’t understand is, how’d he get all my info? I don’t post any on Facebook, especially my cellphone number. My Facebook is filtered (thoroughly) to people I know completely.

    How in the first place, would an American company/multi-national company contact a person in such a tacky way? How, also, did they obtain information? Always a busy background and these people are always on a hurry.

    Another note, this “calling” scam happened to me three times already. Do they have a system? Or are they just to desperate? The first two calls were women. Last one (this one) is a guy. The first lady’s first name was Anne/Ann. She called me five times during wee hours. What a professional. They don’t answer text messages, they call. Probably because they don’t want any “evidence” from what they are practicing/doing.

    Before I end this, I also asked him to email me information about what he was talking about, he told me his email was confidential. Bullocks. Who would not give out information about a multi-national company? And he even told me their website is still in progress. So I cannot have access to it.

    The company’s real name is NuSkin International, Inc.
    Infos about this:

    Have a great scam-free day everyone. πŸ™‚

  155. Audiophile_User says:

    Now i just got a call today from Ms Kate she knows everthing about me she has database of information. she said junior executive something. and attend around 6:30pm i just found out through this blog and made everything clear. they know how to deceive people. thanks but no thanks. i ain’t comin girl. here’s her phone number 09278677356

  156. Jobseeker says:

    Hay nako. i have just received a call today where the guy was also saying the same exact info: US MULTINATIONAL COMPANY NS CORP, 3-min call,etc. They are inviting me for training for the management daw. When i kept asking about the the exact location of their office,he cannot tell me right away. Dun pa lang,duda na ako. Also, if they were a legitimate company, easily searchable ang company name pero wala nga. Besides that,the guy sounded so desperate to give me a schedule for an interview yet sounded aloof whenever i ask him about the company. Ingat kayo!

    Pati itong OPTIMA FUTURANCE CONSULTANTS or OFC Inc., balita ko scam din. I had my interview from the company and they immediately hired my after an exam and the interview on the same day. They then asked me to attend an orientation the next meeting with a P350 requirement payment for my own insurance daw. Tama ba naman yun? Besides, the “office” was very very small and all of the staff looked unprofessional. They ALL seemed to be only in their early to mid 20’s. I do not intend to say bad things about this company but I’m just merely suggesting na nakakapanduda lang talaga. Here is their online job post:

    DIRECT HIRING!!! We are NOT an agency.





    *18-40 years old
    *High school graduate, college level / college graduate of any course
    *fresh graduates are encourage to apply
    *with or without experience as long as you are willing to be trained
    *willing to assign in any position based on your qualification



    INTERESTED APPLICANTS MAY SEND THEIR RESUME TO ******* (text me once you sent your resume) 09*********

    MR.**********) OF OFC INC.


    You can go directly in our office, heres the address, just follow the instruction:

    4th Floor Room 419 AIC building, Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City (at the back of RobinsonΓ’s Galleria, beside 7 eleven convenience store)




  157. Jobseeker says:

    Btw, if this really is Nuskin, perfectly understandable naman ang kanilang style of marketing. It’s just that they have to think of a better way of promoting it kasi iniisip agad ng mga tao na scam yun dahil sa approach nila. Hindi mo naman masisisi ang makabilang panig sa panahon ngayon na marami talagang manloloko.

  158. I got to wonder, why is this so rampant? I got similar calls 3X! Before the 3rd call, I came from the US and was able to visit Salt Lake, Utah. Nandoon na rin lang, I visited the NuSkin office. Man! It is legit!! When I went there last month, they just completed the purchase of a street! KALYE ang binili nila to expand their R&D facility. I met senior people and those who have helped a lot people become millionnaires. One was only 26 years old! Sabi ko, BAKET?!

    I came back and in the middle of my sleep (jet lag kasi), ma tumawag, ganoon na naman sinabi. So I said, call me back after 8 hours. I wanted to investigate, why such a prestigious company is using such an approach (don’t like to label kasi ayokong ma-label din — alam nyo na, whatever you do…. blah blah).

    So, tumawag ang girl. (no names ha…). this was how the conversation went.
    “Hi Joan… I called back as promised. I mentioned to you about …..” (yun na…)
    “_______, may i be honest with you? Alamko na na Nuskin yan. I believe that the company is good. What I don’t believe in is bakit ganyan ang approach ninyo? Misteryoso at in the guise of recruiting for a company?”

    This is what I gathered (paraphrasing):
    when people find out it is Nuskin, they are outrightly rejected because of the ff reasons:
    (1) some are not educated about network marketing. when you hear the word network marketing or MLM, automatically, they associate this to a scam;
    (2) this is so because of some unscrupulous individuals who used the network marketing strategy (note, networking is not the biz, its a system) to deceive people to giving them their money
    (3) Some who tried to do the biz failed and the bad experience is shared and labeled as a scam…. eh hindi ka nga nagtrabaho ng tama anoh! magfe-fail ka nga!

    My conclusion? Nuskin is a good company and their products are good. I saw the demo. I’m about to buy their supplements. I browsed “NYSE #1 in commission” and the ticker came out sa NSU, nuskin.
    Second, people would prefer to point a finger at something else when they fail rather than take responsibility for thier failure. In the process, the company’s name becomes tainted. Third – try drawing an organizational chart, mostly, it forms a pyramid. BTW, pyramid pala is not the same as MLM. I am connected with a sales organization, guess how they work on their distribution? Network distribution. Formalized nga lang. So I got to thinking, each person that comes and joins the company as a distributor is actually building his own organization of distributors. If you draw and org chart of these distributors, ganoon di ang itsura. Sarili ko pa ang business.
    4th – admittedly, the approach of this group of people is deceptive. They are working around scarcity mentality….” I need to find biz partners now!” Instead of “There will be others out there who can see what I see and grow with me.”
    5th – How can a company that has been around for 26 years and is engaged in charity work around the world be a scam?
    6th – ah yes… it’s human nature to be scared of the unknown

    BOTTOMLINE: do your due diligence. Research. Don’t repeat the words of other people. Don’t be a SNIOP (susceptible to negative influences of other people). Use that big tool behind your ears. If you do, you might stumble upon a rare opportunity that may change your life.

  159. Hi,

    Thanks sa info. May tumawag din kasi sa girlfriend ko na ganito din ang modus. Naisip ko lang…
    Meron ba tayo pwedeng isampang kaso or reklamo sa kanila para matigil na sila?

  160. ako rin nabiktima =( i was soo excited pa naman, you know getting an experience. im glad i listened to my girlfriend, she thinks its not good. a girl named cherry called me from US multi-national corporation. i think they’ve changed some details in their schemes. pagkasagot ko ng fon ang alam lang nya nickname ko. we’ll sabi ko rin I declined since you can’t provide me who referred me to you, hehehe..

  161. Hi.

    A certain Ms. Arcilla called me yesterday evening and also told me to go to this Octagon Bldg in San Miguel Ave. I wasn’t able to get the company name and the position cause I don’t understand her clearly when we were talking. Anyway, she gave me a time and date to choose from if when will I be available, if it is fri @ 3p. or saturday @ 10a. She also told me din na I do sound professional enough when she’s talking to me on the phone so she confirm if I can really make it on my preferred time. Pinaulit nya din sakin ung address and I also must attend on time and be on business attire. When I ask her again the position, she told me na titingnan pa daw nila sa araw ng interview ko kasi mag uundergo ako ng training on that day and titingnan daw nila kung makakayanan ko yung training. From that parang nagduda na ako. So I think, networking nga din yung invite na yun sakin. They’ve got my details daw on jobstreet.

  162. annonymous says:


    I was also called yesterday march 6…. pinakausap ko sia sa girlfriend ko…hinahanap dw ako…svi ng girlfriend q wla ako…svi ng caller ” ikw ba c ____(name ng girlfrnd ko) gulat ung girlfriend ko bat xia kilala e d nmn xia ngpasa ng resume dun at pno nia nlman ung name.tntnong xia kung interisado xia sa job offer….ng yes nlng g.f ko tpos cnvi nlng nia my kausap xia sa nxt line ngduda na kxi g.f ko….tsk..grbe pti bckground ng tntwagn nla alm…

  163. i got the same call from someone with chinese sounding name. but, i became a little suspicious since the names of the building and the company were not mentioned. when i texted back to get more info, i was informed that i will be notified further the next day before i go there at 6:30 pm. What he mentioned was the floor where the interview is going to be conducted. i wonder where they got our numbers. He knows where i am working too.

    i was praying for guidance then, and i opened this site. thanks.

  164. Kristalyn Hazel says:

    hey! I recieved the same call yesterday
    from a Grace Non using this no. 09053493838
    whoa!. Good thing I researched on this one. I was about to go to that address tomorrow..the offers were just the same. NS International was what the girl told me and that they got their cp no. from a third party..
    it’s really good to be cautious indeed..

  165. Darrel Buen R tayao says:

    Good thing now a days that we already have an easy access in the internet….

    I, my self called by the girl named Jinky alener whose number is 09163482929, she told me that i have and interview for MSE international on March 22, 2011 3pm at Octagon blg, San Miguel Ave. Pasig city, so i researched their company and found nothing so i decided to include the place and found these comments..
    thank’s for all your comments guys, now i knew that this is just a scam..

  166. OMG! I just got thesame call from a woman named MS. Julie Guadalupe. I kept asking what their company is all about – what they offer. A service? A product? But, I didn’t get any answer. She said she’s from US Biotechnology Company located at the 15th Floor of Teleperformance Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas. She said they are currently looking for people who would help out in their expansion. She scheduled me for presentation this coming Saturday at 4PM. What came first into my mind was that this must be a networking company or sort of pyramiding scheme. After the conversation, I immediately googled the company and this is where I am directed. Negative feedback/blogs/articles targeting their poor marketing strategy – kaya lumalabas na para silang SCAM. Previous responses said it is NuSkin Company – offering food supplements. I wonder why the caller didn’t just say the real score? The name of the company, the product they offer (are they not proud of it? are they hiding something?) and how people could earn… they could just sum it up on that 2-min call. Atleast, I could have a background. They just schedule people for sort of interview or presentation. Besides, having all these negative comments? – if ever I would get in their company, it’s a BIG CHALLENGE to market their product (with all these negative scores coming from various prospects they called).

    Daig pa nila ang mga agents ng credit cards and insurances – they know all your background! I surely wouldn’t go. (I am sorry, Ms. Guadalupe. You said I sounded professional over the phone but, I don’t buy it…. all these!)

  167. OMG!!! Thanks God i researched. A guy called up just a while ago. Whew! That was closed.

  168. Lol!!! Sabi ko n nga b networking toh eh!

    Lmao.i just recieved a phone call from my friend back in highschool, and he said the exact same words. but instead, he said that they are looking for Health Care Professionals, blah blah blah and I’m scheduled for an interview in Linden Tower.

    Well, I am a nurse and we all know that being a nurse here in the Philippines isn’t that much financially rewarding. But I’ll never stoop so low just to earn money.

    So to all my colleagues out there, please don’t believe this crap. I don’t want my fellow healthcare practitioners to be victimized by these people.

    I pity my friend because he got involved with these scammers. I just hope he gets out of this mess before something bad happens to him.

  169. Same here….I was just about to go there but for some reason something is really bugging me so for the last 2hrs before my appointment i check through internet but i couldnt find something useful until I found this site.

  170. Pappocom says:

    I got a call from someone I knew. He didn’t told me the exact job offer, except that they are in need of part time workers. He just gave me the address, and my initial approach is to apply Googleology.

    NuSkin was the name of the company, but found out that the job was not related to the job I was expecting which is Nursing.

    After carefully analyzing many of the comments. They seem to be a good company, but I’m not just interested in marketing or selling, whatever you call it.

  171. Vincenzo says:

    I got a call from Kevin Ocoma, this time, the address is at Muntinlupa City. He said their company was looking for 3 Junior Executives. He also said that he got my profile from the University of Santo Tomas, which is correct. But then, everything was fishy right from the start because he was in a way guessing in the phone and that he gave only the address of the company and not explained the nature of their company. – I asked, and the only information he gave is the initials; NSIE. Same old story. . . What a shame. Paki-pasa pagka-basa kung mahal mo kapwa mo na matinong Pilipino.

  172. Just got call recently from a lady named Kor. Same method as above. She knows where I graduated, they are looking for a nurse, a US based company etc. Sa Saturday daw start ng orientation in business attire, sa sobrang excitement ayan napaoo ako. Wala namang mawawala eh. 8-10 hours a week. Saka I can choose naman if I grab it or not. The difference is they have two offices and they will text me na lang daw the address, nung Saturday tumawag until now di pa rin nagtetext. I’m still hoping na magtext sino ba naman ang ayaw ng part time job sa ngayon di ba? plus the fact that it is near in my place. Out of curiosity nagsearch ako sa net and found this blog. I have nothing against sa business especially ngayon na I’m convinced na networking is not bad, it’s just that may mga tao lang talaga na sadyang gahaman sa pera. I’m now connected na din kasi sa VMOBILE same business MLM, but not same method. Walang lokohan just pure endorsements. If you don’t want the business then you have a freedom to say no. Wala pang negative feed back, blogs or comments. Before I join un muna una kong ginawa, thanks to google.

    you can check this out

    If you’re interested here you can text me 09226432178 or email me -Shey

    God Bless to us.

  173. I was wondering , panu nila nalalaman ang personal information mo nang wala ka namang na-didisclose nun

  174. Scriptkiddy says:

    Yes! yes! we dont give a damn if its scam or not what I hate most is not telling the truth. Its like you have to lie just to force us to go to your networking stuffs or whatever that is. Even if you said its not a scam, but the fact that your forcing us to go there and lie really turns me off. I really dont like networking, so dont bother me to go there. I hate it when you have to force us to go to your networking you guys are so wasting my time! Thanks for this post =) your a money saver. Commuting to this place will be a waste of my money and they didnt even consider that.

  175. me too.. i receive col..yesterday..ang pinagatataka ko lang…paano po kaya nila nakukuha yung mga cell no. then when they col up,alam pa nila ful name mo..

  176. Hi i just received a phone call from CLARIS BUTALID (i know its not her real name).. I was also surprised that they knew where i presently work and i asked her what other information she have under my name and where did she get that information. She said that she got my records from a referral program. Then she said that there was a position open for trainers to help them manage people for their business. She even said that i qualified because im a professional with quality.. after settling an appointment with her this coming friday, i sent her a message asking her the name of the company she works for. she said its U. S. BIOTECH. hmm. later on, i felt so anxious about the offer because i knew that i didnt submit a resume to any firms 2 years ago.. so i was doubtlful that somebody can call me to instantly offer a job with an interesting position.

    I googled it and i found comments here about this fake offers. they will try to get your attention by offering things not normally given right away when applying for a job. plus they will ensure you additional income which eveyrbody would gladly accept. haay.. thank GOD that we have this internet. This saves everything..

  177. i worked in a insurance firm before. our company usually buy “leads” (these are list of persons with phone numbers or sometimes with credit card numbers) from banks or any firms that has records of their client. These are normal in the U.S. they are selling their clients information to a third party company for sales purposes. kaya madami nagrereklamo jan kung bakit may tumatawag sa knila knowing their personal information.

    if you notice sa lahat ng naka postpaid plan like me sa mga telecoms natin dito, may mga narereceive kayong mga text about personal loans from a bank. simply because they sell our numbers to those third party. it happened to me 3 days after availing the postpaid sim. imagine that, may mga nagtetext na agad sakin about personal loans. wala pa nga nkakaalam ng number ko because my prepaid sim was still the one im using.

    gusto ko sana magcomplain pero hinyaan ko na lang. text lang nmn un pero kung makulit at tawag ng tawag dun na siguro ako gagawa ng move..

    Hope this info helps..

  178. I got a call the other day from someone, and he said the exact same things mentioned here in this blog. I was so naive and was actually about to go, then my boyfriend told me to research about the company first. I was told to go to a Teleperformance building, so I assumed it was a call center. I’m 17, so I was all, “Hey, I need the extra cash.” Then he said that he’s from NSIE, so I researched that and this blog came up.

    Ohmygod, so not going to that!

  179. princess says:

    hahahah.. buti na lang may internet.. around 8pm last night naka received ako ng call, leo ortiz daw sya.. nagulat ako kasi alam nya full name ko and other info.. ni recommend nga daw ako ng school ko sa company nila.. i was scheduled to have “initial interview as a management trainee” daw sa saturday (April 30, 2011), 1:30pm sa 15th flr ng octagon building, room 154.. hindi din nabanggit un name ng company, basta, international company daw sya..
    tinawagan ko un school ko, sabi kung may mga company man daw na naghahanap ng part time, magpapajob fair daw sila and highly confidential daw mga info namin.

    grabe, tas nagsearch ako.. ang dami ko nakita about the 15th flr of octagon building..
    tskkkk.. pano kaya nila nalalaman mga info ng mga tintawagan nila?.

    tnx guys!!!

  180. someone called me too, by the name of Ms Arcilla. thew same story you guys told. i hope they stop doing this kind of stuff. kawawa naman mga naghahanap ng trabaho. buti nalang im not interested to work for now.

  181. thanks for the infos. somebody called me a while ago. she gave me the same address which most of you guys were also given. teleperformance building behind megamall. what made me search for their company in the internet is because I already became suspicious when I asked the girl who called me how she got my number, but she can’t say or give any valid reason for having my infos. she just said that it came from a third party and that she can’t trace where she got my number. not a very good excuse. glad that there is such a site as this to inform other possible victims of that company.

  182. Just a word of warning to all:

    If something sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is.

    Ask questions everytime and never give out your personal info to seemingly suspicious callers.

    We all live in a world full of scammers and predators.

    Verify, verify and verify.


  183. i have the same experience also…
    someone called me, at exactly 5:38pm. it was a 4 minute conversation…
    a lady, from multi international company asked me if i was interested to have part/full time job in their company… her name was *JENET, JHENET, GENET…
    she used this no. 09496425767…
    i was scheduled to have an interview with them, tomorrow at 3pm… and bring a valid I.D. and wear a formal/ semi-formal attire…
    i asked her where will i find their company, she said it was a 10 mins. ride from SM Megamall.. she will give further instructions after i went their..
    because of my excitement, i search for it and i read this blog… and i read the same experience…
    THANK GOD… and thanks to all of you… i was not able to be scammed…

  184. i also got the same experience. this someone allan lopez called me, and said the same things. good thing i searched for the company first, and thanks to all the comments. πŸ™‚

  185. I also received a call yesterday regarding a part time job, Teleperformance bldg., 15th floor, business attire, US rate, etc. I’m not really interested so to cut the conversation with the lady, I said yes to her invitation this Saturday. I really have no plans of going because its funny how she called me by my nickname, saying that she got my contact details from my school…. so from there I knew its a scam. Until I saw this post in my email! here’s the number 0915-5141877

  186. This happened to some friends of mine too. They joined NU skin. It is such a scam. It looks so good and promising, and then when you join it, feeling mo talaga u can earn big because your “team heads” will tell you some lie that if you just recruit more people, you can earn XXXX amount every month (or even sooner if you follow a method alled “fast track”). Its really horrible. A friend of mine even sold her PHP 50, 000 laptop, when her team head forced her that it was a good decision, saying that she will get back the money, and more next month anyway. nakakaawa talaga how some people get sucked in this scam of “easy” money.

  187. bakit d nyo i report s tulfo kay raffy or any tulfo brothers n may tv program pra ma i setup sila for entrapment at ng matapos n yang scam nila.good thing at aware kayo s mga ganyang klaseng scam kwawa rin yung mga jobseekers n ngppkahirap mghanap ng work e in the long run ma scam pa.these kind of people are the lowest kind of scums on earth preying innocent people who wants to make a decent living.sooner or later they will get what they really deserve….sweet justice…

  188. please be aware that there are alot of scammers lurking around the country just some helpful tips if the offer is too high or too promising for the certain job chances are it is too good to be true,i myself almost fell on a scam from the nigerian scammers offering more than what i am asking for the items i am trading online. good thing that i already read some blogs like this about scams and medyo aral na rin ako to handle things like this, this kind of blogs are very helpful it educate people to be aware of scam/s and lousy gimmicks.

  189. These are the reasons why legit MLM company got too many negative comments. Takot na tuloy agad ang mga tao na makita ang large picture in a networking business. ‘lam nu b na ang Avon, MSE, franchising, and so many other compnies r built in a networking scheme. But, they r very much legit and truly made/making members earn real money. Sad lng kse some takes advantage or destroys the very essence of the business.

    All I can then say is be careful that u will be a victim of this kind of mispresentation. But also, don’t be so negative towards this kind of business. I am a living witness to the benefits this kind of business can give. I helped a lot of people too, by selling our product.

  190. Just to add in this thread; before way back 1988 – 1993 I joined a 100% Filipino company and they used the system of network marketing, they succeed for many years in the business nobody looses, all are happy one big family!!!! During those times… to be continue… sad to hear the stories nowadays : C

  191. Hi,
    this is definitely a NUSKIN marketing. i was called also few months ago but was actually referred by a friend who called me beforehand that he gave my name to a company who was inviting him. i asked him for details he was not able to obtain some too. as expected, the company called me. as i was already expecting it i was not as reluctant. i simply asked for details but they said that they cannot divest them over the phone but would rather meet in person. Same place as mentioned above, octagon building 15th floor and so on. I got sick and had to reschedule several time. honestly i didnt want to go but they kept calling still for the new schedule. eventually, i gave it and set an appointment. i think she felt my hestitation since she empahsized that’s its a non-committal appointment and will just be introduced to the company and its new products which they are planning to launch and which i was to be part of. I was not told to wear business attire but was told not to wear slippers or shorts. i came wearing jeans and shirt only and ballet flats. To be honest i was scared but i know the place and was confident that nothing will happen. we met in octagon and i attended an orientation and met the people there. when i got there i saw the NUSKIN sign and i knew immediately what was happening. they were recruiting marketers. I knew about nuskin before as a friend of mine was selling some before but quite pricy.

    Anyway, i was introduced to their products and if i wanna join i should buy a kit and so on. Since im a student they accommodated me on the cheapest way to join. they even gave me a test makeover using their products. eventually i joined and use their products since they are very effective. and abe to avail of their big discounts for members.

    as regarding to the no-information on calls. i know its quite like a scam…i told them that too. they asked me, why i still came…i said i was curious. They said that the reason for that is that the only people who actually came are those driven of their desire to earn more and not simply for the opportunity to do so. Its like saying, if u didnt take the risk, u were not willing to explore and you have no drive to succeed in nuskin. I can tell u the products are great and they are a multibillion company. very legit but its not for everyone since its quite expensive and for those who want to sell.

    I do not sell the products, im telling u that im a consumer with discounts only. im not saying this to save nuskin and all but im telling you my experience. i found this site thru my multiply.

    anyway, i hope this was informative.

  192. Felicity says:

    Firstly, I’d like to clarify that I am not from NuSkin. However, I have tried using NuSkin products and yes, they are expensive but effective.

    Their style is to arouse curiosity – for you to go & convince you to sign up once you’re there. Admittedly, it’s easier to convince someone to sign up & eventually buy when it’s face to face rather than on the phone. That’s a fact. Especially for Filipinos.
    True there are a lot of scammers. But just as one of the posters said – NuSkin is legit. It’s just their marketing style. It’s different, it’s unique. They probably have proven that given that kind of style, they were able to get distributors to sign up easily – no sweat! Let us differentiate a scam from a unique marketing style. Scam is outrightly conning you into something that they promise but eventually did not make good – or worst – there is really nothing to look forward to. With NuSkin & their marketing style, you have something to look forward to. Yeah, you’re going to spend, but in exchange of several products as well. Yeah, it is networking but you’ve got to work hard if you want to achieve the monetary returns you’d like.
    Bottom line – just because your expectations are not met does not mean that it’s a scam. It’s still your choice. When you succumb to their marketing style and go to their office, you’d be presented with a sales presentation and everything will be explained to you outright. Now you have a choice whether to pursue or just tell them a blatant NO. Yeah, sure you’ve wasted your time but it still was your choice. It’s just that, your expectations of landing an ideal job based on your standards was not fulfilled. That’s not a SCAM. It’s unfulfilled expectations.
    You can’t sue them for this! It’s their marketing style. And their business is legit and in existence. They don’t con you – they just arouse your interest and tickle your curiosity. Remember the adage – Curiosity kills the cat? That’s what happened to you.
    So don’t accuse them of scamming you – perhaps you’re too desperate to have a job that you went or perhaps you were too curious at what they have to offer. Again – let’s put things in their proper perspective. I just give credit where credit is due. If you don’t want to go, then don’t. But just in case you went, and your expectations are not the way you want it – don’t go telling the world it’s a SCAM – because it is not!
    Just my two cents worth!
    It’s about time to remove that crab mentality. God made you to choose – and you’ve got brains – choose wisely! Hehehehehe.

  193. I got a call also from these people they told me it’s a beuaty products, supplements but they never mentioned NUskin although I have a feeling it is. I told them I am in a company that is a competitor of NU skin and they are gone in a second!

  194. Buti na lang meron nang internet so i googled the address. Got the same call an hour ago and I got suspicious because when i asked what job will i be interviewing for, sabi ba naman for company expansion. hindi na ako masyadong nag-effort kasi i’m not looking for a job din naman. anyway, eto naman yung number na ginamit pangtawag. 0917-7223180.

  195. Hi. I received a phone call for about an hour ago from a certain Celine (09278382863). She gave me the same lines she gave to Cat and Marts and the same infos as the others have. I was really doubtful with the infos she gave, I don’t know how she got my cellphone number because it’s not even posted on my FB account. she didn’t answer my queries directly. Right after her call i search the internet on the location of their company. Thank God I found this blog. Thanks also to everyone for the info.

  196. khazey says:

    wew ! buti nlang tlga nag research ako about dto s octagon tower na tuh .. i’ve got the same situation.. may 4,2011 around 11am may tumawag skn sya dw c ms.rosel tala using this no. 09174892464.. she knows my name at qng san ako npasok. nag kamali pa nga sya kc sabi nya graduated na dw ako s informatics but the true is im only turning 2nd yr coll. tas aun andami nya ng sinabi. then she ask qng san dw ung mas gstu kong sched pra i-explain skn ung tungkol s “work” na ibbgay nla.. either sat @ 1pm or mon @ 3pm.. then i chose monday at 3pm.. bngay nya skn ung address na OCTAGON TOWER CORNER EXCHANGE ROAD SAN MIGUEL AVE ORTIGAS PASIG CITY.. mag dala lng dw ako ng valid id and wear a formal attire/business attire.

    excited pa ko nun ohh.. kc super nid ko tlga ng part time job. after that conversation of her.. i texted her qng san nya nkuha contact no. ko. then she called me again sabi nya may nag bgay lng daw ng profile ko sknya.. pag nag pnta dw ako dun s monday hhnapin at ihaharp nya dw skn ung nag bgay ng info about me..

    today- may 5,2011.. i texted her again to ask what is the name of their company then she called me and said that it is “BIOTECHNOLOGY COMPANY” ..
    then everytime that our conversation will end, she keep on sayin “god bless”.. wew

    good thing when i researched about the company i saw this blog and read all the comments.. haissst take care everyone ! my excitement turned DOWN

  197. joseph says:

    hayy buti nalang at nabasa ko to!.. may tumawag din saken around 4:56pm yesterday.. natutulog ako that time when that prank call woke me up.. she gave me her name Celine del rosario. gnun din ang style she gave me 2 schedules and ask me if what date i’m comfortable with.. part time job raw with high compensation and benefits.. .she cannot give a complete address, just a landmark in the place where we were suppose to meet… i got excited that time so i googled everything. psalamat tayo at may internet na.. hayy. thanks for this blog.. awareness is important especially to those applying for a job. =D

  198. hahaha! says:

    there’s a ot of people talaga na narrow minded as in makitid ang pag-iisip….. kung madalas kung anu ang uso nakiki-uso rin… but some people who commented on this blog i can say that they are really matured enough to think unlike most of the guys who commented here… as i researched about this dahil may tumawag din sakin… NU Skin is the name of their company and it’s really legal dahil kasama sila sa NYSE (sa mga di nakaka alam New York Stock exchange po ang meaning) which is a big company sa US.di naman cguro sila tanga na magsama ng isang company na illegal dba? pati na rin ung mga kilalang magazines sa US na feafeature sila… and don’t tell me na illegal din ang ABS-CBN dahil nafeature ang products nila dun….. bago kasi sumali sa isang discussion at magsalita ng kung anu-ano,magresearch muna.kaya nga may mga libro, internet, tv,radio at kung anu-ano pang makukuhaang source. kaya di umuunlad ang pilipinas dahil maraming mga TANGA or NAGTATANGAHAN…. kahit ang salitang networking.. alam ko marami rin ang ayaw sa networking marining palang ang word naiinis or magsasalita na ng kung anu-ano…tanong nyo sa sarili nyo… anu ba talaga ang tunay na meaning ng pyramiding? or networking? or scam? nagresearch ba kau or nakikigaya lang sa mga tao dyan sa tabi-tabi? if nakikigaya nga lang kau ibig sabihin wala kang sariling pag-iisip…eh panu kung sabihin nila na katapusan na ng mundo bukas… maniniwala ka ba? bato ng bato ng salita wala namang alam..

    in my opinion kaya nagkakaroon ng negative comments ang isang bagay dahil sa mga experiences. pero ang iba kasi pagdinakakuha ng magandang resulta or di naayon ang resulta sakanila nagagalit na… di man lang nila tignan bakit nagkaganon or kung anung nangyari? palibasa kasi ang iba sariling KATANGAHAN, KABOBOHAN, KASALANAN at KATAMARAN ay sinisisi sa ibang bagay or ibang tao….tapos kung anu-ano na ang magsisilabasan… “bato bato sa langit matamaan wag magalit nagsasabi lang ng totoo…”

  199. hahaha! says:

    though sang ayon ako kay joan kasi mali nga naman ang mga approach nila… their problem is to change their strategy on how to invite people………

  200. wow! i’ve been called by someone who i knew only by text. he told me he reserved a seat for me for their event. he said they are promoting an anti-ageing product and perhaps i would like to listen to the symposium. and the location: octagon building. i planned to go but with the shady things written about octagon building and a company with different company names in different blog sites, i’m having second thoughts. the travel going to ortigas is already exhausting. but to make it sound like an event, while the truth is its a networking activity, is disheartening.

    im not the type of person who’s easily believe other people’s claim not unless i experienced it. but this.. perhaps i could skip.. its not for me.

  201. John Rem says:

    hi, just got a call a minute ago.. pretty much the same like all u guys mentioned as if they are with reading a script.

    they told me they’re from NSIE group of companies, located at Octagon Bldg Ortigas, and they even gave me directions, they let me choose a date for a meeting either monday 3pm or tuesday 6:30pm.. but isnt that beyond normal office hours?.. they even told me that students from my college are very professional when it comes to meetings and appointments so i should not be late.. and they also asked me to wear business attire and bring an ID heck!

    tnx to this… swear…

  202. caroline says:

    someone just called me today telling me to go to their office and introduced herself as dianna garcia. good thing i searched for more details because i never got the name of the company. i thought it was really strange how she got my number, when i graduated and from what school, and where i live. O_O

    thanks to your post and all the comments!

  203. i got the same call today from Ms. Rosel Tala, same number 09174892464, offering me a part time job since I already have work. She scheduled me for 3pm today same address OCTAGON TOWER CORNER EXCHANGE ROAD SAN MIGUEL AVE ORTIGAS PASIG CITY. Hindi naman niya sinabi kung anung floor. She said I was referred by a friend. Then I asked the person who referred me sabi niya hindi naman daw niya ako nirerefer and he said na networking nga daw un. Well it’s a good business and I have nothing against it, pero I’m not in to it eh..

  204. The company is legitimate but they employ sneaky tactics to bring people in to their orientations. They called me last Friday, the caller introduced herself as a project director from a US Biotech company (Which is true naman since NU is indeed a US biotech company). She said that the company is looking for student leaders to join their team for a leadership and management opportunity. She said that she got my name from a 3rd party HR company. i’ve recently been in touch with headhunters and I assumed that they got my profile from my headhunter contacts. I agreed to meet with the caller because I was under the impression that it was a genuine employment opportunity. Finally, I was at the 15th floor, the first thing I saw was NU Skin’s logo. I have a little background regarding the company, so I immediately realized that it wasnt going to be a job interview; it was an orientation. Im not into networking businesses – I was a bit pissed that the caller employed trickery and deceit. In spite of the circumstances, I decided to stay and listen. After all, I’ve dressed up for the meeting and went all the way to Ortigas for the “appointment.” After the 2 hour orientation, they asked us of 3 values we hold dear as a person and was asked to think of 20 persons who share those values. Then my recruiter asked me to write down their names, contact numbers and affiliation/university. I’ve worked for a headhunting firm in the past. I knew that it was a strategy to get referrals. For those who are wondering how they got your name, that’s the answer. Attendees give 20 names, complete with address, company details, and mobile numbers. They are lying in saying that names came from a 3rd party HR because none of the recruiters has your CV or resume.

    It’s sad how a legit company makes use of these unethical strategies. It would have been better to be upfront about the purpose of the meeting and asking of referrals.

  205. I’m still in shocked. This is really a dreadful experience. How come they know our information?

    Some also called me and asked me to go to their office. After knowing the details, I researched and was able to find this. Thanks guys! I could have been there if not because of this.

    So I asked the caller how did she get my info. Then I told her with all honesty what I have found out in the net. She said “is that a blog? I hope you’re smart enough to differentiate a blog and a fact.” Then abruptly bade good bye.

  206. mistiknit says:

    got a call from ms diane garcia from nus international…saying that i’m qualified as a trainer to their “healthcare project”. i was curious they know my details…the stupid thing that i did was told all my work experience to her. i was shocked when i got her call actually. then she explained the she got my info from my university…told me where i should go so that she could explain about the healthcare project. she gave me the directions. ride an fx to sm megamall. they are near linden suites, it is white tall building my landmarks are bdo and robinsons bank. bring a valid id because i need to register at the reception. she even told graduates from my university are professional. even ask “so what time will be meeting today?” i researched this company learned that its a networking company. i called her and asked the name of the building and she said “it’s bdo and robinsons bank” what???? i told her “it’s octagon bldg. i know this is a scam im not going thank you” BEWARE!!

  207. Almost everything has been said here but I will add my comment anyway.

    Around 4 years ago, I was conned into joining this company. A long lost friend YMed me and I initially thought it was a job interview. I showed up and joined but it was mainly because I did not want to embarrass my friend. Truth be told, I never really had any intention to be active and I just shelled out the cash to shut my friend up. 12,500 pesos gets you this bag of 10 assorted products (soap, vitamins, supplements, toner, and a booklet and some ticket-like things for their Bio-scanner). I was able to sell 6 of the items while the rest I gave to my family.

    My upline was this balding Chinese guy named Toby. The first thing they ask you to do upon joining is to produce a list of 300 names. These are names that you will be contacting and convincing to attend the seminar. They suggested techniques on how to invite people but the main point was to get them to come to the seminars without turning them off through the phone. Once the “marks”arrived at 15th flr Octagon, they took charge in the persuasion of the potential victims. They even had a term for the seminar. BOM or Business Opportunity Meeting.

    If you will notice, almost everything they say are half-truths. They say they are looking for “executives”. The bottom spots in their pyramid are occupied by their “junior executives”. They will invite you for a “job opportunity”. Technically, being a network marketer is a job. You ask them if this is Networking/Pyramiding , they will say no. They believe that a triangle which has a non-liner base is not a pyramid. You can’t really accuse them of lying since most of what they will tell you over the phone are borderline truths. These people seem to be very good in inventing ways to be “pilosopo”.

    I find it amusing that some of the members are posting here are saying that they only want to give others a chance to join the business and prosper. How can someone be so generous? Just remember guys, for every person they recruit, they get a cut out of it. Which is why I suspect that they are motivated by personal gain rather than some misguided attempt at benevolence.

    On a final note, let me just share that I work in credit department of a bank. One thing I have learned is that listing a networking company as your source of income is considered UNSTABLE. Whenever a loan application comes along and the applicant’s company/employer is SYNERGY, HEALTH WEALTH, ALLIANCE IN MOTION etc, we usually decline it up-front. We don’t care if you are a Platinum or Diamond executive or what-not, bottomline, banks and financial institutions don’t care much for these companies.

  208. brylezkie says:

    We have the same experience… may tumawag din sakin alam nya yung full name ko… pero nd agad kami nakapagusap sa phone call ng diretso kasi nasa trabaho ako… pinatawag ko sya uli nung out na ako… from NSIE INCORPORATED daw sya na naghahanap ng hardworking and good quality people… parepareho lang pala strategy nila kasi puro 3 mins phone call tapos may appointment pang nalalaman naka corporate attire at magdadala ng 1 valid ID… nationwide daw sila at ngayon nasa batangas area na sila… para po sa lahat ng young professionals na target nila ingat po tayo….

  209. puzzled says:

    oh my. these comments were posted almost a year ago.. but it happed to me too! just now! a guy named kevin ocoma did the same thing. NSE company. meet up at a certain place. 3pm. blahblah same exact things. . i was very suspicious. i thought it was a call center agent or something. now that ive read your comments, I now have proved that its just another pyramid business scam.

  210. Same story here, Ngayon lang! kakatawag lng, the name is Ellah 09052922258, same address #41 exchange, San Miguel Ave, Ortigas center, about the landmarks, Behind the SM Megamall and besides Linden Suites hotel, HIndi nya sinabe name ng company be also din daw in business attire and bring valid ID.

    I also having doubts na pumunta kasi magleleave sana ako sa work just for this bute na lang I search the net.

  211. My sister got a call from NSIE the other day. Thank you for posting this! A certain Ms. Aicelle asked her to come to Octagon Bldg in Ortigas. She asked what NSIE stands for but the caller just answered “international enterprise”. And she sounded so busy and ended the call. The girl asked her to wear corporate attire and id but didn’t instruct her to bring her resume. We are based here in bulacan. Thanks for the info she won’t go there tomorrow!

  212. thanks s site na ito, hay grabe nabigla tlga ako.. kanina may tumawag sakin n di ko kilalang number,saying sya c ms. arcilla from us biotechnology,looking for leaders? etc.. galing magsalita,sounds professional naman pero parang nagmamadali, knows my name and school i graduated. tapos asking me if i’m working and well compensated, then i said not so well compensated, just enough for my needs then she told me that i’l be earning around 15-20k and asking to have an interview tomorro by 1:30pm, saying formal attire,valid id, dont be late, basta all same stuff sa mga previous comments dito, then after a while, i tried to search for the address then i saw this site, naguluhan tuloy ako if i’l go tomorrow or not, majority says kasi it is a scam while others are not. but then again, thanks for letting me know about this. ang number nya ay di na katulad ng dati, ang number na tumawag sakin ay 0922-8222-795.

    • why not go there Chelle and see what they are offering.. malay mo magustuhan mo ang work.. networking ata eh.. try mo

  213. may tumawag sakin same story din tulad ng sanyo. hinihingi q ung website nila ang sav wla daw cla wesite! punta nlng daw q ng company nila nag malaman q details about business!! hmmp!! una palang iba na pakiramdam q sa kausap q.. buti nlng nagsearch q at naqta q 2 post na 2. thnx !! hirs her no. 09178427858 na tumawag sakin!!

    • mabuti rin pala i research about this number. kasi nasa event ako nung tumawg yung may-ari ng number na so hindi ko nasagot. nag-text ako pero hindi naman nagpapakilala.

  214. wow.. nakatulong nan malaki tong mga nabasa ko ah.. naka skeduled p nmn ako dis thurs πŸ˜€ 6pm .. buti at naisipan ko mag search about sa address πŸ˜€ salamat nan marami πŸ˜€

  215. HI everyone…earlier around 3:25 of this day (May 23, 2011) a certain Mr. KEVIN OCOMA called me and told me that he is from NSIE and he will talk to me for only 3 mins. I was puzzled where did they got my number because first I can’t remember that I applied to NSIE since I never heard of it. He asked me if I already had a job then I told him that my contract will end next month and they are looking for 3 JUNIOR MANAGEMENT TRAINEES for the US -based company, he asked me what day I’m available this week, then i told him on thursday. He then scheduled me to meet him thursday (MAY 26,2011) 6:30pm at the lobby of Octagon Tower in Ortigas and bring ONLY a valid ID and be in corporate attire. I’ve been to different interviews and every time they scheduled me for interview they always ask me to bring a copy of my updated resume.

    As I ALWAYS do before going on a job interview, I always check the company profile, there legitimate and exact location then I come up to this site having the same experience with the rest…..


    Know where you apply and ALWAYS look for review and do research for the company before going….

    GOD BLESS everyone….

  216. Like most of you guys, I was also deceived by this “15th-floor-octagon-center-managerial position-thing”. A certain SAM DE VERA called me several times trying to get me to an appointment. Offering me two possible appointment time WEDNESDAY 2:30pm or FRIDAY 6:30 pm. She said it will be a pre-qualification appointments. She also sent an SMS several times to confirm my attendance to that said appointment. Good thing I wasn’t able to attend due to some prior commitment. I asked my friend to research on this and this is what we found out. I was just puzzled because the caller know my name and some other relevant information. they are using these numbers ( 0922-815-1765 0916-635-4384) But I recall, I visited a spa center 3mos ago using NU skin care products. And they asked for my contact numbers. Maybe, in one way or another, Nu Skin Care and that 15th floor monkey business are connected.

  217. Hello there!

    Just this morning I received a call from Kevin O 0916-7290404 around 11:26 AM (May 24, 2011), same scenario; looking for young executive to help their expanding business (American based company).

    Kevin refused to give such details like nature of the business, if there’s a website or a formal email to be sent on my email, per him it will be all discuss this Saturday 1:30 PM (May 28, 2011) @ Octagon Center near Megamall B come in “Business attire”

    Let see what will happen if he will text me again or remind about our schedule this Saturday.

    Thank you for all the information on this Blog

  218. I was just called by a person named Bert C. He offered a project based job and asked me to go to the same place in Ortigas. I was very glad that my time wasn’t wasted because I found this blog and all these comments about NUSkin.

  219. AmNotDyem says:

    i got the same call this morning asking me if have 3mins to spare, sabi ko go lang .. his name dau is Mr. Muyco from Biophotonic International thingy He asked me whats my field of work and how long have i been working with them … nung sinabi ko na natahimik sya tpos biglang sabi ..

    what if we can offer a better salary and full beneficial thingy.. i wasn’t able to understand him that much kc i was in the middle of working.. sabi ko nlng can you just send me ur company information and address..

    his message wanted me to be in a business casual bring a 1 valid id and binigyan nya ko ng direct address sa my megamall malapit sa linde suites dun sa tabi ng bdo 15th floor and tell the gurd to look for him haaay! sounds fishy db ??and they don’t even tolerate being late! lol!

    so i checked online,cant find anything about the company.. so i googled the address .. what do you know… dami hits !! lol! all fraud!! hahaha!

    its a networking business asking you to sell stuffs.. you’ll end up as a walking tindahan.. pro sosyal kc beauty and health prods ung binibenta mo.. πŸ˜‰

    heads up guys, money is very difficult to earn these days be wise .. thank god for google LOL!! πŸ˜‰

  220. phoenix says:

    shocks!may nameet akong girl sa restroom ng shangrila..taga skin care daw xa..we exchanged numbers ofcourse coz i thot il be gettin a good job from her kc nasa edsa shang xa at that time eh.katatawag lng nya just now and shes inviting me to attend meetin this afternoon or if i cant make it probably tomorow,,when i asked the address sabi nya sa san miguel,ng doubt na ako..pucha scam to for sure,and next thing i did eh ung nagsearch ako..thank god nakita ko to!!thanks dude.

  221. thanks for the internet…someone named crishell ramos called me last Sunday and ask me to have an appointment with her tomorrow afternoon and go to 15th floor of teleformance at San Miguel ave. ortigas pasig…but i told her i have some important things to do on that same date, so she rescheduled me on friday…she even ask me to wear business attire and bring 1 valid i.d. and blah blah blah… i even want to visit the location so i wont be late on my appointment…good thing i checked it on the internet coz im not familiar with places and then i found this..thanks a lot…

  222. Hi, like almost everyone said, they received a call. so was I. a lady in name of Krischel Ramos called me today, 06-02-2011. she knows a lot form me, my school where i graduated, my profession, and my previous address. she spoke with hasye, i didn’t even catch the name of the company. just that it is a US based company. the location is #41 bldg, 15th floor, inside teleperformance. behind SM megamall. She is looking for young professionals who are highly motivated.

    I asked her, “what is this business about?”

    she says, “we will tell you all the detail if you attend the orientation tomorrow.”

    i figured she is trying to avoid being questioned. i’m not stupid to go in a place where i’m asked to go by a complete stranger.

    i asked her, “is this some kind of networking or pyramiding?”

    she says, “NO, A scam?”

    i said, “not necessarily a scam, but does it involves recruitment, buying of products to be a member or other stuffs like that?”

    she said, “we don’t ask anyone to sell products.”

    I asked again, “do I need to pay a membership fee to be able to work with you?”

    it is the first step to enter a pyramiding.

    She said, “we are not looking for investor. I can’t explain everything to you like now, but if you confirmed your appointment, we will tell you all the detail tomorrow. I’m sorry but I’m keeping a schedule right now.”

    So I did confirm my appointment. 06-03-2011 at 3pm. i should be on time and were a business attire.

    But i can feel that she is trying to avoid questions. I get paranoid at how she got those information about me, i know where i passed my resume. there is no way that i passed some somewhere in ortigas.

    I got the benefit of a doubt. Something inside me tells me it is weird that a company would call for applicants who didn’t even apply to them. so I browsed the internet and whoa. thanks to ADMIN for posting this. you surely helped a lot to save their time and efforts. though the company might be legit, their recruiter are liar at answering my questions.

    “we don’t ask anyone to sell” YOUR FACE!
    “Not a networking” YOUR FACE!

    I’m not interested to sell your products, and much more, i’m not fond of beauty products.

    thanks admin and sa lahat ng nag post ^^


    SINUBUKAN KO NA TONG NU SKIN NA TO.. YEah umatend ako ng pre qualification nila and bgo ka magstart para mgng member ng NUSKIN,kelangan mo bmli ng package nila (products) sa halagang P12,600 para daw mkpagtraining ka at pag nkpasa ka s training mggng executive ka.. Di ka naman dw nila iiwanan kpag nsa training ka,na full suport cla sau blah blah ang dame nila mggndang cnsb..

    Ang pinaka traning nla eh ung magbbgay k ng 300 name list with contact details at ttwgn nla un para sa pagiinvite ng mga tao na pde mrecruit under mo at ung pde mo pnthan para s pagdedemo ng products nila..

    And after ng P12,600 kinusap ako nung mentor ko and i was schokced kc hinihingan ako ng P27,800 (3 kits/package) para daw mkpag FAST TRACK ako kc un daw ang way para mpablis ang pgging executive ko at kelangan ko dw magavail nun for duplication dw ng system nla at mggng 200% daw ang support n ibbgy nla skn.. WHAT THE FUCK?!!!eh nung ngsign up nga ako sb nila full suport cla hbng trainee p lng ako! PURO PNGAKO LNG CLA SA TOTOO LNG ANG DME NILA HINIHINGI!! ibig sbhn kng d ka mkkpagavail ng P27,800 d ka mxdo iintindhin nung ngrecruit sau!


    Pinatawagn skin ung mga close friends q para paatendin ng business opurtunity meeting..
    Itinuro dn skin ung way ng pgtwag s cellphone
    e2 ung linya kpag d ka kakilala ng ttwgn mo
    “HI IM _________,im a Project Executive/Senior executive/Project Director (yan ung mga pagpapanggap na itinuro nila skin para daw mkuha ang atention ng tinwagan) this is an oppurtunity call for you _____ (ung name ng tnwagn) Pde ka ba mkausap 3 mins lng kc ngmmdli dn ako.. Im from NSI Co./NSE Co./NS Co. (kaya yan iba iba kc ayaw nila mlmn nung tnwgn ung buong name ng company kc pag sinearch nga naman ung s net eh puro negative ang llbas) at kng nsa manila ka naman d nila ssbhn sau ung exact address,kaya ang ang ibbgy lng sainyo eh ung drection papunta s bulding kc pag sinearch mo dn s net ang 15thflr octagon building puro nega dn ang llbas..

    Alam nyo b guys kng bkt 3 mins lng ung conversation at pnplbas nla na ngmmdli cla o may meeting pa cla blah blah kc para d n kau mkpagtanong about s company. para mcurios kau s project n cnsb nila,un ung way nla para mpaatend ung mga tnwgan s kng anu mang oras cla ineschedule..

  224. E2 ang kasunod!

    at ang isa dn sa training n cnsb nla eh ung maghhnap k o ttwgn mo ung mga tao n pde mo pagdemohan ng products nla..


    AT aftr ng P27,800 meron k n nmn dpt gwin.. Kelangan mo mag ARO (Automatic re-ordering) for 6 months na pumapatak sa halagang P7,500 MONTHLY.. which is tlgang super dme nla hinihingi.. Kelangan mo mag issue ng chek o kelangan mo ng credit card kc pag d ka nag ARO d daw mkktnggap ng 5% rebate..

    Sa totoo lng ang pinagsisisihan ko sa pag sign up ko d2 eh d cla totoo s lht ng pnapangako nla at di nila cnsb sau ang lht ng mga detalye ng dapat mong mlman kht na member k na ng NU Skin,magugulat ka n lng ang dme mo pla dpat gwin at byran aftr ng P12,600!

    Kaya sa lht ng mkktnggap ng twag,yan ung ppnthn nyo, gnyn ang sistema nla.. at s lht ng mgssign up wag kau bsta mnwala s mga pangako nila sainyo..


    A: galng yan sa mga taong kakilala nyo na umatend na ng orientation nila,kc right after ng orientation kakausapn nla ung mga taong umatend at pagsusulatin cla sa papel ng 20 list ng taong kakilala nla ksma ang contact no. at ang school kng san grumaduate at kng san kau ngttrbgo,tpos ttwgn nla kau. Kaya pag tinanong nyo cla kng san nkha ang number nyo,galing ung s mga taong kakilala nyo n umatend dn ng orientation.. hndi totoong s school nyo o kng san man

  226. Queenie says:

    OMG! buti na lang nagresearch ako about sa company na yon! mga bwisit cla! mahilig silang manloko ng tao… bad sila.. excited pa naman ako kc akala first job interview ko iyon yun pala hindi… awts! bahala na si BRO sa kanila.. haha! di na ako tutuloy dun, sayang lang pamasahe.. :))

  227. I also received call from Mr. Kevin Ocama a while ago.

    Mabuti nalang ngcheck ako sa net. He doesn’t want to elaborate the company name and the nature of it’s business. hndi nya daw un pwedeng idisclose through phone.

    Thanks guys sa mga comment nyo.

  228. whew… I was about to go this afternoon to this address #41 San miguel ave. 15th floor… good thing I searched this address first, then found a lot of blogs regarding this scam….thanks for posting this! same thing happened to me, a guy named “toby tangsoc” called me yesterday, he said that I was scheduled for a job interview today. He also said that it was a healthcare company, and that they are looking for healthcare professionals like me…

  229. same as wat happen 2 ol of u. ….thnks to the internet….now i knew it.!! IF I”ll go der ,juz wasting my tym and my money.. DAMN!! e2 ung no.09098164384 janet magana ung name.

  230. as in today 11 morning lng cya 2mawag june 10 2011..sinearch q kgd super curious tlga q………

  231. I received a call like this awhile ago from MS. ARCILLA of PHYTOPHARMA COMPANY. And the comments above were exactly everything she told me. Also, she texted me the address of the “interview” since she was ‘in a hurry’: San Miguel Avenue, BDO Octagon Centre, Mandaluyong City. When I asked what floor, she replied: “Dear, assist ka ng guard which floor would be the venue by that day.” AY WOW LANG EH. I knew there was something fishy about that call. Thanks for this site and the comments, mas na-confirm ko yung iniisip ko about that ‘job interview’.

  232. Early prevention is better than cure. I am relieved that I was able to browse this web page before stepping into something that might cause bigger trouble to me someday. Mr. Toby tangsoc is the one who called me and asked they were look for a young and vibrant person from the educational sector. It was a three minute conversation and just like the rest, i got excited at first but when i read it.. It turn down. It’s life πŸ™‚ Some people really took advantage of others for their own sake. BEWARE OF CROCODILES πŸ™‚

  233. iamwhoiam says:

    Haha galing ako dun kanina ang saya.. HALATA agAD na scam yun. AT kunwari pa na sa magagandang schools galing ung mga speaker may mapua may UP pa, ang lupet, pero habang kausap nila ako kunwari nabilog nila ang ulo ko pero sa totoo lang kung pde lang ipademolish ko ung building na yun gagawin ko pra mahinto na sila lintik sila mga manloloko ng tao ang pagkakamali ko nailagay ko ang mga number ng mga kaibigan ko sorry sa inyo. wag na lang kayong magpaloko sa kanila.

  234. hi! same thing here….. i texted them and said i researched on the company address you gave me … and can you check ano po yung lumalabas.. maybe they are not aware that they can be search..and they are on the nET ………

  235. i experienced the same thing.. i texted her back and said i google the company name and can you check ano po yung lumabas and then yun lang………. i dont like multi-level networking too!

  236. she just called and she use the name Bianca,!

    And my gf smell something about that 15flr. octagon bldg. etc., etc. she immediately research on the web.

    Then this blog came out. They don’t say anything about the company. They just said that it is a
    international company, that do blah….blah…blah….! so beware!

  237. Bats.victim says:

    Got the same. What’s alarming is that they are now in the Batangas region! And the adress is JJF building. Alangilan. Batangas. I haven’t been there, but the caller said the company is named NSIE.. and the lines she said about prOfessionalism and all are the same as those written here. I am actually not in the place of judging whether the one in ortigas and this one in batangas are one and the same, all that i am saying is that the scheme they employ is exactly the same. It’s disturbing.

  238. good thing i research first, I have an appointment here today, the girl whose name is Anne Villegas 09175774465 called me up yesterday and she knows some of my information. thank you guys for making this announcement

  239. lecxe_13 says:

    just got the same experience earlier… and it really made me excited that a big company wants to hire me, but then I realized that there is something wrong on how they approached their applicant. she asked if i am happy with my work, then i replied “medyo” and she said i can work part time since i already have my full time job. i felt happy that i will be part of what she called project of a big company or u.s. company. the caller named herself rose ann, and her surname was not clear. she gave me the address of the company, 2nd floor building B filinvest avenue alabang, muntinlupa. she made me choose what time of appointment i would feel comfortable to have, tuesday 3pm or tuesday 6pm. then i said tuesday 6pm, she reminded that i should wear proper attire, be on time since they are following the american time and also that i should not cancel my appointment because she already locked the schedule, huh? i said “ok.” after her two consecutive calls, i texted her and asked where did she get my number? what’s the name of the company? and what kind of company is it? but she only answered the name of the company, it’s NSIE. WHAT IS NSIE? any idea? i searched on the net, it only has few info, very limited. not helping me. my nanay said it could be a scam… hai, why do people need to do this kind of things? shame on you, if this is a scam, you’re not helping the world you’re making it worst. God bless you people! may God have mercy on us… people!

  240. woa i also recieve a call from my friend fresh grad xa and thnx guys i have read you blogs before i go there, i was ” scehdule for an interview tomorrow” well sorry pero hndi na ako pupunta….

  241. OMG! kanina lang may tumawag din sa akin kanina lang, about 10 mins ago,ngpakilala sken as MS. ARCILLA, she’s said she’s from a certain company in US (di ko maintindihan kung anong company ung snsbe nya) and they are looking for some young professionals daw who could have trainings sa snsbe nyang “Leadership and Management Project.” at first when i heard of the US, mejo naniwala ako, kase i was applying for a Work and Travel Program in the US so ayun, tanung ako ng tanong kung san nya nkuha ung infos about me, di nya ako masagot ng maayos, she was then gave me the address sa Mandaluyong nga, tinanong ko pa kung ano ba tlga yon dhil nde ko alam ung ipapaalam ko sa parents ko. Ayun, Super doubtful tlga ako, sinearch ko ung “Leadership and Management Project” na snsbe nya, walang lumalabas, so i decided to track the address and eto nga, nanavigate ako sa blog na ito, kinilabutan ako sobra sa mga nabasa ko haha, buti nlng! Thank You sa inyo, naligtas free day ko at di na masasayang oras ko sa pagpunta dito! THANK YOUU! ;))

  242. Thanks a lot for this forum and all the people who took effort and time to share their experiences. This is a very humane activity to warn people to such. Still, Good people rocks! Thank you. Thank God!

  243. thanks for the blogs…same here this toby called again inviting for an interview in their new office here in batangas. Actually 2nd time na ito kasi yung first call nila hindi ako pumunta dahil my mga nabasa akong blogs but not here. Then decided not to go. Now he called again scheduling me for interview at JJF BLDG. ALANGILAN, BATANGAS.. buti na lang nag search uli ako and find this blogs.. it help me a lot to decide kasi nag second thought pa ako kung pupunta to try pro wag na pala syang pamasahe ko… And they really know the details like school u attended and recent jobs.. kaloka…sino kaya nag refer sa akin???????????

  244. weng legaspi says:

    thank you for this blog!.. may tumwag din saken kanina with the same address!.. whew!..:D

  245. Gil Larry says:

    someone named Jinky Ledesma just called me up and told me thesame story as above. Im glad i knew it was a pyramiding scam. I was suppose to go there on saturday (june 25, 2011)

  246. sigma TRI says:

    Na shock naman ako sa mga comment na nabasa ko,..kze may tumwag din sa akin ngayon at about 9:00pm,and here’s the details..girl without a name kasi hindi nya sinabi,she just ask me if she can talk to me for about 3mins,.alam nya kung sino ako and san ako nagwowork,.ang sabi nya sa akin hindi nya masasabi ang complete details sa phone kaya pinagrereport nya ako sa office nila,choose nalng daw ako sa sched na to tuesday or wed ng 3:00pm and this is the add. NSIE Inc. 2nd floor building b bc group center filinvest ave. alabang and she told me to look for kevin ocoma. Thanks sa mga comment na nabsa ko,.share ko lang yung na experience ko,.ingat nalang po!

  247. Freshgrad says:

    thank you for this blog. i got also the same call this afternoon from an unknown number – 0963773035. her name was jenny lim. sobrang hina ng voice and sa background, para siyang nasa outdoors.

    good thing i’ve decided to research for the place kasi hindi ko talaga nakuha yung exact address at balak ko pa siya itext for the details of the company.

    ginoogle ko na lang yung mga sinabi nyang info and thank God, i’ve come to read this! thank you so much! πŸ™‚

    still no job, but nothing to worry. good thing i’m free of scams! πŸ™‚

  248. Hi! I read a lot of your complains and comments about the company. thank God and i found this blog.

    Someone called me today and she did also mentioned the same thing. same stories about about what you guys have encountered. the woman said that i was referred by someone and then when i asked her who referred me, she said that its a long process to take to know who recommended me. (puzzled right?) and then i just told her, ok! I’ll research your company over the net and found this blog about that company.

    I sent her a message and I told her that “Hi! Did some search about your company and I read a lot about it and I’m not going on friday. Sorry!”

    Here’s her number 0933-329 6443 and her name is Charo Leus.

  249. julius earvin says:

    mat tumawag din sakin kanina lang tapos eto ginoogle ko na lang, sa they really are a scum mukang something is really not right because thay don’t want to give any details or job description.
    basta they just give their location 2nd floor JJF building alangilan, batangas city.

  250. From Batangas City too says:

    My bf got a call and text me if i know this place
    JJF Bldg, Alangilan Batangas City
    (near St. Peter’s Subdivision)
    Just as I’m about to search for the place, my phone rang.
    I got the same call.
    A girl saying she only got 3min and I’m invited and I have to be there on time wearing proper attire. She talked so fast that i have to ask her to repeat what she said.
    This is so fishy.
    1.) Both my bf and didn’t applied for the job (in Alangilan Batangas)
    2.) She didn’t mentioned the company’s name when she called
    3.) She gave me two schedule for interview/orientation
    —–a 10AM-THURSDAY and a 1PM-SUNDAY
    My good friend said “anu bang company un?.

    Tnx for this page,
    Now I don’t have to waste my time this coming Sunday

  251. Good Day~ I’m Remie Jordan of Las PiΓ±as, a BSN Undergrad & a NetWORKER at heart. napasearch ako sa internet dahil may nakita ako sa facebook about a friend of mine ranting about the said company, NU Skin. Well for me, NU Skin looks like a legitimate company, and they DO have international branches.

    hindi po ako associated nor kasali sa company na yan, pero as a Networker, hindi po Scam ang isang MLM or Networing Company, it’s a Business Strategy to fully dispense their products/services w/o spending too much on the traditional ways (TV/Radio/News Paper Infomercials/Commercials) and as well as helping their distributors on their work. May trainings rin po kami sa Company namin, pero ang ganitong Strategy ng NUSkin is truly Fierce and Aggressive. It’s like Deceiving Someone just for them to make an Invite. They aren’t scamming us, but it’s just so WRONG on how they approach & hunt for people. as I have said, their ways are Fierce and Aggressive. Making Cold Calls like that reminds me of my work last year, as a Telemarketer, it’s really irritating to unanticipated & unexpected calls, been there done that. as a Professional Network Marketer, I disagree on how they fish for people, it would be nicer if they could just explain it straight to the point. As for me, I prefer my Clients Texting/Calling/PMing me rather than me hunting for prospects. Atleast for my clients, they are already interested to what I’m offering, unlike these NUSkin People who wants to ruin their company’s background. it’s their loss i must say.
    .-= Remie Jordan´s last blog .. =-.

  252. Jacky Chan says:

    Hey Guys!

    A woman called me this afternoon with the same scenario.. Her name was “Angelie” and asking me if I can go for an interview on July 8 at 3pm that she scheduled. So the location according to her was at 2nd Floor Building B, BC Group Center, Filinvest Ave., Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. As I was searching for the Company, there is no exact company for the said address she mentioned. So I am very confused of where did she get my contact number and knew everything about my educational background. Good thing I searched for it and found this blog site. Thank God, it’ll be Friday to meet her up still doubting but already have an idea of how it will be.

  253. I also had the same call, A guy whose name justine 09176250522 who already knew my name and school bit confused considering that i dunno where the fucking hell did he get my number. He promised me to have a higher position and high salary take note with a good compensation. Then i asked for their location telling me that they were located at the 20th flr. of Octagon Bldg. San Miguel Ortigas Pasig City. Then he scheduled me for an interview,saying that other things will be discussed personally.

    But when i texted them back asking for the name of the company they didn’t bothered to reply. Then that make me think of searching it through the net. Surprisingly, i found out that theirs a lot of people who encountered the same scenario.

    I’m grateful that i was able to read those comments giving me an awareness that the company is an SCAM!

  254. Hello everyone.. on the last minute, i’ve searched that net and luckily found this site.. I don’t know what or whom to believe but I have same story.. A girl called me, tell me to go at Teleperformance blg, exchange road ortigas pasig city.. being a probinsyana and having a strict parents is not easy ’cause I know a little in going anywhere.. now, i will still search again for another site because I have a friend who already went there last week actually and she came back naman ng BUO.. hahaha! but the sad part is, she dont want to talk about the company and dont want to tell any information about the company ..her reason is, “basta punta ka nalang doon, marami naman teleperformance sa ortigas” I don’t know really! ang hirap ng sitwasyon ko.. anyone na online? please would you care to talk about it? now kasi interview at 3pm..

    this site gave me different info. pros and cons if I will weigh it, both part has their point.. but for me, if it is networking, not bad ’cause I attended many of it but AYOKO MAGNETWORKING.. they said its not a call center naman daw nung tumwag sila pero I always ask the work position but sabi niya “punta ka nalang then tignan ung skills mo then we’ll tell your position that you’re capable of”

    in the end, HINDI NALANG AKO PUPUNTA.. im sure, may magagalit sa comment ko na’to pero sabi nga ni KRIS “we live in democracy” and I also believe in this “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”

    HOLA! God bless you guys..thank you so much!

  255. To all and to Wise,

    Same tayo tinawagan din ako ng Kevin Ocoma na yan. Buti na lang nabasa ko post ng mga concern satin and na experience din yung ganun na recruitment. Siguro magpakatotoo na lang sana sila. Ingat kayo Guys kasi work ang hanap niyo di yung kayo ang pagkaperahan. Sila yayaman kayo di pa bawi.

  256. mine isn’t exactly the same. the caller, , mistakenly called my sister, saying that she is looking for me. my sister, being intuitive as she is, interviewed the said caller and found nothing but a vague company name and that they are located at ortigas. in the end my sister provided her with my number. she called me around 6:30 in the evening. i didn’t understand what she was talking about perhaps due to signal problem. when my sister talked to me i decided to send her a message, explaining that i wasn’t able to comprehend what she was talking about earlier.

    the next day she called me

    bring 1 valid id
    be in business attire
    address: 41 octagon building san miguel avenue ortigas center

    she even made me repeat the details.

    my interview is suppose to be tomorrow, 3pm.

    what bothers me the most is not the fact that they know my complete name nor the school from which i graduated. it’s the weird way by which she/they have obtained my sister’s cp number saying that it was the number written together with my name.

    she said 2 things, she found my name on the list of graduates and (i’m not sure on this), a classmate of mine referred me to them. i asked some of my fellow graduates, and they never received a call.

    now i don’t think i should go for the interview tomorrow.

  257. Kanie.luke says:

    GOD is good tlga…
    may tumawag din sa’kin, named “Rachell”…
    I wonder kung san nya nakuha infos sa’kin even my personals.,

    dapat nag-meet kami naun, but i found out this morning that i’m having a one-month old baby, kya di ko nagpunta… ang kulet, tawag ng tawag. durable naman daw un work, atleast my pglalaana, malaki kita, blah-blah-blah-…

    07-13-11 dapat nag-meet kami naun..
    re-sked na lang daw…

    07-15-11, magkikita kami ulet..
    bahala syang maghintay…
    i think its about time, they’re been waiting so long for the right person..

    i already coordinated with the BITAG cast.


  258. Lorainne says:


    A moment ago I was on the phone with someone called Janeth Magana from an American Health Care Company in Ortigas. She knows my name, my (new) cell no. 0_o, the school I graduated from and my course. She said that I was recommended by my school (Tss!) She asked if I’m unemployed or currently working and if I have a free time so that she could schedule me to an interview, she asked if we could meet tomorrow. I lied that I couldn’t go because I have a family trip going on. (I lied because I don’t trust her). She asked me if I could meet her on Monday at 3PM instead and to wear business attire. She told me to go the address she gave me so that we could talk about a Health Care Project. She also said to bring a valid ID (valid ID lang?!, something’s fishy). She repeated several times that I should not be late because the company is practicing the American time. She also made me repeat the scheduled time which is 3PM.

    After the call I searched the name of the company. After minutes of searching, I realized that the company she was talking about doesn’t exist. Then I typed #41 Octagon Bldg, San Miguel, Ortigas, then I found out that they’re using another company’s address. I stumbled upon alot of blogs about SCAMS which is very very similar to this. Here’s the link:

  259. tinawagan din ako ng isang babae from that company and we actually went there for the “so called screening”.. They are not illegal but it seems na networking din ang style nila.. magaling lang yun tactics nila in talking and convincing people kaya naipapalabas nila na di sya recruiting/networking game.. they are doing that kasi na-tu-turn-off na ang tao sa networking.. pero if you think na you are effective in networking, na di ka magpapahamak ng ibang tao para kumita.. i think walang masama sa company nila, mukha namang facts yun nsa presentation nila. We end up na di na bumalik kasi we are not comfortable sa ganong style πŸ™‚ its up to you guys

  260. PS about dun sa numbers.. maybe its from your friends na umatend ng “so called screening” nila.. kasi may mga papers dun na ibinigay sa amin.. ilagay daw dun yung name, number and school/company nung mga gusto namin magka-work/matulungan.. we have no idea… so patawarin nyo nlng po kami… just dont answer the calls and text if your not interested anymore..

  261. im harold, a girl name jel.
    i’d ask her were did she get my number,
    she told me that she got it from there “DATA BASE”
    then i’d ask again what DATA BASE?
    she didn’t told me what data base is it. .
    so i played our conversation. . because ithink its fake. . she all so told me this 15th floor Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas pasig City.
    then After the conversation i’d search this address. . then this site appear. . thanks to the internet. . now i know that my decision is right…..

  262. muntik nko dun ah !!! , dapat bukas magki2ta kme nung tamawag sken e , buti nlang snearch ko!!! salamat po :))

  263. confused.. says:

    thanks for this guys.. i am a new grad and i just cancelled my appointment to a certain alyne permontilla asking me to have a meeting @ #41 teleperformance tower san miguel, ortigas.

    at first i thought it was the teleperfomance company calling me, and of course i was very excited about it (i based it on the address because i am not familiar about ortigas i just assumed the company is teleperfomance πŸ™ sorry.) but thank God i confirmed it, after knowing that it is not connected with the teleperfomnce (according to her: SYNERGY COMPANY is the name) and when i started asking questions, she keeps on telling me to just write down my questions and give it to her when we meet. and telling that she will not be able to answer anymore of my txt due to some important meetings. i sensed that something’s really fishy.. haha.. and after reading here, ha! i dont have any second thoughts of going there. won’t waste my time for that meeting anymore. THANKS talaga..
    oopps.. to some readers beware: hirs her # 09175470913

  264. ganun pala un..excited pa nmn aq..katatawag lang sa akin.. of NSE international…at ito ang address ..JJf bldg.alangilan.batangas city..hndi din ngbibigay ng web site nila.bawal daw..mmmm..ganun..according sa mga nabasa q dito’s a kind of networking..well..i’m not interested..

  265. Hi, thanks for this blog. I’ve received a call last Friday from a person named Ann Duran using this number 09177100087. Akala ko eto na ung ina-anticipate kong call from companies na ina-aplyan ko. Sabi nya she’s from NSI and get my info in jobstreet/jobsdb (not sure ang bilis kc magsalita) and offered me a partime job.

    Their company is a European and they were searching for people who could work on a project-based. And then asked me if I could come for a job interview, business attire and 1 valid ID. Address: 15/F Teleperformance Bldg San Mig Ave. Ortigas Pasig City.

    Then I ask their company website ang sabi “under construction” pa daw…anyway ung company profile nman daw eh id-discuss dun sa office nila, so from there parang napaisip ako di kaya scum but I just said yes and ang sabi pa “you sound very professional naman & i hope you can come on the said date (parang emotional blackmail he3)…and then eto i search for blogs nga. Not sure if scum nga or networking. But i’m not really interested in this kind of stuff and sana naging straightforward nalang cla sa intention nila baka na-appreciate ko pa.

  266. really!! the girl called me today her name is ” KARMI ” she told the company u guys told already.. anyway buti na lang may nagpost sa site na to, kac when i’m asking kung wat line ng work nila dami sya cnabi marketing strategy, sales, healthcare etc… i ask din kung networking she told me, no.. anyway wala naman talagang masama sa networking eh, kaya lang dapat cnasabi na lang nila ung true kac d lahat ng people interested sa ganyan work, punta pa naman sna ko dis coming wednesday @3pm.. thanks at least na know ko kagad… salamat sa net…. godbless guys….

  267. Live Curious says:

    Same here, Mr Agbay just called me 15 minutes ago, sabi niya na taga NSIE Biotechnology Company siya, nirecommend daw ako ng school ko (FEU-EAC) at alam niya name ko pero tinanong niya kung anong course ko which is Electronics Engring (dapat alam nila kung nirecommend ako ng school). Tinanong din niya yung schedule ko at sabi ko hanggang 11am lang ako every friday and sabi niya na may interview ako this friday ng 3pm and wear formal attire and dont be late @ 41 octagon bldg, exchange road, ortigas pasig for an interview… Buti na lang nakita ko itong blog, balak ko pa namang pumunta kasi malapit na OJT namin so i thought may kinalaman ito doon… Mag-aral na lang ako, workout and do projects… =)

  268. Live Curious says:

    Exact messgae from (+639166473543) after a call

    “Hi goodevening. This is from the office of Mr Agbay. We are at 41 Octagon Bldg, Exchange Road, Ortigas Pasig. Pls be on business attire, have valid id and be on time. See you and Godbless”

  269. thank you for this site. kc ganyan dn ung case na nangyari skin buti i search for this. Thank God…

  270. OMG!!
    pls beware,,i need to post this on is really a scam,,
    thankx GOD i found this site,,ive been searching for the company named NSE INTERNATIONAL,which forcing me to attend to their given sched july 24,2011 at 2ND FLOOR JJF BLDG ALANGILAN,BATANAGAS CITY..i told her that i m familiar with that place bcoz i am a batanguena..but im currently working here in laguna..

    the same old story,,
    3mins call—,and she said its not her work to give the whole info about their company,,

    basta xbi nia xa akin is if im free..i must go there for the best opportunity to earn 20k-30k/month,,binigian pah nga nia qu ng 2nd sched ee..july25, 12:30-2:30 pm..

    so i doubt,,i really smell sumthing fishy,,kinulit qu talaga xia,,xv qu xan nila nahanap profile qu..wat was her name..madami aqu tinanong,,nagmamadali nia tinapos ang conversatio qu w? her and told me its juxt a 3min call..basta wen i got there daw,,

    let me look for MS.LEE..
    good thing i searched the net..for almoxt 3hours of searching,i found this site,,i need to tell these on my friendx in batangas,,they could be the next victim..

    anyway guyx,this is the company number that xhe said..
    the same # that she used to call me up and disturbed my 30-mins break on my work!!

    money is hard to be wise,,
    im sure they are doing that becoz of the same reason..
    thatnkx for the time reading will really help u a lot..

  271. God's morning says:


    I was been invited to look at the opportunity in to by someone whom i don’t know, and it was ok for me.

    the invitation was done professionally, they DON’T convince people. its all about you to decide. NOT LIKE other MLM company they brag you, convince you and the way they invite is deceiving
    Whats wrong with checking things out? Anyways they clarify that it was not for employment and no commitment yet

    You pre-judge already and you haven’t given your self a change to see it.

    whom you’ll believe most? opinions or facts?
    The company is great, i research it on the net and its true, it is also bigger than San Miguel Corporations and the products are awsome since he let me try some of it.IN one us, oh my gosh, the effect was in an instant. But the question is Are you also Great For the Company.

    I realize, the Pre-qualification is for you to see if you qualify yourself to be a part of their team.

    maybe you GUYS give yourself to look at it before you POST nonsense things not even looking at the opportunity that they want to share

    Is there something wrong in checking it before you decide? Maybe this is the OPPORTUNITY you have been longing for.

    and guess what they also let me write down my goal, kinda cheezy but it was really helpful.
    i thank them for calling me because now I HAVE A CHOICE


    Hi God’s morning. I was also Invited, i have the same realization about it. Working with this company will be a privilege.
    I was also invited to some NETWORKING company before and this was so different. i also search the net before coming to the said interview, but still i go since they said NO COMMITMENTS yet. the thing made me curious is IT WAS NOT FOR EMPLOYMENT.

    well….. bottom-line the experience was good, since they we’re professionals

    THE OPPORTUNITY IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, and not all people in this world are rich also.

    Still I’m thinking about it coz’ this will something I’ll be doing out of my comfort zone.

    well comfort will never lead you to becoming rich but rich can lead you to your comfort. Read that in a book THE SECRET OF A MILLIONAIRES MIND . πŸ™‚

    anyways guys thats your life…

    For me I’m thankful that this people are doing something to help others to see what they have.

    Most people are really close-minded and rely with opinions. So don’t bother asking why your life stinks. πŸ™‚

  273. whew! buti nalang niresearch ko kagad to.. ayaw nila kasi magbigay ng company name kaya sinearch ko nlng binigay nilang adress.. lahat ng nabasa ko dito ganung ganun ang sinabi nila sakin nung tinawagan ako… Mr Toby daw 09178120511

  274. Lorenzo Manuel Amado says:

    may tumawag din po sa akin. kailangan daw nila ng traning executive. pero may qualification daw muna bgo mahire. ito rin po kaya yun? malapit daw sila sa sm megamall. babae yung tumawag skin. salamat! πŸ˜€

  275. ceegeigh says:

    i have the same story kaninang hapon me tumawag sakin from NSE INTERNATIONAL “joana” is the name of the caller then she talked with me for just 3min only dw .. then she discussed about what to do .. she told me that i was for interview by their company here in batangas city me “MEETING” dw na mgaganap by THURSDAY or SUNDAY dw, pero ang sabi nia kung interested dw ako kunin ko dw ang address nila so kuha ko nmn she gave me this address JJF BLDG. Alangilan, BAtangas City near St. peter subd. at talagang binaggit nia ang name ko.. ang sabi nabasa dw nia ang info ko sa kanilang company website.. ang pinagkakataka ko bagong bili lang ung SIM CARD ko almost 1week palang at actually di ako basta basta ngpopost ng bagong number ko sa mga websites .. iisked dw nia this coming sunday darating dw ang kanilang boss 1pm .. then she asked if kung mkkpunta ako para maapoint na ako ng ganung oras .. dhil di ako tiwala pinakansel ko.. MAG-INGAT po kau sa ganitong balita.. then alam nio ginawa tiningnan ko ung cnbing building near st.peter wala nmn ganun ..

    gudluck sa inyo e2 ung number ng tumwag sakin beware of this number ” 09494958101″ iwasan ang magpaloko para walang maloko ..

    pahabol super tanong pa kung anu ang experience at kung sa ako ngwowork .. grabeh super sabi ko nmn..

  276. nako sken kahapon lang. Julie Guadalupe naman. May konting peptalk pa, tapos malabo yung company info. Sa text nila nakalagay from A US BIOTECHNOLOGY COMPANY. Eh tinamad ako pumunta kaya sinearch ko muna, ayun nakita ko tong blog na to. Thank you so much

  277. tnx for the blogs, it helps me to decide that i will not come. tnx again..

  278. hello guys, thanks for the information..your good at heart.. someone called me an hour ago, i told it to my dad, sabi nya internet ko muna, ayun pag ka internet ko, i found this forum, thanks tlga sa inyo.. hindi nyo hinyaan maloko iba tao, your really good at heart..

  279. kaninang umaga my tumawag din sa akin na girl.ito ang gamit nyang #,09175227868.hindi ko naintindihan ang name nya.ang bilis kasi nya magsalita.basta sabi nya nakita daw nya resume ko sa isang jobseeker.twice na sya tumawag sa akin.yung una hindi ko nasagot.tapos, kanina nga tumawag ulit sya.sabi nya wala daw contract signing yun.pinapapunta nya ako s address na ito,3rd flr. jjf building alangilan national highway batangas city near st. peter subdivision.may binigay syang schedule sa akin.bukas at 10am o sunday at 1pm.kung saan daw ako available.after ko syang makausap,narealize ko bakit my schedule p sila ng sunday.wla naman office ko agad s internet ang place nila.hindi ko ito mahanap.nagduda na ako.nagsearch na ako sa iba pang web address, di ko pa rin makita.buti na lang nabasa ko ang mga comment about sa kanila.ngayon alam ko na..buti na lang..tnx..

  280. Concerned Citizen says:

    i also received same call from a person named: Princess Juan asking if i am willing to work for a part time job since i have already a job, and telling that if i can attend to their orientation at 15th floor, Octagon, San Miguel Building, Ortigas, Pasig City and wear corporate attire. I am searching in the net for the exact address of that building and thank GOD because i have seen this blog/post. Thanks to you blogger for the nice post.

  281. kaninang umaga may tmawag. cp number yun. hnanap ako at sbi.. pnta rw ako sa 2nd floor BC grp center Philinvest ave. alabang mntinlupa sa friday 3 PM. wear business casual attire yun sbi nya. NSB and look for keven ocoma.. hayss sa mga nbasa ko.. natulala nlng ako.. pare pareho tayo ng situation.

  282. naloka ako sa mga nabsa ko.. imagine guyss. CP gmit.. e kramhan nsa mga company ay gumagamit ng landline.. bwisit tlaga guyss

  283. Good thing I read this I was scheduled for an interview tomorrow and yun nga only the abbreviation NSIE lang binigay. Same script they need 2-3 individuals to help them. I was about to cancel a prior appointment thinking that the offer can be a sideline. BUti na lang. Sana they can be straightforward na lang lalo silang nasisira eh. Beware talaga.

  284. ..wat aAaa?….BUTI N LNG ngsearch din muna ako…bat same info…talk for 3mins..then same address…buti n lng ngrsearch muna ako…..tom dpat nterview ehh…..hays..thnx guys..

  285. Gerrald SapiΓ±o says:

    Thanks a lot sa nag-reveal ng true nature and true intentions ng caller na yun. i recieved a call just an hour ago.
    09065349021- Jenelyn is here name

    She’s offering me a job of Junior Executive for training and management, and trieng to know the nature of the company ngdoubt na ko sa call na yun. nagtanung pa ko ng madami at yun she mentioned their company’s name. NSPE US BIOTECH COMPANY and the address is SAN MIGUEL AVE. ORTIGAS CENTER PASIG CITY IN FRONT OF SAN MIGUEL CORPORATION. i noticed the address to be insufficient that’s why i searched the net and BOOM! i found out this site and realized all of it from the call she made which is exactly match to what you guys mentioned.

    Thanks to this guys! BWAHAHAHAHHAH!

  286. totoo ba yan? grabe naman buti na lng nagresearch ako sa net… SCAM ba talaga.. nagdadalawang isip tuloy ako kung pupunta ako…

  287. thank you internet..
    thanks to this blog/site..

    well, it happened to me..
    she was called yesterday and i have an appointment later at 3:00pm with so called Ms. Sam De Vera.

    where: teleperformance building San Miguel Ave. Ortigas, Pasig City (15th floor) near
    attire: business attire
    no requirements!!
    no contract signing!
    cell#: +63916-6354384
    comp. name: NSE Synergy Global

    i think their are targeting the college students.(just like me). she is good in convincing people. i was deceived. she even said that she get my information thru my University but i called my University they said na ” wala silang connection sa NSE Synergy Global” so i doubt and search in net..then i found this blog.(i really am thankful)

    Ingat po tayo.

  288. ako din. naktanggap din ako ng tawag kani-kanina lang.. nag pakilala ung tumawag sya daw si mich/mitch (watever spelling) santos. and inask nya ko kung employed na daw ba ako or still studying, then nag ask sya na pumunta ako dun sa JJF BUILDING ALANGILAN NATIONAL HIGHWAY para daw ma discuss ung details na hindi masasabi sa phone kasi 3 mins lang ung call na un. at pinappunta nya ako bukas, (SUNDAY YUN) 1 pm daw. nag taka na ko.haha. then, naisip ko naman mag research sa net about sa building at sa company na un. and also sa pangalan nung girl na tumawag.
    luckily i found this blog. andami palang kagaya kong tinawagan. haha. salamat sa inyo. it helped me alot.
    ingat tayo guys ^^,
    ~share ko lang din ung sken. ^^,

  289. sarah (08-06-11) says:

    someone called me on my phone….babae ang sabi nya sakin pnta daw ako 15th floor san miguel bldg..2:30pm on monday alam nya name ko pati kung saan ako nag graduate then nagtataka ako bakit sya ngmamadali…ngaaply kc me sa call center and i asked what company sila and sbi nya skin teleperformance somekind of international company…then nagtataka ako kc mostly nag iinterview ay nageenglish xa puro tagalog…..then parang nag aalangan tlga me…then niresearch ko nga sa internet ung 15th floor na sbi nya and wla pla nageexist na ganon….. Buti na lng nag research muna me ……thanks God

  290. Bats. Victim 2 says:

    i got the same call today…they said their from NSP International…but after i looked it up on the internet..there isnt a bit of info about this so called “NSP International” the lines professionalism came out of out conversation..when i asked about their website, the caller just replied their company name without even filling a background on what it really is..the location is JJF Building Alangilan Highway Batangas. good thing i saw this blog… whats more surprising is that they asked me to come on SUNDAY!! what kind of organization would professionally ask an individual to come on a SUNDAY?? so guys beware..

  291. buti na lang nagsearch ako sa company at yung location na sinasabe nila. around 8:28 am may tumawag sakin at sinasabing U.s company daw sila at pinapupunta nila ko sa jjf bldg, alangilan batangas.may binigay silang schedule na pwede ako magpunta..tomorrow(aug.9, 2011) at 3pm and thursday(aug.11, 2011) 10 am. sinabe nila na nakuha daw nila ang name at number ko sa school na pinasukan ko. katulad ng nabasa ko sa blog na to,parehas na parehas ang sinabe nila sa sinabe sakin nung nagngangalang jenifer guerra.. πŸ™ thanks god at naisipan ko ang mgresearch..

  292. Bakit ba may mga taong sinungaling? Be open minded daw pero bakit kailangan gumamit sila ng ibang company name? Mag-ooffer daw ng job bakit d maging legitimate at sincere sa pag-offer. Be professional daw, eh kung sila mismo sinungaling paano sila naging professional at magiging successful kung sa umpisa pa lng puno na ng kasinungalingan. Wla naman pong masamang tumawag kayo at mag-offer ng job pero sana isipin nyo rin kung kayo nasa kalagayan namin. Sana naisip nyo muna bago kayo gumawa ng kwento.

    Sabi ng caller: He is Jeffrey Lee of Bioscan our office is located at 15th flr. Octagon Bldg San Miguel Ave. Ortigas. Can we schedule you on Thursday 6:30pm or Saturday 2pm. Since you spoke professional over the phone, he is not expecting me to cancel my appointment on the day itself.”

    I hate liars… please beware of this number 09162398464 – Jeffrey Lee

  293. Here’s another name:


    Same Building: 15th Flr., Octagon Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Pasig City
    Date and Time: August 12, 2011 3:00PM
    Attire: Business
    Requirements: 1 Valid ID (No Resume)
    Cellphone # : 09162398464

    Hi I was called today and I read these comments and suddenly I saw it was a scam. At first , I doubted because I never applied at any company before except when they include “JOBSTREET”. Then, a caller named JESSIEY (he did not include any surname) talked to me. He didn’t asked for any information. He just asked if I am a fresh graduates (scammers are commonly looking for this) and I said no. Then, he told me to get a paper and pen and he told me the address, date and time (the one that’s written above). He also told me to wear business attire and bring valid ID. He did not told me to bring resume (as for me, I only consider companies who tell me to bring a copy of resume or some other requirement… ^_^). Then, after our conversation I decided to print a copy of my resume and check the internet for confirmation and I accidentally found this article and decided not to go there (good thing I accidentally need a copy of my resume… ^_^).

    TIPS: To avoid this thing being repeated again always remember the word 15TH Floor. It’s very common for some people who posted their comments on this article. Also, try so search the internet for useful information.

    As they always say: “MARUNONG ANG TAONG NAGTATANONG”.

  294. thank you guys/gals for posting your story…
    we’re the same… I also got a phone call a while ago from NSP International, a girl named Angelica (? idk) her number is 09474782778 she’s inviting me to come to this address: TELEPERFORMANCE BLDG. CORNER EXCHANGE ROAD ORTIGAS, PASIG CITY and she asked me if I have free time to come wearing a business attire, in the first place I was excited because I’m also looking for a job.

    since I don’t know yet about this company, I gave my YES to come tom. 2:30 pm, so she scheduled me….. but I came to my realization that yes I’m applying online but I couldn’t remember that I’ve submitted my application to them,so I checked my sent e-mails while also searching the company and address and ohhhhhhh^^^ I found this BLOG and read all your comments here, I was shocked because we have the same story……. and so I decided to cancel my appointment… telling her that I had very important appointment instead, sorry…

    I need a job inorder to make money… but its like, I have to waste money inorder to have a job…. uh oh.. oO)

    Judging is not really good, and some of us doesn’t even know what kind of management they have…. so… it’s up to you if you want to try…… (basta ako kanselado na) hehe….

    Goodluck to us!!! <3 GOD is GOOD****

  295. Actually, network marketing isn’t an illegal nor a wrong thing. It is basically a business concept and process that many businesses have adapted to nowadays. For instance, the trainers in the gym and the gym itself, they actually do the same “points system” and referral system as Nu Skin. So all in all network marketing is not bad, unheard of, illegal, and the like.

    However, I would like to tell all the Nu Skin people, the only thing that differentiates you from the other companies (na hindi bina-bash and ginagawan ng negative reviews) that do network marketing is that THEY ARE VERY TRANSPARENT with their business transactions. THEY DON’T MASK THEIR WORDS WITH FLUFF AND IMPRESSIVE TECHNICAL JARGON. In addition, they STATE THE NAME… rather FULL NAME OF THE COMPANY, not just initials like NSE, NSIE, NUS, NUSPH, and all that. Don’t misrepresent yourselves by saying “I’M CURRENTLY WORKING FOR AN AMERICAN BIOTECHNOLOGY FIRM… MULTINATIONAL DISTRIBUTIONS COMPANY… AMERICAN DISTRIBUTIONS COMPANY… CONSUMER GOODS INDUSTRY… and the like”.

    I was called by 10 different people in a span of 2 months saying various things and promising “this” and “that” but I never went nor scheduled any meeting with them. Reason being that I was busy with something else. But when I actually took time to listen to the 10th caller (I think his name was Paolo Ebora or something like that) and considered the opportunity, I did some researching and realized all their blabbering was a big pile of shit, so ‘di ko na tinuloy. Thank you to the writer of this entry and everyone else who wrote their comments. At least na-inform ako.

    I don’t hate the company naman, they’re right naman eh na kasama sila sa Forbes, its a legitimate business, their products work better than all other commercialized products, the money is really good, pero the people there are so deceiving and would do anything to get your 12,600. -Yes, may kaibigan ako na nag join and he constantly complains.

    BEWARE People.

  296. OH. God.. thanks tou dear for this blog.. i’m planning to come pa nmn this coming thurs. they called me up. i’m from batangas. it’s the fourth time

  297. jason rivera says:

    jennifer jhopen naman ang NAME na tumawag saken…

    -duda ako start plng… work naman inoffer nia saken.. same address..pero sa ortigas nman.. likod ng megamall daw…

    -dinerecha ko cia.. hahahah kako iba nlng wag ako… e ni ndi ako nag pasa ng resume dun ee..

    -alam kaya nila 2ng site na toh??? hahahaha

    -nakakatakot cla.. bka kidnapping ang modus..


  298. good thing i checked first. i received the same phone call yesterday. telling me to come to a specific address. at that time the signal at our place became so choppy i could not understand anything he said. so i told him to call me on my landline and, voila, he gave me the same reason that they are giving you guys. that they are not to exceed 3 mins etc etc. American Biotech was such a good name to name a company. it tickles the ears really. just now as i was writing this comment the same guy called me and reminded me of our meeting today. i told him i read things about their supposed company and he told me that dont believe anything… wow kapal ng mukha… sa nagsulat nito salamat sayo… sa iba sana mag ingat na lang din… thank you talaga!

  299. ghibgibsons says:

    hi! SAME here… parehas na parehas ang sinabi, from NSP INt’l from jjf blgd. alangilan bat. near st. peter sud.


    valid i.d
    come in business attire,

    but sabi ko don’t have any valid i.d, ok lng daw(?)….
    and some conversation, about 2mins and 13 secs.

    after the call, kahit na taga batangas aq, d ko feel pumunta.. kasi lahat ng na encounter q na company, if you don’t have any valid i.d bring any important docu, and resume. but hindi ok lng daw… pag uusapan daw namin yung procees. ang galing walng exam ang interview….. nakaka bother tlgah….and clear na clear ang mind ko na wala akong ganung company na pinasahan ng application, and what is shocking is, she know the school where i came from.
    and if you are not convince sa statement ko, eto pa, your gonna wonder if some of your friends refers you to that thing sasabihihn naman ng caller kung sinu nag refer sayu but WALA!, and one more thing, all company are using landline phones when they are about to contact their applicant. dont tell me walang land line dun?.. and for 3mins only? kahit one hour conversation pa yan hanggat hindi clear sa applicant ang negotiation hindi pwedeng putulin ng caller ang phone connection.. yan ang tatandaan nyu……

    my father is pursuing me to go when i tell him the first story… but after seeing this? relly trust your first instict….

    nakalagay sa taas na blog is opinion, but afterr seeing the same ways? first opinion, chance second coinsidence, but third to many? i don’t think so…… and beside deperate people lng ang kakagat sa ganitong maling eksena… pamamaraan plng…..

  300. I recently got a phone call from a guy named Raymund. Although I am open-minded about the marketing/networking scheme of the company, what freaks me is that they managed to get my personal information like my full name and the name of my school. If this company really wants to hire good people and work for them, they might want to change their ploy. This is soooo not working.

  301. Hi, anyone knows who is Mr. Agbay at their office is located at TP Tower beside OMM CITRA Bldg. exchange road, Ortigas. Someone called me and said that US Company sila, they know my name and mention my school before. I have no idea, na-stun ako sa mga details.

  302. Same thing happened to my whole batch! I need to share this:

    Fresh graduates kami lahat and are medical professionals, all searching for work. Lahat kami ni-refer ng former professor namin thinking na totoo yung job offer yun pala hindi. buti na lang I found this blog, same thing.
    Mr. Agbaya 09166473543

    yan yung nagbigay ng mahabang talk msa phone super bilis magsalita. Anyway, kung anu man pakay nila… Godbless na lang sa kanila.

  303. thanks for this post. πŸ™‚ It helped me to confirm my doubts about the call I had. SCAM.

    I got this “call” today at about 3:30pm from my landline # (after the caller realized there wasn’t anyone answering my cellphone #).

    It started with them confirming if I graduated from —- University last 2009, and confirmed that I graduated in a biotechnology course. (um, hindi biotechnology ang pangalan ng course ko, un lang ang gusto kong job sana. That was weird. Anong “in a biotechnology”? napakalawak ng field na yan.) Also asked if I’m working or if I’m free. I said I’m working, but I’m not yet a regular in my job since I just had it since July. When the caller heard that, she sounded excited and said, “Ok lang, hindi ka pa naman matagal dyan.”

    (Pansin ko, di siya magaling mag-english. Puro tagalog pagsasalita niya at medyo hirap siyang intindihin pag English salita mo. Manners lang, when you start speaking in English, diba dapat tapusin mo in English? eh siya, taglish.)

    offer- Junior Executive position
    6-8hrs, part-time or full time
    work for a Biotechnology Healthcare’s project

    NSP International
    #41 Teleperformance Bldg.
    San Miguel Ave. Ortigas, Pasig City

    They’re behind sm megamall daw.
    There are 4 of us “pre-qualified” for the position and they need to profile us, so be sure to come for the interview. Marami pa daw siyang tatawagan.
    Nung tinanong ko kung call center eto at HR ang tumatawag, sabi hindi raw.
    (Pansin ko, nagmamadali siya sa call, medyo jumpy ba.)

    Pinapili ako kung Mon 3pm or Tue 3pm.
    Interview duration: 1 and 1/2 hrs, or “depende kung marami kang tanong sa project”

    Bring 1 valid ID
    Wear formal attire

    Pen Ilagan, Senior Executive
    Company # – 0917-513-7310

    They start by confirming your name. Kala nila ung second name ko eh surname ko. Ung contact details ko and experience na kinonfirm nila sa akin, hindi un updated. Syempre, never post your most recent details sa resume online, kahit pa jobstreet o kung san pa man. Daming hackers eh, mahirap na.

    Sobrang kaduda-duda talaga etong call, bakit naman cellphone number ang “company number”?
    (Ung walang website na part, kapani-paniwala kung small-scale business. Eh eto, “US” project. Kind of weird that they don’t have a website.)

    Job offer na “part-time o full-time, depende sa ‘yo”?? Ano un? Dapat specific. Make up your mind. Is it a full-time or part-time job.

    Tapos, sabi ko hindi ako familiar sa area. So, todo explain naman siya kung saan. (I was wondering what floor, but she never mentioned anything during the call. Thought that was strange.)

    Pagdating ko daw sa area ng 3pm, tawagan ko daw ung cellphone number. “Wag ka nang pumunta sa guard para hindi ka na mag-antay nang matagal.”
    (Umm… bakit, hindi ba alam ng guard kung san floor kayo??)

    I also asked if may earlier time slot besides 3pm. Wala daw kasi busy pa ung company at that time.

    tsaka bakit 1 valid ID lang hinahanap? (Most recruiters look for more than 1 valid ID. At marami pang kung anu-anong hinahanap.)

    BEWARE of “NSP International” callers. Pansinin nyo, madali lang magpalit ng cellphone #, mag-rent ng location, at ng company name. At lahat ng company name nila, puro may “NS”. Never Sigurado. hehe. Dapat sa kanila, ipapulis. Mamaya kidnapping pala modus nila. Fraud.

    Anyways, super thanks sa lahat ng info and sa comments. πŸ˜€

  304. P.S.
    According to this “Pen Ilagan” person, Senior Executive of the “NSP International” company, company # 0917-513-7310, ang
    landmark daw netong “#41 teleperformance bldg” ay may “Lindon Suite Hotel”.

    (Nung tinantong ko anong landmark sa area, medyo nagulat siya at hindi sumagot. Nung inulit ko ung tanong, saka siya nagsabi ng “Lindon Suite Hotel”. Hay naku naman.)

    (At teka, wala namang Lindon Suite Hotel dyan sa lugar na yan..)


  305. karen bernal says:

    guys buti n lng meron tong site n toh kxe nung fri lng(august 19,2011).someone calling me,asked nya if nghhnap aq ng work,at willing dw b aq s trainee or managerial dw yta,sv q nman comsci grad aq and ang hnhnap q it related,taz sv nya ayw q dw b ng umangt agd. tas gusto nya n mgmeet kmi ng mon.6:30pm. BIOSCAN dw company BIOTECHNOLOGY, jeffrey lee name nya, eto no.09296514514 8th flr nman sbi nya sken.

  306. Gretz Vargas says:

    Thanks to google! I’m lucky to find and read your stories. I received a call from a guy named Michael Tanghal a while ago. He got my info daw from
    the university where I graduated from. Weird kasi dis-oras ng gabi tapos may maghahanap sa akin sa phone na hindi ko naman kilala.

    So I listened carefully to all the things he said. Like what you have posted, he is offering a leadership position daw sa company nila. And he’s looking for 2 persons who could fill in the said position. Then he asked if I could come to his office to discuss the details. He didn’t give the flr instead he only gave the name of the bldg. Out of curiousity, I googled the company but did not find anything. Instead, I was led to this site. After reading all the comments, mukhang pyramiding nga siya. So I guess I have to cancel my appointment with the person who called me.

    Thanks a lot!

  307. Mary Rose Maigue says:

    Good Morning…same with your blog guys…aug.22 3pm at 15th floor,teleperformance bldg.San Miguel ave,Ortigas Center,…a named Julie Guadalupe called me last Aug.19,She told me about wat they need,but didn’t say anything about company info,so i decided to search nlng about it,,at eto nga lumabas…thanks sa blog nio,,,muntik n din ako mvictim….and above all thanks God for he did’nt let me to become one of their VICTIM!!!!!!…beware of this nos. 09178693427,09296042572…GodBLess!

  308. same thing happened to me. same address. same everything except the caller’s name. good thing i searched on their site. can’t find it until i added some key words like what they said their address. i am open to any opportunity, i thought i’ll give this company a try, but after reading all the posts i said “na-ah” time is a very precious thing, not worth to be wag na tumuloy dun…and i am, too, doubtful…but how did they found about my details?

  309. Blackwolf says:


    Vincenzo Said On 06-04-2011
    I got a call from Kevin Ocoma, this time, the address is at Muntinlupa City. He said their company was looking for 3 Junior Executives. He also said that he got my profile from the University of Santo Tomas, which is correct. But then, everything was fishy right from the start because he was in a way guessing in the phone and that he gave only the address of the company and not explained the nature of their company. – I asked, and the only information he gave is the initials; NSIE. Same old story. . . What a shame. Paki-pasa pagka-basa kung mahal mo kapwa mo na matinong Pilipino.”
    The same guy called me today and ask me that they are looking for jr executive and meet me on Saturday at Octagon Center San Miguel Ave., Ortigas.
    He didn’t told me the overview of the company just said NSP and it’s a biotechonology company.
    Luckilly out of my suspiscious mind, I checked this on Google so I cancelled the meeting.
    Guy named Mr.Kevin Ocoma.

    Geez…Thank Goodness!
    BE SAFE Everyone

  310. a man called me named jed roah, and like the story of your niece, now i will not go to ortigas at, 15th flr. octagon bldg. where teleformance are there, ortigas, pasay. He ask me to come tomorrow, Friday at 3pm in the afternoon, for conversation talk regarding the greatest opportunity that he mention, so i doubt now because this is my 1st time to receive a kind of call like this. I notice he know my full name. so guys be ware. dont trust anyone.

  311. thanks for this post.. i nearly bite this “opportunity”. a guy (which i cant understand his name coz he talks too fast) called me with number 09178301445 and told e same stuff that you were all heard… difference is NSPH daw name ng company and located in ROBINSONS BANK SAN MIGUEL… when i googled it, i found out that it is located in OCTAGON BUILDING! so NSPH pala means nuskin philippines, a total MLM….. gee, thanks really for this post, their approach is tempting tlaga.. guys, beware. always apply your professional skeptism…

  312. Thanks to this site at na-confirm ko nga yung Mr. Agbay sa may TP Tower beside OMM CITRA Bldg. exchange road, Ortigas is a SCAM.

    Tinanong ko ulet yung company they said they’re from US blah blah company.

    Unfortunately for them pupunta ako dun at papakausap ko sa tito kong pulis at sa ninong kong nasa colonel ng army.

    takte lintik lang ang walang ganti.

  313. Guys ito lang tatandaan natin eh, walang company ang tatawag ng 9pm ng gabi o gagamit ng cellphone pantawag. Dapat yung tatawag magpapakilala na HR ng isang company. And always remember yung mga legit na company pinagpapadala ng resume or ToR.

    Ingat na lang sa mga address ng company na malapit sa SM megamall.

  314. Guys thank you very much for the information..i got a phone call yesterday from Justin Tee..same story..same building but different floor (20th)..NSP international daw..a biotechnology company, alam din niya name and school and course pati kung saan ako nag-ojt, naisip ko baka nakuha nila sa jobstreet..

    when i got the phone call, i was just eager to go to the interview since sabi niya part-time lang naman dahil i am very much happy naman with my current work, pero nung sinabi na niya na “you sound so professional sa phone, i hope you won’t cancel our meeting” dun na ko nagduda, wala naman sa isip ko na magcancel but he is the one who gave me the idea..iniisip ko ng pumunta kahit doubtful ako kasi may lakad din naman ako today tapos on the way lang..

    todo explain siya kung saan ang building nila kahit di ko naman tinatanong (at take note, 10pm siya nagtext and 3am, may professional bang nagttext ng ganung oras), sabi niya sa phone is macapagal building but when he gave me the directions na sa robinsons bank sanmiguel daw, nakita ko sa googlemap na octagon building yun..minutes before ako umalis sinearch ko yung octagon building and LUCKILY i found this site, tama lahat ng hinala ko, dabi na nga ba may something wrong sa tawag na yun..

    i already not to go the interview and just ignore his text messages, pero update siya ng update, i–text ko daw siya pag malapit na ko, saka laging nireremind yung meeting..edi nireplyan ko na..ang kulit eh..super pursigido, but i tried to reply in a very nice way..kahit na gusto ko ng magsabi ng hindi maganda..

    sabi ko “i think it is just right to search for the company’s profile before going to the interview and while searching the net, i found reviews/blogs about your company and it wasn’t so nice and i think it as a professional i have the right to cancel our meeting/interview if i am doubtful enough.” ang kulit eh, ayan!

    then he replied “yes it is right but as a professional you should now better than read blogs. visit to see the bigger picture. visit forbes magazine and look for NSE enterprise to see the facts about the company and tell me how you feel about it” (akala ko ba NSP???)

    and then i replied “ok i will, and i think i would never regret it, i must consider safety first”

    and he ended it with ” ok. there are no commitments anyway. the meeting is just a discussion. no contract signing whatsoever.”

    bakit ba kasi hindi nila palitan yung script nila sa phone, laging ganoon at infairness if totoong legal sila, bakit hindi nila nililinis ang pangalan nila..ingat na lang guys, marami na ring manloloko ngayon, bka nga kidnapping pa yun or bka for prostituion, we’ll never know, maganda na rin yung nag-iingat, i just cant afford to take the risk lalo na pag hindi kapanipaniwala..

    thank you again for this blog..

  315. Hi Krisssy… sana nababasa mo ‘to… I so want to know what happens sa meeting nyo with your tito na pulis… nakatanggap din kasi ako ng call TODAY, just like you from that guy… tumawag, sabi magtetext nalang daw ng details, tapos yun nga nagtext; reply daw ako kung natanggap ko… so nagreply ako… tinanong ko kung full time ba kasi di ko kaya yun; sabi nya free lance daw…

    nagtext ako sa kanya about the name of the company para mahanap ko sa OMM bldg. na yan; hindi na nya ako nireplyan… >.< hey boy, I was not born yesterday! I smell a scam…

    parang ang sarap lang i-harass e… :p pero mas maganda ata ang balak mo… πŸ˜€ pakwento ng nangyari ha!! πŸ˜€

  316. NPS muntik ng Victim says:

    Kasi probem lang is they have no proper office, website, contact and company information.and gusto nila makipagmeet ng holidays.weird lang kaya nakakatakot di sila kilalang company kaya dapat meron man lang silang facebook kung wala silang website para maipaalam ang mga information s company nila.

  317. hi! i just got a call from Mr. Raymond Bariso 09175008817. He said his company (US company), is looking for professionals. He talked fast because he said he’s in a hurry. He knows where I finished my degree. I got suspicious after this. I asked the company name, but he seemed not to hear me. He talked fast that he wouldn’t let me ask questions nor interrupt him. The address he gave me is 8F Metrobank Center, San Miguel Ave, Ortigas. But as I’ve searched for the address, I couldnt find it, instead I found this. Thanks for the warning!

  318. thanks to this site, punta sana ako ngayon 3pm.mbuti na lng at search na muna ako. the other cp no. he used is 09472723151. beware this person name jeffrey lee.

  319. 10th floor Teleperformance bldg na po sila ngayon. Ginising pa kong tawag. The same pitch.. different address.Thank God I have read your posts..

  320. Hi guys, thanks for sharing ur experiences regarding this. I also received a call from this number 09177100087. The caller mentioned that she was from NSI International and stated that it was an important 3 minute business call. Good thing at that exact moment I was about to board a plane back to Manila.
    It was weird ’cause I am currently employed and I didn’t apply for a job a company name NSI International. Upon reaching home from the airport, I immediately searched about NSI International, and it is a global marketer and manufacturer of creative toy and consumer products. Buti nalang I didnt have the time to listen to their bullcrap. Be Careful guys. I also did some research about the number and saw an ad in, a local classified ads website in zamboanga city, owned by Anne Duran using the same number I mentioned. I think they got my number from that site cause I used to sell stuff in that site too.
    So, be careful nalang. Next time you get a from this number, you now know what it’s about.


  321. usernamewitheld says:

    @ALY: i got the same call just last friday evening.(take note; around 8pm) same number, said he is MR. GATMAITAN. he knew me by my full name, kala ko may nagrefer na former classmate ko kase sa alumni daw ng school ko galing. eksyated pa man din ako at job interview kako at sakto naman mag iisang taon n ko walang work. eager cya na makarating ako, magtext pa daw ako day before ng meet namin para mabigyan nya ko ng direksyon. at kaninang umaga, si MR. GATMAITAN pa mismo ang nagtext for instructions. so,i asked kung ano nga ulit ung name ng company, he said NSP. if what the other guys and gals are saying is true, i think i would prefer not going. ipagpalagay ng i missed out on an opportunity and some guys here would think na i am narrow minded. i am not ready for this multi level marketing (pyramiding in other words. i learned that from a seatmate sa sta cruz bus nung nag aaral pa ko ng college. un daw ang correct term eeh. :P) kung totoo ang sinabi ni SHA33 tungkol sa seminar na inatendan niya, wala akong 12,600, lalong wala akong 27,800 at mas lalong wala akong 7,500 per month. ipapangutang ko pa ba un para lang ibigay sa kanila? pera po ang hanap ko, hindi gastos. at kung ang paraan naman para kumita ako eh gawin ko din ang dapat eh gagawin nila sakin, WAG na lang. di bale ng MAMATAY akong DUKHA kesa manloko ng ibang tao….

  322. Thank mankind for internet.

    I just received a phone call from a guy named JUSTIN PEE .

    A junior executive of (i didn’t heard clearly the company name)

    then he told me to grab a pen and paper.
    then told me to write down the details, so I did.
    Interview is on Sat 2pm (that’s Sept 3, 2011) and bring a valid ID and wear business attire.

    the address is 20/F Octagon Center San Miguel Ave. Ortigas near Megamall..

    I asked who recommended me for the job.
    He said my resume was given by a graduate of CEU daw. Awkward kasi he knows my name and school and my number.


    Nasasad naman ako akala ko job for real na talaga . good thing I read this blog and comments. Nakaexperience na ako ng NETWORKING, two times, kidnap naman tawag(pero kilala ko naman yung gumawa sakin)

    Madaming pera kelangan sa mga ganyan. and I have a classmate na sumali sa ganyan and she went broke , as in needed talaga niya pera and forced us to buy her products na galing sa blah blah na mga networking.

    Ayun. So if your rich to invest on a company like that and risk taker ka. Go ahead.

    Thank you again for this blog.

  323. my brother Jmark invited mo to go with him at the 15th floor, Octagon Center today at 7pm. So being not familiar with the place, i googled the address, but this is what i saw. However, my brother insisted that he’s been there twice and the company really exist. Well what do i have to say. i need to see it for my self! i will be going there tonight. Ill keep you posted ASAP on the details πŸ™‚

  324. buti nalang nabasa ko to! kaya pala hnd q mkita sa google map at sa infos ng mga bldg ung 15th flr na un! i dont know anything about ortigas at nagbabalak aq maglakas loob pumunta para sa tawag na un, whew, buti naman, i didnt waste my time, slamat dto sa post na to salamat po hehe, magingat ang iba ayt?

  325. Nine hours ago, I received a phone call from someone named Mr. Agbay (09166473543). He said he works for a biotech company based in the US (MSIE Biotech or something). He told me that he got my name and number from my university. He spoke fast.And boy, does he have some attitude! I asked him several times about the name of his company but he only said it once and that was before the call has almost ended.

    Job description was to create health policies and business strategies for other companies.

    Requirements: bring a valid ID
    business attire

    He told mo to meet him at the lobby of TP Tower, which is located near SM Megamall and beside OMM CITRA Bldg [Exchange Rd. Ortigas]. He said that I should not disappoint him by cancelling the “pre-qualifications” appointment on the last minute and that as a student from such university, should not back down on this kind of offer.

    I did not say that I am going tomorrow, but I did reply to his message with: “Ok. Thanks”. I’ve researched on the company but found nothing. Then, incidentally, while looking for the address of the bldg, I saw this website and found out that he was a fraud. “Job offer” my ass! I never liked the pyramiding scheme. Thank goodness I found this site. Let us spread the word and stop this guy from luring people esp. fresh graduates into this kind of crap.

  326. Yes. They’re active again. Her name is CherryLynne. Number is 09228605037. Schedule is either 6:30pm Friday or 9:30am Saturday. Location is Teleperformance building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas.

    I feel sorry for these recruiters. Pathetic.

  327. omg…yung hr namin sa dati kong homebased job tinawagan ako..same story. ayaw pa ngang sabihin yung name ng company. tinatanong ko anung floor. sabi nya text ko nalang sya pag andun nako. junior executive crap din for a US company. she even praised me kasi masipag daw akong magcalls dati and maganda daw work ethics ko blah blah blah kaya naisip nya ako kaagad i-recruit (eh di nga ako nagtagal ng one week dun eh!) so i knew she was lying. or maybe not.. i’m not sure. malas nalang nya kasi mali address ginamit nya para sa meetup. eh mahilig pa naman akong mag-google ng lahat at sobrang suspicious ako sa mga taong gumagamit ng selling tone or telemarketing tone or dun sa mga tao na di ako masagot ng deretcho. thanks for post btw…naconfirm nyo suspecha ko.

  328. oh my gulay..buti ngsearch din ako ng company profile..NSPH company din ang sinabi sakin ng tumawag… 15th flr, BDO Bldg., San Miguel ave…

    i also tried to search the name of the caller in facebook and I found out that she is a Facebook friend with some of my college friends.. I think that’s how they got some of the details about us, through facebook..

    tomorrow is my scheduled interview…and I’m not going anymore!

  329. puchana na! balak ko pa nman pumunta bukas.. yun pala yon. mga leche sila. buti na lang nabasa ko toh agad. sobrang parehas lahat ng mga sinabi nyo guys sa sinabi sakin knna nung hinayupak na tumawag skin. mamya HUMAN TRAFFICKING na sila dun. nkakatakot sila mga wlang kaluluwa.


    GODSPEED! πŸ™‚

  330. Hay Salamat sa mga Blog nyo.. atleast i wont waste my time coming there on Friday.. just same story that someone called then told me to come in business attire and gave the address then already set the appointment at sinasabing wag sana daw mawawala sa appointment kasi inisked na. the name of the person who called is Rose Ann Cano just this afternoon. pero buti nalang i accedentally saw this site habang nagsesearch ng about this company na sinabi nya NSP International… thanks talaga sa inyong lahat..its good to really have an internet connection.. kakaawa lang yung mga walang Internet malamang pupunta sila just to waste time pero sabagay its up to you naman kung gusto mo ang ganitong klase ng work kasi kanya kanya naman ng hilig mga tao.. hindi naman talaga kasi illegal ang job offer nila yun nga lang madalas ang sa marketing..basta para sakin hindi ito ang type ng job na gusto ko kaya im very thankful sa lahat ng post nyo dito.. Good luck and God bless to all of us!

  331. Thank god i was able to see this thread. A girl named Jeresy (09238657265) called me up just a few minutes ago, and said the EXACT SAME THINGS. I think I won’t be going anymore. She scheduled me for a meeting tom after office hours (gabi pa naman), scary!

  332. Oh gosh!!! sabi ko na nga ba, i received a call from “AMERICAN COMPANY” daw sya then her name is cristine and she ask what is my profession then i answered her, she ask me if i want to apply as junior executive assistant kasi daw related naman yung course ko for that position.. I said ok then she ask me to get a pen and a paper to write how to get there she told me at the back of mega mall sakay ng fx papuntang pasig then bdo building daw…pagdating ko daw doon txt ko lang daw yung number na tumawag sakin para mapasundo daw ako sa secretary nya WOW walang company ang susundo sa aplikante, magdala daw ng 1 valid id in formal attire daw,,diko masyadong maintindihan yung sinasabi nya kaya i decided to search their company pero eto ang bumungad sakin…THANK YOU SO MUCH sa inyong lahat….guys beware sa 15 SAN MIGUEL AVENUE ORTIGAS PASIG….meron pa ngang # 31 ehhh at lindon hotel same sa itinawag sa inyo..Ms. Cristine 09273314314

  333. Someone named Grace Lacsamana called me just this afternoon. She invited me to come to 15th Floor BDO San Miguel Avenue, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas. I didn’t get the name of the company since she seemed to have bad network connection (or maybe it was I), what I heard clearly is that they are a multinational company and they are looking for graduates with background in agribusiness to conduct seminars and trainings. She further said that the job has no contract signing though they offer competitive compensation. She let me chose between Saturday 2pm and Monday 3pm schedule. I chose the monday schedule.

    As I’ve said I didn’t get the name of the company so I sent her sms but she didn’t reply. So I googled the address and the OMM Citra building (which she said is beside their building) hoping a company name would appear. Then I found your comments. Thank you guys. This is my first time to encounter such suspicious calls.

  334. Thanks for the post guys, I’m scheduled today to meet Mr. Kevin Locoma at Octagon Bldg. San Miguel Ave. Ortigas. NST – a US based Biotech Company looking for Junior Executive. #0917-8871877. Same phone call spiels as you guys posted.. Buti na lang nag-research muna ako before leaving pampanga, I will formally cancel my appointment with them… Thanks you so much!! God Bless you guys & good Luck….

  335. hahahha..tnx so much for this blog.The same experience as all of you guys experienced.,a CLARISE BUTALID…09063042546 called me yesterday..alam nya kung san ko graduate,tpos sb p nya be professional nmn sana,may tiwala ko syo,teleperformance bldg, pero hndi ito call cntr,so dun plng ngduda n ko kc nkktngap n k bfre ng kol pero they were not syaing that word. parang namimilit tlga,,buti nlng bgo ko mgpunta,ive decided to print a copy of my resume and check for the compny profile,pero eto lumabas,,tnx so much guys,,you save me and many more….kakakgigil..kala ko oppurtnity ko n to have a job.

  336. I suggest we file a formal complain withe authorities for them to stop their scamming . Madami mabibiktima ang mga ito pag hinayaan pang magtagal……all your stories happen to me,,,jeffrey lee..same mobile number.

    Contact me here if your with me on this idea:


  337. muntik na! any way its business…the important is that you never go with the sway of the voice….

  338. Thanks guys for the advice! roughly 3 hours ago, I recieved the same call from Janet Magana saying that I am qualified for the position being offered by their company. I dont remember na may application ako with them. When I asked for the company name “Biotechnology Company daw” I was advised to dressed up in Corp attire and head on to this address. 15 F Linden Suite Hotel, Ortigas Center Pasig. Good thing I was able to read this blog…

    Walang Manloloko if Walang Magpapaloko, We just have to be concern to everyone…God Bless you All.

  339. siNONG NILOKO MOH? says:


  340. hi guys. i updated my resume at jobstreet recently and i received a lot of phone calls and job offers. one of them is someone named JINKY (cp# 09065349078), she talks smart, fast and a bit bitchy. she called me up around 9 this morning in the middle of my work, informing me that theres a job offer for me and if i get qualified i can have a “high salary” that is comparable with the salary from the US. she didnt mention about the company’s name or the position that was offered to me. she talked really fast, that shes glad that i currently have a job and this one theyre offering will suite me well, blah blah, then she asked me to get a pen and paper and write down the address (“15TH FLOOR OCTAGON BUILDING, SAN MIGUEL AVENUE, ORTIGAS, at the back of Megamall and San Miguel, at the right of BDO”), and appear tomorrow at 630PM dressed in casual attire. she told not to get late, then she bid goodbye.

    2 hours later, i texted jinky and asked for the company’s name and the position that is available. no text from jinky.

    this afternoon, i googled the address so i can get there easily, and maybe the name of the company will apear…and this site appeared! i was really shocked reading your blogs.

    i called up jinky and she told me the company’s name is NSI MERCHANDISING (merchadising, what the hell..). she said, “IT IS ACTUALLY A REGULAR AND PART-TIME JOB. FOR THE REGULAR JOB, THE SALARY RANGES FROM 12K-30K, BUT WHAT WE ARE OFFERING YOU IS A SUPERVISORIAL JOB AND THE SALARY MAY RANGE FROM 30K TO 75K.” She said that confidently and is very convincing. i told her that as i was googling the address, several related blogs appeared and told her that what i read was not quite pleasant. then said, “WAG PO KAYO MANIWALA SA MGA BLOGS, BUT ITS UP TO YOU IF MANINIWALA KAYO”.

    Note: sa mga taong gustong gustong magkatrabaho, magingat po kayo. kilatisin nyo pong maigi ang company na papasukan nyo. im not saying scam or fraud itong inooffer nyang work sakin. may inconsistencies lang kasi thats why ndi ako magaappear tom sa octagon bldg (and in the first place ndi ako nagapply sa NSI MERCHANDISING at wala ako sa linya ng MERCHANDISING). but still for some, its worth the try. God bless.

  341. Hi Guys, same thing happened to me right now. A guy asking me to go and meet him on this address 41 ADB Ave. cor. Exchange Road, Ortigas. The Landmark is OMM CITRA Bldg, beside is their office and the contact person is Mr. Ebora 09178711726. Lahat ng style nila parepareho, na nakuha daw nila number mo sa university and they also know what course tinapos mo? Sabi pa “I’ve blocked off my schedule for you so kindly be on time.” Suck! Di man lang mkapgbigay ng Company Name and other info? Db nakakapagduda? I texted him asking the company and sabi nya “NSP” nga? Good thing nkita ko blog nyo. Thank you Google your very reliable. So beware Guys with this type of Scam. Ginagawa tlaga nila lahat kumita at mkapanloko lng. Di man lng nla naicip mga naabala nila tao. Kung sino man kau, makonsensya nman kau. God bless nlang.


    i talked to a friend who actually met her caller. Same story, tumawag sa kanya, mabilis magsalita at inischedule sya pumunta sa 15th floor ng isang building sa ortigas.

    so pumunta nga sya, nagkaligaw ligaw pa sya kasi ndi nya mahanap yung building, then a final instruction came, ayun napunta sya sa nagiisang WHITE BUILDING daw at the back of SM megamall (she forgot the name of the bldg).

    so tama yung 15th floor, pag labas nya ng elevator, maraming taong masasayang naguusap sa hallway(mga members yata na pinapayaman ng company). then she met her caller and brought her to a seminar room along with other 20+ people (6 of them are doctors daw, and 10 nurses daw na yamot na yamot ang mga itsura). so nagsimula na yung seminar, magaling magsalita yung speaker at may mga members’ testimonies kung pano sila pinayaman ng company. Here are the details:
    – company’s name: ANU (whatever that means)
    – products: skin scanner (a device daw na isscan yung balat mo of diseases), and health supplements
    – membership fee: P12,600

    Umuwi yung kaibigan ko na inis na inis, hindi dahil sa mga kakaiba nilang products, kundi NALOKO AT NAABALA SYA. She knew very well na walang pinagkaiba yun sa FIRST QUADRANT pyramiding scam.

    ndi tinapos ng kaibigan ko yung seminar at umalis sya, hinarang sya ng agent/caller nya at sinabi, “sana man lang naging professional ka na magpaalam at aalis…”


  343. tnx alot of you guys! πŸ˜€

  344. Same thing here. A certain Michael Tanghal called me after lunch today and scheduled a 3pm meeting with me on Friday. Good thing I checked. Thank you, everyone for your concern. This site must have saved hundreds from this Bioscan scam.

  345. i got that call yesterday, it was sunday.. ang wirdo, sunday tumatawag para sa trabaho, sabi ko nun sa knila, may work na ako at satisfied na ako sa work ko, pero ininsist parin nila.. good thing and thank God nabasa ko to.. now i won’t waste my time para sa mga scams na yan..

    naniniwala naman ako sa karma.. bahala na ang Diyos sa kanila..

  346. weel, got a call today at 15th floor too. but i dont have money ill cancel na lang. now i know why. same thing attire,id, and the biz name. well… un lng nga…i cant come.. hehehehe no money. siguro kung meron punta ako .. haha

  347. Same story. Call from kevin ocoma, he gave the address but not the floor. Octagon san miguel ave pasig, NSP US COMPANy, he said they are looking for a project manager, full time or part time depending on my availability since i told him that i have a part time job right now.. He didnt talk about the specifics he just said that there’s a job and “hindi pa sigurado pero pag usapan na lang natin pag punta mo dito” same spill like “you sound professional so i know you wont cancel blah blah”. Come in corporate attire and just contact his cellphone number for questions. 09999935653 i have to look it up to know their background and found this! Thank God!

  348. somebody called me yesterday named kevin ocomo,same conversations as prev pipz,and it keeps me bother coz he didnt requiring me to bring resume,so confused.then buss attrie????kapagod!!!.until i searched it thru google,and jackpot i have the idea already tnx for this blog…!!!thank God!…sobra
    .-= Franz´s last blog ..Survive a Storm Shelters =-.

  349. hmmm…i had a phone call din po yesterday. His name was justin daw . He knows were school im in but he thought i graduated na..but when i said im just graduating he said ok lng..then he give me the detail they need 2 applicants daw fro their project .Bale parang appointment lang daw ung gagawin. He maid me a choice if what schedule im available. So sabi ko ngauns ana kasi wala naman ako pasok. At first I’m curious kung san ba ko nagsent ng resume ko then i remember baka isa sa mga pinasahan ko sa jobstreet pero wala tlga ko maalala n NSP internation..mejo choppy din ung conversation namin…sabi nya ung company daw nila is sa 20th floor octagon center san miguel ave. ortigas. and then when i search n lugar kc i didn’t heard clearly the name of the company …wala naman lumalabas n result sa place at ang lumalabas is eto nga..hayy naku so thankful i did search first. I’m so excited pa naman cause im looking for a part time job.:(

  350. Guys,

    same din ang nangyari, may tumawag, tapos ibibigay sayu ay maling address. txt mu na lng daw xa kapag nandun ka na.

    thanks for this blog and website for the warning.

    baket kaya may mga taong ganito??

    sana may mag report sa NBI.

  351. hahahaha.. thnx 4 this buti n lng ngsearch ako at nkita q ang 22ong motibo ni Mr Ting… tsktsktsk….

  352. I was still sleeping when I got a call from Grace Lacsamana around 11am.. Ingleserang palaka, so todo english nmn ako.. dami nya cnsabi bout sa company nya.. dko nga maintindihan kasi kagigising ko lng.. Ang nakakapagtaka alam nya kung san ako ngwowork tpos nung tinanong ko san nya nkuha number ko sa resume bank daw.. Nek nek nya di updated details ko sa school ko nung college at nakailang palit na ko ng number.. Nagtanong tanong ako pinsan ko and she told na scam nga daw to.. ang nkakapagtaka pa nalilito kasi ako sa nme ng company nila.. NSPH daw.. nagtxt sko wat it stands for di nmn ako nireplyan.. Then sinearch ko sa net ung address JJF Bldg. Alangilan Batangas City eto lumabas.. Confirmed! Scam nga.. beware.. hayst.. kaloka

  353. Beware of this number 09175227868!

  354. im not against the said company, nagtatawag sila ng mga tao so people will recognize them. its their job and its their way of earning a living. pero kung tatawag sila sana magsabi sila ng totoo so people will not be mislead. akala nung iba they are called for a job which was stated by the telemarketer pero yun pala papa attend-in lang sila ng seminar about that mlm which is really wrong kasi kung interested talaga ang tao, pupunta sila. just tell the the truth para alam ng mga tao yung totoong opportunity na ibibigay nyo and not lies. ndi sa ndi open minded ang mga tao, its just that na wag kayo magsinungaling para pagkatiwalaan kayo. if youre in a real good company, tell them proud wag yung tinatago nyo pa para lang makahikayat kayo. lalo lang kayo mapapasama sa ginagawa nyo.

  355. thanks for the info muntikan na ako ngaun ah..may tumawag kc sa akin kahapon at alam na alam nia yung tungkol sa educational background kinabahan tuloy aq nagaun..salamat po sa inyo..same yung tao na nagcontact sa and then pati yung cp number nia….thank you po…:-) buti na lng di pa ako nakaalis kc sinearch ko muna sa google…

  356. Thanks for this very informative article,,actually thursday afternoon when a guy name Jeffrey Lee of NSP call me and informing me to go on this address octagon ctr 15 flr infront of san miguel ave and he wants me to bring only a 2×2 valid id..i have a lot question but i can understand clearly what her talking i realize this is scam or anything bad will happen..thanks guyz for this blog..thumbs up!..
    .-= Tristan´s last blog ..How to Remove Write Protection Error in USB Pen Drive =-.

  357. Actually i was just woken up by a call from a guy whose name was Jeff Pili, just around 11 am today. (i was still dreaming that time) ,,,at first it was really choppy on his background, i couldnt understand a thing coming from his mouth. i asked him several times about the company’s name just to clarify, which is NSP. its all about leadership and training development i think as what he mentioned needing 1-2 people,and sounds really weird and im kinda confused cause im not that familiar with the company name and unsure if i applied on that position. cause as far as i know , i still dont have job experience and i thought that they would need many applicants and choose who’ll be qualified, he also stated that if ever applicant couldnt meet the qualification, he/she may be placed under parttime. I wanted to ask him if where did he find my application but im sort of hesitant and thought its inappropriate . Then he asked me to get a pen and a paper, and i jotted down the location he dictated which was in 15th floor octagon san miguel ave. ortigas, and asked to wear business/formal attire with valid ID. Kinda convincing but still in doubt because he’s strict with the time , he doesnt want to accept late applicants , i also chose 3pm tomorrow than 6pm today, but now i realized to cancel the said meeting. good thing i checked the internet , cause i really doubt the company, and still vague for me, . if ever i was convinced and didnt clarify about that, ill be wasting my time and money going there.

  358. Good thing someone posted this info. They called me awhile ago.She said that she’s from Mims corporation, if i heard it right because the line is choppy..i cant find there website and so i searched for there location that is 15TH FLOOR OCTAGON BUILDING. And i found your blog. Thanks again! Im planning pa nmn to attend the interview.

  359. OMG! Good thing I bumped into this blog! My friend told me just now, that someone called to her, namely Anne Villegas and asked her to come in this place and know the school we’re she came from. And I immediately said this to her.

    Also not just this 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City also The MAGNA SOL Company near in this building is a SCAM! They will hired you immediately and you will pay 450 pesos for the fee then sell some Dental cards.

    “Walang Manloloko kung Walang Magpapaloko”

    Search and know the company first before you apply.

  360. Maria Lourdes A. Tampis says:

    WTF!! good thing i research on this and lucky that i read this… someone called me earlier telling that there is a part time job blah blah blah.. there’s this LEO ORTIZ who called me.. they had a freelance project daw n US dollar ang rate.. buti n lang bobo ako pag dating s manila.. and i researched for this octagon tower.. whew.. its a big relief that i read this and knew what their real intention is..

  361. OMG! Thank God for this… A schoolmate of mine in college just called that her “company” is looking for 2-3 persons nga daw for an american company blah blah… I know her personally so I trusted her then I researched about their location and this came OMG!!! Thank you!!! I was about to go na tomorrow! 2oth floor naman sabi nila… grabe!!!

  362. Nu Skin is a good company… I use their product… i actually really like it…I’m from the US… I didn’t know they have it there in the Philippines

  363. o eto isa pa, NSPH daw american company. 41 ADB ave din. Juniour exec assistant daw job offer. MR leandro 09166191320. BEWARE guys!!! wag magpaloko. the rest of the details same sa sabi ni Rotch.

  364. got the same call yesterday evening from a jeffrey lee (09274672292)… knew the guy was a scammer — incoherent and rambling… a dead giveaway’s his cracking voice πŸ™‚ …praying that mr. lee and his cohorts would stop swindling poor, naive souls…

    “Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit…” (Proverbs 10:2)

  365. HI!! salamat nmn at nakita ko tong site na to, actually kattwag lng sa misis ko yung taga 15th floor na yan, NSPH n sila ngaun, kasi napakadoubtful.. kasi if somebody like you (company) they ask your name to confirm, then they tell you the name of the company, but this NS.. nope! sasabihin get paper and pen write the F@CKing address, they need fresh grad or whatever na course then meet this DATE and TIME.. hmm..!! mukhang pictorial!! dala lng ng isang valid id and business attire..(parang totoo noh!) anyway sana yung mga natawagan nito mag iingat kau kasi di nyo alam kung anong mangyayari pag anduin na kau.. mmya holdap na yan!! kidnapp kahit wala na tyong pang tubos!! mangungutang nalnng..bwisit!! anyway thank you very much mgaa frend!!

  366. I just received a call minutes ago basically telling me the same thing they mostly told you! I ask for the name of the company and he said its NSP Technologies so i search for it in the net! Since I can’t seem to find info about it, I added their office locations in Alabang and Ortigas and it directed me to this site! Good thing I search for it in the net! Personally, I got no problem with Networking Companies! And Nu Skin seems to be a credible company which really is profitable! However, I am not really interested in networking since i dont shell out cash unless it’s from a close relative or close friend of mine! So basically, I would just politely cancel my appointment with them! Thank you for the info though! ~

  367. hi guys….same here my wife prepared for this so-called and bogus interview and when i ask her if what company she said nsph.. she asked me then to search for it.. no wonder the caller by the name of Ms. Grace Lacsamana can’t say someting about the company, aying the company is privy about it..non existent pala.. they’re wasting people’s time and money..thank God we had the sense before going to that place..please warn others…

  368. around 8pm my unknown number ang tumawag sa aikn tapos alam niya nickname ko! then una niyang tinanung kung graduate ako pero nagkamali siya sa school na binigay niya. then she offers me a interview parehas ng sa inyo pero di ko na malaman yung exact address pero she mentioned about project dealing with teleperformance na pwede daw mag part time. pero id lang din pinadala sa akin at ball pen. and wear business attire .

    pupunta na sana ako pero nang iresearch ko yung company wala lumalabas. kaya nagduda ako at dumating ako sa site na ito. now I will cancelling my appoinment to her. excited pa naman sana ako . dahil naghahanap din ako ng part time.

  369. Sa mga lapuk na nagtatanggol sa mga alipores ng company na yan, OO na , big company nga yan. Eh bakit simpleng call lang hindi pa masabi ang totoong agenda? Un ba ang professional? Yung lokohin mo yung mga taong tinatawagan mo para pumunta sa seminar mo? WTF

  370. ..ay naku I just receive the same call tpoday and scheduled to meet her ( Charo Leus ) on Friday 6:30 pm at #421 San Miguel Avenue Ortigas Pasig. She even asked me to wear corporate attire and to bring 1 valid I.D, im so confused because i dont even apply at that place.
    ..good thing i reall search for the given place..!!!
    ..and to Charo Leus bahala na si papa GOD sau..

  371. aveth custodio says: scary.!!
    ..but I’m still confuse anu ba talagang meron don sa 15th floor?

  372. Mary Rose Maigue…we have the same case.same person who called me and the contact number.i received the call today at 11:54 am. same requirement to bring:1 valid ID and wear formal attire.
    The caller actually had a mistake saying that i am a nursing graduate(where in fact not). Hmm, good thing i decided to research about the company and the name of the caller, and found out this website.
    Thanks. Godbless

  373. Haay.. Buti na lang nabasa ko ang blog na ito. gnyan dn ang nngyari sa akin.. pinapupunta nila aq sa JJf Building, Alanginan, National Highway, Batangas City para dw sa isang interview at mgdala lng dw aq ng valid I.D. at ballpen para pagusapan ung job n inaalok nila sa akin.. dahil sa naiintriga aq kung ano un ngpunta aq knina sa location na sinabi nila kh8 na ngdududa aq sa day ng appointment nmin dhil sunday 1:00PM ang sinet nilang date of appointment.. ngpunta pa dn aq kh8 duda aq na nkaoffice attire xe sabi nila un dw ang protocol at hnd pwdng mal8 kasi american time dw sinusunod nila dhil nga isang american company dw ang pupuntahan q.. dumating aq sa building na un ng 20 minutes before 1PM.. pagdating q dun nkita q na hnd cla organize at wlang gm8 dun maliban sa 3 or 4 na table at mga silya.. ang iba n ngpunta dun na kpwa q dn lng tinawagan ay hnd nka office attire at kh8 ung mga taong magiinterview ‘DaW’ eh nkacasual lng… bale 6 lng yata kmi knina ang nka office attire and the rest ay nkacasual.. ngtka aq qng bk8 gnun kya chinika q ung katabi q n nkaoffice attire dn. tinanung q xa qng may idea xa qng ano name ng company e2ng mgiinterview sa amin at qng bk8 ang iba ay hnd nkaoffice attire ang sagot nya ay hnd rn dw nya alam.. akala q ay maaga kming mgsisimula sa interview pero hnd pala.. nkilala nmin ung mga tumawag sa amin at chinika lng kmi 2ngkol sa buhay nmin.. mga 10 minuto siguro ung chikahan nmin at akala q eh interview na un un pla eh seminar pla ang pinuntahan nmin.. 2PM ngstart seminar at natapos ng 4pm.. ngpaliguy ligoy pa ung seminar eh ang bottomline lng nman eh ngrerecruit sila ng tao.. kelangan dw nmin mgbyad ng 12600 para sa package na product nila na itetest nmin bgo nila kmi itrain.. hbang ngttrain dw kmi eh may 15K-20K dw kmi mttnggp monthly kh8 trainee p lng kmi.. pg nkapasa dw kmi sa training ng 2-3mos ay mapoprmote dw kmi bila isang executive franchiser at mgkakaroon ng 30K-60K income monthly.. lalaki dw kita nmin kpag may narecruit kmi na mkkpasa bilang executive franchiser dn.. magkakaroon kmi ng 5% executive royalty pg nngyari dw un.. pag nkapgpapasa kmi ng 1(Gold) ay may 28K kmi monthly.. pag 2(Lapis) ay 54K.. pag 4(Ruby) ay 120K.. pag 8(emerald) ay 450K at pagnka 12(Blue diamond) ay 2.2M monthly ang kikitain mo.. mahuhusay clang mgsalita kya nkakatempt pero qng pkkakaicpin mo eh mhahalata mo na agad na Scam un xe hnd tlga work ang ibibigay nila senyo xe ngrerecruit lng cla ng taong mauuto na mgbyad sa knila ng malaking hlaga.. after 12600 ay may mga hihingin dn clang mas malaki pang hlaga pag nkapasa ka na.. kya sa lhat ng makakatanggap ng twag eh wag agd maniwala.. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS.. mgsearch muna sa internet ng hnd maloko at maging wais at wag mgpauto..

  374. Same thing with me. 😐 Someone called me last month. (hindi ko na naalala yung name nya). The weird thing is tinawag nya ko sa nickname ko. Usually dba dapat pag business conversations full name yung itatawag nya sayo. Sinabi pa nya yung school and course ko, training daw yung pupuntahan ko sa 15th floor citra building. all about youth leadreship and my school forwarded my number to them. Sabi pa nya may tiwala sya sa students ng school ko and dapat hindi ako malate. Buti na lang naconfirm ko sa head of student affairs sa school and they told me na hindi sila nagbibigay ng personal informations ng mga students. Tinext ko yung tumawag sakin tapos iba na yung sinabi nya sa sinabi nya dun sa first call nya. tsk.

    Ingat na lang lalo na sa mga students like me. Sasabihin kasi nila connected sila sa school nyo.

  375. aila october 18, 2011

    lhat ng mga comment n nkasaad sa taas, ay totoo, dhil muntik n rin akong mabiktima ng scam n yan! kgabi october 17, 2011 may tumawag din saken at ngpakila2ng Jenelyn Dael at parehong tanong din, gaya ng mga nbasa q sa mga naunang comment d2 sa site na 2 slamat sa warning guys at sna wla n clang mavictim na iba pa….

    wlang maloloko kng di ka magpa2loko…

  376. 09065349021 MS.COFUENTES (Project Executive)

    NSPE US International Company

    Grabe. Same stuffs din sinabi eh. At yung address same lang din may dagdag lang na likod ng Megamall. Ano ba yan. Makapanloko lang mga tao eh.

    THANK YOU sa nagpost ng article and sa mga nagcomment to testify the scam. mga tao talaga ngayon. lets pray sakanila.

  377. I don’t think that the company NuSkin is a scam…
    It has been a solid company for 27 years…
    They are in the billion dollar mark on NewYork Stock Exchange, even on recession…
    They are a multinational company with 51 countries…
    Check, and out of the” 100 most trustworthy company”, the company is top 5 on midcap division… and others say they are scam?

    It may sound fishy for others when they call, but they are just sifting… they may or may not want work with you… πŸ˜€

  378. Wow..grabe nmn tLga unG mGa tumataWag n Yun..
    Mbuti nLng Nag-research Aq about it.
    And same address ung ibiniGay aNg Nme nmn Ung tumaWag skin ROSE-ANN TANA ., and grabe maganda ang aming conversation..ang gliNg nianG mg-salita..
    –thnKZ..for this blog And Now i Know what the JOB is.

    Ayoko kc n Mloko kya Befor ako pumunta s isang JOB company nG-rresearch muna aQ kung meron..hehe..

    mbuti nlNg tlaga hindi nila Aq na IsaHan..

  379. I just received a call a few minutes ago and her name is Deejay Aguila of NSP International (09175413335). Sorry to say Deejay nagkamali ka ng tinawagan.. HR staff ako kaya i know the procedures in recruitment, d mo ko maloloko!

    For sure they got our mobile numbers from our CVs in jobposting sites kc you can download resumes from database if you’re searching for an applicant. Or may be from social networking sites (kung nagpopost kayo ng contact number niyo).

    Kaya if someone invites you for an interview and you know that you dont have any application with them, tanungin niyo muna kung anong company, how did they get your number or sino nag-refer. Masagot lang nila yan malalaman mo na kung nagsasabi ng totoo o hindi, or kung duda ka pa din, search mo sa internet.

    So beware mga pipz..

  380. How disappointing that there are really foolish and liar people like Elaine Dizon who called me a while ago for a job opt. at the address same as what is stated on your comments above as well guys! Its good that i’ve researched about it beforehand and luckily found out about their modus!


    Everything I’m about to say has already been mentioned in the other comments. I just want to say that up to now THEY ARE STILL DECEIVING PEOPLE.

    *3 minute call / has a meeting = check!
    *Celine Del Rosario = check!
    *no exact address, just landmarks = check!
    *no company name = check!
    *U.S. based company = check!
    *high compensation with benefits = check!
    *3pm (thurs) or 6:30pm (fri) schedule = check!

    THANK GOD I SEARCHED HER NAME. This woman called me, talked so quickly that I almost couldn’t understand her except for these things I’ve mentioned, and poof! There she goes, gone! I was about to believe her as I am currently applying to a US-based company. I thought it was the same but I’m already in contact with that company through email. So where did she came from? I couldn’t call her back as I wasn’t able to retrieve her number in my phone. I can’t search for the company because she DIDN’T MENTIONED it in the first place. My mom and boyfriend were having negative intuitions about it. Good thing she left her name. And now it led me here and saved me from all the hassle and stress.

    THANK YOU! <3

  382. ako din knina lng may tumawag, since kagigising ko lng mdyo ndi ko maintindihan ung cnsabi nung tumawag ang ingay din kc nung sa background nya.. BTW his name is Mike Ballo cell#09052922258.. same thing din.. he knows my name, from what school ako.. then the address he gave me was #41 corner exchange road san mig. ave. behind SM megamall daw.. the only thing i know na nag pasa ako ng resume is dun sa accenture.. tinanong ko din kng what company sya, the only thing he said was he cant really tell much details daw about the company kc hes not sure of blah blah blah .. so dun pa lng alam ko na.. diba? bkt nmn di nila msbi kng what company cla.. kht maliit na company pa yn or malaki dpat cnsbi nila .. wew.. good thing i searched the net after he called..

  383. Thank Lord i checked the internet…someone called me earlier named KEVIN TOMA,here’s his number:09178871877. he asked me to go to octagon center wear business attire and just bring my ID on Saturday 5pm.he also asked me to repeat the info he gave me just to make sure he did not miss anything ..then i searched on internet and funny i read same scenario that i had this afternoon.ANG SAMA NYO!PANO NYO NAGAGAWA MANLOKO NG TAO!!!

  384. I am a Corporate Lawyer and received the same call few minutes ago. Just like all of you, I got invited to an appointment in the same address for AMERICAN COMPANY. I was confused as I never heared about this company before. I asked a few questions to the lady who called me abut she insisted that information will be given during the appointment. This is very weird as no company of the same need as what they have mentioned would conceal their business. Given my satisfactory and busy carreer, I turned down the offer at once. Confused, I searched for this AMERICAN COMPANY in the internet and found nothing but a list of licensed companies in the US. This made me more suspective. I then researched for possible scams about phone calls invitations for project handling, etc., and found a few sites and blogs including this. 95% of the websites presents violently negative description of this “Phone call” but only 1 out of 30 have actually been part of this so called PROJECT. You might want to check below website to see the true name and real deal of the company that is being discussed in this forum.

    Like what has been mentioned in the article that you can read in the link i provided, this is not a scam. This is a pharmaceutical/Skin care company based in New York that is practicing multi-level marketting in distributing their products. Here in the Philippines, we call it “networking”. This suffies the reason why they don’t reveal the nature of their business which is the same practice adopted by all other networking businesses in the country.

    Hope this blog will, somehow, further enlighten your partialy distorted impressions about this deal. Interested? Go see for yourself. Not Interested? Then just ignore. Simple as that.

  385. Same here. I received a call 3 days ago Offering a part time job. similar script as above. Tried to ask where they obtained my contact details but they have no access to it, since other people are in charge oh that. I was curious and wanted to find out more do i set an appointment. I’m supposed to have my pre qualification appointment later with Ms. Sam de Vera at 15th floor teleperformance octagon bldg in San miguel ave. Good thing I saw this blog. I won’t be going anymore. Thanks for sharing guys.

  386. thank God i found this site..
    A girl, (GELYN CERVANTES) called me today that i am qualified in their company. I dont know how she knows may fullname. but she said someone recommend me in their company. I asked her if their company has website but she said that they are given all the information of the company after the interview that why i decided to research the address she gave.
    harst!!!!beware of this kind scam!!!!

  387. Thanks sa lahat ng comments niyo… I was actually called, minutes ago… And its been a habit of mine to double check on Companies who calls me before going to their sked interviews with me. I was also called by a certain Ms. Pen Ilagan and gave me her contact details… it was unfortunate that this was a scam, alam kasi nila n s hirap ng buhay ngaun, madaling mauuto ang mga tao n sumama s kanila, but not me… for 10yrs as a professional sales rep, maloloko pa ba ako ng ahente lang din… the authorities should be alerted with this kind of scams… hindi nmn po kasi tamang may mga taong mang aabuso s kahinaan ng iba.. pano kung ung susunod nilang tatawagan ay hindi katulad natin… kawawa nmn po… sana lang, kung out of good faith sila, pakilala nila ung kumpanya nila… I was about to ask ano ang nature ng work or market nila, but she was speaking so fast I was not even given a single sec to ask a question… at parang naka tap ang fon… meaning, parang me nakikinig s conversation… i dunno, it was an observation for me… again, thanks po s lahat… its a good thing… sana lang… wala silang maloko…salamat

  388. hello guys! i just received a call from a leo ortiz. saying that i was highly recommended by my school. and during the conversation, he asked me if i was open for part time work. he said that it was a junior executive position and it was a US company etc. I was shocked of these details. And of course, how did he get my number. so he asked me to go to their office at BC Group Center at alabang. He gave me his available schedules and I picked which one I’m also available. So I searched for their company name International Careers Solutions and their address. I always do some research first before I attend an interview especially if the company is the first one to contact me.

    I’m not belittle-ling the companies that doesn’t ring a bell to me but I’m just trying to protect myself from scams of course. I dunno. Right after the conversation, I immediately do some research and my human instincts turned on. That there’s something fishy about that conversation that made me to think twice. So be careful everyone. Do some research first. And always trust your instincts πŸ™‚ I’m not bad to be a little choosy and careful nowadays.

  389. Oh my, I cannot be any more thankful for this blog post. I was called today by a guy through this number: 09228510647, saying that he will only take two minutes of my time. I barely caught his name and heard him say he is from NSE (I initially thought MSE or MST) Technologies, an American company and a friend referred me to him (this part is true ’cause I asked my friend about it who was also just referred by our other friend). Anyway, I made him call again because I was busy and could barely hear him.

    When he did call for the second time, he explained that he was a project manager and needed 3-4 junior executives for the project they were doing and that it was gonna be on a part-time basis. Same script: set-up a meeting, made me choose Thurs or Mon, business attire, I shouldn’t be late, blah blah blah. He texted me the address of the building through this number: 09178301445. BOOM! It was the Octagon Bldg. Our meeting was supposed to be held on the 20th floor but the guard on the 20th floor said that the meetings held on that floor came from the companies that call/text from the 15TH FLOOR. GEEEZ.

    I can’t believe I almost fell for this. If I did not find this blog and read all these comments, I just might have been stupid enough to go to my scheduled meeting. Thank you, guys!

    The ominous 15th floor, Octagon Bldg, San Miguel Avenue, corner Exchange Road, Ortigas.

  390. I have nothing against networking businesses actually, but it would be nice if you didn’t get a random call from someone using an unknown number telling you they know your whole name and course and have a business venture for you but will not tell you the nature of it on the phone. I think we all have the right to know what interview we’re going to before actually going to the interview. This happened to me twice. It’s a hassle.

  391. I just confirmed with the caller, whose name was Mr. Gatmaitan. It’s NSP Technologies. And seeing that I’m not the only one who was called by this person/company, I already know what to do. πŸ™‚

  392. yeah…me too. last night some Anne called me and even knows the company i’m currently connected with. good thing i’m very firm with my job right now that i do not have to fly to manila from mindanao for such crap… haha, she just told me that she got my info from their database…whoa?!?!?

  393. Aspirex1800 says:

    Good morning people…hmm…actually ako 2 time na tinawagan yang secret company na yan….secret kc ayaw sabihin ung name ng company pag natawag…sa unang tawag palng duda na ako na indi ito isang stable job ang iaalok nila…pano ba nmn papapuntahin ka pero ala clang sinasabi na mag dala ng resume at valid id at lagi nilang binabanggit ay “OPPORTUNITY”…nga pala name ng company na yan ay Nu Skin…after mga 4-6 months same strategy pero iba ung tumawag and iba na ung address sa ALABANG na…actually im not against Network Marketing Business kc part din ako ng indutriyang yan…ang ikina disappoint ko lang ay ung strategy na pag invite ng tao ng Nu Skin..putsa tumatawag sau ang galing magsalita kala mo trabaho na pero indi pala…kung may makabasa man na member ng Nu Skin pls nmn nmin nyo itong sasabihin ko…”kayo mismo mga miyembro ng Nu Skin ang sumisira sa company nyo ang panget ng strategy ng pag invite nyo…ala na ba kau kakilalang mga tao na maiinvite at masasabi ng deretcho sa invites nyo na isang Network Marketing Business or tagalog ay negosyo or business seminar ang aattendan ng mga taong tinawagan nyo…putsa Nu Skin parang awa nyo na maging honest and be professional like ur members said so kc kung totally masisira ang companya nyo sa publiko eh ind lang kau maapktuhan pati na ung ibang Network Marketing na honest,legal at professional ay masisira kc sa msama nyong image kaya nawawala ang tiwala ng isang tao sa ganitong Negosyo.” ako indi secret ang name ng company ko kc im proud to be a member of a Filipino Company sa Network Marketing business named Alliance In Motion Global…segway na ako wag sana kau magalit…if anyone is interested to know more about the company…isked ntin yan by leaving me a message sa fb account ko here is my eadd or tweet me @aspirex1800…tnx for reading and tnx sa info kc sa ganitong forum ko din nlman ang agenda ng Nu Skin noong una beses nila ako tinawagan at papuntahin sa ortigas…thank u ulit ang have a nice day…

  394. Thanks so much for this site! I just got a call, and all your stories were true. The one who called me was a ‘Mr. Gatmaitan’, he never gave his full name, and he called using a cellphone (09178301445). He said he got my number from my school, which was really doubtful because I do not think UP gives out its students’ numbers to random companies, di ba? Everything was so fast, he even talked really fast. He asked me to choose from two dates for the meeting, one for tomorrow which will be in Alabang, and the other was on Monday in Ortigas. He then texted me the whole address and asked me to reply if I received it. I was really stunned because the call was out of the blue, and I did not even catch the company’s name. So I texted back asking his name and he only gave the surname, and I also asked the company name. It was NSP Technologies, and he said that they only have an in-house website so he’ll just lend company documents on the meeting itself. Buti na lang I google everything first! Thank you for sharing your stories!

  395. Maira Paredes says:

    duh!! anne villegas called me…before dianne called me…i went there and its not a comapny that i was looking was a networking…pero bakit ganun diba, para lang makakuha sila ng mga tao kelangan nila manloko…haist..isa lng ibig sabihin nun gawawa gawa lang nila yung mga taong yumaman na daw sa kanila…

  396. 2 or 3 years ago, someone from the management side of my former company called me inquiring if i have time to meet up with executives from a multi national company who is interested on the bpo side of their business, being an expert on the outsourcing industry i was interested on what they have to say hence i agreed to meet up with them the following day (same spiel, corporate attire, resume yada yada) off i went, and then boom (about 20-30 people are gathered watching a presentation) gee! I wasnt born yesterday not to find out that the guy had the nerve to deceive me in attending such, I was really pissed but that doesnt mean I have to be rude, so I excused myself and asked him where is the powder room to compose myself and then to talk to him in a subtle way that I am not interested at that point also I told him that the next time he calls me he have to tell me the truth, because he wont be able to expect me to buy even the cheapest product if i felt deceived in anyway! (subtle way of saying f*ck off!!)
    after that he kept on texting me, apologizing for what happened and asked me to refer anyone that I know who might be interested instead.

    Well I have nothing against the company, but I’m sure as hell that they should be notified and should do something about how THEIR people represents their company. Somehow the management should know that this UNETHICAL marketing/recruitment strategy will boomerang on their million dollar faces pretty soon.

  397. I was also called yesterday by a lady who instructed me to go in that exact address, and gave me no hint of what I’ll be doing there, she said it was confidential. Established companies do not do this only scammers. Thanks for having this site.

  398. wew.. tinawagan din ako d2 at kilala ako.. akala ko may ngrefer sken pero wala nmn xeang nbanggit.. pinapapunta ako sa alabang at 3pm.. buti ngsearch muna ako.. ngaun alam ko na.. di ako 22loy dun.. btw, Mr. Toby ang pakilala sken..

  399. oh i knew it! same experience din po. kaya nga ba start palang malaki na pagdududa ko tungkol sa tumawag sakin na yun. Buti nalang i decided na mag_internet to check the background of their company then i was shocked nung nakita ko ‘tong blog na ‘to. haist .. LIARS. :/
    heto yung info na binigay nila..

    same address
    bring valid id and be in office attire.
    tapos punta daw ako dun bukas.
    NOV. 16 at 3pm.
    NSP company din ang sabi nila.

    malaki talaga doubt ko kasi hindi naman ako nag-apply dun. tapos lahat ng info ko alam nila.
    i asked her kung panu nya nalaman ang info tungkol sakin. ang sabi niya, may nagrecommend lang daw sa kaniya. Pati school ko binabanggit niya. nakunakunaku!!! :/
    tapos ang isa pa, napansin ko sa mga requirements na pinapadala niya, walang RESUME. the most common thing na kailangan dalin para sa isang job application.

    then. nagulat din ako, tumawag sakin yung isa kong classmate. may tumawag din daw sa kanya. same infos. tsktsk! GOD BLESS nalang sa kanila.

    ingat ingat nalang po sa mga ganitong situation.
    make sure to check first their company background.

    akala ko pa naman work na. :/
    anyway.. THANK YOU for this BLOG> this will serve as a lesson. πŸ™‚

    GOD BLESS !!!

  400. Good thing i searched this blog….

    i entertained the caller as i believe it is “clean” job interview. when i asked for the details, person on the line said that discussion will be in octagon bldg ortigas… nung sinabi nya un, naalala ko ung naikwento s akin dati n scam nga ung mga ito…

    hindi ako punta. maghintay sya.






  403. wow. gee. thanks. kamuntikan na ako! haha i have doubts n talaga e but i’m so desperate na mag kawork kc nakakainip ang walang work (that was the time that i’ve no idea bout this company). thank you all! πŸ™‚

  404. Preciousceline says:

    Thank God! I’ve read all ur blogs.. Yesterday some1 called me. He told the same thing to me, he knows some information about me, binigay nya sken ung add 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City. I wrote it down p nga eh..coz he told me so.. pinappunta nya ko 2day at 3pm.wen I ask him about the company name ang sabe lng nya US Health *something*..then sabe nya pumunta nlng ako s 15th flr kz sa knila lng daw ung buong flor…and then he even txted me early dis morning to remind about our appointment… den e2 na.. another guy called me early this morning different # I tot another job opportunity but nagtaka ako he ask same questions with the guy who called me yesterday, sabe nya ittxt daw nya saken ung add..den we hung up. inantay ko txt nya to be sure kung anung kutob ko kz ng iicp n ko about s company. then nag txt n ulit ung 2nd guy he gave me the the directions going to the building but not the whole detail, he didnt give me the exact flor “he just txtd 41 adb ave pasig city. actualy beside OMM citra acros petron, behind sm megamall” ang sabe p nya itxt ko nlng xa kapag andun n ko sa building.. kaya bigla ako nag open ng pc para mag google map.and unfortunately OCTAGON BUILDING din un..
    buti nlng may boyfie called me up kinuwento ko sa knya, wla nman xang idea pero sabe nya wag ko nlng puntahan kz bka scam un.. well thnx to him dahil 22o nga.. tpos e2 nag search n ko about 15th flor of octogan building and It is a SCAM!!

  405. i think same pa din tactic nila.. my boyfriend texted me this afternoon and told me that a certain “ms.dianne” called him and told him that he’s on for an interview tomorrow…friday, 3pm at 15th flr,BDO-Robinsons Bldg in Ortigas…. he asked for the “whereabouts of the company but dianne told nothing…” she said that it’s
    an American Multinational Company and he should wear a proper attire… my bf wondered how this certain dianne knew his number,work and address…dianne answered ” i got it from our data base…blah..blah..” i got curious…so i made a researched on the internet and found these blogs.. thank God i was able to inform my bf about these scheme and prevent him from coming t that interview.. be safe everyone!

  406. thanks for this blog.. i have also a phone call yesterday about NSP Inc. but its just call and no other details so i worried about it.. i need to research about this company and i found this blog.. they want me to choose for this day 6pm and sat 12nn i dont think this is right because of the time.

    i thank god because i see this blog.. i have two names involve as all you said.. its kevin ocoma and deejay aguila..

    Address:15th flr Teleferpormance tower corner exchange road ortigas, pasig.

  407. just rcvd a phone call from kevin ocoma of NSP, meeting place 5/f megatradehall Conference Room,, Megamall B, Ortigas. cp number 09167290404. my intuition told me that not to go. googled it up and found this site. i will report it para nman macheck din ng authorities para matigil na.

  408. Thank god…nasearch ko ito…ng hesitate pa ko sana open ang blog na ito buit na was a scam..meron din saken it was 2 times they call me the 1st one i that i make it appoinment with them was curious ako kasi open sila kahit sunday which is some of office mon-sat that I always try to search it but wala kung this last call I’ll try again to contact them so that I can make it appoinment again on sunday 1pm in batangas their new office…JJf building..buti nlng nakuha daw nila application ko sa net d nmn aq ngtaka kasi nag aaply ako online.
    .share ko lng nmn…
    ano kaya klaseng industry cla?????
    my gosh…nkakatakot…
    thanks for the infomation and for the one who make this blog…

  409. same thing a girl called me ganyan din.. hahahah.. ms. eden guaradacasa daw name nya then binigay nya din si mr. marlog ilagan.. hahahah.. buti nalang na sinearch ko muna yong name.. heto gamit nilang no. pang txt +639485319366 at eto naman ang pinang tawag 09999912482..

  410. A phonecall woke me a few hours ago.
    Caller’s name was Jed Roa. He asked permission to conduct a brief interview but diddnt give the company’s name that he represents. After asking some questions regarding education and employment, he scheduled me for an interview on Monday, 3pm, 15th Flr Octagon Bldg, San Miguel Ave, Ortigas.

    I forgot to ask questions.
    I even thought our conversation was just a dream.
    (Yeah, I partied hard last night.haha)

    I read his text message detailing the time and location of the meeting. I had no clue what I was getting myself into so I decided to check the address online and found this blog.

    The comments got me sober. Haha


  411. It was 4:38 when my phone ring. So I took the call and answered. A guy named Mr. Justine Tee representing the “Whatsoever” Company NSP international asking me if I could spend 3 mins of my time talking to him. At first I was moved by the company name itself ” NSP international” Business na business ang dating. NAKAPAGTATAKA he knows about my work the position i have and said he got my number from a friend. So we continued our conversation and was asking me for an appointment with him if I could be on Friday 11/25/2011 after my shift. He then provided my an address without the building name : 20th floor Block 41 ADB Avenue, Corner Exchange Road Ortigas. At first I said YES I’ll be attenting the said appointment. The line was choppy and I ask for the company name again I couldnt understand him. He then txted back and said the land mark is mega mall or podium. So I txted him and said enough with the landmarks i know all the buildings in Ortigas coz im working here: whats the name of the building it could be the 20th floor of mega mall or the podium mall , hahahaha 20th floor…. I got no reply then , so I txted him back asking whats the company name and the name of the building and told him that im in ortigas working. So he called back : Asking me if I can meet him at PRESTIGE Building at 6:30 I told him Im out till 7:00 so I cant. back to the Plan, I asked him the company name again he cant say it CLEARLY and LOUDLY. Okay Then I said , I need to be in business attire and bring my valid ID woooh. Businissin mong attire mo ungas sinong niloko mo!!!!!haha. So I go on google curious about the EWAN na company and I found this BLOG with his name listed Mr Justin Tee aha!!!! kung Chiness ka – Mas Chiness Ako hahahah. Ungas Sinung niloko mo LOL . Thanks to lemuel – katawa mode sa office lol….. Mabuhay ka Mr Justin tee

  412. OMG! . .this guy just called me this morning!..that’s why i’m here because i’m looking for their company webpage. .thanks guy for posting this!!!

  413. I really don’t know why he knew some things about me. .like my studies, about where i live, whatever. .He asked me for a meeting tomorrow. .(300PM) at 15th Fl.
    Octagon Bldg. Juan San Miguel ave. Pasig Ek Ek. . .whatever. .he said his name is kevin ocoa. .thanks for this very informative blog. .I love you guys!. .

  414. iamnotstupid says:

    okay so what really is your point @Computer Specialist? If you are having issues with bogusness, then so am I. Gah.. you’re so pathetic. No ‘TRUE’ UP student will bring the name of his school just to make a sensible argument. and you even brought up that will help you. trying to defend one’s bogusness by another bogusness. what a crap.

    okay so, are we clear with this?

  415. Oops.. I just got a call 10 mins ago and was told that they need junior executives and so on and so forth.. they also referred me to 15th Flr Of Octagon Building in San Miguel Avenue. hmm.. well.. It is a good thing there is internet.. No foolishness occured… πŸ˜€

  416. kakatawag lang din sken, ROSEL TALA naman name nya! ingat ingat na lang tayo sa mga lokong tao. Parehas din ung sinabi sken. NSP, US BIOTECHNOLOGY daw ung name ng company. Ang galing lang talaga nila kumuha ng mga information about sa bibiktimahin nila. Beware talaga, etoh number nya 09285988456 Sa PRESTIGE TOWER ROOFDECK EMERALD AVENUE ORTIGAS naman niya ako pinapapunta. Ang nakapagtataka talaga e bakit sa ROOFDECK at 6PM pa kami magkikita. Ano siya aswang! lol.


  417. What a pity, so many people believing hearsay and missing the big opportunity. Where will you find a 5A1 (Dun and Bradstreet) company that would ask you to work WITH them and not FOR them? You can distrust people who do scams, but how can you distrust a company which ranked 6th in FORBES’ TOP 100 MOST TRUSTWORTHY COMPANIES?

    They audited 8,000 companies and picked only a hundred, and Nu Skin was Top 6.

    I might suggest, if the person invited you to a job interview, refuse him/her. Such kind of person shouldn’t be trusted. But if you were invited to a business or a business project, which this really is about, then GO AND SEE. Besides, at the end of the day, you’ll be the one making the decision. And we can’t blame anyone but ourselves when we miss out on great opportunities because we believed in blogs (and comments for this matter) instead of credible websites.

  418. Just received a call from Jed Roa. Hmmm. Good I googled it right away. thank you Guys. πŸ˜€

  419. hi.. may ask if you know ara from american company.. i was really bothered kung totoo ung work n inoffer nya or what.. she gave an address that is # 41 Teleperformance BLdg.San miguel Psig city.. what do you thinks guys?

  420. PlainGirl says:

    A girl named Kathy Oracion called me. She told me I was referred by a friend (well, we came from the same university). Nagulat ako she even knows my course… I can’t understand what she’s telling me coz the background’s so noisy, and the reception’s choppy. Anyway, she told me about opportunity, etc. I thought maybe thisis a pyramid scan so I asked her few questions about the company name. And she keeps on telling me that their partner company is LifeGen Tech. Biotech company etc. So I researched on LifeGen Tech, maganda ang website with some researches, etc. Then she sent me the message with the address of the building etc., Ortiagas office 20th floor, Teleperformance Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Pasig. So I types in the address in google. And this blog is what I saw. Thank goodness.
    I told her directly that I AM NOT INTERESTED. Buti di na nangulit.

  421. Beware, that number 09178301445 is still active. Very fishy indeed. This guy knows I’m looking for a job. Smart? I don’t think so, I’m smarter. This guy talks uber fast, I didn’t understand a thing he’s saying. Another thing I’m suspicious like what others pointed out here, he leaves a lot of details unknown. And the hell!? Who in the right mind (HR people) will call at that time, close to 10pm, I don’t think there is a company that will give an applicant a call close to 10pm or would there be an office open at that time? There are a few exceptions but not the HR office. Very suspicious indeed and my research lead me here. Both the address, 20th floor OIDC building or the number lead to this page. At least change tactics. Ermm… works for American company my ass. I currently work for an American company, and one of the biggest, know who you’re talking to faggot!!

    And to the Thread starter, Thank you so much for this page.

  422. Thank You sa Blogs na ito.. parehas na parehas yung kwento nyO sa nakausap ko.. MS.DiANA.

    Active pa rin sila until now. Mag ingat..

    Multinational Company daw. – kahit ulit ulitin kong tanong kung what company, yan pa din ang sinasagot.

    hindi binabanggit ang tamang address or pangalan ng bldg. basta sinabi Go to SM megamal Supermarket side take a FX ride. then Sabhin sa Driver Linden Suite Hotel tapos sa right side may makikita daw ako Bldg na may BDO and Robinson Bank. ano na ba technology ngaun? may google maps na. kung bldg name na lang sana sinabi eh din madali na lang. at mahirap ba sabihin yung Bldg Name? or takot ma search sa google. kasi eto agad lalabas etong blog na ito.

    Malupit silang humirit. Pinapili ako na Date and Time ng interview. kasi icacancel daw nya ung mga appointment nya at yung appointment ng boss nya para daw sakin sa interview kaya be professional .

    para ano? maubliga ako? lols!

    Para sa Lahat mag ingat . lalo sa mga fresh graduates. mag tanong tanong sa nakakatanda at mag search muna.

  423. hai.. i was also called today by somebody whose name is cat. because i was curious about this company i immediately searched it on internet and fortunately i found this site. they are no longer in 15th floor because they are now in 2oth imaginary floor..hehehehe… so be guided.. God bless

  424. Hi there, omg I was so shock when I read all your blog at the same time I am thanking you guys because you write this blog to make people aware with those people who want us to be their victim.

    Actually this afternoon someone calling me though I forgot his name, then he invite me for a job discussion on Friday. But since last 2 months ago a girl also called me and I never go there (in there office) also inviting me.

    I am asking the person who called me this afternoon if what position he offer but he only says a management trainee. Then I told him that I prefer data analyst but he insist that he can give me a big compensation and benifits. But still I feel Bad for him that’s why I search now the floor and the bldg. Finally I found this blog atleast I can sy that I feel right….thanks guys!

  425. I just got a call from this MALE telling me that I have an interview tomorrow.HE immediately told me to get a paper and pen and dictated me the address but from the start, he he mentioned his name and his company,too bad I forgot the details but I only remembered the address. I told him that I wasn’t available tomorrow(dec. 8) bcoz I have an appointment with another company but that was just a lie. I really have no intention to go there because I have no plans working in ortigas since my target is Makati area only. Though Im somehow confused if i should go or not, I tried to search the company’s name in google by typing the address and here I am , reading this blog and composing my comment..I dont know how they got informations bout me. but I am thankful that I made a research about this…=(

  426. i knew it!i had the same call from “Melody” buti na lang i googled this NSP International company. 3rd floor JJF Building, Alangilan National Highway, Batangas City near St. Peter Subdivision..turns out it’s non-existent? well, i’ve read enough of these comments and i won’t waste my time on that so-called interview or appointment! let them wait for nothing! πŸ™‚

  427. Mr.nice Guy says:

    hehhee Got the same offer eh. kagabi at 9:49 pm ( december 10, 2011) may tumawag sakin using this number 09788718877.
    NSP: Good evening! I’m looking for …..
    Me: yes speaking
    NSP: Im from NSP enterprise. Where you can have a part timr/ full time job with US rate compensation. are you available for the next 2 minutes
    Me: yes
    NSP: “name ko” ok cge para magawa na naten to kase pauwi na rin ako. it says here that you are currently working
    Me: no I’m not
    NSP: “name” we have a job offer for you. Actually tatlong tao na lang kelangan namin sa Traning and Management. are you available for interview on monday or wednesday?
    Me: yes anytime
    NSP: morning or 3p ng hapon?
    Me: cge 3pm
    NSP: cge isched natin on monday para fresh pa
    Me: Sige po
    NSP: “name” okay ill be expecting you then. Be on office or formal attire ok? pumunta ka sa Teleperforamce bldg. san Miguel avue., ortigas and look for Ms. Shelly Javier. I’ll be expecting you na hindi ka nagbabackout on the last minute ha. You have a very good recommendation pa naman.
    Me: ahhh ano nga po ulet ang work na inooffer nyo?
    NSP: “name” yan ung pag uusapan natin on monday so see you then..
    Me: ok


    after the call napaisip ako…
    di ako convinced sa call na un
    i had several job offers na natanggap dati na legit pero ung kagabi lang ang kakaiba. Hindi sya sounds proffessional. d kase ako kumakagat agad sa mga job offer sa phone. I usually do a background check. nakita ko tong post na to.. so i guess it confirms my hunch. To think wala naman akong inapplyan na ganung company at wala akong kakilala na nagwork dun. at hindi ganun ang tipong work ang inaapplayan ko.

    sa mga applicants sa kahit na anong work. wag kayo kumagat agad. maging wais sa pag apply at ng di kayo mapahamak. laging alamin kung legit pa ang company na gusto kumuha sa inyo. dapat may kumpletong detalye cla laging ibibigay. nagiging wais na ngayon ang mga manloloko kaya dapat doblehin nyo ang pagiging wais nyo. wag kayo magpadala agad sa flowery words na sinasabi ng potential employer na hindi nyo pa namemeet lalo na pag kaduda duda (hindi nyo inapplyan at kung pano nila nakuha number mo) mag ingat lang po tayo. wag kayo agad magbigay ng mahahalagang impormasyon sa tawag. laging sabihin na i have my information sa resume. God bless sa lahat! maging matalino sa pag aapply. kung may mga katulad kayong tawag na natanggap o nalamang scam na activity.. wag kayong tamarin magpost sa ganitong site dahil makakatulong kayo sa lahat. Salamat!

  428. thanks guys for knowing me that it was a scam. last sat. some1 called me too,she scheduled me and gave the address of the company.. 2mrw was the day of my interview so i decided to searched it on goggle and i found out the truth ..

  429. Thanks for this blogsite..
    Kakatawag lang saken this morning,. interesado pa naman ako, pero may doubt din kasi alam nia ung fullname ko and number… Sabi nia meet nia daw ako sa lobby ng octagon bldg.. familiar sakin ung bldg. kc dun ako nag OJT. Kala ko 2loy ni refer ako ng mga trainer ko dun..

    Thanks Guys! God Bless..

  430. i got a phone call last dec 8,2011
    he said he is a project manager looking for part time job workers, asking me if I’m a student or not? i said yes
    phone no. is 09178301445
    company name:PHX INTERNATIONAL
    he also said that they are conglomerate of American companies simply known as PHX.
    that the project entails communications,events, handling or leadership and management training depending on preference

    he speaks to fast ( i think its there way to attract people how busy they sounds like)

    i’m very interested because one of my classmate is working there..

    then i asked my classmate about the work
    he said if you go to the job interview they’ll explain much better than I do..
    I wasn’t expecting that kind of answer……

    I asked him what do i need to bring on our job interview.. he said ballpen and valid ID

    ok ok ok… that’s not that answer that i want to hear.. small and big company ask their applicants for curriculum vitae NOT JUST BALL PEN AND ID…

    good thing i saw this page hours before the job interview…

    here’s the address … OIDC bldg 20th floor ortigas pasig city..! even the front bldg of Robinson there is pyramiding thing is happening there….

    be careful especially students..

  431. Just a few minutes ago may tumawag sa kin offering a job na medical related, and that they were hiring 2-3 young professionals etc… According to the girl, she got my information from ____________ Alumni. By just that, I got a bad feeling about it because she got the information wrong. I am not yet an alumna but pursuing a second degree in the mentioned university. I was also surprised that she knows the university I graduated from (my first degree) and my phone number. She then gave me an appointment and told me that I had to wear professional clothes and be on time and gave me the address that I wasn’t able to write down bec. I was on my pc and was waiting for MS word to open. What I do remember though was amethyst dr. ortigas, pasig, m. manila. Having heard about lots of scams going on, I searched the net hoping for some info on any events like this and I’m glad that my instinct was right and that what the call really was a waste of time. Good thing there is internet. Although I readily checked my facebook acount and modified the settings although I really don’t have that much info there…so we really need to be careful and be wise. ^^

  432. Buti nlang at may google..

    I got the same call today and almost same lahat except sakin walang sinabing “biotech-something”.what made me decide to research about this company kasi unang una ID lang pinapadala sakin (walang nbi,police clearance or ss # kahit brgy clearance wala ..san ka pa!) tapos secondly yung address teleperformance bldg pasig city( walang floor–tawagan daw cla pag nandun na! wow sosyal) and lastly after that call her closing remark was β€œyou sound so professional sa phone, i hope you won’t cancel our meeting” (NICE!this doesn’t sound professional to me either)

  433. Thank God I’ve read your blogs!

    someone just called me a while ago, name Mr. Leandro cellphone no. 09175206767 for a job opportunity, junior executives etc.

    I ask him where did he get and he said it’s from company database, or job fairs. — hmm. napaisip na ako bigla.

    he texted me the date, time and address —
    “Dec 19 Mon 300pm, 41 ADB Ave, Pasig City. It’s actually beside OMM citra across Petron behind SM Megamall, Our tower has a BDO at the ground floor. when you’re already there, kindly send me an sms so I can direct you to the exact floor and conference room where we’d be having the meeting, I’ve blocked off my schedule for you so kindly be on time.” — sounds suspicious already! why not gave the exact bldg. and floor. and bakit kailangan pa itext ng applicant?

    I texted back that i’ll be there because i thought this is really a job, he sounds very professional and strict, I ask for the company’s name because I haven’t heard it clearly. he replied —
    “NSPI Company, an american distribution comglomerate catering to fast moving consumer goods and biotechnology products”
    — Googled it and boom! ITS A SCAM!

    whew! buti nalang nagsearch ako about the company address and here goes your blog. beware guys!

  434. A girl name Beejay aguilar called me last night around 8pm. Sabi niya punta daw ako for the pre-training interview sa Octagon center san. Miguel ave. Ortigas ave, pasig city at the back of sm megamall. i asked kung saan niya nkuha yung name ko kasi i never remembered na nagapply ako sa company nila but she said via job fair daw., Nsp Incorporated daw yung company and bring valid Id.. naguguluhan ako if this is true kaya I search on internet and I found this site and blog..
    Thanks naman.. fake pala ito. Tsk tsk..

  435. hi guys. I am very lucky that I read this comments coming from you guys, because I was then called by someone names Anna last Thursday (Dec. 15, 2011). I was surprised that she will considered me for a junior executive level even I told her that I am still attending my class. A first, it was a bit exciting but at the moment I was not able to look for their location as well as the company name in the net, I doubt that this may be a scam. And she also let me chose between 3 or 6 pm meeting on Tuesday (Dec. 20, 2011), and so because of you guys I will no longer consider her “JOB OFFER”.

  436. ria calomarde says:

    Beware of NSPH TEchnologies, Alabang Filinvest Corporate,tingin ko related toh sa mga posted comments nyo..
    I smell a scam..Salamat sa Blog nyo..

  437. Wow, this blog is already nearly 3 years old and still, no legal action has been taken against this NSP / Nu Skin Company, eh? Baseless claims, tsk.

  438. haynako ha katatapos Lng ng pasko thats why iam having a bLast in my bed then a certain geLyn cervantes caLLed me.she kniws where i study nun coLLege so u thought i was refered by my schooL.gudthing i was thinking clearly that iam not graduate so why they will refer me partner really thinks and feels it was fishy thats why i researched helyn cervantes and alas it appeared that they are a pyramiding company.

  439. Amazing! I though I was the ONLY person who had this gut feeling that NSP Inc. sounded “fishy.”

    Deejay Aguila was my contact person. How interesting that her name should appear here as well.

    Contact # is 09399396125.

    Same tactic; Training management position at the same venue, Octagon in Ortigas. They did not give the name of the floor though. Does anyone here know what this company is really about? πŸ™‚

  440. WTF. can i say thank you guys. someone called me last night, Elaine ung name niya. her number is 09175082391. super same ung pakikipag-usap niya sa mga nabasa ko. she was asking me to go to the TP tower behind mega mall and beside citra building. she was aking me to be in my office attire and bring 1 valid id. pinapili niya din ako kung tuesday 6.3o pm or wednesday 2pm. grabe naman. haha. kala ko work na. scam pala. thank you so much. buti naisipan kong mag-search kung san ung buliding na un. tapos eto nakita ko.

  441. i’m saved. hahaha. thank you ulit guys. buti naisipan kong i-google un place kasi i’m not that familiar. :p kagabe lang ung tawag (december 26, 2o11) around 8pm. hoho. so di na ko pupunta bukas. hahaha. :)))

  442. I just had the same experience today (January 3, 2012, Tuesday around 9 am)

    I received a phone call from Deejay Aguila looking for me, she said that she’s looking for new professional members then she gave me a schedule between Wednesday and Friday.. She asked me to come to Octagon Center at San Miguel Avenue Ortigas Pasig City behind SM Megamall and I should bring my Valid ID, be on office attire and look for Deejay Aguila, the company’s name is NSP Incorporate . She even added that she will cancel her meetings just to meet me.

    Frankly speaking she was very convincing but not good enough.. Thank you GOOGLE!! and this BLOG!!!

  443. 2012 They are starting again guys around 9 am someone called me named CARYL CALIWARA 09477079829 same story, same address, same requirements.. kya lng npa isip ako san ka nman nakakita ng work na ikaw ang tinatawagan though dka nag aaply tpos ako pa dw ang priority nila sus priority plng lokohin… good thing nag search ako sa google and luckily found this! million thanks for this site… always trust your instinct…

  444. I got the same experience just now, i repeatedly asked for their company name but the guy named Kevin Ocoma on the other line always says it’s a multinational company. Then since ayaw nya sabihin yung company name I searched for the address he gave me and what can i say i have the same experience as you guys. I’m thankful I have an internet and i will just ignore our schedule of “interview daw” on friday 3pm. . .haha…thank you guys. . .

  445. This is still true!!! My friends (most of whom are girls, and all graduating in a month… and from the same university!!!) received similar calls!!! The person knew our names, our numbers, and that we were all looking for a job!!! The caller did not give his name, and just said there was a junior executive position, part-time and flexible schedule, for me. The company was NSPI an American Conglomerate, etc. This is A SERIOUS SCAM!!!! And they seem to be targetting graduating business students from LS university!!!! BEWARE! The asshole’s number is 0917-5206767!!! If u can, please call your university if this happens to you, bec. the information may be leaked from your student database!

  446. grabeh!!! pti ako nkareceive din ng call knina. veejay aguila nman ang name nya. all of your stories guys is also the same with me.. grabe. doubt n tlga ako dun kninang umga nung tumawag sila ee.. buti na lng ngresearch muna ako..

    thanks a lot guys..

  447. Chai Smith says:

    Hi…I guy, named Kevin Ocoma just called me 30 minutes ago phone #: 0917 887 1877. He invited me for a meeting on Monday, which I said yes. But since I never heard of that NSP company before, I searched it online and read this blog. Good thing I read this!

  448. wow, good thing hindi ako pumunta…a certain Kevin Ocoma from NSP called me telling me to wear a business attire and offering me a part-time job.

    thanks for the info

  449. 0917 887 1877 ang # na tumawag sa ‘kin and he saw my profile in jobstreet and seen that I’m a graduate of ECE.

    I was never interested to go but my sister was encouraging me but we have some financial issues, so i decided not to go.

    so thankful for your information

    anhirap na talaga magtiwala

  450. Thanks for this post! Really need a good lasting job right now and thankful I’d seen this caution.

    Better be careful, though…

  451. i had a call by one of there so called executives/agents πŸ™‚ name ANNE VILLEGAS, she told me same thing that you guys have been talking about. She called around 8:50am today(jan.10,2012) using this number-‘09062578773′ funny thing is that i can’t understand everything she says aside from it’s so fast “wala pa rin kc ako sa wisyo”. hahahaha

    but then yeah! she told me. shes looking for young professionals and willing to work for full-time employment. And ask me to go for an interview today 3pm or if i like tomorrow same time. (I wonder? really MY option’ hmmmmmm, I’ve been to a lot of interviews it’s always the interviewee who gives time/date.)

    so because i’m going to manila tom. why not grab the chance so i said okay 3pm tom. and then she keeps repeating my name and told me be punctual and be on your corporate attire. before the conversation end she gave me the address: OCATagon BUilding san miguel ave. ortigas 15/f. and then with a closing spill “okay see yeah then (mention my name),and then God Bless.before she hugs-up I Ask again for the company name, it was SYNERGY – it was a fast quick conversation and lack of details/info. so I worry a lot.

    And because i’m not sure if i really apply for this company, i try to search for it and walaaaa’ i found this blog. I don’t know, timing that i need to surf the net. :))

    -while i’m typing this comment I decided not to go, aside from the negative feedback that i red’ i think if they say its’ not a scam just a ordinary NETWORKING., still I will not go. it’s not my interest anyway. and in my humble opinion well probably they should change the way they call/approach people because its’ too annoying to be frank!

  452. applicanttwentyeleven says:

    aha! i am sched to meet with Mr. Gatmaitan today, 3pm. i left my place in San Mateo at 9am planning to go to a com shop first to print my resume at the same time check that OIDC on the 20th flr of a white bldg with the
    teleferpormance signage on top. it is located daw sa exchange road, beside San Miguel Bldg sa Shangrila Mall.
    this MR. Gatmaitan knows my name, called my ever cherished mobile number and the college i went in. He asked me which is more convenient to me to reach their place, coz they have in Ortigas and Alabang, I chose ortigas since Sn Miguel & Shangrila are very familiar to me.
    He talks fast. the same sound of sales agents ng mga lupa, bahay at credit card. i dont like the way he talks but then, while on the phone, i got curious where he did get info about me, so kahit duda, i wanted to go.
    i txd my 2 friends & yun isa, OIDC daw ba yung Orient Industrial Dev. Corp that deals with the environment. so I got interested. i asked her to search more, but she’s busy e.
    Mr. Gatmaitan txtd me again to confirm our appointment and he’s willing daw to give details ng place. so i asked, from the back of MegaMall, facing Sn Miguel, which way should i take, left to St. Francis or right to Lourdes? He said take J.Vargas & i will see a tall bldg with Teleperformance sinage on top. I asked: is that the Octagon Bldg? I got it right. so meet daw kami sa 2oth flr.
    i very well know the place, the bldg at that 20th flor. so while i was on the bus, Mr. Gatmaitan txt me again, i said i am on the area already just waiting for that 3pm appointment.
    by the way, i was reminded of the 15th flr of that same bldg. i met a certain guy, good clothing, and he is an agent. i forgot his name, sad. he said he works in Nu Skin & was inviting me to see the office. i said, maybe next time kc i am not familiar with the bldg yet. after months or so, i met girls galing sa Nu skin, nagseminar daw cila at invite din nila ako. I am not interested on stuffs like this. Kasi naman khit hindi ako gumagamit ng kung anu-ano, safeguard na sabon lng pagligo, maganda na talaga ako. NO joke.
    so sana txt ko si MR. Gatmaitan bk Nu Skin ito, but i know he will deny it.
    GOOD thing, i check this page. Kc kanina sa starmall, nilinis ko sapatos ko, kc from Sn Mateo pa nga ako. Sabi ni Manang na nakapag-asawa ng Australian, wag ko daw puntahan. wag ko na daw pagaksayahan ng panahon. Mag-abroad na lang daw ako.
    Know why i know the place? Kc ang office ko na 10th floor din lng ng same bldg. at yun 2oth flr, canteen yun at yung office dun e office ng Octagon bldg at chapel.
    Binggo!!!! Loko-loko ng ito. NuSkin ba ito? No Skin na kayo……LOL….
    ang gaganda at pasosyal pa mga tao dun….ganun pala ha…..

  453. Mr. Agbay says:


    Thank you for this information. Actually, I just got the call awhile ago from a certain Mr. Agbay. From the first place I got shocked for him knowing my name. He said if he can talk to me for just a minute. Knowing it’s a client of mine, I let him.

    The conversation goes like the other stories above.

    After we’ve talked, I searched for their company but only come-up was a foreign company. I tried to put MR. AGBAY AT BIOTECHNOLOGY SOLUTION because my curiosity really striking my nerve. And on my surprise, this blog came up.

    I’m very thankful for this because he also asked me if I can give a number that I may refer to them that interested to this kind of job (that will be plus 20,000 on my income), but I insist that’s too personal for a stranger like him.

    He gave his number (0908-244-2704) if I’m interested I can contact him because I have so many question keep on asking to him but he said that he just have a couple of minute and he his in rush.

    That’s why PHILIPPINES don’t have improvement and still at the bottom because of this kind person/companies.

    Please do have a page on this on FB (facebook) for others to be aware.



  454. Almost got me fooled !..haha Im already scheduled on Monday 3pm for an interview as “Junior Executive” daw by a certain Ms. Calabia..same addres PHX International 41 ADB AVe., beside Linden Suites, BDO and Robinson’s BAnk on the 1st thankful that I read all your blogs.. now I wont waste time , money and effort to go there. Im currently in Batangas and would just go there sana for the interview…kya pla she wont let me bring other requirements just a valid ID..2nd time I received their call so I confirmed thinking that it is really a “job” they are offering not some selling scheme..

  455. Thank God for having this information about 15th floor Octagon Building.
    I received a call last January 11, 2012 at 4:15 in the afternoon with mobile number 09283488296 and I was in the office on that time. He told me if I’m interested to apply in their company which have a high compensation package. He scheduled me tomorrow for an interview, so I asked about the exact location but what I heard was “15th floor octagon building in Ortigas Center”. He added to wear in a business attire and bring valid ID. Again, I asked the name of the company and the nature of business as well but he refused to answer me instead he told me to send the exact address right after our conversation. Until yesterday I didn’t have received any message from him. So, I search in google what company there in 15th flr octagon bldg and “Sapul, daming blogs”. Oh, how fraud it was!! Beware of it.

  456. We all have the same experiences. Thanks to this site! you we’re able to inform me about the “modus” of this company. but i’m still wondering where did they get our contact details. but anyways we are saved from that bad persons who will tell you always God bless.. Poor persons.. they think we are just that desperate to get a job by fooling us… Thanks guys!!! πŸ™‚

  457. THanks! Buti nlang nbsa ko tong blog na ‘to… kanina lang tnawagan aq ni “DJ AGUILA” n yan, with this no 09175413335. panapapunta aq tom (sat) or monday ng 3pm dsame add and MODUS. i tot, aq magandang work to, pero hnd aq pngddla ng resume, for training mgmt daw.
    hehehe tnx sa blog na to.. thnx guys!

  458. kakatawag lang sakin ng Mr. Muyco, may bago silang location, Megatradehall B
    Hehehe, such a scam.

  459. Phark Dheong doo says:

    tnx s pgcomment nyo dito n alarma ako same scenario that i recieved mr. gatmaitan called me up and he spoked very well but i doubt the way he talks ist was too fast to understand..and he doesn’t consistent explanation about said companies…he is faked

  460. Okay now I understand. I got a call from them yesterday same thing being said from the other line. I agree the recruitment sucks. Since this time Filipinos are more careful about this kind of calls we really cannot blame negative blogs about it. It was really a strange call. So I decided to spend so much time to search for it over the internet. I’m a full time mother and wife my time is very very important. I’m so lucky to find out what really it is and this is not my kind of thing . I’m not their lost and and not mine as well. The lady said that I should go because she believed I am professional, in fact I am. But their not. The phone call is so unprofessional. The company should find proper way of recruiting people. If I did not research this over the net this is gonna be a waste of my time and I will get really upset.

    One more strange thing is how they got my no.? because it was an office no. from my previous company. Well it was a cellphone no. a sim card provided by my previous company which is still active and was never published online even in my fb account. It’s really strange how they get such info and my name. Thanks I found this blog. Thank you guys for the info.This is so unprofessional.
    Im not coming to that orientation and not gonna shell out 12,800. Never. Naloko na ko before ng Platinum life in Pasay na nacompaint sa Bitag before its exactly the same thing but with just diff item. Not gonna let it happend again.

  461. this is really a scam. the caller is suspicious, she do not know phone ethics. even if it is a company call, you should still name yourself! stop doing that b****!

  462. I like what ms. SHA33 said on 5-6-2011. thanks for the info. My wife received a call last night. I was the one who answered. the lady asked for my wife, I asked her name and she said, “IKAW BA SI “.. so rude girl!!

  463. Luckygirl says:

    Grabe!!, buti talaga naisip qna naman ang mgresearch, pero gawain qna talaga mgresearch sa twing me tumatawag sakin. . pero kaiba ito. kc cnabi qna me work nq sa municpyo namin, pero pinilit pdin aq mgpunta dw aq January 21, 2012 @ 2pm sa address na OCTAGON BLDG. SAN MIGUEL AVE. ORTIGAS. . wala din cnbi na mgdala aq ng kahit ano. me tumawag sakin her name was ANNE VILLEGAS cp# 09062578773 nung sabado around 5pm & then kanina lang 1;30 pm male voice nmn cp#09178658787. .dami kong tanong.wala sya sinagot kahit isa. Pati company, dq myntindihan cnabi nya. . taz tinanong q sya kung related sya ke ANNE VILLEGAS na tumawag sakin..kc c male voice inesked din nya q gaya ng sked ni ms. ANNE VILLEGAS na january 21, 2012. . taz bigla nya cinabe, na mgpunta nlng dw aq dun sa ms una ng sked. sakin sabay baba ng phone.. . . nq tnx talaga sa mga comment nyo. im from laguna.a. i plan to go even i have a job. but me sadya talaga aq sa manila. isasabay qlang sana pgpunta dto. buti nlng. salamat sa inyo. baka kidnapper tong cla.

    sa may mga gantong experience. . ipost padin natin dto at kung maaari ay sa FACEBOOK para mas mapag-ingat pa ang iba. . kc me ibang tao na ndi ngreresearch. . atlis sa fb lagi nila nabubuksan. . .

    and i don’t know if ng eexist talaga ang company ng mga taong gaya nila……

    LESSON: wag basta magtitiwala sa hindi kakilala at mas magandang magtanong at mg research ng mga info’s….bago magpunta.

  464. hi guys, somebody called me also this morning, diane din ang pangalan. me tanong lang ako.. meron na ba nakapunta talaga to check it out? dba at the end of the day kung ayaw mo talaga e di humindi ka?

  465. someone called me today same thing, ang place jjf building, alangilan, batangas. thanks sa mga nacomment abiut this scam…

  466. Thank God for this website!!!

    I had a call from this girl named Anna Cosio last night. i was on my way to a restaurant to have dinner with my friends when i saw a missed call on my phone from a random number. since i’m unemployed right now and have been waiting for some companies that i’ve applied for who might call me, i immediately txted the number and ask who and why did he/she call me. and then she replied confirming my complete name, that she is Anna Cosio, senior executive of PHX International, saying she got my profile from JobStreet and she would like to give me a business call. and to my excitement, in the middle of my sumptuous dinner, i took her call. she introduced herself, she even mentioned that they reviewed my profile and it looks very qualified for their junior executive post, then invited me to come to their office for a no obligation interview assessment, which she all said in a very professional and convincing manner.

    so she gave me an appointment on friday, Jan 20 at 3pm, i was even asked to choose between the ortigas and alabang office. since im from the south, i choose the alabang branch. she also said to be in business casual attire and asked me again about the time. so i undoubtedly agreed to it but before she ended the call i asked her about what their company is all about, she answered me rushing saying that its an international company for global business. i dint ask anymore questions maybe because i just wanna finish the call and go back to my dinner right away, lol

    after 5 mins she txted me the address and other details that we’ve talked about already. here’s the address: 2nd floor, Building B, BC Group Center, Filinvest Ave., Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1781. i tried to google PHX International but heck there’s no piece of any information that i can get which surprisingly lead me here. i’m really thankful that i saw this website and have avoided any scam/networking/pyramiding/investing shit that those people might do based from the posts i saw here. it’s just so disappointing that they used JobStreet as their source which many of us know is a trusted site.

    here’s their address:

    Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, Inc.
    15th floor, Octagon Center, 41 San Miguel Ave.,
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605

    2nd floor, Building B, BC Group Center, Filinvest Ave.,
    Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1781

  467. jan.17 when i received a call same information..he use this #09999935653…he said i will look for cliford obana behind megamal tomorow….i always think if where did he get my # infact that i did not submit a resume to any kind of company…
    did u try to go bka naman totoo to….nagresearch ako tas itong site nga nkita k…how sad may mga taong parin manloloko….tnx guyz….

  468. royal kareen lapiΓ±a says:

    Hi guys thanks s info..buti nlang chineck ko muna ung company..xe i am doubting talaga to go there bukas..knina lng ako makes me wonder din xe ni resume hnd ni-require more thing is wla aman akong ina-applyan pa at kakapalit ko pa lng ng no ko..kaya bakit my 2mawag akin He’s Mr. Clifford Opada daw..he gaved me same details din..i2 ung no. nea 09102690141..

  469. A big OMG!

    Pareho kmi ni Enrico who wrote last 18-1-2012. I also received a call last January 18 at around 11 in the morning from a certain Miss Calabia. Sabi nya a 3rd party referred me to them. She made me choose between Ortigas and Alabang kasi yun daw ang location ng mga office nla. Since I am located here in the south I chose Alabang taz yung address na binigay nya katulad din ky Enrico. On that day I searched the net. Hinanap ko yung name ng company kasi PHX Internatonal daw sabi nya. She kept on telling me na dapat daw early ako pumunta kasi Americans daw ang bosses. 3pm din ang sked ko for today. Talagang namroblema ako kasi d ko tlaga mahanap ang company. Kasi xmpre before ka pumunta ng interview d ba dapat my alam ka rin kahit kaunting background regarding the company? SonI tried to search for PHX in Ortigas at ito ang nakita ko at nakita ko talaga ang name ng MISS CALABIA. I was supposed to have my interview this afternoon buti na lang nakita ko to. Thank you so much guys. God is good.

  470. same here, experience the said call this day and making an appointment by saturday at 2 pm, wear business attire and bring some i.d. said that they are operating US and others. this is his number 09178658787. sound convincing, he just gave the address at 15th floor, octagon bldg., san miguel ave., ortigas pasig. texted him and asking what is the name of the company and never replied to my text. also, trying to phone him but no answer.. however, how do they know the number, details and name they were calling and they know that yu are applying for a job..

  471. Me too.. right at this morning i was been texted by one of that scam offer… But i felt that it was really not good…I was very curious where did they get my number..I know that i’m applying in the internet to some few companies that is familiar.. but i can’t even remember i applied at this kind of company without even a single detail…God knows them…

  472. kenrocksalot says:

    BUTI nalang at nakita ko din to! as in kaninang kanina lang tumawag sakin same ng mga sinasabi nyo na work na hindi kailangan ma-hassle sa studies, name ng tumawag sakin MELBERT CORTEZ 09158092103
    eto pa matindi paano nalaman ang complete name ko and number.. ineexpect nga daw nya na punta ko sa time ng interview. Buti nalang talaga may internet at nakakapagresearch.

  473. wahahaha. ganyang ganyan din sken. dpat ngaun ako nakasched. kaso sinabe ko may appointment ako naun kahit wala naman because sat and sun is my free day sa pag aapply. tpos she schedule me on monday jan 23 2012, interview daw. e chinese new year un at its a holiday for the HRs. buti nalang i checked/searched the address that she gave me and found this blog/site. btw the person who called me is ms. azel castillo. im not sure kung azel. pero im really sure castillo last name.

    nakakatawang lines nya before she ended our conversation. “alam ko very professional ang mga nag aaral sa college na yan.” at kung professional ung tumawag it MUST be an english conversation but she spoke to me in tagalog. maybe 80% tagalog and 20% simple english.

    hindi na ako ppnta base na rin sa mga comments right here. thanks guys.

  474. shakzzzzzz,alam nyo guyz tingnan nyo muna ung opportunity,sobrang ganda.. napaka pre judgmental nyo namang tao… bago kau mag blog tingnan nyo muna kung anung merun sa company nila… shocz bka nga ang company na pinapaskan nyo ngaun wla sa Forbes magazine,, check it out.. kau ang sayang… masaya ang mag tao dun lahat umuunlad,, sana tingnan no muna kung ano kayang ibgay sa inyo ng NUSKIN…

  475. I’m a graduating student, been job hunting so i don’t have to compete w/ the new grad by April, so i wasn’t surprised when i got a call, he knew some personal stuff about me, (name,school,etc)the guy named (Mr. Alan Pascua) i asked for the company name, coz i got all the list of all the recent companies i applied for, and of course you would wanna be ready and search for the company background, its creepy coz he scheduled me for interview, Jan 23, 2012,its Chinese New Year, it was supposed to be a holiday so how can their office be open?He gave me the same address, and told me to be early, I searched for the address, coz I’m from the province and not much familiar around the city, good thing i search first before making a move, This people are smart to try to full a scam like this, so Be smarter guys!

  476. Jed Roa nman ung tumawag sakin, 09175240889.. d p ko ngcconfirm n ppnta ako, pero sbe nia, alm nmn niang professional ako at ppnta ako. pressure?? haha anyway, s mga nbasa ko naun. d nmn xa pyramid scam., style ln nila pra my mainvite clang minig sa mga seminars nla about sa mga products nla sa NUSkin. direct selling xa. its up to u nlng dn kng ppnta ka or hnd. goodluck nln sa mga ppnta πŸ™‚

  477. I will say it again.. thanks to this BLOG…

    I was suprised but at the same time confused coz…
    they do have all the information abt. me..
    then i can’t stop my curiosity to search it on the internet… because if it is serious this is a big opportunity.. but then this is a fucking SCUM…

    they are trying to hard to be a competitive..?
    no they will not and will never be!!! if that is the way they recruit people…!!

  478. Thanks for these information, I hovered over your posts and I had the same experience it was just today, I was sleeping and my phone rang, I couldn’t understand the details at first because I just woke up.. Anyways, thank you very much, I’m from Pampanga so it would really be bothersome to travel to Pasig for something that is fictitious.. I hope there would be some actions made to stop these schemes..

  479. guys……post nio ung mga # na ginagamit nla para atleast malaman ng iba….laking tulong na yon sa atin incase na tatawagan uli tau….

  480. beware of this phone no.09493242387 Ms. Rowena.

  481. JOan Oropeo says:

    OMG!!! its good i didnt take that crap!
    thanks be to God….
    thanks Internet..

  482. thank you for this blog,, the same thing happened to me this afternoon.. good thing i researched the company..

  483. mr. reyes nman po ung tumawag skin. nagulat ako at kilala nya ako and where he get my number, sbi pa nya alumni daw kc ako ng UST pero graduating plng ako.. NSP BIOTECH COMPANY nmn ang snabi skin.. buti nlng my nkapost n blog dito..

    09064209569 yan po number nya

  484. Had the same experience, eto malupit, friend ko pa nangimbita. (anong klaseng kaibigan)
    magkikita daw kami, un pala pagseseminarin sa octagon. Nirefer kay ABC (mentor nila). Pyramiding pala. Pagbabayarin ka 12,600.
    Nung nagtext ako na ayaw ko na pinapabalik sa kin ung brochure nila. (wag nyo tong gagawin!)
    Edi binalik ko, akalain mo pinakausap ako sa iba ni ABC kunyari di cla mgkakilala. (halata naman)
    di nila ako nakumbinsi.
    Thank God.
    Mga Manloloko..
    Salamat sa site na to

  485. pipol, muntik na akong mabiktima nito. buti na lang nag-search ako sa google. Ang MO, tatawagan ka nila thru your mobile phone and then magsasabi ng familiar things about you. Hal. kung saan ka nagtatrabaho, san ka grumadweyt, address etc. Then they will invite you for an interview in a certain 15th floor, Octagon building, Ortigas center, pasig City. Eto pa, kelangan mong magdala ng valid ID, Proper office attire and be on time. They will also give you a contact person and the name of the company. Other than that, wala na.Kagabi lang to nangyari, around 9pm (24 Jan 2012).

    Pero wala naman akong naaalalang inaplayan na trabaho bilang part time project staff. Nung tinanong ko kung saan nila nakuha yung resume ko, sabi it was recommended by jobstreet. Ang nagpakilala pala ay isang kyle pla

  486. received a call just now from this Miss Calabia.. pakshet! istorbo sa trabaho ko!! pinagaksayahan ko pa sya ng panahon kausapin then naisip kong isearch ang international ekek na yan at ito ang bumungad sakin.. hahaha napagod pa ako kaka-ingles, scam lang pla LOL

  487. wow! buti na lang naisipan kong iresearch ung name ng company & napunta ako ndito sa blog na ito. something’s troubling me since matanggap ko ung call nila.

    ang number nung tumawag sa akin is 09175770103.

    sabi nung girl, na di ko na-gets ung name kasi nga mabilis magsalita (tama ung sinabi nung isang nag-post na binibilisan nila pagsasalita).

    this time sa 20th floor daw ng Teleperformance building.

    and sabi nya, nakuha daw nya ung details ko sa jobsdb!

    tama din naman ung sinabi nung taga Nu Skin na di sila scam pero may mga nabasa din akong stories na once andun ka na sa office nila, di ka nila paaalisin hanggat di ka nagme-member sa kanila. horrors!

    i-text ko na nga itong babaing ito & i-canccel ko na ung appointment.

    thanks sa lahat ng nag-posts dito sa blog na ito & pati na din sa blogger. πŸ˜€

  488. Thanks to this blog. A guy named Kevin Ocoma just callled me today, and he offered the same job like he did to some who wrote comments in this blog. I agreed to meet him the following day but I’m also doubtful because he gave me details which are not clear over the phone. He knew my name and my course when he called which made me doubt again because I haven’t passed any resume or infos to their company that is NSP. I asked him what floor their company is located he said we’ll just meet in the lobby. I asked him if should I bring a resume, he said no need. And yes, the call lasted for 3 minutes. Me tanong pa sana ako pero binaba agad..( di ba nakakaduda?)
    To my curiosity I googled their company and found my self reading this blog and a lot of comments that says nothing good about their company. I agree that it’s a scam because they have different addresses which is unusual for a company.
    thanks guys I’m now aware of this man and NSP. I also want to say beware to whoever they will call next.. Ang dami tlagang manloloko ngayon. Mag ingat tayo.

  489. By the way ung # ng Kevin Ocoma is 09999935653.

  490. same here,, may tumawag po sakin kaninang mga 12pm”CARLENE MAGTIBAY” daw po name nya at ito po number nya (09192953998) … . pinapupunta nya ako this coming sunday around 1pm sa jjf bldg dito sa alangilan batangas ,then pinagdadala nya ako ng school i.d. at ballpen..

    ang weird kasi alam nila kung san ako napasok,.. at ung full name ko, same as my number?! tsk,,

    buti nalng nabasa ko po mga blogs nyo salamat po ng madame…

    katakot na ,, nd mo na talaga alam kung sinong pagkakatiwalaan mo,,

  491. same here the caller was kevin and he was invited me to come on sat 2pm, he called me up a while ago, same arena and place same adress.. i was so surprise coz i haven’t a job and am looking.. but when i saw this blog, i hesitate to go now.. thank you for this blog…

  492. Hi, thanks to your blog!
    I was about to got tomorrow morning in there.
    Last week a guy named JED ROA and called me that he wanted me to go to their office, he said their company’s name was MSP, its actually weird because he should be telling me the whole meaning of that acronym if he was really a professional. I was also asking him if what was the position, but he is not saying anything whenever I am asking him, THANKS for this. At least now I know….

  493. sa totoo lang ngaun ko lang ginawa ang magsearch ng address di ko alm kong bkit ako ngkainteres na gawin to, and thanks god at nbuksan ko tong site na to.. i already scheduled for an interview tomorrow in that place.. dahil sa mga nabasa ko hindi na ko maguguluhan kong saan ang pupuntahan kong interview.. tnx guys

  494. Few minutes ago I received a call and she told me the same thing, same address and she got me scheduled depending on my availability. I just need to bring 1 valid ID, come in business attire and be on time.
    I cant recall if she mentioned the company’s name in her introduction (since she speaks so fast).
    I managed to ask her name again and the company’s name before hanging up. Good thing I was currently surfing when she called. I immediately searched for it and it lead me in a Wisconsin-based health care company website but the site is not updated, and yeah, it says something about the product mentioned above.
    Well I don’t have anything against the company. I’m just glad to discover what it really is. And since I’m not good at marketing, i believe I don’t need to pursue it anymore.

  495. Kanina my tumawag din sa kin (09183235229) Ms. MJ Olanda daw ng NSP. Ineschedule ako saturday ang interview sa Octagon Center, San Miguel Ave. Tinanong ko sya kung saan nya nkuha information about sa akin at sabi nya sa school ko daw. Dun na ko nagtaka tapos ayaw nya magbigay ng e-mail address at exact info about sa company nila. Kya nag-search ako tungkol sa NSP at Octagon Center at ito ang lumabas.
    Salamat di2 at sa ibang blogs na npuntahan ko, nalaman ko ang lahat. Mtagal na pla tong nagya2ri. Nagtaka lang ako kng bkit d nila binabago style nila :D.

  496. newseekerwitch says:

    I’ve received a call from 09399396125 she’s inviting me for an interview tom. Jan. 31 6:30 PM or on Feb 01 3 PM & she ask me to wear business attire & bring a valid ID. She give me the address 15 flr. Octagon Center San Miguel Ortigas Pasig City & look for BJ Aguila. She told me that the name of the company is NSP. Good thing I did my research & found out the it’s a scam. Beware.

  497. pareho ung # na gnamit sa atin kc…cliford opada naman daw ung ememet k tas ito pa gamit nila…#09102690141….bali 2 # ang gnamit nla upang contaken aqo… i read this site ang dami nlang niloloko….at that time na tinawagan aqo excited aqo emet yong tao na yon coz i tot my opportunity na lumapit sa aqin….pero wala pala……………
    bibisita po uli aqo d2…….

  498. newseekerwitch says:

    I’ve received a call from 09399396125 she’s inviting me for an interview. She gave me a schedule between Jan. 31 6:30 PM or on Feb 01 3 PM. She ask me to come at 15 flr. Octagon Center San Miguel Ortigas Pasig City, wear business attire, bring a valid ID & look for Veejay Aguila. She told me that the name of the company is NSP Inc. Good thing I did my research about this company & I found out that it’s a scam. Pls. beware guys.

  499. acccording to you (sapphire 22-01-2012),maganda dun…have you try???….nagulat lng naman kc kmi kc nga may nagoofer ng work eh ndi naman kmi ngaply….
    tas wala pa talaga resume and nag oofer cla ng matataas na trabaho……

  500. grabe may tumawag din skin ngaung gabi opportunity daw..nirefer daw ako ng classmate ko..NSP CORPORATION NMN sbbi skin pero same address 15th floor octagon center san miguel ave. ortigas pasig city..pinapili ako kung tue. 3pm or wed 3pm..papayag n sana ko ng tuesday pero sobrang nagdadalawang isip ako kung pupunta ako.sabi ko pa sa knya pwede magpunta nlng dun sa location khit hndi tuesday or wednesday (kc sa isip ko magreresearch muna ko about sa knila,di ko lang msabi sa kanya) eh ang sagot skin hndi daw pwede kc paiba iba sya ng lugar minsan daw out of town pa.kailangan daw nakaschedule.sabi pa nya skin iba-block nya daw ung schedule nya for me at sana ganun din daw ako..(kinonsensya pa ko!) para andun sya sa ofice by tomorow.siguro para makasiguro cla na may makukuhang pera (base sa mga nabasa ko sa comments dito,parang may sinisingil cla pera for ewan.hehe)buti nlng bgo matapos paguusap nmn humindi ako at nagresearch agad ako about sa company nla kc naisip ko bka totoo din un,sayang nmn pero sobrang nagulat ako na ito yung nakita ko! buti nlng naisip ko magresearch at BUTI NLNG meron nito…salamat sa gumawa nito..salamat sa mga comments nyo. kawawa naman tayong walang mga work…naloloko pa.

  501. Whiterose says:

    Hi All,

    These are very much useful blogs I would say. When I also got invited, I also made use of Google and I already saw the comments.

    However, based on all of the comments, only a few actually went to their office and checked out the company, am I right? For most of the comments, these are reactions on what your caller said to you but nothing about the company and their products itself.

    I admit, their strategy of telling us that this is for a job interview sucks and that they’ll offer us big bucks! Really misleading. At that time, I wasn’t able to attend their session because I was busy with a lot of stuff.

    Then later on, someone invited me again and this time I actually went to their 1st session. There I learned about the company, their products and their compensation plan. I also checked their company websites. They have actually been featured to GMA before, they are in You Tube and in one of the American breakfast shows – forgot the name.

    True, I also didn’t like how they invited people and the fact they are calling total strangers! But it made me think, should they have been more honest, our initial reactions would have been different?

    I have also been invited to a different company before, whose name I wont mention, and at that time, I was indeed put into scam. They asked for a membership fee in order to be part of the company. While this one in NSE, the 12600 is actually for 12600 worth of products that you will use and once you sign up, you already have discounts on all of their products! I learned that from the 1st session. I haven’t signed up yet, but I intend to, heehee, I am excited to use of their products. I also asked around, from my friends and they too like the company’s products.

    Let me just leave you for some things to think about:

    1. Only a few of us here in the trail ACTUALLY went to the meeting – how did you know it is a scam? Is it because you read it from this trail?

    2. What would you rather rely on? Someone else’s comments, who is also a stranger or your very own research? And by research, the totality of it…

  502. I was sleeping early this afternoon of feb.1, 2012, when my phone rang and a unknown number appeared. She introduce herself and asking a lot of things by then, she sounded very professional at first but when I started speaking in English, she was stunned and started speaking in tagalog all the time even I answered all her questions in straight english with professionalism, I was not so very excited when she was offering me the job because I already have a work as an Admin Executive but then she told me that I can work part time on their company, I was only greatful that she wanted me to go to Manila since I am here in Baguio apart from it complementary for me so I could have time again to spend to my Boyfriend but when I ask her where did she got my number, she wasn’t very sure of her answer and she told me that we’ll look into it once I go there for there interview. SNAP! sure thing after the call from this unknown lady, I immediately called my boyfriend and told him about it and he told me not to go there because maybe it’s a scam, and here it is I searched it and it’s true, it’s a desperate move from people who can’t recruit anyone for there own sake. Thank God!

    Her name was Gretchen Caballero, From NSE multinational. Back of SM Megamall Robinson bank bldg. along San Miguel Ave. Pasig City… too bad she don’t have convincing powers. aww!

  503. I’ve had the same experience just this afternoon. A Mr. Gatmaitan called me and offered me a job with the junior executive position. The company’s name was said to be PHX International.

    He was a bit rude when he asked me when I could schedule the meeting and when I gave the slightest hint that I was free, he jumped right at it and said I could choose between Alabang or Ortigas.

    Thank God for this blog. My parents already knew that something was wrong and if I insisted on going, I would have dragged my mother and sister into it.

    Goes to show that I should always listen to my family.

  504. The are still doing it. I received a call yesterday. She told me that she got my number and whole name from the school I graduated from.

    then, she scheduled me for an interview the following day at 3pm or 6pm.

    6pm? its too late for a jointerview! so, she gave the address 15f octagon bldg.

    good thing, ive read this thread.

    anyway, her name is MC miralles. 09273791181

  505. Thank you for this post.

    Same info: Celine Del Rosario (0927 865 3881), BDO Bldg. – in front of San Miguel Corp in Ortigas.

    Fuckin’ woke me up from my Sunday nap.

  506. waaaah, tumawag skin yan kanina lng, name nya nman Janet Nagana eto number nya 09153709294. She said they need professional photorgapher kya ako daw ang napili, ngtataka ako kasi hindi nman nakalagay ang personal number ko sa fan page ko ung business number lng. san kaya nya nakuha number ko? πŸ™ wala ako palno pumunta sa octagon n yan bukas. bahala sya, tinatawagan ko number nya pero hnd nman nya sinasagot so peke nga rin sya.

  507. I don’t know if this one is the same for you people, but some Ms. Gab Gamboa called me earlier and told me something on the same lines. After the call (an having me agreed to come) she texted me this:

    “As promised Ms. ___. Please see bellow info for ur reference.
    From MRT Ortigas, walk past Megamall Bldg A, head towards St. francis Square. @ the corner of Julia vargas & San Miguel Ave, turn right @ san miguel Ave. look for a white bldg, its near Linden Suites beside OMM Citra, hasBancoDeOro at Ground Floor. That’s Octagon Center, we occupy a space there. Pls refer to for location map.
    I’ll meet you personally @ lobby. Office has strict dress code. Please be in business casual attire, and allot couple of hrs so we can discuss in detail. See you on (our agreed date and time)- Ms. Gab Gamboa, project coordinator…”

    i asked her where did she get my number and won’t i be needing any requirements. she didn’t answer my first question but said that there’s no need to bring anything pagusapan na lang daw namin yung experience ko when we meet.

    feeling doubtful for I have been in this situation many times, I checked the internet for backgrounding, and i stumbled on this one.

    i don’t have anything against MLM, but I don’t like their marketing strategy. hindi man lang ba nila naisip yung loss nung tao kung sakaling pumunta sila dun at ang madadatanan nila eh hindi yung ineexpect nila. i mean pamasahe pa lang, lugi na yung mga nirerecruit nila. i get naman the part that they’re giving oppurtunity to individuals pero bakit kailangang manloko/magsinungaling (yes, manloko/magsinungaling. Not telling the whole truth is panloloko/pagsisinungaling). :((((

  508. thanks for this blog and buti nakapagsearch ako sa net. may tumwag sakin kahapon feb 6 2012 around 4pm and kakagaling ko lang sa trinoma for some job fair then pagtawag nia kila2 nia ko tas tinanong nia kung graduate na ko or may trabaho pa ko tas pinpapunta nia ko sa 15flr san miguel ave ortigas pasig city sm megamall b . di ko maintindhan kung anong agency ang pinagtataka ko tumwag din cia sakin ng january 24 pero wala naman akong inaaplyan pa nun tas sabi nia pa na profesional management daw un tas look for ms. aisave daw eto pa ung no 09063501071 kaya kayo sure lang dapat wag papaloko thks dto

  509. tinawagan din ako pero tumanggi ako dahil on vacation ako at may trabaho na ako. try niya ako pinapunta sa maynila pero umayaw ako. nagtanong nalang siya kung may kakilala ako pero sabi ko wala kasi nagduda na ako dahil alam niya complete name ko. di masyado kaming nagka intindihan dahil medyo choppy siya. nagtext nalang ako sa kanya at nagtanong kung anong company name at position, sabi niya LIFEGEN TECHNOLOGIES at JUNIOR EXECUTIVE ang posisyon ko.

    sinabihan ako ng bayaw ko kung meron ba akong ini aplayan dahil baka mga manloloko lang dahil dami daw manloloko sa maynila na ganon ang style, kaya nagnet ako sa phone ko at ni research ko yung sinasabing company at USA based pala to, at nabili na ng NU Skin in 2011, at sa NU SKIN daming negative feedback at MLM, sa kaka research ko nakita ko itong site na ito at MARAMING SALAMAT SA INYONG IMPORMASYON. ginogle ko ang cell number na tumawag sa akin at tumpak nakita ko same site din at nasa last comment pa ni Normax(tnx Normax). same number na ginamit ng babae na tumawag sa akin yung kay normax.

    09175082391 (last call sa akin Monday afternoon past 1pm Feb 06, 2012)

  510. omg! earlier this morning i recieved a call from a certain jinky eler? ang sigla ng boses nya as in! i was still asleep when i got her call which, literally nakakawindang! she was inviting for an interview around 3pm tomorrow (feb. 9). 15th flr. octagon blg. san miguel ave. ortigas is this the same thing? @___@

  511. May tumawag din sakin last 02/07/12 lang,pinapapunta ako bukas..hindi binanggit name ng company kaya tinext ko pa si Ms. Calabia for the name.PHX int’l daw sa alabang ang office.buti nagresearch muna ako..hindi na ako pupunta.Thanks sa info ng website na to!!

  512. oh my Godden! i got a call from a guy named vincent siy: 0939174068 and 09158983072 and i went there! hahaha.. :)) i was so confused of wat’s going on kasi wala akong dala na resume but i was required to wear business attire chuve chenez.. πŸ˜€ i spent almost 3 hours listening to the testimonies and so on and so forth, and on how that business gave them million and trillion monakels monthly.. imagine, monthly!! hehe interesting right? so i kept on listening and observing at the same time, i was completely clueless of what’s really happening and going on out there since the person who talked to me was very pogi.. haha!! nadala ng kgwapuhan.. guys, looks can be very deceiving nga nmn.. :)) thnx guys sa blogs niyo, it’s not too late pa nmn, hindi pko bumili ng product or ngbigay ng money, un nga lng nasayang pagod ko dun. and here pa, they keep on calling me pa till now and seting another meeting pa daw kasi my ididiscuss pa silang info regarding their products worth 12k+.. tsk! tsk! poor soul though mjo my katotohanan nmn ibangn mga sinabi nila,kasu karamihan eeeenngg!! semplang!.. nweis, thnks guys. hehe.. kaloka naman! nice experience.. πŸ™‚

  513. I think there’s too much paranoia in here. Seriously, guys, you believe that this company is a scam? How come it’s never been on the news as such? This scam that you call is a legitimate, 2.5 billion dollar company. It’s really big here in the US, and if you’ve never heard of it, I’m sure a few years from now it’s going to be as big in the Philippines and in other Southeast Asian countries. Clearly, most of the people who are commenting here are those who have not even seen the company. And you guys believe each other’s comments. What a pity.

  514. I received a call last Thursday (Feb 9) from a ms. joyce casim. It was really a nice call, seemed very professional. However, the information provided was very limited. She asked me of the most comfortable date for a scheduled interview. Good thing i told her to sched it on monday. She told me she’ll be sending the details via sms, and she did… i received a text 1:30 AM TODAY, 2/13/12. Apparently, they’ve sent it on a day i can no longer research. Good thing, i have an internet connection at home and found this blogs! πŸ™‚

    Here’s the hp# she used to call me: 09174775046
    Here’s the hp# used to sent the sms: +639266437497

    Here’s the details:

    Appointment: 2/13/12
    Time Schedule: 10:00am
    Venue: 41 San Miguel Avenue , Ortigas Center Pasig City Look for BDO San Miguel Avenue Branch beside OMM-Citra building
    Floor: 15th

    Attire: Corporate / Business
    Look for: Ms. Joyce Casim

    Please confirm through text message or call once you have received this message.Have a great day..


    Thanks to you, (whoever started this blog) and to all of those who took their time to share their experiences and thoughts… This is really a helpful site. πŸ™‚ God bless us! ^_^

  515. LiarsGoToHell says:

    Hi guys! Buti na lang nabasa ko itong mga comments nyo. May tumawag din sa akin kagaya ng mga nabanggit nyo. Ang bilis lang ng usapan. Ni hindi ko nga alam kung saan nila nakuha info abt me. Ann Cervantes ang name ng tumawag sa akin. Englishera ang lola Ann mo. Sabi be in a professional attire daw and don’t disappoint her daw na di ako pumunta. Ewan ko sa kanya. Thanks guys for the info:)

  516. ..haha same thing here, ms. janeth magana also called me last nyt, saying they want me to work for them a million tnx to my mentor mrs. romiral and ms. ramos, they told me not to go there, bka dw kung anong kyeme lng yan, beware n lang s iba wg bsta2 mni2wla

  517. Woah! I got a call a while ago from this no. 09228235326, unfortunately I forgot his name (dammit short term memory loss). He’s a guy with a gay like voice that offered me a Junior Executive job for Lifegen (something), a US based firm. Like what you mentioned, they are looking for 2-3 part time Junior Executives to be based on Alabang or Ortigas. He told me that he got my number from Jobstreet and it was creepy that he knows all my details (academic). He scheduled me for an interview on Saturday (Feb 18), 1 PM on Megamall since they’ll be doing an event there.

    Thanks to this post, I will definitely not go there!

  518. octagon building permitted viruses to culture on their building…???? is this a trends in business? ang daming scammer sa building na yan… kay gandang building kung titingnan sa labas but sa loob parang inaagnas nah.. sorry but wala ako masadong alam about this topic.. but If i am the owner… di ako papayag na may ganun sa building koh…. makakita lang ako ng word the octagon..
    “oh..that is scammers’ building..”

  519. I also have receive a call about the same thing, the weird thing is that she knows me and what i do, i was puzzled since i just woke up, i decided to go along to where she’s going, but it was getting to personal she ask where do i live, where do i work, the name of my company, of course i didn’t gave it.

    She told me to get a paper and a pen and write this down (i didn’t get it i just repeated whatever she was saying) she told me to meet at her at 6pm Feb 17 2012 at sm megamall san miguel pasay, to bring an ID and to wear business attire, she told that it won’t affect my work, because i could pick whatever schedule i want. She said that she would be expecting me to come, and she said don’t be late since its an American company, and that i shouldn’t text her that i can’t come since it would be unprofessional (bola nya!!!) I decided to text her and ask for the company’s name, she told me NSPE International, i texted her back and ask her what’s the meaning she didn’t bother to text me back. Being myself i did some research and i saw this blog, thankyou BIG time….

    —Guys take note this all happen since 2010, until now its still happening and its 2012. iF I WERE YOU BE CAREFUL!!!!

    The person who contacted me is Grenchen Cabuliero 09275735645

  520. Wow.. I did not expect that I will be experiencing also this thing. Yesterday I received a call asking me to go to the same address, I was talking to a girl but the call is so noisy that i did not understand most of the details that the girl is saying. but i wrote down the address but didnt catch the company name so i try to see it on the net and BOOM…. i saw a lot of comment that its just a hoax…. wow, thanks for every body.

  521. Just want to give my thoughts about this company (NU skin/Pharmanex/Leifegen).
    I got a call from a lady and told me that there’s a “project technology-based opportunity” for me and was invited for a business meeting (?). I asked for the company name and got an answer, it’s Lifegen business solution but the address was completely wrong (15th flr BDO blg. San Mig. Ave.). The night before, I googled the company’s profile but to no avail. I found no answer/concrete info about the company. So, out of respect, I went there (nawala pa ako dahil Octagon blg pala…eh yung bdo occupies only the grnd flr…). nakinig ako sa presentation [pero sabi saken meeting daw pupuntahan ko…hmmnnn]… I thought the presentation was nice… Facts and figures about the company were right (just for Nuskin…di nabanggit ang Lifegen…) kaso I started to doubt at the end of the presentation.. no one discussed kung ano gagawin namin after we sign up. Finally I saw the lady who called me the prev day. I was extremely shocked when she suddenly asked if I have Php12,600 with me. For what daw?…sabi nya I have to purchase some products [a bottle of toner, facial wash, lotion and a bar of soap…infairness medyo mahal sya…] to become a part of the team… That was really an ambush!!! so i said that i was not told about it… (and bakit naman ako magbibigay ng ganun ka laki sa taong kakakilala ko lng..) anyway, sabi ko na nlng maybe next time na. She scheduled me for another meeting pero d na ako sumipot.
    After a month, yung friend ko ngchat if I would be interested to be part sa isang million dollar company ng gustong mag-eexpand sa Phils.. (take note, mag-eexpand…) but this time, wala xang concrete answer kung anong name ng company pero tama yung address (nakalimutan ko na same bldg lng pala sa napuntahan ko b4…)anyway, i realized na same bldg lng pala nung nasa 15th flr na ako… nakining ulet ako sa parehong presentation…at pagkatapos ng presentation, ng sales talk na ang friend ko… this time, medyo better explanation niya. kaya lng maraming tanong ko na d nasagot niya… na convinced talaga ako at almost na akong mgbayad sa kanya…buti nlng may ngkasakit ako nung araw na magkikita kami…hahahaha…
    and now, nakakairita na dahil txt ng txt sakin… gosh… anyway, gusto ko lng tong iparating:
    1. If this is a legit company, bakit ang iba-iba ang pangalan???
    2. Why dont they set proper expectation?? (kaya tuloy feeling ng na-invite ay ambush yun)
    3. Be direct to the point… you’re looking for a sales rep not a business partner (pinaganda nyo lng ang term…)
    4. they would not give out any info about the job unless you pay php12k on the spot…
    5. they always say that the training is good…duh d ko naman kailangan ng training, gusto ko kumita…
    6. i was given a company brochure pero magulo…
    7. after ng meeting, they would always say not to mention to anyone… (WHY???)
    8. most of the names you see on their bulletin board (those directors, etc) cant be found online/fb…
    9. ang sabi sakin, i dont need to sell…anong gagawin ko after ng training??..(ang gulo talaga)
    10. b4 they disclose any info, they would tell na i need to have the MONEY first???…bakittt???

  522. He texted me again reminding me of our “interview.”
    His name is Justin Tee (09176250522).
    I hate these kind of people. Scammers. Haist.

  523. Hi thanks sa post na ito buti na lang may net ako at nasearch ko kaagad na scam pala ito. A while ago here’s Raymund Bariso with mobile 09175008817 called me saying na meet ko siya tom to present the Job Offer.Will meet daw at SM Megamall Megatrade Conference Center SM Megamall Bldg B at 1 pm. She talks so fast thats why di na ako nkapagtanong. hay nku hirap talaga kumita ng pera kelangan pang manloko ng kapwa… sana mastop na na mga ganitong gawain…

  524. buti nalang nag research ako tungkol sa lifegen technology na yan?! my tumwg din sakin na babae na elaine ang pangalan ang sabi na kung available daw ako mag-trabaho sa kanila at habang kausap ko napansin ko na mabilis sya mag- salita at chopi yong sinasabi nya. sinibi din sakin yong location ng company kaya nag internet agad ako para macomfirm kung totoo yong sinasabi nya. buti nalang nakita ko ang site na to at marami na pala nagoyo mga yo. eto nga pala number na ginamit. 09175082391. at take note naka-schedule ang interview ko sa monday hehehehe. salamat sa mga info at warning. next time my tumawag satin research agad sa web para macomfirm kung totoo o hindi.

  525. January 2012, I received a call from Anne Villegas and she invited me to a job interview, whereas I’m applying for Training Manager, as a professional person I accommodate her call, she talk fast and even me I could ask for more details, then our call ended up, I was wondering she forgot to include the name of the company, then I searched it the Google then I found out this kind of “Modus operandi” from the peoples testimonies of this site.
    Recently, Feb. 18, 2012, around 10:45am, I was too much busy to my training modules, when I saw it to my Mobile Phone I have 1 miss call from with a mobile number 09178568787, then I make a return call I thought this was a phone calls from various companies that I applied on-line, then a male gay/bisexual voice telling that he will call later because he is driving a car… then after a minute my intuition telling me why not to search the number through Google, then it reflects again to this site that’s telling me this person is also belong to this kind of business modus operandi.

    Thank you for building this site against criminals!


  526. buti nlng,may tumawag sakin laswik sa teleperformance daw,nung di ako umattent nung last friday kc inisip ko call center may tumawag ukit sat ng hapon, sa ortigas daw for lifegen tech and look for ms. elaine…buti nlng po nabasa ko to..tnx

  527. DevilChrome says:

    dang !

    sana nuon q pa nakita tong mga blogs nyu , napilitan tuloy ako di pumasok ng 1 araw just to see if me maganda nga silang “job offer” . balak ko rin kase lumipat ng mas maganda ang compensation na work .

    at eto ang kinalabasan ng pagsesearch ko .

    eto sabe sakin :

    siya daw si MS.ELAiNE (09175082391) from LineGen Technology daw .
    punta raw sa 15/F OCTAGON CENTER in front ng Petron .
    bring VALiD iD tapos be in OFFiCE ATTiRE .

    tama lahat ng mga sinabi nyung to :

    MABiLiS sila magsalita (nakaheadset nako nun pero di ko parin naintindihan lahat ng sinabi nya , pero nasa byahe ko sa NLEX din nung tumawag sya around 5:45pm. at SiNASADYA ata talaga nila bilisan).

    di nila sasabihin yung NATURE OF WORK . (kasi nga direct selling company sila na WALA sa iNTEREST ko) .

    sobrang LATE yung mga sineset nila na “JOB DiSCUSSiONS” daw . (saan ka makakita ng makukuha lahat ng credentials mo without applying to them ? kahit pa nakuha nila thru yun o JobsDB , masesearch ang company nila dun)

    nasasaten nalang din kung papayag tayu ee .
    kung magaling ka magsalestalk , PWEDE siguro !
    kaso UNETHiCAL yung way nila ng pagrecruit , ni hindi sinasabi saka UNSOLiCiTED talaga . :/

    kung walang aksyon ang gobyerno dito lalu na ang DOLE saka SEC , ipaTULFO na yan !

    eto sila ooh,





  528. may interview pa naman kami ng kapatid ko. buti na lang nag research ako. tumawag di sa akin yan Ms. Deejay Aguila naman ang nakausap ko. same scenario. buti na lang.

  529. hay naku salamt sa mga blog nyo im planning to go in their said adress… buti nlang nag search muna ko..hahah may company expansion daw cla and my papagawa dw clang project kung makakaya ko..hahaha and same they asked me take down the adress and her name dj aguila,, and then i asked her if san nya nakuha number ko and then she answered me sa mga job fair daw but di pa ko umaatend and nagpapass ng resume sa mga jobfair…hehehe

  530. thank you for this blog! buti nalang nabasa ko mga blogs nyo.. may sched pa naman sana ko sa friday.. god is good talaga..

  531. Number: 09151492250
    Woman talking. Sa LIFEGEN daw.

    Sabi ko sa kanya, ano ka scam ka na naman ba?
    Guys, ingat lang.

  532. true. nice blog. tnx for the info..buti nalang nakita ko to. COPY PASTE SA LAHAT ng sinabi ng iba. haist buti nalang kala ko madadalwahan ako eh..nek nek nyo. sana lang yung mga taong gustong kumita ng pera wag namang aksayahin at paglaruan ang panahon at ang pera ng iba.

  533. Good evening, Mam(just stated my name). This is Ma’m Crizza, one of the consultants of MMS Services-Pacific. We recently received your correspondence indicating an interest in a position w/ our company. Thank you for taking time to send us information about yourself, & we would like to inform you that your application has been considered. We would like to invite you for an initial screening on Feb 29, Wed. at 2pm. The address is suite 706, 7th flr., Pacific Condominium Centre, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City (near EDSA Shangri-La & Richmonde Hotel, besides Omm-Citra & Linden Suites).Bring your resume, valid ID, & credentials. Kindly confirm if you’re coming. Good luck & GOD Bless- (((((BEWARE of This Text Message)))) company name they are using: MMS-Pacific/MagnaSol/MacroSerV Marketing Services no website in the internet. they are viewing your profile at ((((please suspend your resume profile))))

  534. I was in timezone at MOA then my phone ring, I’m curious that time because it was a number so i answer it then a guy speak name as Mr. Enriquez he told me about some business and my work background, after that he ask me if i interested for a project base job. I’m happy that time because its a job opportunity for me, dahil ok nmn skin nag deal kami na mkipag appointment aq sa kanya for the job interview bukas, sa address din na un. nagtaka aq kz dq alam un company nila so pag uwi q check q agad ang net then un nabasa q 2. tnx sa internet.

  535. lheaffy says:

    haayy samalat…buti nabasa ko tong blog na to….same lahat sa cnabi nyo…eto ung name nya raymond bariso 09175008817…dapat nung nung wed aq pinapapunta.. at nireshed aq now…mga manloloko cla! buti nlng d aq tumuloy now 03-01-12… tnx a lot! Godbless us…..

  536. got a similar call with the same content. fast talking lady named. DJ AGUILA. #09399396125. same address etc. saying they need a trainor with an english background and teaching experience etc. of course as i always do ..i checked the company out online and found several warning blogs like yours. good thing i did so i did not have to waste time going there. i have seen the building as i know ortigas well enough. thanks for the heads up you guys and i hope they will be found out by authorities soon enough. isumbong na sila dapat. expose. tulfo. etc.kahit sino basta mabisto na itong modus nila.

  537. grabe !! kala q job nahh un pala scammer pala, .Well someone called me today her name Deejay Aguila daw jaja ,, nkpgttka tlga ndi pamiliar sken ung company nla NSP daw.. located at ortigas

    kya i decided to open my ym and search in google then i foud it ,,,, oooohh gosh dami n pla an nbiktima<<< thanks guys

    BEWARE………. NSP remember 15th floor.

  538. Grabe!! Sabi ko na nga ba eh! People, last thurs may tumawag din sakin, Ms. Aisa daw! pareho lang din ng mga kwento nyo!eto number nya.. 09063501071! Tapos ngayon dapat yung appointment ko, 2pm!. Nagdududa talaga ako at parang may bumubulong sakin na wag akong pumunta sa appointment! Kaya nag research din talaga ako tapos nakita ko to! Buti nalang! SALAMAT SA BLOG NA TO AT SA INYONG LAHAT πŸ˜€ I-share natin to sa lahat nang kakilala natin para hindi sila Maloko ng mga katulad nilang walang puso at awa sa kapwa !!

  539. Th